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  1. I'd be all for their reunion. As long as it doesn't happen to be on the Bills roster.
  2. Eric Moulds. Give me his 1998 season. 1368 receiving yards. 20.4 yards per reception. Man he looked good in that blue uni with the red helmets. I hope one day those mid to late 90s unis are worn as the throwbacks w/ the red helmets.
  3. With that said.....they will both be cut this offseason.
  4. Hired by Arizona Cardinals. Schefter just tweeted it.
  5. Estro

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option on the table

    No brainer, he won't get the option. He's not worth anywhere near the option #, which was $9.1M for a DE this past year (expect that to climb to about $9.5M this year.) If by mid season he looks to be a player you'd like to keep around go ahead and offer him a 3 year extension, but I don't see the benefit of the team picking up the option, simply because the # just so far exceeds his value.
  6. Mike Klis‏Verified account @MikeKlis 2h2 hours ago More Mike Klis Retweeted Rick Stroud Sean Kugler interviewed with Vikings this week, and is expected to interview with Arizona Cardinals this weekend. Signs point to Munchak as Broncos' O-line coach and Kugler could be Cards' O-line coach. #9sports
  7. Probably not. For all the talk of Brady's downfall this season, Rivers also looks to be slipping. He gets nothing on his balls downfield.....lot of floaters that are turnovers waiting to happen. The game will come down to Gordon and Ekeler....if they can get the run game going they have a chance, but I just don't see it happening. Patrtiots - 25 Chargers - 18
  8. Denver media reporting multiple teams have reached out to Kugler to set up interviews, but Elway had denied the requests until the Broncos new HC has a chance to assess the current assistants. High chance the Bills are one of those teams. Guy was OL coach here back in 08. Born in Lockport, NY. Would he help our chances of landing Matt Paradis in FA? Kind of a bad look for Elway to be holding assistants hostage when they dont even have a HC. Really screws the coaches that the new coach decides he doesn't want, once all their other opportunities have been filled. Seems Elway is really making Denver an undesirable place to play/work. Anybody remember Kugler when he was here? I dont.
  9. I'd take 4000 yards & 30 TDs total (rushing and passing). That to me would be a tremendous 2nd year for Allen. I think it's a bit lofty 9f an expectation, which is why I'd take it in a heartbeat. 3350 yards passing 23 TDs 13 INTs 650 yards rushing 7 TDs Sign me up.
  10. Estro

    Build a dominant O-Line!

    Matt Paradis, is the apple of my eye, in FA. We need a solid piece in the middle, C, was a dreadful spot for us in 2018. He will cost a lot. The highest paid center in the league currently make $10.5M/year, so you're looking at $11-$12M per for Paradis. 5 years - $60M is a lot, but I'd do it. I would then follow that signing up with drafting a T and a G in the draft. Bring in a bunch of bodies and hope to hit on 1 or 2.
  11. Estro

    Matt Barkley extended for two years

    A great deal for Barkley....too. is highest earning year was his first year when he made 900k, since then hes heem making between 300-800k a year. Now hes set to make over $3.5M between last year and this upcoming year, far and away the highest earning years of his career. If he sees the entirety of the 2 year deal the Bill's just doubled his career earnings. Good for him!
  12. Yes, I despised the selection the night of the draft. Of all the QB's he's the one I definitely wanted the Bills to pass on. He exceeded my expectations, for sure. I'm still significantly worried about his accuracy. To me, accuracy is far and away the most important trait in becoming a great QB.....and it's a trait I'm not sure can be learned or coached. Some of his throws this year, especially the shorter/easier ones had me just as concerned as I was draft night. It needs to get a lot better if he's ever going to become great. With that said, his pocket presence, his confidence, his ability to make some big boy stick throws downfield all impressed me and his running on scrambles blew my mind.
  13. I'd prefer they hire McCarthy or Jim Harbaugh....but yes I'd be good with Gase too I don't think any of them are impressive. It sounds like: Browns - Mike McCarthy Dolphins - Jim Harbaugh Jets - ??? not sure I'm cool with that.....I think Jim Harbaugh is bad.
  14. Let's hope not. They stink.
  15. Estro

    Would you trade for AJ Green?

    Gets knicked up a lot. Getting older, 31 years old 1 yr. for $12.2M left on deal Pass