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  1. Nsekhe came in for Dawkins, and yeah, he was solid. I remember shortly after we acquired him last year watching an interview with him. He talked, in very technical terms, why he feels more comfortable, and is better at playing LT, rather than RT. I wish I could remember where I saw the interview, but I thought of that when I went back and rewatched his play in the fourth quarter. The O-line never missed a beat when Dawkins went down. I feel like this unit is starting to gel, again. Williams has been a solid upgrade, and I don't really have any complaints about Winters, either. Pass protection has been great, but run blocking has not been stellar. But it seems to me that they have been getting incrementally better from week to week at that. They afforded Motor, and Yeldon some nice holes through a stout Rams D-line.
  2. Blocking ability is debatable, and hopefully, Knox would continue to improve in that category. Kroft's hands are certainly more reliable-- that's inarguable. But, equally inarguable is that Knox's YAC is superior to Kroft's. Be that as it may, Kroft would seem to be the better all-around TE at this moment. But, I'm not giving up on Knox's potential. If he gets the drops under control, he could develop into a top-tier TE, IMO.
  3. Williams has been a clear upgrade at the position. I think (and hope) that with the addition of Williams, and now of Winters, and the shifting around of players, the O-line needs to gel a little bit more, and the run game will improve. EDIT: Continue to improve.
  4. Maybe we could trade with the Raiders for Peterman?
  5. What a great game! BOTH teams clawed their way to the finish. A few quick thoughts: After Stephon Diggs, Daryl Williams was our best offseason acquisition. He has been a solid upgrade.. The O-line held up against a good D. The weakest link on the O-line today was Winters, although considering he was up against Donald, we really shouldn’t complain. Speaking of Donald, he was on fire in the second half, playing with a rage. But, did anyone else notice that once Joseph-Day went down, his production dropped? Kroft straight up did his job. In Diggs TD reception, he ran around Ramsey like he was a maypole. For the few plays he was in, Yeldon did great. But, I still feel like we’re missing a legit #2 RB. Lee Smith was valuable today. The media often refers to the “trio of wide receivers” in Diggs/Brown/Beasley. From now on they should refer to the “quartet of wide receivers” in Diggs/Brown/Beasley/Davis. There were points when the Rams O-line absolutely dominated our D-line. Henderson had enormous holes to run through, and that’s not on Edmunds (although he wasn’t great against the run either). Allen’s nickname should be “Fire and Ice.”
  6. Yes, Donald owned Winters for much of this game. But, it should not go unnoticed that when Joseph-Day went down, Donald's production went down as well. That D-line is built around Donald.
  7. I'm fine with a bad call here and there. But, the fact that it was upheld is beyond the pale.
  8. There were periods of play where the Rams O-line dominated the D-line in the run game. That needs to be fixed.
  9. Infuriating that somehow Allen has an interception on his record.
  10. Allen is Fire and Ice. Amazing. Came back to beat the Rams and Refs!
  11. Please, McD/Daboll, don't take your foot off the gas!
  12. I'd say the odds aren't bad he gets another TD reception tomorrow.
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