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  1. I'd like to see where he was playing those games in weeks 15, 16 and 17. Theres a good chance that many of those games could've been road games in inclimate weather which would explain his slip in stats. Rivers has always been a poor mudder (to use a horse term) in bad weather. His relative lack of arm strength, especially later in his career, can really tear its ugly head in bad weather. Cian is a guy I actually followed on twitter a few years back. He was a frequent guest on WGR and I liked some of his points. That all changed after I started following him. He seemed to me to be someone that lives to argue with people. Many times when his arguments were soundly beat he would refuse to concede, and many times his trump card was inserting race into the topic. Tyrod seemed to be the test study that he refused to admit he was wrong on. When all else fails he calls the NFL, the GMs and the fans racist for not giving Tyrod a chance. It was tiring, inaccurate and pathetic. Unfollowing him was a no brainer.
  2. This is a money play by Daniel Jeremiah and his agent to squeeze NFL Network for more money, and they're not really doing a great job at hiding it. You actually had Adam Schefter on the Rich Eisen show today outright saying "the NFL Network needs to give Jeremiah a big raise or he will be working for the Jets." Talk about shilling. I actually find it kind of dirty by Jeremiah and if I were the NFL Network I'd call his bluff. I was not overly impressed with him as their main draft guru guy.
  3. I hope they hire him just so NFL Network can get a new "draft" guru. I loved Mayock. Thought he was smart, and wasn't afraid to speak the truth. Jeremiah was way too vanilla and boring for my taste. I thought the NFL Networks coverage of the drfat took a huge hit with Mayock's departure. I know Jeremiah was getting a lot of love during the broadcast for the job he did, but generally if a network needs to remind the viewer how good the guy is you're watching it leads me to believe they know he isn't.
  4. Sounds like a scene youd see in a drug cartel movie. Wrong address or perhaps something more sinister.
  5. Never met the man. Listened to a couple of the interviews he did on local radio last year. Seemed like a real good dude. Great energy and passion. RIP Brother
  6. I kind of hesitate to write posts like this because I don't like to criticize someone that's giving an honest effort........but Steve Tasker is one of the worst radio hosts I've ever come across. He stumbles and stammers his way through a 3 hour radio show almost every show. His questions to guests are so all over the place that I sometimes feel bad for the guest having to try and navigate his ? and give a response. I think the Buffalo Bills could do a lot better, and putting feelings aside, that's something they need to upgrade. I actually like that show quite a bit more when Murph is coupled with Chris Brown......I know they're both homers, but I just think Brown is much better at orating his points.
  7. I've actually thought about what I would consider nice, solid progress for Josh Allen this year. Looking at his stats from last year, Allen average about 175 yards passing per game w/ roughly 1 TD pass and 1 INT per game played. These are all underwhelming, but for a QB that was considered a bit of a project not unexpected. What I'd like to see by the conclusion of the 2019 d=season to feel pretty positive about where things are headed is the following (assuming he starts 16 games): -3600 yards passing (225/game), a big jump from last year, but still a very low/conservative # compared to league avg. -23 TD's passing (roughly 1.5 per game), once again a decent jump from last year, but still fairly low compared to the league -11 or less INT's.......1 per game, from '18 isn't going to cut it......10 or 11 over 16 games will be marked improvement As far as rushing goes I'm not even going to put numbers on that......I expect it to be impressive and help us win a couple of games......that's really the strength of Josh. The main improvements I am eager to see all revolve around him passing. If he can make marked improvements in that dept. over the next few seasons he has the chance to be really good. If not......we will be talking about another QB in a couple of seasons.
  8. Good for him. The whole bugging of the massage room is a blatant breach of privacy, IMO. Then to drag his name through the whole trafficking mud when his circumstance had nothing to do with trafficking was an attempt to make the story a lot bigger than it was. Kraft was probably one of the few men who was indicted who had the money and legal advice to expose this case for what it was.......a whole lot of nothing.
  9. I like Damn that's a lot of bold. I could envision: 8, 12, or 14 I would heavily bet against any of the other things happening. He did say bold, though, so I have to give you that.
  10. Boy, that was a tough listen. I didn't realize how awkward/bad Tim Graham was at interviewing. The beginning was painful.
  11. It's heavily juiced to the over, I believe it's -170 to bet the over now, which means it'll probably be moved to 7 in the near future.
  12. I think there's a reason we didn't see any of that. Just my feeling, but I think Henderson and or Montgomery both of whom went just picks before the Bills would've been the guy if they were still there. I like the both of them much more than Singletary.
  13. I'm not a Singletary guy. He's very small and very slow. All of his speed and change of direction measurables were really bad......and I think his pedestrian athleticism shows up on tape. The step up in competition for him is going to be drastic, we'll see how it goes. What bummed me is I was really high on the 2 RB's that went right before we piked Singletary (Henderson and Montgomery). Henderson had the speed....and Montgomery I think has the makeup to be a good starter in the league. A little slow, but I like just about everything else.
  14. I actually like the 3PM show quite a bit. I love Mike Schopp. I know a lot of people don't, but I find his opinions to be unique and for the most part very honest. He's the exact opposite of a homer, which I think is refreshing. Bulldog is okay, he's much better as Schopp's sidekick, than he is when he has to host on his own (which can sometimes be brutal to listen to. Jeremey White is awful, IMO. I think he's tried to carve out the same niche as Mike.....but it just doesnt work for him.
  15. Don't you think he looks slow on tape though? I thought a lot of his bouncing around behind the LOS looked good in college, but he won't have that time in the pros. I thought he looked slow....and his testing backed that up. Small and slow is not a combination I'm willing to gamble on at the RB position especially in the 3rd round. The 2 RB's that went right before him, Henderson & Montgomery I thought were much better.
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