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  1. Love Talking Heads . . . Super Freak would be intriguing given Rick James is from Buffalo.
  2. Go Bills!!!! Kick their asses!! Skiing at Big Sky then pre gaming. We’ve got this boys!!
  3. Really the only basis to try to claim Mahomes is better is that he has a ring, and two SB outings. Purely skillset-wise and statistically, they are nearly even with an edge to Allen IMHO.
  4. ROAD TRIP!! Driving from Cincinnati (technically, Wyoming, OH) to Pittsburgh in the morning (last minute trip to see my mom). Watching the game with son and possibly daughter at my sister's house while they are away - Will be strange watching the game at someone else's house - Luckily they have a big screen, although smaller than the crazy, projector-based TV we inherited at our place in Cincy.
  5. Bills 27, Pats 17. Expect Singletary to have another great game and for our D to give Mac N Cheese a lot of trouble.
  6. Living in Cincy (mostly) and being from Buffalo and a diehard Bills fan, that would be amazing! Go Bills!
  7. Earlier this year, I might agree with you. But in the last 2-3 games, I'd argue that our offense has been clicking and able to score a lot of points (through the air but also on the ground). We have the sort of team that can handle a run-first, eat clock sort of team. If we get ahead, Colts are not really built to catch up quickly. But the reverse isn't true: We are built to score a lot of points in a hurry. Sure, there are factors like weather, injuries, Covid, etc., but as things are right now, I think we'd handle the Colts in close one.
  8. On O: Singletary, Davis and Diggs with J Allen honorable mention (and Haack for another flawless game - must be extremely rare to have two punt-less games in a row!).
  9. By midnight on Monday, we'll have a much clearer picture and it will be easier to say if X (and Y) happens, we'll play Z at home, etc. A bit too complicated with two weeks left to figure it out.
  10. Maybe these two things have been mentioned before, but I'm surprised Matt Stafford is so high on the list and Fitz-magic, 9 teams (that's practically 1/3 of the entire league)!!
  11. Totally agree - Even against very good defenses, our offense has been able to get rolling. That's why I felt good about the Pats* rematch.
  12. Assuming no major COVID news/swings and decent weather, I like the Bills in this contest. The second half of the Tampa game, and most of the Carolina game, showed that our offense can get rolling against a top-tier defense. Why do we think the Pats are any different? So a key to my thinking is that the Bills at some point will start rolling and scoring TDs. And we have the sort of defense to hold them in check. They don't have the sort of offense to score a lot of points quickly. Given the above, I'm thinking something like 30-17 or 30-21 Bills.
  13. Saw an article that said punter a possibility or backup QB that kicked in high school!
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