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  1. All I know is I trust McD to do the right thing. The man knows DBs and they are always the strength of his defenses. Add Dean Marlowe back into the mix and we have a lot of options.
  2. At least it's not Nick Chubb to the dolphins
  3. Um...they hold for Bass so I think they're important. 1/11
  4. Joe DiBiase or Nate Geary need to be next. I like them both and will miss Howard a lot.
  5. I think Bernard is our new Mahomes/Jackson/mobile qb spy
  6. Bernard is going to be our new Mahomes/mobile QB spy. Book it.
  7. Listen to me on Bernard: HE WILL BE OUR MAHOMES SPY Hear me out: he is an effective blitzer, diagnosed plays well at Baylor and so tough and hard-nosed grinder. He was all over the field in their bowl game recently and a constant disruptor. I like him vs KC and in the playoffs against the really tough QBs we will be facing.
  8. I'm a Dotson guy. Will hate the team that gets him if it's not us.
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