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  1. I'd set his sack over/under at 6.5. He's old, so thecend is coming soon, but for this upcoming yr. he's probably a pass rush upgrade over Lawson
  2. Any deal Mahomes signs will look like a deal in a year or 2 as other QBs not even in the same weight class start getting close to the same $$$$. If I was Mahomes I'd be looking for a 2 year $92M deal fully guaranteed, and just keep resetting the market every 2 years
  3. I don't like it at all. The thought of losing a game when you were up 13 points late in the 4th because a team converted a 4th and 15 would drive me nuts. With hays aid you are right if it does pass it needs to be more than 15 yards and the ball should be further back to further penalize the team attempting it. 4th and 18 from your own 17 yardline seems better
  4. I thought Murphy was alright. Tasker is brutal. Brown I kind of like to listen to but Glab IMO is terrible. Nothing personal against her, just something about the voice and cadence......whenever she was a guest on the John Murphy show it was always......"Alexa.....off" Hopefully she'll improve in her new role.
  5. Marcell is currently an unsigned FA. After making $87M over his NFL career, you have to wonder if he'll sign on somewhere this season.
  6. Its an excellent show. I originally watched it when his season first came out. And came away very impressed with Fromm. I'm now rewatching the season. The show is fun for football, but it also brings back a lot of highschool nostalgia and just how quickly you go from being a kid to a man. Highly recommend the show. Its interesting too that Fromm held off competition from Justin Fields (who stars in season 2 of QB1) forcing Fields to transfer to Ohio State whee he went on to beat out Tate Martell (another QB featured in season 1).
  7. Anyone who has Netflix and wants a deep dive into Jake Fromm, Watch QB1: Beyond the Lights (Season 1) The show follows 3 high-senior QB's throughout their last year in HS. 1 of the QBs was a then 18 year old Jake Fromm. I've been a huge fan if his since watching the show 3 years ago. A real alpha, dude really impressed me. I actually jumped off the couch in excitement when I saw the Bills picked him. I think hes going to be a good NFL QB
  8. Listening to Beane, I got the impression he does not want to use his 3rd rounder as ammo in a trade up. That said, I do think he will spend a 4th or 5th to make a move in the 3rd. He's shown he gets itchy to move up in the mid rounds as you said
  9. With no 1st round pick, I think you've done a good job if you cone out of this draft with 2 starters by the 2021 season. If you cone away with 3 starters by the '21 season you've hit a homerun. And while I don't think its in Brandon Beavers DNA to do so, I think tgd greatest chance to find 2 or 3 starters in this years draft is to trade down in the 2nd and snag another mid round pick for doing so. I just think the players round 2 through 4 are all very similar. Id rather have 3 3rd round picjs then a 2 & a 3.....if that makes sense.
  10. I like him a lot. He has an element to his game that our offense is missing. Take it to the house speed. There was some chatter early on that teams were considering him a RB at the next level, but I have since heard most teams view him as a WR. I think he will be selected in the late 2nd to 3rd round.
  11. Dude loves being the center of attention......you can't even physically be at the tram facility, but he still needs to let it be known that he won't take part in what??? Zoom meetings? Glad he's a Jet.
  12. Its my belief that Jonathan Taylor will likely be the 1st RB selected and that will likely happen between picks 20-40. This means the Bills would have to trade UP, likely packaging both their 2nd & 3rd round picks to select Taylor. While I like Taylor, I'm not sure I like the idea of spending our first pick on a RB, let alone packaging both of our picks on a RB.
  13. Well thought out and I tend to agree. Although I could see the 2nd and 3rd rounders being flipped where we take either a ln Edge defender or corner with our 2nd and then a WR with our 3rd. Its just a hunch of mine, but I think the Bills might be looking for a slot WR Moreno than an outside guy. Beasley is not a young player and he's okay but I see a path where a 3rd round slot WR could push Beasley for playing time right away. I've got my eye on, WR, Devin Duvernay of Texas. Probably goes between picks 60-90 and I think he could be a real mismatch in the slot early in his career.
  14. Boy would I love to book that wager! Accurately predicting the 1st 3 teams to select a WR in the draft is not easy.
  15. I actually like to listen to Lombardis GM Shuffle podcast because he usually drops a few nuggets you don't hear else. That said he is the type that talks out of both sides of his mouth. He likes to be right and in doing so he's quick to point out when he is and never brings up the many times he's flat out wrong. He has a ton of revisionist history.
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