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  1. That’s because you’re a Bills fan. If you’re a Patriots* fan, it’s all about the past.
  2. To me, the funniest part of that clip is the ridiculous hang time that 40 yard throw has before dropping out of the sky like someone was out duck hunting. I half expect a golden retriever to come running out to get it.
  3. I feel weird about this game. I know it's only week one, and who knows what will happen between now and the end of the season, but as of right now, these are the two teams that represent the biggest obstacle to the Bills getting to the Super Bowl. Essentially, whichever team wins is the one I want to lose...
  4. The way the ball flops to the ground, like someone shot a duck out of the sky. I half expect a golden retriever to come running out to fetch it...
  5. Am I a bad person for enjoying the ***** out of this?
  6. Just for clarity, Peterson beat his four-year-old son with a tree branch, which resulted in cuts and bruises to his back, butt, legs and *****. After the child's mother picked him up, and found the injuries, she turned Peterson into the police. When the police first interviewed him, he was calm, and cooperative, believing he had done nothing wrong. He was later indicted on a felony charge for reckless or negligent injury to a child, more commonly referred to as "child abuse."
  7. I was never a fan of the all blues. But live at the game on Thursday, they really looked good from the stands.
  8. Absolutely. And I certainly do think we're going to win, but I think it could be closer than the ten points we are currently favored. They're an inferior team for sure, but I think their strengths vs. our weaknesses makes them a tougher matchup than some would care to admit.
  9. We're definitely better up front that we were last season, especially against the run. I also think Shaq Lawson will see a fair amount of snaps. But, we have to expect that Henry will get into the secondary more than once, and it will be hard to keep that from turning into a big play. I'm not sure how concerned I am with Tannehill's legs at this point. We have so much speed on the edge now, I suspect Tanny will be disinclined to take off running for much of a gain.
  10. True that. Although, there's a handful of safeties who I think could make that tackle, and certainly Hyde or Poyer would have a better outcome than any CB on our team.
  11. Peterson can eff off. I don't want that child-beating psychopath anywhere near this team.
  12. No one should be sleeping on the Titans. They're a better team than what was witnessed vs. the Giants. That was an "Any Given Sunday" type of game, imo. I think a big concern should be Henry getting into the backfield. Edmunds and Milano are going to need to have a great game. But especially along the sideline I think is where Henry will be aiming. Jackson, Benford, or Elam will all get upended if He hits any of them one-on-one. The Bills secondary is much more about speed than power, and there isn't anyone back there who matches up well with Henry. This is the kind of secondary he feasts on. And I don't care what the Giants did to him. Monday is a different day, and Henry's going to be running with the added weight of a large chip on his shoulder. GO BILLS!
  13. I didn't know Seattle fans were such *****.
  14. This looked pretty bizarre to me. It has as much a look of bullying as it does the traditional Gatorade dunk.
  15. Pats* fans seem to be having what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity.
  16. I'm glad that Miami's best defensive play involves NE* looking extremely incompetent on offense.
  17. A friend of mine (a 49ers fan) texted me the question: "What’s up with your boy Josh Allen running the ball and taking shots in garbage time?" My answer was: "That was Josh Allen, and new OC Ken Dorsey putting the league on notice."
  18. "... looked like a baby that finally learned to potty..." Hey guys, I was actually at the game, and this is exactly what I was thinking when Josh stiff-armed Nick Scott onto his ass.
  19. I've been to all three of the Bills games in LA, since football returned. After the Bills at Rams in '16, and the Bills at Chargers in '17, Bills players quipped that it felt like a home game, (even after Late Nate Peterman's record-breaking performance...) There's a ton of us transplanted WNYers in SoCal.
  20. I was at the game also, and you are absolutely right. In their defense, they've only had a team since 2016. I will say that they were polite, and welcoming to the throngs of us Bills fans. True story-- as I mentioned in another post, there was that moment between plays that one of the sideline reporters on the Jumbotron announced that Stafford had just hit 50,000 career passing yards. That's a pretty huge accomplishment, IMO, and I started clapping, and cheering because I wanted to be a gracious guest in their house, and I respect Stafford, and I respect the game. Then I realized that I was the only one clapping in my entire section-- maybe the whole stadium. It was embarrassing. I would say that Bills fans made up about 15% of the crowd-- but we were almost as loud as the Rams fans on opposing third downs. It seemed like there were times that DJ What's-his-name was begging for crowd noise. Rams fans had all the intensity of a drive-in movie theater. I can't speak for the rest of the stadium, but we had quite a few Bills fans in our section cheering on the Bills D on the Rams third downs. Most of the Rams fans around us were more interested in their phones.
  21. In my opinion, CB is the weakest position on the team. Elam will grow, and so will Benford. But, I can't wait for White to return.
  22. 55 yards through the air, on the run, off one foot. My God... that was something to see. Yes! Welcome back to Buffalo, JP!!!
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