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  1. If Motor can't handle the competition, then he shouldn't be in the NFL. But, I suspect he can handle it,
  2. I think Dalton goes to NE. Plus, I have this fantasy about Fitzpatrick going there, and ending up as their starter due to injury (to Dalton?). I think Jax could be a potential landing spot for Winston, but am I crazy to think he could end up in Miami, with Tua? And, I think Cam goes... nowhere. I don't think any team will want to pay the price he thinks he is worth. That could happen!
  3. I believe they will look at the later rounds of the draft as next to meaningless. After all, we are essentially drafting backups. It's likely that we will not have a single draft pick starting for most of the season-- unless... we trade up from our first pick in the second round. I would not be at all surprised if we bundle a bunch of late-round picks to trade up to early in the second round, or even into the first round, with enough draft capital that will inspire many to say that the Bills overpaid. That is my Bold Buffalo Bills 2020 Draft Prediction: We will bundle our pick #54, along with about three later-round picks, including our fourth, to trade up for a lot less than what that Draft Trade Value Chart, that people seem to think is accurate, says is a good deal. Many on these boards will lose their minds. But, the FO won't care, because they know anyone drafted after the fourth has little chance to make even the PS. And, with that pick, we will get the one player out of the draft that can make a real impact on the 2020 season.
  4. Pretty weird discussion to be having: which backup position is the most GLARING need? It seems to me that #2 RB is the only position to not really be addressed in FA. The irrational fan in me would love to see a scenario where Christian Wade comes off the PS, and blows everyone away. (It is possible) But, beyond that, I have very little faith in Yeldon, and less in Taiwan Jones, as anything other than ST.
  5. Not to be all semantic, or anything... but I mean, we're talking about a backup position here. A need? Sure. Even, I would argue, our biggest need. But, GLARING?
  6. https://sports.theonion.com/tom-brady-awakens-from-week-long-kombucha-bender-to-dis-1842508215
  7. I'm not sure which part of my post you disagree with? Certainly (and Deane has said this, himself), the goal is to draft BPA within a position of need. My point really is that a) WR is no longer a pressing need (really, #2WR was never a pressing need), and b) likely all of our draft picks this season will be drafted as potential backups-- which if you think about, really opens up the scope of what would be considered "a position of need." All that being said, I stand by my assertion that if Hodgins is available in later rounds, he will not supplant another player who ranks higher on their board, likely even if that player is a center.
  8. IMO, Beane has set us up to go BPA for every pick. All of our picks are going to be depth players this year (as opposed to last season when our first three picks started week one). I strongly suspect that they will evaluate BPA for every position including QB, and whomever that is, starting in round #2, is who we are going to pick.
  9. One of the things Beane has accomplished in FA is to set us up to go BPA throughout the draft. I would not be at all surprised if we didn't take a WR at all. With Diggs as a solid #1, this team is fairly stacked at #2 WRs. As I observed in another thread, last season our first through third picks in the draft (Oliver, Ford, and Singletary) started week one, and our fourth (Knox) started week five. This year, we are likely going to be drafting for depth, only. It is unlikely that, barring injury, a single draft pick will start early in the season, unless we get really lucky at pick #54. If Hodgins is available to us in later rounds and is BPA, then sure, we grab him. But, at the moment, WR is less of a need than RB, LB, OT, Edge, or CB.
  10. I feel like that was what I saw. I know he had some catches that looked spectacular. Occasionally, he looked like the best playmaker on the team. I'm expecting a marked improvement this season.
  11. He did. He started game one, and didn't start again until game nine.
  12. An interesting thing about this draft: Last season, our #1, #2, and #3 draft picks all started week one. Our #4, Dawson, started week four. So far this season, the discussion seems to be around which back-up positions we draft in which round. It's not unlikely that we do not have a single draft pick starting the season.
  13. I hope not. We seem to be fairly stacked at #2WR. And, I doubt there will be a really dynamic WR by pick #54.
  14. My commute is often about 40 minutes, as well, depending on traffic. But, other people on the road get really pissed at me if I’m watching a game while driving.
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