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  1. The Patriots got picked to win every week for decades and did it...gotta get out of the loser mentality of assuming we are gonna lose once we get some love and attention from the national media
  2. After wearing those cleats with the table smashed I gotta say Jordan Philips.. Tre White is definitely my favorite hockey player of all time though.
  3. He may be right, but I with a better coach and offensive line I think its possible he could still be top 15 quarterback. Like a lot of people said its too early to make a call like that.
  4. Brady has been blaming their receivers for his decline for a few years now. It would be interesting to see what would happen if they did get Antonio Brown back and it didn't help any..
  5. I don't agree with this, The guy had a banged up Newton last year and 2nd year undrafted QB this year. Before these last 2 years he made the playoffs 4 out of the previous 5 seasons. Also no reason to do him dirty mid season..like that ever helps any.
  6. Panthers definitely in slot 2, maybe 1. they almost came back to tie that game against Washington and there was like 6 fans in the stands watching it.
  7. After the ratings we got Thursday my guess is we will have a few primetime games next year.
  8. I mean he hasn''t thrown for 300 yards yet...so cleary nothing hes done so far really means anything...
  9. Cams second Year stats (full 16 games) Comp %: 57.7 Yards: 3869 TDs: 19 Int: 12 Rating: 86.2 Rushing Yards:741 TDs: 8 Avg: 5.8 --------------------------------- Allens second year stats to date (10 games) Comp %: 60.3 Yards: 2175 TDs: 13 Int: 7 Rating: 85.4 Rushing Yards:331 TDs: 7 Avg: 4.5 ---------------------- If he were to continue trending this way Allen would end up with tis for the year. Passing Yards: 3480 TDs: 21 Int: 11 Rushing Yards 529 TDs: 11 Pair similar stats with that fact they are both big bodied QBs that are hard to tackle, and have big sometimes inaccurate Arms I think the comparison is fair. You cant just go compare Allen to Cams 1 MVP season, thats just silly. Maybe he does compare better to Roethlisberger, but I have heard people compare him to Cam also.
  10. Pretty sure he would be pissing off a bunch of members of his own team doing something like that out on the field. I find this very unlikely...more like Garrett trying to reduce his suspension.
  11. Doubt he ever plays again..you would need Tyrek Hill level talent to get back on the field after this.
  12. Ive had more outbursts this year than previous years..even when we are winning games sometimes, I think because of some sort of PTSD from 2008,2011 and me worrying it will happen again.
  13. At least were attacking someone new today..
  14. Didnt Jordan Phillips wear shoes that had a busted table on them or something during the Titans game? Wonder if those were legal..
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