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  1. According to their roster chart, #50 is... defensive lineman Chase Winovich... he looks a little light... Honestly, this is some of the weirdest NFL footage I have ever seen. Other than Cam, and Mac throwing to those receivers, it looks like the entire rest of the team is standing around watching with their hands in their pockets. Bill Belichick* must be a genius!
  2. Spencer Brown looks like he could run a marathon.
  3. I wonder if Daboll might design a few trick plays that include Trubisky? He's currently the second best QB in the division. It'd be pretty cool to see Josh and Mitch on the field at the same time. And Daboll does love his trick plays.
  4. Obada is my dark horse. I suspect he is going to make an impact, and flourish on this team. And I'm a sucker for a compelling story.
  5. Well, this is PFF, and something must have accounted for Allen having a good season.
  6. It's pretty amazing the quality, and pedigree of players that are being considered "dark Horses" in this thread. In fact, numerous "dark horses" in this thread are last years starters-- a year that we went to the AFCCG.
  7. Trent Edwards. D. Jauron's "No Huddle, No O-line" offense did him no favors. He didn't arrive in Buffalo as "Captain Checkdown."
  8. I too was at that Chargers game in LA. Stubhub was an amazing place to watch an NFL game, especially if you were on the shady side (as I was). Those were some expensive tickets. I suppose I shouldn't be so salty, considering I got to watch a Bills QB set an NFL record.
  9. ...which is fine. The guy's just making a living. He's not the enemy, or anything. It's not like he's writing for the Boston Globe.
  10. One could fairly argue that Mitch Trubisky is currently the second best QB in the AFCE. Late Nate Peterman is a rash.
  11. He has started in every game he has played in for the Bills. He has position flexibility, which McD, and Beane highly value. When Morse is out, they move Feliciano over to center, even when we've had Long, or Bates listed as backup center. He very effective at pass protection. As a Bill, he has never allowed a sack. He also posted the highest run-blocking grade on the team (76.1). And, honestly, these little skirmishes are pretty commonplace.
  12. Dion Dawkins raves. Jon Feliciano swings. AJ's doing something right.
  13. '''..I'm going to need to teach Mongo some wrestling moves if he's going to go after the defensive ends like that...'''
  14. In years past, I would have cringed at the news of a DE intercepting the QB in practice. This year, I'm like-- "..yesssss......" And I kinda love it that Mongo got all agro on it.
  15. This makes the AFC that much more interesting. The Titans are going to own the AFCS this season. And we are going to own the AFCE. And week six is going to be one helluva game in Tennessee. I plan on being there.
  16. If the Patriots* are really intent on developing Mac Jones as the potential franchise QB, then Cam is not the right vet QB to mentor him. IMO, when they brought back Hoyer, the writing was on the wall for Cam's departure-- wounded hand, knee, shoulder, ego, or whatever notwithstanding.
  17. The rotation on this year's D-line is going to be insane. I predict the are going to keep six DEs on the 53.
  18. As a Bills fan, it's a head-spinning concept that our backup QB is, right now, arguably the second best QB in our division.
  19. And Jarvis Landry ended Aaron Williams' career with a cheap shot.
  20. I was thinking something along the same lines. It wasn't a perfect throw. Josh could have bent him a little to the right, and he would have been in for a TD.
  21. OMG! Ben Solak! This kid's literally been posting nonsense like this since he was in high school! And, for some reason, people keep taking him kinda seriously!
  22. I have mixed feelings about the Browns. I feel for them, in a way, and see their struggle as similar to the Bills. I also have a few close friends from Cleveland, and I actually like the blue-collar charm of their city. Spent a week there once, and had fun. And, unpopular as such an opinion might be on this board, I actually like Baker Mayfield. But... I can't get past my sincere dislike for Jarvis Landry, or OBJ, or-- especially-- Miles Garrett. F that guy. The way he handled his assault on Mason Rudolf-- clearly lying a week after the fact that Rudolf had used t
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