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  1. I dont love Clowney, but at this point it's almost worth giving him a yr $16M deal just for the 3rd round compensatory pick wed get if he signed elsewhere the following offseason. $16M for 1 year of Clowney is so so $16M for 1 year of Clowney plus a future 3rd round comp pick seems like a smart deal
  2. Estro

    Backup QB?

    I don't think the Bills will consider a QB with their 2nd, 3rd or 4th round picks, but I do happen to think whoever drafts Jake Fromm is going to get a starting QB that will have a great NFL career. I've paid attention to Fromm, since he was highlighted on a QB1 show on youtube during his senior year in high school. The dude is a natural born leader, and I think he is going to find a lot of success. Hes probably going to be picked somewhere in the 2nd round, maybe early 3rd, so the Bills would likely have to use pick #54 to get him. The reason I think he fits here is it wouldn't be viewed as a threat to Josh Allen this season (which the Bill's brass seems to care about for some odd reason), but it's a great hedge if things dont progress for Josh this season. If Josh shows well this season, you have a high end backup in Fromm with starting upside (and trade value if you wanted to go that route.) One thing I will note: The Bills have signed a lot of bodies again this offseason and at least on paper have very few glaring holes that "MUST" be filled. I still think RB, DE, OL and to a lesser extent CB and WR need an influx of talent.......but the Bills have put themselves in a position where they could take a Jake Fromm with #54. I mean QB is far and away the most important position, so why wouldn't you want to invest in that position.
  3. The Pats probably have an avg. to slightly below avg roster, with a totally unproven QB, and a superb HC. If there goal isn't to tank this year, which I haven't totally ruled out, I could still see them winning 9-10 games and competing for AFC East division winner. I think people are overlooking Bill B's ability to develop QB's.
  4. Might be an opportunity for us to franchise tag him and trade him for a 1st rounder to the Panthers if the Bill's trust isnt sold on paying him $18M a year.
  5. I still think we may draft a WR, but at this point I'd be surprised if it's with our 2nd round pick At this point we are pretty well stocked with: 1. Stefon Diggs 2. John Brown 3. Cole Beasley 4. Isaiah McKenzie 5. Andre Roberts 6. Duke Williams 7. Robert Foster Knowing most teams don't keep more than 6 WR's on the final roster, any WR drafted will likely have to bump one of McKenzie, Williams, Roberts or Foster off the roster. Not saying that won't be a possibility, but there are other positions on the team (DE, CB, RB, OL) that are higher on the priority list.
  6. Cam Akers is a nice prospect and I think it's going to be really close whether he makes it to our pick at #54. I think it's about 65% chance he'll be gone. I'm fairly certain Swift and Taylor will go before Akers, and then the next group is a cluster of 3 players: Edwards Helaire Cam Akers JK Dobbins It's kind of like a soup du jour, what's your preference? I like both Akers & Edwards Helaire above Dobbins, but I think some teams might prefer Dobbins. I'm rooting for Dobbins (who I'm not all that high on as a prospect) to go before we pick so there's a greater chance Akers and or Helaire are there @ 54.
  7. I did a little research on how many RB's tend to go in the Top 3 Rounds & what I found it's been between 6-8 RB's the last 3 drafts. This year I expect it to break down as such: DeAndre Swift (1st) Jonathan Taylor (1st/2nd) Clyde Edwards Helaire (2nd) Cam Akers (2nd) JK Dobbins (2nd) Zack Moss (3rd) Eno Benjamin (3rd) Darrynton Evans (3rd/4th) AJ Dillon (3rd/4th) La'Mical Perine (4th) Anthony McFarland (4th) I personally think if Cam Akers is there in the 2nd, when we pick he will be under serious consideration. I know it's not high on the list for qualities in a RB, but: check out the throw he makes @1:07, running to his left and thows the ball over 50 yards downfild right on the spot. That's crazy for a RB.
  8. 1. Quinton Jefferson - smart football people, including Greg Cosell, really like him. Contract is very fair 2. Mario Addison - 29.5 sacks the last 3 years. He's old, but 14 sacks over the next 2 years @ $22M & this signing is worth it 3. AJ Klein - He's fast & big. The Bills now have the ability to have 3 LB's that can cover in base D. I think this was an underrated signing. 4. Vernon Butler - A 1st round "bust" in Carolina will become a nice DL rotational piece in Buffalo. I think there's talent and upside. 5. Quinton Spain - An avg. starter for a fair price. After seeing avg. OL get $10M/yr. in FA, $5M/yr looks pretty good. 6. Josh Norman - He has not played well of late. Coming back to an advantageous scheme (more zone) might be the medicine he needs. 7. Stefon Diggs - The skill is great, worry about his attitude & price was steep. The value is his remaining deal, but will he want a new one??? 8. Jordan Poyer - Poyer was a wonderful signing in '17. As this roster continues to build, there will be tough decisions to be made, I thought letting Poyer walk would be one of those tough decisions. I don't think he's a great deal @ $10M a season & I thought Jaquon Johnson could've adequately replace him in '21. I would've preferred paying that money to Bryan Bulaga in FA this year and gotten a legit RT.
  9. 3 Things about this rumor: 1. The Bengals aren't trading the pick. 2. Why the hell did the Dolphins choose to play Fitz and actually win games??? If they had played Rosen the #1 pick was likely theirs. How dumb to tank and not even do it correctly. 3. Joe Burrow is the real deal & I want him no where near the AFC East, so I'm thankful for pts. 1 & 2 above
  10. I agree with your sentiment on Stidham. The thing that impresses me about him is his accuracy and ability to step up in the pocket. I think he has a chance to be good. More importantly, I think Bill B. has proven he can develop a QB. I watched every throw from Stidhams preseason game vs. the Lions and it was impressive. With that said, his arm is weak, and when he has to throw outside the hashes it takes a long time to get there.
  11. Gore is done. He was awful. That said TJ Yeldon is on the roster and isnt terrible. I also happen to think this years draft has a decent crop of backs and wonder if we might pick one up in round 4 or 5. Right now my favorite FA available is Lamar Miller. Good cutback runner, with speed.
  12. Hyde's value is in the $3-$4M range, he'd be very lucky to ***** $6M at this point. I see him getting maybe $3.5M on a 1 or 2 yr deal
  13. This is one of those times I'm thankful the player didnt choose us. Melvin Gordon isn't a good RB. I understand he was a 1st round pick and hes got some name recognition and cache, but watching him play........not good. While I'm glad we missed out on him I'm concerned the Bill's would think investing $8.5M a yr. In an avg RB is smart business. It is actually very dumb, and I think we dodged a bullet here Sign me up for Lamar Miller, who I view as a better RB than Gordon for about half that price. That's a much savvier move.
  14. Give me Lamar Miller. He's a good cutback RB, and as of 2018 still had decent long speed. He tore his ACL last season, so there might be a hold up with needing to check his knee, but he's my vote for best bang for your buck. I think Lamar Miller, might be looking for $6M/yr., but with the dust settling on the RB market I believe he'll be be signed for $3.5-$4.5M/year. I'd be down for a 2 yr - $7M deal with maybe some upside incentives that could push it to the $9M range.
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