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  1. There's a play where Mac & Cheese went running. As he was obviously going to slide, I yelled at the TV, "That mother-***** better not kick..." But instead, he slid into the fetal position short of a first down, and I laughed out loud. That was hilarious!
  2. Yeah. The rest of your offense really loves it when the QB screams, "... the running game sucks!" at the OC during a game. Utterly piss-poor leadership.
  3. Don't know if this was posted elsewhere, but... wow. This is Mac & Cheese yelling at Patricia.
  4. Shout out to Dorsey, Mitch Morse, and the running backs. If the Bills run game weren't as improved as it is, the Pats* could have played closer zone coverage, and spent more assets on exploiting the weakness of the left side of the O-line, and really put Allen on the run with nowhere to throw to. As it was, it was really only Uche applying the pressure from the left. Allen always had a short option, and had no trouble getting the ball out quick. The Pats* had to respect the run. That's a good offensive scheme from Dorsey.
  5. Mostly it was Jordan Phillips. And I know that Mac & Cheese didn't have any trouble outrunning him (I mean, Phillips isn't exactly built for speed...) but looking at Jones' demeanor in those pursuits, he may as well have been running from a loose Rottweiler. When Josh Allen has to flee the pocket, and extend a play while being pursued (by players a lot faster than Jordan Phillips), he'll run towards the sideline with his eyes down field. Mac & Cheese will usually run for the exits. A couple times it looked like poor, out-of-breath Jordan Phillips was practically pleading with him to just throw the damn ball away. I believe there was one play where he had gotten so far upfield that he had to get to a spot where he could set his feet in order get it past the LOS. It was hilarious.
  6. Some random thoughts on the game: I love Motor. He may not be a breakaway threat like Shady McCoy, or stiff-arm power back like Fred Ex, but he can shoot the gap like nobody's business. Boy do we miss Dawkins! A hobbled Quess was actually better than a healthy Hart, but both of them literally just fell over at times. Allen was utterly calm at all times, and that makes a difference. And my God that sideline TD throw to Davis was bananas! Speaking of Davis, he hasn't been the #2WR we all hoped he would be. Maybe he pulls it together, and finishes the season strong like he did last year...? I have developed a visceral dislike for Mac & Cheese Jones. I know I'm probably just being a homer, but I didn't agree with overturning Poyer's interception. The ruling on the field should have stood. The Patriots* fans booed like they were Jets fans. Tre White does not yet look like his old self. Nice game by Epenesa, Groot, Basham, and Shaq. Phillips got plenty of penetration, but when he did, it sure wasn't hard for Mac & Cheese to outrun him. Shakir got one target (and catch). Wish we'd see more of him. Nice game by Lil' Dirty. Damar Hamlin is going to get fined. Unnecessary roughness was the right call. I love his intensity, but no Bill wants to get a reputation for being a dirty player. He needs to learn from that. I wonder about the Pats* locker room. They looked almost disinterested at times, and you don't see a lot of chemistry-- like they barely know each other. Or like they lack leadership (which I think they do). Great play calling, and scheme by Dorsey. Considering how easily Uche consistently ran around Quess, or Hart, it's impressive how efficient the offense was. No one should be complaining about Edmunds, IMO. His return to the field improves this defense. As important as Dawkins obviously is to the O-line, the same can be said for Mitch Morse, IMO. They are better with him out there. Motor especially must love him.
  7. Not for nothing, the Bills now have a far more balanced offense with an effective ground game for the first time in quite a while, and McD/Dorsey deserve credit for that. This last Thursday, without Mitch Morse, and losing Dawkins in the third, Singletary averaged 5.1 ypc on 14 carries. Including Allen, the Bills carried the ball 29 times. Cook is getting involved more on offense, with two carries, and two receptions, and now Hines is getting worked into the mix. Bills fans sometimes have a very selective memory when it comes to what they were complaining about just a season ago.
  8. Throughout this thread, I keep reading this "Frazier must go..." refrain. Well, careful what you wish for, guys. Or not. Either way, Frazier is likely some other team's HC in '23, because the entire rest of the league feels very differently about Leslie Frazier than a very vocal minority of Bills fans do.
  9. You know DeSean's getting his jerk on over this picture.
  10. To claim that Edmunds "is slow to read plays, has poor instincts, couldn't shed a block if there was a billion dollars behind the blocker, is a soft tackler, and despite the athleticism to keep up with WRs is terrible in pass coverage," would have been an exaggeration two years ago. He's certainly had some disappointing play in the past, but this season, he has been playing exceptionally well, and has become an above average LB (I would say better than that), and an intrinsic element to a very good defense. Your criticism of him not only ignores any improvements he has made (and they seem pretty undeniable to me), but it borders on disdain. You've gone as far as to somehow hold his exceptional athleticism against him, implying that he doesn't know how to use his own athletic ability. You post with the confidence of someone who has watched his play closely, but your observations just don't line up with what he has done in 2022. It seems like you were "pretty convinced" before the season started, and are not willing to reassess the player based on his current level of play.
  11. I know I'm in the minority, but I'll be happy when the Bills extend him-- and I believe they will.
  12. Just the amount of debate on this thread shows that there isn't enough to overturn the ruling on the field.
  13. Motor and Cook looked like a pretty interesting one-two punch out there. Still don't have a powerback, unless you count Josh Allen...
  14. Man, listening to all of these pre-game show analysts coo all over Josh Allen, and the Bills is giving me BBFS bad.
  15. Patriots* look like a trash team. Totally bogus roughing the passer call on what should have been a pick six. You could see Selah on the sideline yelling "one step!" at the refs. Odd to think the if we somehow lose to the Packers, the Jets would be first in the division. What a mess they've created in NE.
  16. There's so much talk on here about trading for (as in, giving up assets for) a running back, like Cam Akers, or Alvin Kamara. The lack of respect for Motor reminds me of the lack of respect that Fred Jackson used to get. I'm sure that everyone remembers FredeX's tenure as all smiles, and cheers but it really wasn't that way. Fred started almost every season as the presumed #2RB, and exceeded expectations every season. Comparing Motor to Kamara, for example-- Kamara is averaging 4.6 ypc on a team that is averaging 236.5 yards through the air per game, and 142 yards on the ground. Motor is averaging 4.5 ypc on a team that is averaging 331.3 through the air, and 117.8 on the ground. And of course, Allen is (and will remain) our leading rusher. IMO, Motor is a far better running back than he is given credit for. He's running behind an O-line that is, at best, average in run support. He has fumbled once in 57 attempts, and he has also averaged 7.6 yards per catch with a 78% catch rate, making him an effective check down for Allen. If we want to upgrade the run game, it starts in the trenches.
  17. J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets! P-A-T-S-*, Fail, Fail, Fail!
  18. This whole thread is an attempt by the OP to jinx the Bills. Nice try @Ice bowl 67. The hubris!
  19. This intentional kicking the DB on the slide brings the Brian Burns alligator roll from an isolated incident, of which one could give him a pass, to a clear pattern of dirty play. There's no place for that in the league. He's like a weakling Vontaze Burfict.
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