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  1. I think Bernard is our new Mahomes/Jackson/mobile qb spy
  2. Bernard is going to be our new Mahomes/mobile QB spy. Book it.
  3. Listen to me on Bernard: HE WILL BE OUR MAHOMES SPY Hear me out: he is an effective blitzer, diagnosed plays well at Baylor and so tough and hard-nosed grinder. He was all over the field in their bowl game recently and a constant disruptor. I like him vs KC and in the playoffs against the really tough QBs we will be facing.
  4. I'm a Dotson guy. Will hate the team that gets him if it's not us.
  5. Flores would never go to bat if he didn't think he had the receipts. This is going to be NICE.
  6. Another thing that was mentioned by a lot of podcasters but not a lot of the media was how the Bungles played him perfectly - rush three and use a spy. Mad props to the Cincy DC Lou Anaroumo.
  7. Do Bengals fans ever get sick of the GnR welcome to the jungle intro? It's been a few weeks and I'm already sick of it. Please mix in some Morris Day and The Time or SOMETHING. PLEASE!
  8. Scheme fit, we need an explosive slot guy with YAC potential.
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