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  1. I take the Ravens off that list. The Ravens are a very good regular season team, that can pound on avg to below avg teams with a solid defense and dominant run game...... But in the playoffs when they face the top offense they are done. They're passing offense gives them next to no shot of winning 3 or 4 straight in the playoffs.
  2. Agreed, but he does make a point, not much in there.
  3. Couldn't agree more, was going to point this out, but I know Wawrow reads this board & he seems like a good dude......but damn it's rough listening to him try and spit a coherent ? Out.
  4. Cardinals in '22 after Kliff gets the axe this season
  5. First thing I noticed, you also seemed to notice: Dion Dawkins looked huge, as in out of shape huge.
  6. Yes. Mahomes is probably the only QB I'd take over Allen. He's done it for 3 years at a special level, so he definitely has the nod over Allen in my book, who's done it 1 season. In the end Allen might be better, but at this pt. In time anyone that would choose Allen over Mahomes is clearly a rabid Bills fan. I get it, I love him too, but I'm trying to be objective here.
  7. No matter what extension the Bills offer Allen they'll very likely keep the 2 years he has left on his deal at its current value in place. This is what the Bills did with Tre White and what the Chiefs did with Mahomes. This gives the player and agent the ability to advertise a huge APY on the new deal.....but gives the team a much more manageable cap hit situation leaving a couple of cheaper years in place. In the end I expect the Bills to extend an offer of 6 years for $250M (41.675 APY) & I expect Allen's camp to want a shorter deal in the 4 years for
  8. Cheesesteaks at a good spot down here in South Jersey before the draft.
  9. If Kwity Paye makes it to #21 I can envision a scenario where the Bills trade up with the Colts, who love to trade down & who also dotn currently have a 3rd round pick. The cost would be this years 3rd and 5th round pick......or this years 3rd and next years 4th, which Ballard would probably prefer. Colts probably feel they can get one of the T prospects @ #30 that they like (Liam Eichenberg) & I took the news yesterday that the Bills were looking to trade up for Etienne as a sign perhaps there's a pass rusher they might want to come up for. I think Kwity Paye s
  10. 8 days later & Max Jones is back up to -300 @ most sportsbooks. I dont always handicap them this good, but this Mac Jones saga has been a real joy to be financially tied too because there's been so many irrational line movements.
  11. In a weird way the conversation has shifted from comparing QB prospects to focusing on the color of their skin. There's an underlying current against Mac Jones because people don't think it's fair or reasonable that people could actually prefer him over Fields. Dan Orlovsky shared some negative things he was hearing about Fields and the majority woke media, led by Peter King, turned it into a conversation about race. King was pretty adamant that Orlovsky had no right sharing that info with his audience. It has created an interesting betting market because there's so much unknown
  12. Well I'll tell you where I think things stand: Last week the odds were: Mac Jones -300 Justin Fields +250 Trey Lance +350 This would imply odds of Jones going #3 @ 75%. This week its: Fields -125 Mac Jones +150 Fields +450 This would imply odds of Fields going #3 @ about 55%. I still can't get over Schefter outright saying Mac Jones will be the pick @ #3......and then kind of walking it back, but not really. I also know Warren Sharp believes it's Mac, as does Peter King, Chris Simms (Kyle Shanahans frien
  13. I'd go with a tie between Aaron Shobel and Nate Clements. Given the Bills ability to find and develop secondary players vs their relative failure to identify and develop DL I'd go with Schobel.
  14. Right on message today with his tweet. I'm pretty sure things are moving in a direction where Singletary won't be with the Bills this year. Ginnitti is pretty keen on this stuff.
  15. Was listening to spotrac's most recent podcast w/ Mike Ginnitti & he casually mentioned he thinks Singletary is a trade candidate this offseason maybe even draft weekend. Normally I'd just pass this off as speculation, but in listening to Ginnitti over the past few months it's pretty clear that he's got some connections. He was talking about Trubisky possibly signing as a backup in Buffalo a few days before it happened. It seems a lot of his "ideas" on his podcast seem to come true, which makes it must listen for me. He also mentioned that Breida might be viewed as
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