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  1. If he is on medication I think he is fine. Just my opinion.
  2. Right!? It is as clear as day! He was absolutely useless last year. It is not even debatable.
  3. I understand your thoughts. But, disagree on Clay. I think the uncertainty of his health, lack of practice time and the ability for others to get consistent reps will have us better st the position. IF Clay was making a solid impact on game days which I don’t think he did I would lean towards your direction.
  4. That’s 15.....Brooks is a reach as a starting nickel. Henderson too. But, point noted and I agree!
  5. I don’t think Flacco or Eli we’re stellar QBs, but, they have 3 Championships between them. They had strong teams, HCs and GMs. However, I agree they are the exception to the rule.
  6. Your pointed is noted and I agree. But, tell that to the Greatest Show on Turf or the Eagles two years ago. I agree it is rare, but, not impossible.
  7. I don’t like that play. It seems like a hope and prayer. Well at least inside the ten.
  8. T.J. Graham was a terrible chest catcher.
  9. Go to camp and it will sort itself out. Things happen
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