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  1. Not a doomer at all, just providing direct feedback as someone who's selling tickets to tomorrow's game and has knowledge of selling my season tickets over the last 20 year. This is the softest market I've ever seen for a home September game. That's coming off of one of the best markets for the Steelers game just 2 weeks ago. The Washington game was never going to be as in demand as the Steelers game, but $400 to $80, is a dramatic fall. I happen to think the vaccine mandate, coupled with the Canadian market not making it is really suppressing demand as I fully expected.
  2. Edit: Now listed for $100 each and still not selling. Tickets are listed for 1/3 what they were 2 weeks ago. It's going to be very easy for fans to pick up tickets very cheap last minute this season. Good luck to the Pegulas trying to market these PSL's as a "wise investment". I can't even break even on my season tickets now.
  3. Back to the original question: The resale market on stubhub for the game tomorrow is extremely soft. My tickets on the 50 yard line, lower level, homeside are listed for $149 ea. And aren't selling. In yhr last week prices for the game have plummeted. Can't remember this soft of a market for a September game for a promising team
  4. I live in Southern NJ, about 6.5-7 hours from the stadium and have had season tickets for 20 years. I tend to go to 2-4 hone games and sell the others usually on Stubhub. Stubhub used to charge about 20% (10% taken from the seller, and a 10% markup to the buyer) 10 or so wears ago. Not exactly cheap, but you could manage to make a little profit on the seats you sold. Now, stub hub is charging 40-48% (15% taken from seller and a 25-33% markup to the buyer). This has evaporated any ability to cover the cost, as all the profit gets vacuumed up by StubHub. I was already on the fence about keeping my seasons and I'm pretty certain PSL's will be what does me in. Won't be able to justify forking that type of dough over when I know I have no ability to recoup the money for the games I don't go to.
  5. Porgyman, You down for watching the game w/ a fellow fan & 2BillsDrive resident!? Let me know your beverage of choice for the game and I'll bring it! And thanks for the bar suggestion, just check it out online, looks like a good spot, if I don't hear back from you.
  6. Jeremiah mentioned in his podcast today with Bucky Brooks that he's been deep diving into some Next-gen stats. One that intrigued him was "get off time" Get off time is measured as the time from the ball is snapped until the DL's shoulders have crossed the line of scrimmage. He noticed the leaders in this stat this year and last year are some big time pass rushers. Guys like: TJ Watt Joey Bosa Miles Garrett Bud Dupree Carl Lawson and this year the #2 guy behind only Joey Bosa is none other than A.J. Epenesa. Jeremiah's exact quote was if you believe in these #s, which he certainly does "I'd be buying some AJ Epenesa stock because he's living in the right neighborhood." This "get off" time stat certainly pairs with what I've seen from AJ. He just looks super strong and super super fast out there. Really encouraging signs from a young promising DL. Now if we could just get that QB firing on all cylinders......
  7. Going to be attending a wedding this weekend in East Hampton, NY. Would love to find a Bills bar out that way or w/in a 30 min or so ride. Can anyone help? Any posters here that live out that way w/ Sunday Ticket? Drinks on me!
  8. Went to Elmos the weekend of the home opener to give them a try. They were pretty bad. Got half medium, half Cajun honey mustard (suggested by waitress) The wings were slightly overcooked, a little chewy. The medium sauce was so so, the Cajun honey mustard I could barely eat.
  9. Great slot corners can make $10-$12M. You can expect 4 for $40ish
  10. 100% agree. He never hut his back foot and just let it go today. The few times he did he was way off the mark. He was overthrowing early and then it looked like he adjusted by trying to feather everything and left way too many balls short. There are some early warning signs, let's hope he snaps out of it.
  11. 100%....thats exactly the same thing I noticed. Hes always overtalks whoever he's on with & is just cheesy.
  12. I second this sentiment. I like BD playing off of Schoop, but when Schoop is out the show struggles to keep my attention, although he did have me going today setting the stage for the home opener. I know Schoop is not everyone's cup of tea, but I like him. Can he be a bit smug? Yes......but for the most part he's pretty honest and a lot of his takes are accurate. His overall analytical take of the NFL and some of the sharper guests they auve has actually changed the way I view the game. I appreciate his style and approach to viewing the game a lot more than I do the majority of the run of the mill, cliche type sports talk radio, you get down by me. I do wish I could get in on a lot of those bets he throws out there to BD and sneaky Joe, because while smart he has a few blind spots I've picked up on over the years. Sneaky Joe is good, I'll enjoy that new show. BTW, tough spot for all these radio guys. Most people dont have to worry about fans and or forums commenting on what they do and don't like about them.....so I do keep that in mind. That said, don't get me started on Nate Geary. That kid needs to learn to listen and not overtalk everybody he's on air with. He's the one at WGR that I can't really listen to.....hes got that car salesmen delivery with an air of pretentiousness.
  13. As a season ticket holder since the 2002 who now lives in Southern NJ (about a 7 hour drive to the stadium) I'm going to relish these last 5 or so years left @ the current stadium. Ive been to probably 10 other NFL stadiums and the best sight lines by far are at Bills Stadium. The new stadiums seem to be built to host other events like soccer matches so the actual field arear is much larger. In many cases this means if you're in the lower level sidelines or corner you're often an additional 50-100 feet from the game. It might not sound like a huge difference, but for me it's a huge. Will the new stadium be exciting? Yes, it's nice to have new things, but when factoring in crappier sight lines, probable 40-100% ticket price hikes & probable 1.5k-4k PSLs, I'll probably have to bail on my season tickets. I won't be able to afford PSLs on my current 4 season tickets that are in section 134, plain and simple.
  14. I've been really impressed by Mac Jones play this preseason. Delivers the ball quickly and on time and what's impressed me the most is his arm strength looks good on those 10-15 yard crosses. Cam Newton looked awful. I actually think the Patriots are very firmly more of a threat to the Bills than the Dolphins and it wouldn't shock me if the Dolphins actually finish last in the AFCE. I think Wilson will look much better this year than people are prepared for, and will outshine Tua by leaps and bounds.
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