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  1. [Please Change Title]Marquise Goodwin

    It was solid to very good. And, people thought Whaley sucked. People thought Whaley didn't have a plan. He did, it was just different than McD's and he probably struggled to explain his plan....but, it was to acquire talent and playmakers. IMO Whaley would have succeeded if he picked his HC. I also think McBeane will succeed. There is more than one way to do things. The best plan is one that is executed. McBeane will have the opportunity to execute their plan. Whaley didn't have that opportunity due to lacking a HC he picked for HIS vision. Go Bills!
  2. Options for OC?

    Those are the types of OCs I want too! Young, new school, innovative, teacher, developer types
  3. The “Billsiest” way for the season to end

    Ouch, that would be a new one we haven't yet experienced!
  4. And, the closest distance between two points is a straight line in the opposite direction.
  5. Taylor named the starter Vs. the Dolphins

    I think a big game for TT would be 90 yards passing, 90 yards rushing and 1 TD.
  6. Armchair OC question....

    Get Spiller into space
  7. Talking Proud versus the Shout song

    I lived in Chicago for quite a while. I do like that song!
  8. I have to agree with that! If they lose out this year that will be the worst two seasons consecutively EVER! Worst ever
  9. Talking Proud versus the Shout song

    You want to hear stupid....not sure if they still do it, but, in Chicago.... when a penalty flag lag is thrown the announcer says "there is a flag on the play". Then the crowd says, "where". Then the crowd answers, "on the field". So dumb!! So annoying!! Bears fans are below average. Wowsers.....you like football? You like the Bills? Do you like anything or even yourself?
  10. MCD on wgr

    Maybe McD isn't counting the Pats** game a loss.
  11. I am not sure what is worse.....that you have a 3rd team or that they are in the Bills division?
  12. Carson Wentz has a torn ACL; out for the year

    Well, he could be. Only time will tell......
  13. Carson Wentz has a torn ACL; out for the year

    His forcefield, sort of like the refs? And, if the refs don't hold the forcefield up Brady yells at them.
  14. Peterman will be starting Sunday

    Regardless, I don't think TT is good enough. I hope to see Peterman play well and hope the Bills win today. I hope both happen. I am fine if one happen even.
  15. Peterman will be starting Sunday

    It does not all add up, correct. But from a conspiracy theory POV I think it is possible.