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  1. He was on Matt Parrino's pod last night.....and I didn't think he sounded all that optimistic that he'll be back. Like another poster stated I think theres angap between what Feliciano thinks he's worth and where the Bills value him. Mike Ginitti from Spotrac seemed to think In order for the Bills to retain Feliciano they may have to cut Morse......and I'm jist not sure I like that idea. I think Feliciano is maybe a little better than replacement level, and I don't think thr Bills can afford $7M a yr for that type of player. Add in a glut of vet FA G's that have been (G
  2. Here's how I have some of these bets habdicapped And I bet these so I've actually put "some" money where my mouth is. I've got: 1. Zach Wilson 2nd Overall Pick (-200). I'm pretty confident in this one and I bet it pretty heavily, so much so, that it now has me a little worried something crazy could happen. The biggest worry would be the Jets trading for Watson and then not trading out of #2 & taking Chase or Sewell, but I'm pretty confident that if they did acquire Watson they'd trade the #2 pick and the team coming up would likely pick Wils
  3. I'm expecting there to be a pretty healthy jump in the cap in '22 and then again in '23, so while a $14.5M cap is heavy I don't think it'll be prohibitive. Also I don't think Beasley is a definite cut after this season, but it also would not be a surprise at all. No one would've been predicting John Brown would be cut this offseason a year ago, but now here we are a yr. later and its highly likely he'll be cut. I'm not saying Beasley definitely goes, but he is pretty old, and the cap savings will be substantial enough where it'll certainly be possible next offseason. I
  4. Curtis Samuel, IMO, is the perfect FA target for the Bills. I still remember Buffalo media members raving over his skillet when the Bills practiced Carolina a few years back. I also think he's a WR that is very underrated due to the QBs he's played with (Cam on his downside & journeyman Teddy). I'm also of the belief that the Bills should prioritize adding weapons for the offense and making sacrifices on defense to keep our offense strong. I feel like McDermott can get more out of less on the defensive side of the ball, so I'd like to see our limited cap space spent
  5. Trade back. Unless you are targeting a QB it is a bad play to move up. It's like taking insurance in blackjack.....sometimes it works out and you win l, but its never the right move. I really hope they do trade back from #30 to the mid/late 40s and pick up an additional mid 3rd round pick.......or even a 4th and a future 2nd, like the Colts have often done under Chris Ballard. I think with all the disruptions to scouting and the entire college evaluation process this year there are going to be more finds in the mid rounds.
  6. Better get that Josh Allen extension done quickly if true. If the cap is going to have some substantial jumps coming in the next few years what he signs for today, will be a relative bargain in a short amount of time.
  7. I believe it was $198M cap this year, and it was believed this year was going to be around $215M(before Covid hit) in '21.....so you're talking about $30-$35M gone for teams budget. Going to see a ton of quality vets released, just think of how many we are about to release. As much as JJ Watt excites me, this might be the year to be really disciplined with your available FA dollars. Guys like Vernon Butler, Quinton Jefferson & Mario Addison who all got close to $10M AAV last yr in FA might be lucky to get 60% of that value in FA this yr., IMO. BTW last year we ha
  8. I've heard a lot of smart people opine that it'll fall in the $187-$188M range. Helps us, but also helps the other 31 teams. I actually think there's leverage to get a good deal done with a cut FA now while the cap looks like it might be 180, rather than 188.
  9. This Browns leak is 1 of 2 things: 1 - Watt's side trying to get other teams to up their offers 2 - Watt's side trying to get the Browns to up their offer I think its the former. The best way to create leverage for more money is the illusion of multiple teams bidding on your service.
  10. Cut Vernon Butler ($6.8M saved) Cut Quinton Jefferson ($6.5M saved) Cut Lee Smith (2.25M saved) Cut John Brown ($8M saved) Pay Cut Mario Addison (save $2M) Pay Cut Matakevich (save $1.25M) Extend Diggs 2 yrs. (save $7M in '21) Convert Morse salary to bonus (save $3M) Total savings of nearly $30M With that savings: 1. Franchise Milano for $15M and look to trade him for a 3rd and 5th. I'd love to keep him, I'd hate to lose him for nothing, I think given the reduction in cap this might be the smartest compromise.
  11. Spotrac has his value estimated at $8.3M per yr. & given thr coming Cao cut I don't think he'll get that much. In a normal FA yr. maybe he would be able to command $8-9m on the open market, but I don't think it's a smart move to sign an avg. to maybe slightly above avg OG to that type of deal. If he's comfortable in Buffalo, wants to come back, and doesn't want to take on the risk of entering a FA market with a lot of uncertainty I think you're going to see a deal in the $5.5M-$7M range. I think it'll likely be stretched over 3 years so they can get a smaller cap # for this c
  12. I actually think Curtis Samuel will find healthy money in the FA market. By healthy, I'm talking $11-$12.5M per yr. If he'd sign a cheaper 1 yr. Prove it deal I do think the Bills would be interested, but given our cap situation I just don't think it'll be possible. I'll always remember the glowing reports of Curtis Samuel when the Bills practiced vs. the Panthers in training camp a few years back. Some in the Bills media were raving about how good he looked. Given his career with not so great QBing with a beat up Cam and then 1 yr. w/ Bridgewater, I've always thought his b
  13. I love Milano. The Bills defense is much better with him on the field, as evidenced by the data. That said I think his injuries and the times he's missed will be the reason the Bills let him walk. As a general philosophy I'm not sure it's ever wise to give a LB $14-15M. I'd rather invest that money into the offense, OL or pass catchers.......thats the formula to winning.
  14. Not if we sign more FA's than we lose, like we foolishly did the year Gilmore signed with the Pats. Missed out on a 3rd round pick that year because we signed a bunch if backup, scrub FAs. Hopefully Beane is smart about it. Not if we sign more FA's than we lose, like we foolishly did the year Gilmore signed with the Pats. Missed out on a 3rd round pick that year because we signed a bunch if backup, scrub FAs. Hopefully Beane is smart about it.
  15. After listening to Beane, my between the line thoughts were as follows: FA's 1- Jon Feliciano - They want him back and they'll probably be able to get him back because he's not a break the bank type of FA. 2- Matt Milano - I think they really want him back, but they know he's going to be looking for more than what they want to spend. Beane brought up his availability as a problem, and used the word "good" player on a couple of occasions......I think Beane was posturing a bit, they want him for $11.5-$12M a yr....he probably wants $14-15M. Can he get it on
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