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  1. I saw this one coming a year ago. The Panthers, under Tepper sre going to go all in to position themselves to select Trevor Lawrence in the 2021 draft. In order to do that, they need to bottom out during the 2020 season. Lawrence, the Clemson product would be a huge hit in the Carolina market......and the Panthers will clearly be in the QB market once they trade Newton.
  2. I heard Michael Lombardi give a unique perspective on defending the Ravens on his podcast, GM Shuffle, a good listen, BTW. He said you have to defend the Ravens offense like you defend a punt return, Lamar Jackson being the punt returner. Every one stay in their lanes, don't get outflanked, break down in space and tackle, other defenders rally to the ball.
  3. No. Hurt far too often. Production is not good. Does not fit into the selfless, football first, culture the Bills look for.
  4. Right now the top of the CB market is $15.05M per year.......so that's where negotiations will begin. If you get him under contract soon you're looking at 15.5ish M per......if you wait another year, it'll probably be in the $16-17 M per range as more contracts get done.
  5. Devin Singletary missed over a month with the same exact hamstring injury.....I wouldn't expect to see him back on the field anytime soon. Hamstring injuries have a high rate of injury recurrence, and the Bills medial staff has been very patient bring players back from them. I'd say Week 16 would be the very earliest you'll see Foster active, but more likely Week 17 or the playoffs
  6. Nice podcast.....I listened to the whole interview and found it to be very interesting. I remember hearing about the McDermott dust up with Schopp last season, but I never heard the story with Fairburn from this season. For someone (McDermott) who tries to portray himself as such a good/decent person, I've noticed there's a lot of behind the scenes stories about him that paint a different picture. It's strange. Winning will be the ultimate measuring stick for him, but if things ever go south for him I'd expect we'll hear a lot more of these strange incidences people have had with him.
  7. Or the Bills are just waiting to announce hes done for the season once they figure out what they want to do with his roster spot.
  8. Ford cant handle the outside speed rush.....He's too slow to play T at a high level. Having to play against Von Miller this week presents a huge mismatch in favor of Denver. Big downgrade going from Nsekhe to Ford.
  9. @ Mia - Win DEN - Win @ Dal - Win BAL - Loss @ Pit - Loss @ NE - Loss NYJ - Loss 3 straight wins to get to 9-3, including an upset win over the Cowboys on Thanksgiving will have us all feeling great over the holiday weekend.......... 3 straight losses will have us all in a panic and setup a must win final weekend in Buffalo vs. the Jets to get into the playoffs. McDermott and Josh Allen put up a stinker and lose in heartbreaking fashion, and miss the playoffs, setting up an offseason fueled with discussion over whether this coach and QB combo are the answer.
  10. Tasker can't spit out two consecutive coherent sentences on his radio show with Murph. It's painful to listen to, it actually makes me wonder if maybe there's something wrong.
  11. This team being a year away is an optimistic viewpoint IMO. With every passing week, I'm becoming more certain we have a QB who is not good. You are never a year away unless you have a good QB, at this point Allen is not good. He's not really showing me anything to think he will be good either, which sucks as a Bills fan.
  12. I think the Browns win this one. Chubb is going to be a handful for our suddenly porous run defense. Browns - 23 Bills - 13
  13. I've listened to that show. It's kind of funny when they are ragging on the Jets, but that show is the total opposite of intelligent. Those guys are good at bloviating, but it is not a smart show at all, very far from it. The Joe guy is kind of a buffoon.
  14. McDermott not taking a timeout there is coaching 101 malpractice. Totally cost us a possession. Pure stupidity.
  15. The Bills just won the game. Haskins is awful. In the game appearances I've seen of him this year he looks absolutely lost. No chance he can lead that team to a win in Buffalo this Sunday.
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