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  1. Ya, this year is going to be tight. That illusion can be done, but, at the expense of the future for years to come. I believe kicking the can down the road only goes well IF the players restructured are still playing well at the end of the contract or at least with only one year remaining. We don't have many of those options left on our current roster.
  2. Good right up, valid points and put in great context. Thanks! It was awesome!
  3. I am glad he went out failing in his last game!
  4. D. Williams didn't play in the NFL this year. I doubt 32 teams were wrong on his abilities. I think so too.
  5. I think I would take a 5th, 6th or 7th for Oliver to free up the money. $10 M to put towards another position like Oline or WR. $10 M for a rotational player that doesn't make plays is something I am not interested in. Agree on everything!
  6. That is not bad. I don't think we should cut Morse. He may retire though. If we draft two Olinemen in the top 3 rounds (which I am good with) I think the other pick needs to be a WR and that needs to happen in the first two rounds. I would like our Guard we draft to be a Center/Guard. It does not have to be, but, nice. Similar to when we drafted Wood. He played Guard for a year or two then moved in to Center. I like the Center/Guard at #27. We could have the best Center in the draft. I think we need 3 Olinemen in the offseason between the draft and FA. I think it should be 2 in the draft and one FA. I like Bates better at RG than LG. I like Bates as a Center too. LT - Dawkins LG - Boettegger or draft pick or FA C- Morse or Bates or draft pick RG - Bates (competes with draft pick or FA) RT - Brown (competes with draft pick or FA) Edit : Insert Ike Boettegger
  7. Jones was excellent this year and missed in the game against the Bengals.
  8. Love this hire! If they get Rodgers or not this is interesting and overall not a good thing for the Jets. IF they get Rodgers they might get a good year with him and make a playoff push, but, no long term success. Love this!
  9. Totally agree. The DL draft picks bother me due to the "process". If you are going to rotate your DLine as much as we do, why would we spend high draft picks on rotational players. Part time players with picks in the first 2 rounds. And, if you look at AJ and Boogie...they have been asked to make major physical and style changes. They are 2 & 3 years into a 4 year contract, haven't played much and we don't know what we have. It is a flawed approach where the system does not set up well with the player acquisition.
  10. I voted for fire the DC only. I have never been a Frazier fan as a DC. He is very Dick Jauron and has so much talent to work with. He is too vanilla. Regarding Dorsey, I don't think he will get fired after one year. However, I thought his play calling was awful all year. The first couple weeks of the Season he was ok. Two thoughts on Dorsey, geepers why would Carolina want to interview him for HC. And, secondly, Dorsey needed every moment possible to plan for this game, not an interview. McD doesn't fire coaches very often, so, I don't think he will fire either the OC or DC.
  11. Ya, that is how I feel too. I can appreciate his accomplishments. But, they are all tainted to me, very tainted for so many reasons. I think he is just a brat that throws tantrums when he does not get what he wants. The first half of his career, I respected him. The 2nd half of his career has thrown out the word respect when I mention Tom Brady. I feel like the last 3 Super Bowls were gifted to him. Both the path to them and the game itself. But, that is not my problem with the lack of respect for him.
  12. I think he was healthy. I think we didn't have a roster spot for him since he didn't play STs. Therefore we stashed him as injured. Its good for him to have an opportunity he was not getting here. I do wish he was still on the team though.
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