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  1. I find these reports to be quite disturbing. Allen’s arm must be getting more arrogant by the day.
  2. The good news is that with the Bills depth ay WR, he won't have to be ridden hard, and put away wet. He'll get the right amount of snaps that balance his ability with his age, and Davis, McK, and whoever earns the #6 spot (assuming we cary six) will see plenty of playing time as well. Amazing that we will be fielding five, or more starting-quality WRs.
  3. I'd put Siran Neal in that category, as well. Not that I think there is currently a starting spot for him, but every time he's out there he performs. He's super versatile, can play safety, CB, or nickel, and he's fierce. One of my favorite players who's not a starter.
  4. Matakevich- my apologies for the typo. I guess I didn't recall correctly, but I was not implying that he didn't play well when he was out there. Be that as it may, he certainly was brought in primarily as a special teams player, and I would assume that will continue to be his role.
  5. We do play 4-3 some of the time-- not a huge percentage, but noteworthy-- so , three spots for LB, really. Plus, Matekevich is a ST guy, and only played defensive snaps when Edmunds, and Milano were injured, iirc. But, with those injuries, and relying so much on Edmunds, and Milano, linebacker was certainly a weak area on D, last season. We need some depth there, for sure.
  6. Gentry's going to make a case for himself on this team, likely with Allen's support.
  7. My BOLD predictions: #1-- Bills keep six DEs: Hughes Epenesa Rousseau Basham Obada Johnson Addison gets cut in favor of Obada, who is going to be a beast in the rotation. They keep Johnson because he is a special teams standout. #2-- Big shake-up at running back! Christian Wade competes, and earns K/P returner. Moss is a lock for his pass pro acumen. Breida shines as a scatback with breakout acceleration. Williams proves to be valuable as a downhill power back for short yardage situations. Singletary becomes r
  8. I believe that girl was a Pats* fan, and he was looking for the asterisk. *
  9. I think Hollister is every bit the "all around" TE that Kroft was for the Bills-- and Allen has deep chemistry with Hollister going back to Wyoming. I don't think we'll miss Kroft one bit. Lee Smith, on the other hand... few QBs had as much time to throw the ball as Allen last season. Along with the O-line, Smith, Moss, and even Lil' Dirty did their part in pass pro. And for a player that many color commentators referred to as "blocking tight end Lee Smith," Allen snuck him several passes, and two touchdowns last season. I'll miss him. I'm a Lee Smith fan.
  10. He had a sunny disposition, and a delightful sense of humor.
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