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  1. This might be a little off topic, but I wonder if there is a way of banning people from a specific thread, but not off the board entirely? Occasionally, a thread will be taken over by two posters in an utterly pointless back-and-forth, and the thread will derail into their own personal argument. I could name names, but... ok, I will: CuddyDark and Royale with Cheese in the Kroft foot thread, and Doc and WEO in the Kraft handy thread. Annoying as hell.
  2. Well, of course. Lots of things are going to change between now and September. Any discussion on the current state of the depth chart is speculative. My point was that adding to the TE room does not indicate that there is a set of three that they're decided on. And, all that being said, I would assume that they're still going to value veteran experience along with preseason performance.
  3. This makes no sense to me. Along with the fact that they just signed Lee Smith to a three year contract, adding another TE to the mix makes me suspect that they aren't fine rolling with Knox, Sweeney, and Croom. Would McD expect Sweeney to be more than PS candidate? At the very least, I certainly wouldn't put Sweeney above Knox, Croom, or Smith.
  4. Oh, no doubt. I would love it if the Bills got Hard Knocks this year. And, I have do doubt that McD would hate it!
  5. I think a lot of people don’t understand just how enormous, and therefore distracting, a production like Hard Knocks is. OldTimeAFLGuy posted in another thread about how McD would not allow construction crews anywhere near the fields where they were practicing because of the distraction. A show like Hard Knocks will be twenty times the distraction. It would be very surprising if McD wanted anything to do with it.
  6. Well, there are 12 days scheduled at the moment, with the last one being Wednesday, August 15th. Their second preseason game is the next day, 8/16. They also have a practice the day before their first preseason game on 8/8. I would assume that’s intentional?
  7. Foot breaks can be lingering. It’s the part of the body with the least blood flow.
  8. Obviously, but there's a lot of apples and oranges on that list.
  9. This looks like plain lazy journalism to me. NY sports pundits trying to stir up controversy. And I would assume that if it happened (it won't), then Shady would be gone. But... how hilarious would it be to have an RB roster of Bell/Gore/McCoy? (I put those in alphabetical order, just 'cuz.) Man, the offseason gets whacky...
  10. It's hard to take that grade sheet seriously when they have rookie UDFA Garrett McGhin getting a higher grade than Dawkins, or Nsekhe.
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