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  1. Manther

    Worst Buffalo Bills player of all time

    A good player, but, so bad for two years out of position....Kelsay playing LB. He was so lost in passing downs in coverage. I remember him getting so twisted around a few times a game he looked like he was going to fall and didn’t know where the ball was. I just felt bad for him!
  2. Manther

    Worst Buffalo Bills player of all time

    I agree with you he is not the worst Bill ever. But, I do think he is in the conversation for worst Bill who was a starter. At least the team photo.
  3. Manther

    What are your favorite football nicknames?

    Solid, real solid list!
  4. Manther

    What are your favorite football nicknames?

    Tough one to beat Solid list!! 👍 The Great Gazoo. Haha I hate the Marsha Brady nickname. Just don’t find it funny. It is just annoying to me. Who was the Throwin’ Samoan? Hilarious, I remember it, but, can’t place the player.
  5. Manther

    Worst Buffalo Bills player of all time

    Seriously some decent options. This list made me think Tolbert and Reggie Bush are two of the worst Bills ever. Geepers Bush has negative rush yards as a Bill and Tolbert seemed like he was negative rush yards.
  6. Manther

    Worst Buffalo Bills player of all time

    Byrd and Levitre were good 2nd rounders in the same draft (?). But, ya, typically we don't do well in the 2nd round. I don't think Ellison was serviceable. Me and my buddy used to say the following about Ellison......... 1. We don't have anyone good enough to start at LB 2. Ellison is not good enough to start, but, Ellison started 3. Ellison is a "tweener" that can't play in this league. He got pushed around and couldn't tackle. TOO small! 4. As long as Ellison was starting we weren't good at LB and clearly had NO depth at LB 5. Ellison started for 2 or 3 season and he was not good enough to start 6. Shortly after we didn't have Ellison on the roster.........Maybin was on our team in the same role, but, worse!
  7. Manther

    Worst Buffalo Bills player of all time

    Keith Ellison
  8. Manther

    People should be worried about our Depth

    With the salary cap and parody in the NFL almost all teams are slim on the bench. Drafting is important! When teams get a deep roster the draft is replenishing the starters and is the depth. It’s rare and a handful of teams are able to be built this way! Hopefully in two years we will be one of the handful of teams!
  9. Manther

    Tre'Davious White on NFL Network

  10. Agree most of the time. Exceptions would be Carr in Houston. I agree unless the young QB is going to be ruined or get injured due to no Oline.