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  1. I think that Allen's faults, and limitations, and the things he needs to improve upon are fairly well established, and agreed upon. There are only a few posters on here who genuinely seem to want him gone, and one in particular who will willfully misrepresent stats, and plays to push that agenda. But, in general, even the people on here who are especially wary of his limitations, and doubt his ability to become a franchise QB, are willing to see him play out, and are hopeful that he succeeds. To call Allen "polarizing" seems crazy to me. Tyrod was polarizing. Peterman, and EJ Manuel were polarizing. There were people who were hard-core fans of those guys, and people who wanted them GONE.
  2. Thanks for all the straw man arguments, but: 1) I'm not emotional 2) My response to you had nothing to do with the state of our offense. 3) You're still characterizing Allen as "polarizing?" I guess when I hear the term "polarizing," and in the context of this fan forum, and this thread, I'm interpreting that as how it relates to the fanbase. And, in that context, Allen is anything but polarizing.
  3. Josh Allen is "polarizing?" Are you high? Can you name one poster on these boards who "hates" Allen? Certainly, you could find Taylor haters, Peterman haters, hell, there were even Kelly haters during his tenure. But, the worst you are going to find about Allen is someone claiming to be "not a fan of the signing," or "unproven," etc. Even SoTier doesn't display hatred of him. And, those people are in the clear minority. I would say that Allen, if anything, has the fanbase united behind him more than any QB I can remember. Do you hate Allen?
  4. I wonder how many Pats* fans are eavesdropping on this thread? Kinda embarrassing...
  5. I'm sorry. I know you probably don't realize it, but you have lost a lot of credibility with this post-- at least in this thread.
  6. I doubt this is even workable. Is there a clause in the CBA to mentally evaluate players? Can you require a player to submit to a mental evaluation? Can the NFL set emotional, or mental standards for a franchise's players? Can the NFL arbitrarily set a threshold for what they consider mentally ill? Plus, talk about a slippery slope!
  7. Put another way, the guy who had a mental, and emotional breakdown at his father's funeral only gets a two game suspension? You think it should be more?
  8. This is a really interesting document. I'm going to be glancing at this for a while. I wonder how much some of these coverage concepts have evolved since 2005. But, this is a really educational read. Even just seeing the terminology used in such a format really helps.
  9. He'll be taking statistics. so it's entirely possible that he will be participating in the Emory Fandom Report.
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