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  1. Legette sounds exactly like the kind of pick Beane/McDermott go for. They love drafting for potential, over polish, or those who are "NFL-ready." And I quite like that approach, honestly. It has garnered mixed results, of course. Allen was a home run obviously, but Groot, and Spencer Brown also fit that description. Of course, so does Tremaine Edmunds, and Kaiir Elam...
  2. To my mind, McD's biggest mistake was going with Dorsey as OC in '22, and then sticking with him after such a disappointing end to the season. It really shouldn't have taken this long to see the writing on the wall. I think Pegula is right not to ax McD, but I do hope he is going to be involved in pressing for a top-tier OC. One Bills Drive is sorely lacking an offensive mind.
  3. I'm kind of surprised at how many people have agreed with this post. It really speaks to how short fans' memories tend to be. Does anyone remember the regime this current regime replaced? Or the decade, and a half of regimes that came before that? Be that as it may, out of the eleven starters on our current offense, seven of them were drafted. That's not a bad (or clueless) record.
  4. Watching Redzone this morning. Patriots* bench Mac & Cheese at the half, after two ints, and a fumble. Zappe comes in at the thirds Q, and marches down the field to tie the score. Both teams might combine to break the record for most punts in a game. Utterly awful football. Mac & Cheese sitting on the bench absolutely pouting. Belichick* has somehow managed to create a losing culture in NE*. Never thought I'd enjoy such a lousy game, or root for the Patriots* to win a game.
  5. The Bills have only had surprising losses this season. It would be nice to get a surprising win.
  6. If only I could afford to go to the Super Bowl...
  7. There used to be an annual petition, that I would enthusiastically sign, to get Weird Al Yankovik to do the SB halftime show. It. Would. Be. Epic.
  8. This halftime show... are they trying to put the crowd to sleep?
  9. Spencer Brown always jumps right into those scrums. A 6'9", 320 lb monster. That's the guy you want on your side in a brawl.
  10. I actually really like Romo. In general, I think he does a really good job of explaining some of the nuances of the game that many color commentators have no handle on. BUT... I think he smokes a lot of weed...
  11. You mean "off the field issues" like missing curfew on the road, being late for meetings, and getting arrested for carrying a gun through an airport?
  12. Can we wait until we're out of playoff contention?
  13. Today, it is confirmed that: Mac & Cheese Jones is trash. Jalen Hurts knows his business. Tua Tagovailoa does, indeed, falter when his first read is taken away.
  14. It's just a bread crumb. He's waiting for someone to peck at it.
  15. The notion that Tua falters after losing his first read looked pretty much confirmed today.
  16. I like the way that game ended. In fact, I like the way the entire game played out. Dolphins dominated by the pedestrian Chief's D for the first half. (Although, damn that strip-sack, back lateral, and run in for a TD was an amazing defensive play.) Then the Chiefs, through utter stupidity, and poor discipline open the door for the Fish in the third quarter. Fourth quarter, the Fish played like they really had to pee. Then Tua finishes the game with a classic choke. And the Fish still can't beat a team with a winning record.
  17. The odd part of your post to me is that Douglas is “a lateral move from Jackson and Benford…” Perhaps I have a lower opinion of Jackson’s abilities than you, but in my opinion, the difference between Benford and Jackson is not lateral. To my pedestrian eye, Jackson’s best plays generally occur against the run… but he’s a CB! I suspect that Douglas, who pundits seem to agree is suited for a zone D, will be a better fit, and larger asset (eventually) than Jackson. of course, I’m usually wrong…
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