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  1. I actually think there are a lot of teams chasing those 2 Wildcard spots in the AFC.....and I think it's going to be a tight race over the last few weeks of the season. For arguments sake lets give the division winners to the following teams: East - Pats West - Chiefs North - Ravens South - Texans (although I think the Colts will be right there) That leaves the: Bills (4-1) Colts (3-2) Raiders (3-2) Browns (2-4) Jaguars (2-4) Steelers (2-4) all vying for 2 spots. No doubt the Bills are in a great spot, but the 2 teams that scare me are the Colts & Browns. I was very happy to see the Browns lose today & they face the Patriots next, but after that their schedule gets very easy. The Steelers defeating the Chargers tonight was also a big help, the way I see it. Just wish the Chiefs weren't so generous to those AFC South teams the last 2 weeks.
  2. Some of the best sightlines @ New Era Field. Section 134, row 44. 4 tickets together.....can sell or 4 or a pair. $175/ticket. Cheaper than what they are selling for on stubhub once they add on all of their fees. These are my season tickets and Im unable to make the game. Call me or direct message if interested 518-229-9248
  3. The big play and deep ball has been sorely lacking, IMO. I don't think Josh Allen is built to lead 12 play drives down the field......we need to see much more of the big passing plays to be a playoff team IMO.
  4. A healthy Singletary is getting 12-15 touches a game A healthy Robert Foster should get 3-4 targets a game, hopefully 1 or 2 of them being a deep shot (which has painfully been missing) increase Dawson Knox's usage
  5. Tickpick.com doesnt charge a buyer fee. Or you can buy mine from me. Section 134, row 44. No add on fees if you buy from season ticket holders. Im sick of the fees these ticket companies get away with charging too.....thats why im trying to sell the games im not going to via craigslist. The 50% stubhub fees have become absurd.
  6. I hear you, my thought though is, I'd much rather have Josh Allen behind center next week. Pretty bummed the Pats were able to knock Allen out for an additional week.
  7. Unfortuantely, we are on to Tennessee without our starting QB, the one thing I wanted to avoid coming out of this game w/ NE. This loss today likely carries over to next week, I'm not confident at all in Barkley getting the win on the road. We were +2 in the early look ahead line vs. the Titans, but that was before Allen's concussion. If he's out, as Dr. Chao seems to think he will be, I suspect to see that line go to +4 or +4.5.
  8. I knew this game was going to be a tough one to win.......the thing I wanted most was to get out of it relatively healthy. Now, we are faced with the prospect of going to Tennessee without Allen, sucks.
  9. These are my season tickets, not able to make it up for the Phins game. Some of the best seats @ New Era Field: Section 134, Row 44, 4 Tickets together. 50 yard line, lower level, Bills side (in the shade!) Directly below the broadcast booths, best sight lines in the stadium, IMO $360 for 2 $700 for 4 Respond to this or text me @ 518-229-9248 if interested
  10. well said & very true and I can see why after a game like we all just watched
  11. 2.5 I can't envision our offense consistently and efficiently moving the ball. If we had Singletary and the speed of Foster out there, I'd have more confidence, but I just think our running game is going to be stuffed. I'm not sure Josh Allen is capable of carrying this entire offense against a really good defense and coach at this point. The only scenario in which I can envision a win is if our Defense and special teams play great and we sneak out a win only putting up 17-20 points. I just don't see that as being very realistic, unfortunately.
  12. Didnt expect him back this week, but was holding out some hope. Tough news for today.
  13. If Edelman is a late scratch from the game expect the line to go to Pats -6.5 (-115)
  14. The Bills fan in me really wants to see Singletary on the field vs. The Pats, but I think the smart playbwould bevto hold him out until after the bye. Hamstrings eadily reaggravate if you dont give them enough time to heal and 2 weeks IMO is not enough. Rushing him hack only to have him pull the hammy again could result in another 3-4 week absence. If he comes back after the bye hed have rested it for 5 weeks and would be 100%
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