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  1. The schedule makers are in the very beginning stages of creating the '20-'21 schedule so I think this "rumor" is more just an educated guess. The Bills will likely have 2 perhaps 3 primetime games based on their record last year & the opponents they face next year, but there is no way that the schedule is anywhere near close to being completed so I'd say this "Rumor" is total BS
  2. He just got a raise to $2M a year to stay at LSU.....Tepper probably came with $3M offer. Can't say no to a $1M raise
  3. Like Brandon Aiyuk. I've seen him pretty consistently mocked in the 1st and 2nd rounds. Surprised he's not on this list.
  4. This Ja'Marr Chase appears to be a WR that's going to go very high in the '21 NFL Draft.
  5. This is great news. I commented several times this season it seems Josh Allen has a serious mental nerves/jittery problem. I think sometimes he just totally psyches himself out to the point of it debilitating his play. Hopefully someone highly trained in this field can get him to fix the issue.
  6. Ruggs doesn't strike me as the type of prospect the Bills would take. He's been hurt quite a few times......he seems like the type of guy that gets kicked up a lot. The Bills put a lot of emphasis on availability. I actually prefer his teammate, Devonat Smith. He doesn't have the same burner speed as Ruggs, but he's still fast, and he has much better hands and is a better route runner
  7. I've seenHenry Ruggs, WR, Alabama mocked in the teens and 20s of the first round......I think he'll drop. He has suspect hands and has missed time with injuries. AJ Epenesa, is a guy I've seen mocked in the middle of the 1st round, he doesn't seem like the type of athlete that's going to test particularly well for a DE, so maybe that gets him to drop a bit. One guy I think that's going to go higher than most expect is Jake Fromm. He had a poor season at Georgia this year. He doesn't do any one thing great, but I think his leadership and personality is going to tempt teams in the middle of the 1st round. I've always had a guy feeling he's going to be a Patriot.
  8. Wow...that's corny as hell....I had no idea that's how he sounded.
  9. Case Keenum would be a significant upgrade IMO.
  10. Honestly, with the way McDermott has shown he can develop corners and get them to play well: Tre White Levi Wallace Taron Johnson Kevin Johnson Siran Neal E.J. Gaines I don't know that you pay a CB $15-$16M a year, which is probably what Tre White will be looking for.
  11. I found it interesting that the Schwartz request came right after their meeting with Daboll. Could it be that Daboll said he'd want Schwartz to be DC if he got the job in Cleveland. I remember Michael Lombardi hinting Schwartz would welcome a change of scenery
  12. In order of priority: 1. A big bruiser 2nd RB (I never want to see Frank Gore in a Bills uniform again). It's going to take me a while getting over the fact this coaching staff was dumb enough to give a guy that can't run 9 touches in a playoff game. Perhaps one of the most baffling decisions by the Bills coaching staff this season. Totally inexcusable. 2. A backup QB. If Allen ever goes down for a week or a month, find me a guy who can come in, manage the game and maybe go 2-2 over 4 games. I think Matt Barkley is not that guy. How about Case Keenum? I like him as a $4M insurance policy, 3. A pass rusher. I think our defense was schemed very well this season to create pressure, but from a talent standpoint this team could use a guy who can get home and bother the QB. Lawson might not be back, Murphy is aging, Hughes is aging.....we need an influx of youth at the pass rushing position 4. A Wide receiver. I don't care if it's a slot guy or an outside guy, just find me a guy that has really good hands and good YAC ability. There were too many drops this season, and with Allen's poor accuracy you need to find a guy with great hands who can pluck fastballs away from his frame. 5. Attempt to upgrade the kicking game. The punter was not good. Hauschka doesn't appear to have the leg strength he once had......not terrible, but not great 6. Can never have enough CB's. McDermott seems to get the most out of CB's. Tre White has become an All-Pro under his tutelage. Levi Wallace has developed nicely. Siran Neal and Taron Johnson have both proved they can play ion this league. Kevin Johnson showed something but is a FA. Draft a guy they like in the middle rounds and have another guy in the pipeline to develop. What say you?
  13. Luckily for us, the Bills coaches gave Gore 8 carries and Singletary 13, and not 1 in our 2 possessions in OT. How perplexing was that?
  14. I totally agree with the posters sentiments.....and it is imperative that the Bills coaching staff opens up and calls the game with no fear. They have to be aggressive.
  15. There is a very simple solution to the dilemma of decreasing attendance at NFL games: 1 - Decrease the price of food/drinks/beers, like the Atlanta Falcons did a couple of years back. 2 - Decrease the price of season tickets by 10-25% 3 - Season ticket holders get a 35% discount on all apparel and merchandise of "their team" The $$$ that NFL franchises make off of actual ticket sales, concessions & merchandise is very small in comparison to the $$$ they make off of the network contracts. Why not give back to the fans a bit in the form of the 3 points I made above? The owners answer is probably because they don't want to leave one dollar on the table, but I think they would make up for that lost revenue, because fans would feel more appreciated ans thus invest more in the team.
  16. The lesser known of the 3 WR's that play for Alabama really caught my eye this season: Devonta Smith Fast, runs good routes, agile, and has great hands. They say he has the best hands of all the WR's @ Bama. Jeudy will be drafted long before we pick, but Smith will be a late 1st-2nd round guy, IMO.
  17. 26-18 Bills Then we root for the Titans in the night game to keep the very remote scenario of an AFC Championship game in Buffalo alive! 6 seed Titans @ Buffalo. Stranger things have happened
  18. I follow David Chao, @ProFootballDoc, a former team doctor for the Chargers and now does extensive breakdowns of NFL injuries on his twitter account. For those of you not familiar with his twitter contributions, he does a great job at predicting injuries and how much time players will miss. As of today he currently has: Will Fuller "He is iffy at best to play vs. Buffalo (hamstring and groin)." Jonathan Joseph "it will be extremely difficult for him to play vs. Buffalo (hamstring)."
  19. Imo, it was a disaster. This league is about your QB........and when you pass on a QB that looks like one of the best ever (when you needed a QB badly) that's a disaster.
  20. It will 100% be either the first game on Saturday or the first game on Sunday. There's no chance the Bills get one of the later spots. I would think Saturday has a more likely chance for the Bills, but they did put the Bills Jags game as the 1 PM Sunday game just 2 years ago, so I wouldn't rule it out. I actually think that if the Steelers or Raiders make it as the 6 seed, the NFL would see blowout potential (vs the Chiefs) and make that the first Saturday game. The Bills have played a lot of tight games vs Quality teams and I believe the NFL views the 1PM Sunday slot as more valuable than the 430PM Saturday......and would have more of a desire to have a more competitive game be played on Sunday given the choice.
  21. Tremaine Edmund's striggles to get off blocks and he's bad on misdirection. Bill B., to no surprise, seems to understand this much better than other coaches
  22. I also noticed on one of Tom Bradys QB sneaks vs us......the center as he approached the line took the ball and moved it up a good 2 feet prior to the snap. He snapped the ball a full foot or 2 forward from where it was spotted. You better believe all these things are being taught too....1 of these advantages alone doesn't give you a huge edge, but when you add up all the capers they pull off on game day you get a big edge
  23. And right on cue....today, Odell is throwing his helmet and having a visibly frustrated shouting match with his coach on the sidelines. Then after the game he's giving the same dumb excuses to reporters, "I got a flag for a celebration I've done all year.....wahhhh, wahhhh, wahhh". Dude no you cost your team 15 yards by being an arrogant self absorbed diva who puts himself before team every single chance you get. I can't stand even listening to him anymore, it's embarrassing. And to give credit where credits due.....it's nice to have a team that doesn't have these poisonous attitudes in the locker room. Job well done by Beane and McDermott in shipping out the malcontents.
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