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  1. Got the opponent wrong, but pretty spot on with the stats! I love this corner Josh Allen has seemed to turn. A lot of posters were pretty spot on with their predictions in this thread. Exciting team to watch!
  2. 420 yards passing 45 yards rushing 4 passing TDs 38-17 win @ Jets
  3. None. Had my eye on Moss and Diggs, but both went for higher than what I was willing to pay. Both were auction drafts.
  4. Bills could give Diggs the same exact extension next yr.....2 years $54.5M and they would have him under contract for 5 years $89M for an AAV just under $18M per yr.
  5. I don't think this is the year to cut a QB you invested a 5th round draft pick in. All reports are he hasn't looked good.....but this isn't the offseason to move on from a player to soon. A very limited offseason, and 0 preseason games, coupled with what many say is a very difficult offense to grasp is a very fair shake for a rookie QB. This team has a lot of big extension coming in the next 1-2 years and if they can develop Fromm into a serviceable backup QB they'd have that postion covered on the cheap for 4 years. Which is a great value. I've also noticed a bit of a crusade for Fromm to be cut among some of the WNY media due to his texts that came out after the draft. But didn't Allen have a similar blemish pop up on draft day? In the end I don't think that'll play a factor on whether they keep him or not. Cutting him now would be waaaay premature and him clearing waivers is slim IMO
  6. I could see them flipping an OL for a late pick or even maybe a CB
  7. And don't forget they steal only protected after Tuesday. Even the protected practice squad players can be poached on Mondays, so no one is truly protected.
  8. Milano is a better LB, right now, than Edmunds. He was a 5th round pick so he doesn't have the same cache, but we know he's a key piece to the D. I remember Greg Cosell raving about Milano's skill set and said his talent has not gone unnoticed in league circles. So I think he will get paid. On the open market he probably could command $14+M per year, but with the uncertainty of where the cap is headed perhaps the Bills could strike a deal now, which gives him a healthy signing bonus now and in return he takes a couple million less per. I'm thinking a 4 year $48M extension would be a solid deal. That would essentially be a 5 yr. $50M deal when factoring in his $1M salary this year
  9. I agree, after the Tunsil and Lane Johnson deal I thought Dawkins would be looking for &17.5M or more per yr. This deal seems like a slight win for the Bills , especially considering they can throw some of the bonus $$$ into this yr. when his deal is still cheap for accounting purposes
  10. Of all the guys due for an extension in the next couple of years Milano sits atop the list for me. At this point in his career I think Milano is a much better LB than Edmunds. I think hes a huge link to our defense and the fact you can probably get him locked up for $11-$12M per makes it a win win for both sides. I hesitate when defensive players start coming in close to that $20M per # because I just don't believe philosophically that defensive players should make that much.....
  11. Agree 100%. He's free to do whatever he wants. That said there seems to be a little diva, immaturity to White. Stringing out his decision via Twitter, and social media is a little juvenile. I don't think he will opt out,
  12. Like when the Patriots traded Chandler Jones, a dominant pass rusher, in the height of their dynasty and went on to win another Super Bowl after the trade
  13. so it seems the overall sentiment is: Tre White > '21 1st rounder, '22 1st rounder, avg. Player and an additional $10-12M in cap space. I guess I'm in the minority, but given our organizations success with FAs and drafts and Id be pretty pumped to see what they could do to this already solid roster with all those picks and cap savings. Whites a great player, but this would be an easy decision for me. That said do you guys agree with me that White is a more valuable piece than Jamal Adams.
  14. You'd also get $20M in cap space to allocate elsewhere on your roster.....its not an easy decision, but Id take the picks and cash
  15. Its always stuck with me that one of McDermotts first decisions with the Bills was to let Stephon Gilmorexwalk in FA. As far as I understand the Bills didn't even extend an offer to Gilmore, and then they used their 1st tound pick that yr to srlect White. I always thought that McDermott might be a coach who doesn't like to overpay at the CB position as his defenses seem yo perform well without having lock down CB's. It would definitely hurt to lose a player of Whites caliber short term, but what if the Bills could return a bounty like the Jets got for Adams. IMO, White is a more valuable player than Adams so I don't think a similar trade package is crazy. Like I said White is a great player, but hes also going to command about $20M a yr. soon.......and I just don't think its good business to spend that type of money on any 1 player, outside of a good QB. Id much rather have the $20M in cap space plus two 1st rounders, plus an avg. starting CB if a trade were to go down. I have a feeling it won't be well received on this forum, but I think it'd be a smart move. I think the Bills would still have a really good roster and with the extra cap space (by not signing White) and the extra draft capital (two 1st round picks) would be a lot more valuable than just 1 CB in Tre White.
  16. On his most recent podcast "GM Shuffle" Michael Lombardi shoots down the Clowney to Pats rumors and says "he'd be more interested in Marcell Darrus because he can push the pocket" I've noticed he usually has pretty good inside info and thought it was interesting he specifically dropped Dareus name. With the new $ they just freed up, Ill be curious to see if it happens. Wo I ld a guy like Dareus play for $4-5M on a 1 yr deal?
  17. I'd set his sack over/under at 6.5. He's old, so thecend is coming soon, but for this upcoming yr. he's probably a pass rush upgrade over Lawson
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