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  1. OK, thanks. Just saw it there, and he did say it was released by the Bills. (Still odd that it doesn't appear to be available on any of the Bills' official platforms...)
  2. Everyone hated Thad Brown until yesterday when he talked up Hodgins.
  3. How about it OP @17islongenough? Where'd you get this?
  4. I'm inclined to agree. I would like to know where this chart came from? It's not on https://www.buffalobills.com/team/depth-chart, it's not on either of the Bills' official Twitter accounts, FaceBook page, or anywhere on their official site that I could find. Perhaps this has been discussed further up-thread, but this looks like someone grabbed the Bills logo, and made this up..... right? Or have I missed something.
  5. I have felt that the signing of Saffold, the early attempted signing of McKissic, and then Johnson, the hiring of Kromer, and the drafting of Cook shows that they are committed to improving the run game. I'm also of the opinion that that commitment began before the end of the 2021 season. Good point also about versatility, and I think Beane, and McD have always felt that way about versatility. I had never really thought about it in terms of "everybody is a threat to score points" -- even Big Tommy Doyle!
  6. Although, one has to wonder what Poyer makes of this development?
  7. I'm not happy about this at all, on any level. Stafford seems like a really decent guy who languished in Detroit for 12 years, and finally got to lead a decent team. I will be at the Bills at Rams game, and I would very much like to see the Bills beat them in a competitive game with Stafford at the helm. I want to see the Bills beat the Super Bowl champs.
  8. I noticed that too. It's a minor gaff, though. Still a slick route.
  9. Well, really no body part should look like a penis, other than a penis.
  10. The paranoid, conspiratorial side of me wonders if this wasn’t Goodell’s plan— In the closed-door session, suggest a compromise of six games. Then appeal the decision, add two to four games, and appear tough. Then, by the end of the regular season, the story has finally lost its legs. of course, Goodell would never be so manipulative…
  11. If we signed him, he'd start the season on IR, right? He's not expected to be ready after his ACL surgery until October. At that point, it's not like he's going to push Davis (or whomever ends up at slot, for that matter) down the depth chart. Seems like a pretty high-profile signing for a late season insurance policy.
  12. LOL!!! You're saying we should cut Diggs, and Davis! Maybe we should cut Allen for starting a fight???
  13. Dean Kindig, of Astro Notes fame was just talking up Hodgins. Maybe this is his year...? Dang, Isaiah! FaceTiming while driving??? And stop with the gesturing! Keep your hands on the wheel!
  14. From your post I responded to: "Maybe because the other teams offered basically the same peanuts contract and he’d rather be here under those circumstances." You're just making straw-man arguments at this point. Edit: Also, I'd be pissed off if they traded McKenzie, and I very much doubt they will. But it's naive to think he has no trade value, especially with Brandon Beane making the deal.
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