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  1. Ah. got it. Maybe i should've understood the situation out before i made a dumb comment.
  2. As a Bills fan, who hasn't been appreciating Allen. Pretty dumb comment here. We are all aware of his flaws and we all understand that he hasn't hit his ceiling yet and I think we are all being patient with him. JA isn't done growing and we all know that. Glazer must not pay any attention to the Bills fanbase at all. He needs to take notes from Mike Rob.
  3. Very true about our backfield. I'm excited what they're going to do together. You just cannot deny the talent that Elliott has though. I'm hoping to see Moss turn into a Derrek Henry type running back. We'll go very far utilizing both of our backs.
  4. Man it would be nice if we could pull the strings to have Elliott come play alongside JA. i love our backfield right now, but i would give up our guys for Elliott in a heartbeat
  5. As much as i want to be optimistic about football happening this year, i just don't see it happening with the way it's spreading. I pray to God that this thing turns the corner a lot sooner rather than later. Our focus has to shift away from this virus. It's just constructive criticism brother. It's about keeping each other honest.
  6. I guess that's the way power works huh? Do as I say, not as I do! It's happening too often around here. I've accepted the fact that rule setters are allowed to be rule breakers.
  7. No way. The Bills-Detroit pre-season game is the one game i look forward to every year
  8. I guess Dak could just square off against Ben in Madden No one really ever cared about this pointless game anyway. It should be scrapped for good
  9. Dumb thread...But since you're asking i'm gonna give you a dumb answer Bill Gates
  10. Definitely up there in team history. But, hopefully within the next couple of years, we'll be saying that trading for Diggs was the greatest in team history.
  11. I'm glad we got rid of Alonso as well, cuz he became a nobody with every other team he's been on. But you can't be serious that he sucked as a Bill. He was extremely productive and was a rapid rising star his rookie campaign.
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