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  1. I don’t think Frazier had that option IMO. The year off narrative was the Bills being respectful and giving him a story to tell to fight again another day. Thank you for your service and enjoy retirement. Agreed!
  2. Well, yes, totally agree and I want that advantage! Agreed!
  3. I think those are fair to good to real statements. I hope he is here for another 5-6 or more and a Championship! That would be the Cat's Pajama's.
  4. I can't argue this with the exception of Groot can possibly good to very good. Either way it was a good pick at the end of the 1st round. But, I agree with both of your overall points.
  5. I think and hope Ray or another FA DE makes the 53. Ray on the PS would also mean he had a good camp and could be serviceable. I think Siran Neal's cap hit and roster spot will go to the DL at some point before the season starts. If he is on the team, fine. If not we have upgraded our roster.
  6. Overall, I agree without digging deep. I think we take another OL to make 9 and not sure on who the cut would be. Time, camp, injuries up to the beginning of the season usually sort out the bottom of the roster. Some thoughts in no particular order... - Hamlin ok to play? Marlowe I like, but, the Bills didn't dress him or play him much last year. 4 or 5 safeties? With LB a question mark, we could roll with 5 safeties - if Settle doesn't show better in camp does he deserve a roster spot? With Phillips injury history, probably need to keep Settle - if the young kids show well on ST's do we cut Neal or Matakevitch? Neal frees up a decent amount of cap to use to plug a hole we discover before the season starts. Neal can also help with the LB issue due to Nickel - Benford to safety? We will see as the off season progresses. That changes the CB and S rooms - 9 OL minimum, maybe 10 - Quinton Morris should make the roster. I don't know why we didn't use him more last year
  7. I think LB will be fine and hopefully I am right. It could easily be the weak link. Looking at the CB's was what looks like the biggest, glaring need to me, but, could be fine. Overall, I think Beane did a fantastic job on this roster and it is the best it has ever been (no pun intended). I think we have a strong roster with question marks at LB, CB and OL. Injuries could speed up the question marks. We have been above average health wise with the Beane/McDermott era with the exception of last year. I am hoping to get back to the above average health years.
  8. Agreed. And, one step further, they SHOULD allow teams in the playoffs to dress a 3rd/emergency back up even if they are on the PS. The goal is to be competitive and have a good game to watch.
  9. I would agree, but, maybe dressing a 3rd QB in playoff games would be a good idea?
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