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  1. Slightly yes. Hes been terrific, but its unrealistic to expect this pace to continue.
  2. Listening to Jon Grudens post-game press conference the injuries seem to be piling up. I dont have all the names, but I know Bryan Edwards got hurt. They are already down Ruggs and they are missing a couple of OL as well. He seemed totally passed off at the # of injuries they've had
  3. Tremaine Edmunds is consistently poor defending the run. Hes slow to diagnose and take a lot of bad angles. The TD pass to Woods should've been a 3 yard gain and tackle by Edmunds, but he took a terrible angle and ran himself out of the play. I know Edmunds gets a ton of love (physical freak, tall, young), but he has a long way to go. I think Milano is a way more valuable LB and I don't think its close
  4. Got the opponent wrong, but pretty spot on with the stats! I love this corner Josh Allen has seemed to turn. A lot of posters were pretty spot on with their predictions in this thread. Exciting team to watch!
  5. 420 yards passing 45 yards rushing 4 passing TDs 38-17 win @ Jets
  6. None. Had my eye on Moss and Diggs, but both went for higher than what I was willing to pay. Both were auction drafts.
  7. Bills could give Diggs the same exact extension next yr.....2 years $54.5M and they would have him under contract for 5 years $89M for an AAV just under $18M per yr.
  8. I don't think this is the year to cut a QB you invested a 5th round draft pick in. All reports are he hasn't looked good.....but this isn't the offseason to move on from a player to soon. A very limited offseason, and 0 preseason games, coupled with what many say is a very difficult offense to grasp is a very fair shake for a rookie QB. This team has a lot of big extension coming in the next 1-2 years and if they can develop Fromm into a serviceable backup QB they'd have that postion covered on the cheap for 4 years. Which is a great value. I've also noticed a bit of a crusade for Fromm to be cut among some of the WNY media due to his texts that came out after the draft. But didn't Allen have a similar blemish pop up on draft day? In the end I don't think that'll play a factor on whether they keep him or not. Cutting him now would be waaaay premature and him clearing waivers is slim IMO
  9. I could see them flipping an OL for a late pick or even maybe a CB
  10. And don't forget they steal only protected after Tuesday. Even the protected practice squad players can be poached on Mondays, so no one is truly protected.
  11. Milano is a better LB, right now, than Edmunds. He was a 5th round pick so he doesn't have the same cache, but we know he's a key piece to the D. I remember Greg Cosell raving about Milano's skill set and said his talent has not gone unnoticed in league circles. So I think he will get paid. On the open market he probably could command $14+M per year, but with the uncertainty of where the cap is headed perhaps the Bills could strike a deal now, which gives him a healthy signing bonus now and in return he takes a couple million less per. I'm thinking a 4 year $48M extension would be a solid deal. That would essentially be a 5 yr. $50M deal when factoring in his $1M salary this year
  12. I agree, after the Tunsil and Lane Johnson deal I thought Dawkins would be looking for &17.5M or more per yr. This deal seems like a slight win for the Bills , especially considering they can throw some of the bonus $$$ into this yr. when his deal is still cheap for accounting purposes
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