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  1. That's actually a really old joke from this board from years ago. I have no business meetings. Ever.
  2. I would be surprised if he led the team in sacks, but I do agree he's primed for a breakout year. He certainly doesn't have the sheer athleticism of Rousseau, but he is extremely coordinated, and has, I think, a remarkable ability to throw opponents off balance. Also, at least towards the end of last season, for someone whose knock was that he was slow, he sure looked pretty fast.
  3. Efe Obada's going to surprise a lot of people. Maybe not the sack leader, but I have a feeling he's going to be one of those players that comes to Buffalo, and thrives.
  4. I've been busy in high-level business meetings all weekend, and haven't had a chance to read through this thread. How many times has the "wild goose chase" joke been made?
  5. It sure feels weird to be at pick 30. Usually, having been middle of the draft for so long, there were always a handful of guys you were really hoping for-- watching guys fall, and other guys getting taken that you were really hoping for. It was stressful. But now, all the way down at pick 30, the board will be so broad, it's hard to know where Beane will even value a relatively broad range of players. And, there is one thing that we as fans really can't know, that is clearly a huge priority for Beane, and McD: How well prospects interview. Culture is of paramount impo
  6. I think the question this thread begs is: Which positions are in most need of an upgrade? In my opinion, the needs at upgrade would fall in the following order: D-line (run defense and pass rush) Running game (not all on the running backs) Tight ends Defensive backs Line backers K/P return Interior O-line Everything else...
  7. As I recall, the story on Epenesa was that he had limited reps in college, and was not polished at his position, but had natural ability, especially in his upper body, and hands. He had a talent for throwing opponents off balance, and using chop moves, and such to take away an offensive lineman's leverage. Or something like that. But I think, like Allen, and Edmunds, they saw high potential in a less polished player. Maybe a better way of looking at it is that, in their earlier draft picks, they're placing a higher priority on the ceiling than the floor?
  8. Interesting. Out of curiosity, where do you have Oweh on your board? Because I wonder if Beane/McD don't have him higher than you (or most) would, and I'm just saying that based on their draft history. Josh Allen, Edmunds, Epenesa-- all drafted high on their merits of athleticism, and potential, but with limited experience, or pro-ready ability. It seems to me that Oweh fits that mold precisely.
  9. Well, Gunner, I'll say it: I think you're wrong at pick 30. Personally, I'd actually be pretty excited by an Etienne pick (or a Najee Harris pick, for that matter), but I have a hard time believing that either of those two players will be on top of Beane's board come pick #30. BPA at a position of need, right? Even Jayson Oweh, considering Beane, and McDermott's propensity for grading players high on athleticism over experience, or development, I would think would be higher on their board. Tell me if you disagree, but Etienne, at #30, would be a reach compared to some of the other
  10. The duo of McDermott and Beane On the AFCE HC scene: Billy B. is a cheat Mikey Flores ain’t elite And Bobby Saleh is weak in the spleen.
  11. Pitts is a pipe dream. Trading that giant amount of draft capital is the sort of malarkey that fans ponder-- not professional GMs. I wouldn't mind trading up for the right guy. But, consider that in the first 29 picks, there will likely be five QBs taken, probably five WRs, Pitts will go as well as Sewell, and Slater. Depending on the breadth of Beane's board, there's going to be a broad range of talent to be had with either a more modest trade-up into the early twenties, or just standing pat at 30.
  12. A team pays a king's ransom for the Falcon's #4 spot. The Bills take a wide receiver (BPA) at 30, TSW polarizes on the pick, with half the board losing their minds.
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