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  1. Josh Allen has been incrementally improving all season. While he hasn't been spectacular, he also hasn't done anything that would indicate he has reached his ceiling, or can't be the franchise player we all hope he will become. He still looks like an average QB who could become great. He has flashes of greatness-- like that wire to Brown for a TD. We have lamented the lack of Allen's long ball, but that throw went 31 yards through the air with about a 3 degree arc, and could not have been placed better. It was also a perfect read of a cover 2, with a nice glance away from the play with a pump fake. In other words, he read the defense. I do still think we are missing a true playmaker-- someone who can really fight for the ball, and make something out of nothing. Maybe Knox can become that. Maybe we don't find that player until next year. But, it would be easy to miss the playoffs this season. I believe it's going to be a tight race for the wild card spot-- the only type of playoff spot that we have been able to hope for the last 20 years. But, if we keep on this trajectory (and Brady* stays on his), next season we will be rooting for division title.
  2. 46 rushing yards to go before passing Barry Sanders! GO GORE!
  3. One of the last things he says is to throw shade on the Bills record. Pretty much how he closed the show.
  4. I used to actually like him, and had a lot of respect for his game, until he drop-chopped Tre. That was the day that we learned he was a true Patriot*.
  5. Kroft seems like the kind of player that the Pats* would pick up for cheap, and turn into a reasonably productive TE for a season, or two.
  6. I would want the draft to go something like: 1st round: BPA of WR, Edge, LB 2nd round: BPA of WR, Edge, LB 3rd round: BPA of WR, Edge, LB Subsequent rounds: BPA
  7. You don't think that Garrett dragging Rudolf to the ground, even though he didn't have the ball, and keeping him wrapped up on the ground was the inception of this incident?
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