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  1. Diggs Davis Shakir Crowder McKenzie Kumerow Austin
  2. Fitzpatrick just signed for north of $18M per yr & his market value on spotrac.com was around $15M per, representing a 20% premium. Poyer currently has a market value of $10.7M on spotrac & a 20% premium would come in around $12.85M per. Yes, but you cant compare a 31 yr old Poyer to a 25 yr old in Fitzpatrick say most Bills fans. Okay fair, but how about Harrison Smith. Smith signed a 4 yr - $64M deal when he was 32 years old ( a full year older than Poyer is now. He saw $26.4M of that deal guaranteed & paid out within the first 2 years. Very tough negotiation for the Bills. There are so many moving parts. Whatever Poyer gets Hyde would want almost the same thing if not a bit more come next season. I dont think Beane will want to go north of a 2 year - 26.5M extension. Id expect that to be the magic #, although it wouldnt surprise me to find out Rosenhaus is asking for $16M per, in which I dont think youll see a deal worked out
  3. The biggest weakness on the Bills is Tremaine Edmunds. His weaknesses coming into his rookie year, continue to be his weaknesses as he enters his 5th season. He lacks the ability to diagnose plays fast, takes terrible pursuit angles, gets swallowed up by blocks and is easily fooled by misdirection anf play action. Hes also an awful blitzer ("coincidentally" one of Bernards strengths) The better QBs we faced last year, mainly Brady and Mahomes singled out Edmunds in pass coverage and continually picked on him. If you watch the Bucs game winning TD pass in OT on the shallow drag by Perriman, key in on Edmunds movements. He has the correct leverage on Perriman and then he runs toward him instead of with him and gives up that entire side of the field. Once Perriman catches the ball, Edmunds has a low, but still slight chance to dive at Perrimans ankles to trip him up, yet he never even attempts to. I know Edmunds is a polarizing player amongst the fan base, but when you see the better teams continually pick on him it tells you something. I think the Bernard pick has a lot to do with how the Bills internally view Edmunds. They know they need better LB play, and I think Bernard might get a lot more reps than most expect, especially as the season progresses.
  4. In fairness to Feliciano (I watched the entire hour long interview), he was also very complementary and appreciative if Buffalo. I agree that one take of his came across pretty bad, but it doesnt seem as nasty when you listen to the whole sit down.
  5. Be careful with Adam Caplan reporting. The guy slings around a lot of half truths as matter of fact. He publicly claimed to often get 16 picks correct on his mock drafts back in the day, which for anybody thats a draft nerd knows that is a total lie. I also listen to a lot of his local coverage down here in the Philadelphia market, and I've noticed hes a little loose with his "inside info". Hes a wannabe Schefter.
  6. So far according to leaks (shaky reliability, but to play the game) Week 1: @ LAR (TNF) Week 2: TEN (MNF) Week 3: Week 4: Week 5: Week 6: Week 7: Week 8: @ KC (4:25PM CBS) Week 9: Week 10: Week 11: Week 12: @ BAL (Thanksgiving 8:20 NBC) Week 13: Week 14: Week 15: Week 16: Week 17: Week 18: I believe the above post about the Jets leaked schedule is fake. It is in conflict to other leaked games.
  7. NFL Schedule Leaks @NFLGameLeaks NFL Week 8; Bills @ Chiefs, 4:25PM EST, CBS* *This is the CBS protected game of the year they have chosen. This game cannot be flexed
  8. I guess any of us attending games these next 5 years better be on the lookout for collapsing upper decks! Ill take my chances, then again Im no engineer, so maybe I should steer clear.
  9. Lol I wondered if there were people that would buy "the second level concrete is ready to collapse" BS. Lot of stadiums and arenas littered all over this country with poured concrete upper levels built way before HighMark that miraculously havent collapsed. Turns out maintenance and renovation is an option too, a lot cheaper price tag than $1.5B too. Look, I totally understand the Pegulas pushing for a new stadium. We all would too if we were in their shoes. Who wouldnt want a $1.5B palace built for only $200M of their own money (even less after they jam these ridiculous PSLs down fans throats)? I just thought the bogus "collapsing 2nd deck" narrative was laughable.
  10. They had a select a seat event coupled with a Bills rookie minicamp practice in 2004. I remember going and witnessing the young 1st round pick JP Losman throwing a beautiful seam pass up the field to an absolutely massive TE that we brought in as an UDFA.........Jason Peters. Couldnt believe how well he moved for such a big guy. I was there to see our shiny new QB, who new the UDFA would turn out to be the future Hall of Famer.
  11. Spot on. Unless you're a STH that attends every game and has the discretionary income to be able to afford clunking down 20-30k for PSLs 9n your set of 4 tickets...going down this patg males no sense. For out of towners who have ST's and attend a few games and sell a few, high PSL fees make keeping season tickets financial suicide.
  12. Filled out the survey and stated my opinion that if PSLs are indeed anywhere close to whats been hinted the entire season ticket holder base is about to be gutted. I wrongly assumed PSLs would be in the 500-5k (nose bleeds to suites) but it appears the Bills are seeing if 1k-20k is possible. These PSL prices coupled with a huge increase in actual ticket prices is going to be a disaster in the Buffalo market. The Pegulas are on the hook for $200M themselves and it seems they want to pass on much of that cost to their loyal season ticket holders in the form of PSLs. Huge mistake, IMO. I had trouble selling tickets in the lower level on the 50 yard line, home side for $50 late in the season. And this is with an excellent contending team. If the Bills think 10k PSLs with 2k season ticket prices for decent lowers is going to go over well, they're totally miscalculating the market. I know ill 100% be dropping my season tickets that ive had for 20 years. The atmosphere at the games is going to be transformed into the wine and cheese crowds ive personally witnessed at many of the newer stadiums. I understand change is inevitable and the Pegulas will try and vaccuum every dollar possible out of our pockets, but that doesnt mean I have to like/accept it. Ill be enjoying these last few yrs @ the current stadium, best sight lines in the entire NFL.
  13. Quay Walker. He's what the Bills hoped Tremaine Edmunds would become. Similar size & athlete, but has the instincts, read and react & angle pursuit that subjective Bills fans still try and convince themselves Edmunds might one day learn.
  14. 6 year - $260M Just north of Allen's APy. Just under Pat Mahomes APY. And well under Watson's and Rodgers APYs
  15. Listen to Greg Cosell talk about Skyy Moore starting at 36:10. Greg clearly has a lot of ?s about how his game translates to the NFL. The whole clip is a great listen for his thoughts on WRs. Keep in mind Greg Cosell is very careful with the words he chooses to describe prospects. I've noticed he's a little more forth right on this particular podcast than others because he's comfortable with the hosts. I remember last year he was one of the first draft prospect gurus who voiced serious concerns with Justin Fields (on the Ross Tucker football podcast). In the weeks following there was a huge pushback against anyone critical of Fields and by the time Cosell was on shows like OneBillsLive his tune had changed. He didn't come right out and suddenly love Fields, but he also never voiced his serious concerns with Fields again. Chris Simms was the same with Fields. His 180 on Fields from February to April was head spinning. It kind of showed me you get more honest insight early on before the manufactured, polite, group think assessments take over the closer you get to the draft.
  16. Funny I listened to another podcast Cosell was on and he clearly wasn't a huge Sky Moore guy. Mentioned although he timed fast he questioned his ability to separate and saw him as a slot WR only in the NFL. Came away with the impression Cosell wasn't nearly as high on Skyy Moore as the huge he's been getting lately. No doubt he loves Pickens and he likes Dotson a lot too. He also really like Treylon Burks. He's also not a big Olave guy. "His game as no element of physicality what so ever". Doesn't ever think Olave will be a #1, a complementary piece to an offense only. One last note: Cosell thinks Calvin Austin has a little "Tyreek Hill to hus game". My ears perked up when I heard him say it. Also mentioned Khalil Shakir as a guy he really likes. (BTW, I think I heard these on a Philadelphia Eagles podcast he does) From listening to Cosell across multiple podcasts I think he has his Wrs rated as follows: 1 - Garrett Wilson 2 - Treylon Burks 3 - Jameson Williams 4 - George Pickens 5 - Jahan Dotson Lower on: Olave London Higher on: Calvin Austin Khalil Shakir
  17. A 2 year $45M extension (so about $22.5M per) should be the line in the sand. Now if they want to tack on $30M in funny money in Year 3 to have the 3 years $75M optics then fine.......but I don't think they should guarantee anymore than 2 years on the extension, and that extension would keep the 2 years he currently has left in place. Diggs has 2 years left for $27M total ($13.5M per yr.) So with the a 2 Year - $45M extension, the Bills are essentially looking at a 4 year - $72M deal. Throw in the funny money, non guaranteed 3rd year to let the agent boast a sexy #, and also allows Beane an extra year to stretch out the cap hits.
  18. Bottom Line: Tyreek Hill is a great player, IMO, the best offensive player in the NFL outside of QBs. He will make the Dolphins a better team because he is a dynamic weapon That said: The haul the Dolphins had to give up, plus the money they had to outlay, plus the lack of high level QB play in MIA makes me think in the end thus will not be a deal that works out swimmingly for MIA. I'm actually surprised there wasn't a few NFC teams willing to match that compensation package.....would've liked the move for the acquiring team much more if they had a good QB
  19. Won't play at all in '22 Chance to be back 100% by '23, but certainly no guarantee he's back fill steam by then. A lot of talk that it sometimes takes 2 years to come back all the way from an Achilles tear and feel back to 100% I think the very soonest he'll go is pick 50 and could fall as low as 75. Likely goes 50 spots lower.
  20. It's definitely a big swing for the Raiders, but giving up a 1st & 2nd plus forking over $28.25M per yr to a WR that will be 30 in December may not end up being a smart move. There are some WRs that produce into their mid 30s, but there are more that hit a wall @ 31-32.
  21. Be careful with Adam Caplan. There guys in the media that are passing on real knowledge Then there's a Lotta guys that are wannabes. Caplan is closer to the latter. Not saying he didn't hear it, but hes not a guy I'd put a lot of trust in
  22. Sam Monson @PFF_Sam · 2h They just signed a QB for $15m a season. If that doesn't affect your status with the team, your status was a backup to begin with. Quote Tweet Gerry Dulac @gerrydulac · 3h The Steelers plan to have Trubisky challenge Mason Rudolph as the replacement for Ben Roethlisberger, per sources. The deal does not affect Rudolph's status with the team and he is not expected to be traded or ask for a trade. I'm not sure if Sam Monson, of PFF. Is just spitballong that'll be in the $15M range or if he's heard something, but this the first I've seen a value assigned to what Tribusky signed for. If it is indeed for $15M per year we are in line for a 3rd round comp. Pick assuming we have a net loss of FA's. A nice gift!
  23. Think Marino uses OvertheCap. Myself, I'm a spotrac.com guy. Ginnitti is really good at what he does.
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