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  1. Beane is lip service king...

    Of course McBeane takes input from McD. McD is part of McBeane.
  2. I disagree. I don’t think we will ever know why we didn’t pick a QB last year. But, at this time, this is my opinion... - almost fact, McD ran the draft with Whaley and teams scouting along with McD’s scouting and involvement - fact, before draft day McD knew Whaley was not going to be his GM moving forward - fact, we didn’t want a QB last year, as we traded out with all QBs available - IMO one or two things or a combo of two things happened —> McD didn’t want to pick a QB last year without his scouting team having the full year of the evaluation process —> McD didn’t want to pick a QB until he had his GM in place. So he and his new GM could agree on the QB they were going to hitch to their wagon to
  3. Chargers didn't trade Brees. He as a FA.
  4. I agree. Those seem close to (and probably) the facts.
  5. How The Jets Changed Everything

    Poppycock. Glenn wouldn’t have been cut!
  6. Well....I guess you were wrong.
  7. Bills still have 7 major holes.

    There is always money in the banana stand
  8. The Jets Just Made a Mistake

  9. I like Allen more than Jackson.
  10. That is a lot to give up. If the FO thinks there is a guy to take.........then you do it. If not, you don't.
  11. I think if the New York Football Giants are taking a RB they should trade out. I just don't see the value in a RB at #2. No matter how good the RB is.
  12. Interesting question. I would hope he just moved to the next plan. However, I think he was probably surprised and needs to regroup.
  13. 1) No guarantee that Allen falls to us at #12 as another team could trade up next week as we're having our long interviews. --> I don't think Allen will be available at #12. IMO he will be gone. 2) No guarantee that Jackson falls to us at #12 as another team could trade up next week as we're having our long interviews. --> I think Jackson will be there at #12. I don't want him. 3) I'll quit the fanbase if we trade one of our 1sts for Foles if we get desperate for a QB. --> Trading #22 for Foles wouldn't be terrible. I believe in Foles. 4) Rudolf is never going to work out. --> Agreed that Rudolph isn't an impactful NFL QB. 5) Just because the jets have not been successful picking in the top 5 previously doesn't mean they wont now. --> True 6) We should absolutely be alarmed. --> Meh, disagree. We new we needed to get top 3 to get our guy. IF we have a guy? I believe we do have a guy we think is better than the rest.