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  1. Manther

    Patrick Peterson Trade Value

    I think the CB position has less prime years than LB and DE. So, I don't think the haul would be as large as Mack. IMHO
  2. Manther

    Is Brian Daboll a HC candidate in Green Bay?

    He has proven he wants his Franchise QB to have designed running plays
  3. Manther

    Reggie Ragland trade a win for Buffalo

    We play man too? We play both.
  4. Manther

    OBJ = Terrell II

    Hope that is sarcasm. If not, that statement makes zero sense to me.
  5. Manther

    Priority: Develop Allen or Win Ugly?

    Agree with that as well.
  6. Manther

    Priority: Develop Allen or Win Ugly?

    Totally agree. And, for the love of everything Holy, please have Daboll stop designing runs with Josh Allen.
  7. Manther

    In 21 games with McDermott, we have been blown out 6 times

    Agreed I have not watched (on TV or live) 3 Bills games this Century. 2 last year because I was travelling in Germany. This year I have watched about an hour of the Bills games combined. And, no other football. The game has gotten too silly to watch for me currently. And, I am enjoying doing other things with my time.
  8. Manther

    Roll call for Lambeau!!

    Hour away on a bus! Go Bills!
  9. Manther

    Roll call for Lambeau!!

    Will be there in section 112. 4 Packers fans, 2 Bills fans and 1 Dolphins fan (I know!). Driving from Toronto tomorrow and back Monday. Go Bills! Where are we tailgating?
  10. Hilarious because it may be true!