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  1. Right?! Didn’t the doctor learn anything from Vincent Vega and using a sharpie?
  2. Come on AJ, announce your presence with authority! Double that! Thanks Yolo! You rock! Go Bills!!
  3. I agree they aren’t totally comfortable if Morse goes down. But, I thought Bates did a good job at Centre last year when his number was called.
  4. I think it’s him or Mahomes. And, Wilson should think that. IMO Wilson will have his best season ever (he may not win the SB, but, will be close).
  5. I believe in Cody Ford being serviceable at worst. I voted Bass. I am concerned about Bass, trust the process, but, believe he is the new whipping boy until someone proves otherwise.
  6. If they determine he can still play he would be a good option for depth. Once again, if he can still play....I think he could start a game or two if we are dealing with multiple injuries and in need late in the season. Obviously, I hope we are not in that situation.
  7. The Jets are probably top 5 options for Lawrence. I hope they don’t get him. It’s not easy to get the first overall pick. I hope and don’t think he goes to the Jets. Miami splitting with the Jets would help that cause.
  8. Love the Jump to Conclusions Mat!
  9. I just don’t think BB has it in his DNA. But! If he did, I think it suggests he wants to coach for 4-7 more years and destroys the records books and show he was more important than Brady. BB does have that in his DNA. So, coin flip...question mark?
  10. Based on our Division’s schedule I think you are close or right, however, I can’t see NE tanking, so, I think they will be closer to 8-8 to 10-6. Based on this thread which I think we are all on a similar page....which goes to a different thread I think Gase will be the first coach fired.
  11. Set the Bills back a generation? This is our best team this entire Century! Fact!
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