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  1. Congratulations Alex! Great career and comeback!
  2. Who are people who have never been in my kitchen!! Wrong answer....but, they have never been in my kitchen!!
  3. It seems like an overpay, hmm, interesting. Two TE sets for the New York Football Giants?
  4. I like the resigning. Jones is great at what he does.
  5. Agreed. I would have paid him $2 M/year for 3 years. I would think the Bills would too. I guess there are 2 reasons (with slight variations) I can think of... 1. BoJo wants more money 2. Bills don't think he is good enough or think we now have a better punter
  6. Does this lead to the speculation the Watson is being traded?
  7. I don’t think they can release Star. We need him not to retire too. With the restructure they did pre Covid the cap hit is over $10 M. I think. I think we need him to play and be in shape after taking the year off.
  8. I agree. Maybe something like $12-$13 M over two years. $4 M guaranteed in 2021. And, a roster bonus for $4 M next year. Meaning if he plays well, we keep him in 2022 at a deal, but, easily cutable. And it gives JB a good income in an uncertain market that he can probably make $6-$7 M at best elsewhere. I think he would want to stay for that giving him reasonable to good pay, a Championship caliber team with a great culture he believes in. Lastly, he has the best chance with our team to put up big numbers for one last contract.
  9. I agree and think John Brown will take a pay cut. IMO it is best for him and the Bills. Not sure how it would work. He is making about $9.5 M and $1 M to cut him? So, roll the $1 M into a new deal for one year? A 2nd year team option with no guaranteed money? So, pay him $5 M for the year and heavy on the guaranteed money? And it would save us $4.5 in 2021?
  10. I really enjoyed the entire 2 hours plus. Really well done! I think the thought “process” on everything is great and accurate. I am really excited to see what Beane does to help us get to the next level! I think he’s got this!
  11. I like that! Yes, weak sauce, especially since they had a 1st round bye and we didn't. They are the #1 seed and we are the #2. But, I guess that is the way it works. It has been a while for us.........so be it!
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