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  1. I'm right with you man...this will be my first game without my father. Lost him back in March after a 4 year fight with pancreatic cancer. He atleast got to see us almost make it last year, It's going to be hard but I have his ashes sitting right next to me. Stay strong brother. Go bills.
  2. Hahaha unfortunately I'm using my phone, and a new one at that.
  3. Thank you sir! More of a first person shooter kinda guy, counterstrike/call of duty, Stuff like that. Rockin a intel I8700k, 1080ti, 32gb ram, basic water cool. I work with 2 guys who are Patriots fans, they aren't allowed inside the Buffalo Bills Beat Laboratory...barely even a drink of water. From the hose of course.
  4. https://ibb.co/BNfTWTD https://ibb.co/wW61TVc https://ibb.co/681BzTb Just a few pictures of my office, the signed Tyrod Taylor jersey was a gift, so why not. Has a newspaper clipping from when my good friend, Breon Borders was signed by the Bills. Edit: i probably completely butchered this post, not sure how to post more than one image in a reply.
  5. Had to mute the volume, apparently the bears are gonna win the super bowl.
  6. He did play with the Patriots after leaving the bills. Am I missing any sarcasm here or do you not know that?
  7. Mike Rodak's writeup of what's happened in sports since the bills made the playoffs. Is it me or does he always have to find a way to hate the bills? I understand it's been awhile, but I don't see much positivity from a "Bills Writer" in his article. Just more of, "look at this pathetic team I have to cover". Maybe I'm just overreacting but I don't think I'm the only one that doesn't like Rodass. http://www.espn.com/blog/buffalo-bills/post/_/id/30769/how-the-sports-world-changed-over-9456727-minutes-of-bills-drought
  8. Your absolutely joking. You have to be....haha..you got me....
  9. More recent. I've followed him a bit while he was in training camp and practice. His family lives about 5 minutes from me so I hear some news around the town. I believe he got burnt a few times in preseason for big gains, I'm just hoping he brings a spark.
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