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  1. I watched the game. The play calling was terrible. KC could have won by 3 scores. They gift wrapped the game for the Texans.
  2. My first thoughts are mixed.... - I like the yet comment - we aren't the 6th best team in the NFL - we may be the 3rd best team in the AFC - we might be the 6th best team in the NFL by the end of the year - any team in the top 10 in the NFL could win the Super Bowl - I am sooo pleased with our team, progress and process! Go Bills!
  3. The Bills D was great Sunday. I think that is more than good enough.
  4. I am on that train too. From 1998 to 2017 I only didn't watch two Bills games. 2018 I watched two? I can't stand the rules of the NFL and that the teams really can't compete. The playing ground is not level. I watched every game this year and then yesterdays game and I am disinterested again knowing no matter what happens it isn't going to change things till Brady and BB retire. I HATE that the league and people think we or some are this stupid and will continue to put up with this WWF prime time drama BS.
  5. Why are you here on this board? Why do you feel you need to defend the Pats**? Let me ask you this question honestly........... Do you feel the Pats** have cheated in the past? Or many times in the past?
  6. 18 years apart and the rules have changed in those 18 years.
  7. I honestly have not watched him since he was on the Bills or played against the Bills. Maybe I misspoke, and confused tackling and physical play. I recall him being a terrible tackler and looked scared to tackle.
  8. Agreed. But, optimistic with Edelman's ribs
  9. Agreed and I hate those jerseys.
  10. I think we will absolutely stop their run. But, Brady is the problem. I don't think NE will run the ball much unless they have a 2 score lead. That would be awesome! I hope that is what we watch on Sunday!
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