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  1. Welp... as Tragedy+Time=Comedy, it was only a matter of time before people started creating these... https://ifunny.co/picture/IYJj7K7u9?s=cl
  2. Also, his hopping towards the sideline immediately after the hit had the look of full blown panic. Not to denigrate the guy, or anything, but if you don't have much of a tolerance for pain in the NFL, maybe you've chosen the wrong career path? If he's having this much of a dramatic reaction, it makes one wonder if he'll be mentally fit upon his return? Panic, and being an NFL QB are not a great mix.
  3. Wonder if there is any truth to this? After seeing Mac & Cheese's reactions, it seems plausible.
  4. Cynthia Frelund is a genius. But, she's also kind of a spaz. From what I've seen, in the less scripted formats, she tends to blather. On GMFB, the female panelist is basically the emcee. I'd love to see how she'd do on a few GMFB episodes. She might utterly flounder, but she'd still be brilliant, and entertaining.
  5. I want the Jets to win, and be one game ahead of the Pats*. There is something very satisfying in seeing the Patriots* in last place in the division.
  6. Is the jury still out on EJ Manuel? Or is it time to give Thad Lewis, or Jeff Tuel a shot?
  7. Oh, I think you're right. I thought the announcer had said otherwise, but I just looked it up, and I think I was wrong.
  8. SF -10 favorites. It would be a huge upset, but I kinda feel like it could happen. I have this feeling that all is not well in San Francisco... I'm actually rooting for the Jets to win. They won't, of course. But it would be a nice feel-good story, and maybe Robert Selah wouldn't look so mopey during his press conferences.
  9. What Games are You Watching on Sunday, and why? Especially for the Sunday Ticket subscribers. I'm curious what games people are interested in. I'll definitely be watching the Patriots* at Steelers. I kinda like Mitch Trubisky now that he's a former Bill. The Pats* are favored by 2.5, but I really think Pittsburgh could pull off an upset here. The media in general seems to be in denial about how badly the Patriots* are doing, and just can't believe they'd start 0-2. I saw that Levi Wallace, in his black and gold boxers, is one of their backups. Crazy to think he'd be our #1 starting CB right now, if he were still here.
  10. That’s because you’re a Bills fan. If you’re a Patriots* fan, it’s all about the past.
  11. To me, the funniest part of that clip is the ridiculous hang time that 40 yard throw has before dropping out of the sky like someone was out duck hunting. I half expect a golden retriever to come running out to get it.
  12. I feel weird about this game. I know it's only week one, and who knows what will happen between now and the end of the season, but as of right now, these are the two teams that represent the biggest obstacle to the Bills getting to the Super Bowl. Essentially, whichever team wins is the one I want to lose...
  13. The way the ball flops to the ground, like someone shot a duck out of the sky. I half expect a golden retriever to come running out to fetch it...
  14. Am I a bad person for enjoying the ***** out of this?
  15. Just for clarity, Peterson beat his four-year-old son with a tree branch, which resulted in cuts and bruises to his back, butt, legs and *****. After the child's mother picked him up, and found the injuries, she turned Peterson into the police. When the police first interviewed him, he was calm, and cooperative, believing he had done nothing wrong. He was later indicted on a felony charge for reckless or negligent injury to a child, more commonly referred to as "child abuse."
  16. I was never a fan of the all blues. But live at the game on Thursday, they really looked good from the stands.
  17. Absolutely. And I certainly do think we're going to win, but I think it could be closer than the ten points we are currently favored. They're an inferior team for sure, but I think their strengths vs. our weaknesses makes them a tougher matchup than some would care to admit.
  18. We're definitely better up front that we were last season, especially against the run. I also think Shaq Lawson will see a fair amount of snaps. But, we have to expect that Henry will get into the secondary more than once, and it will be hard to keep that from turning into a big play. I'm not sure how concerned I am with Tannehill's legs at this point. We have so much speed on the edge now, I suspect Tanny will be disinclined to take off running for much of a gain.
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