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  1. Once a Patriot*, always a Patriot* (unless they come to the Bills). I'll be rooting for KC.
  2. I have to believe that interest in going to the Super Bowl went up as soon as the Pats* were knocked out of it.
  3. The Phins had a primetime game, early in the season, when Rosen was starting, so there were cable-cam shots with close-ups on Rosen. He looked absolutely depressed. You couldn't find a worse situation for a young rookie QB. The Phins' front office practically slapped him on the ass and said, "now go out there and suck!" If he ever had the potential to be a starting NFL QB, one would think that he will either come out of it stronger for his tribulations, or he's been utterly broken.Kinda hope he gets a better opportunity to succeed. And, it might indeed be in Miami.
  4. This game highlights the importance of special teams.
  5. I did not even know who was mic'd up for the Bills, and did not hear Hughes once during the game, and there can only be one explanation for that: He never mentioned JJ Watt.
  6. I see a thread like this, and I have to wonder what the real point is. Win or loss, every game has mistakes in it. Digging in to the minutia of one botched play has "agenda" written all over it.
  7. A better, more engaging, and more accurate thread would have been titled: “The AFCE will be a balanced, and competitive division next season”
  8. I have no idea who was "mic'd up" on the Bills. But, at times, I was wondering if I was watching an NFL playoff game, or a reality show starring JJ Watt. At one point, after Watson powered in for his touchdown (a great play on his part), they inexplicably cut to a shot of Watt grimacing on the sideline for a solid seven seconds. ESPN truly sucks.
  9. Well, small consolation, but at least the Pats* lost.
  10. This is a terrible thing to say regarding a great player, but sometimes when they hand the ball off to Gore, I wonder if Daboll is on the take.
  11. Is this an NFL playoff game, or a reality show starring JJ Watt?
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