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  1. I'm just hoping it will be an obvious bpa situation, a no brainer.
  2. That makes me less concerned about the risk. We just haven't hit as consistently on our defense picks.
  3. Two out of every three mocks I see has us taking Oweh and if we do end up taking him I have concerns about drafting someone so inexperienced. Do you think we will and if so, is he any more legit than Maybin who was also tragically inexperienced? We were ranked 24th in hurries and in the bottom quarter in pass rush efficiency so there is still a big need at DE. Although rookie DEs rarely make an impact.
  4. Jason Oweh Edge Wyatt Davis IOL Paulson Abedo CB Adrian Early OT Shi Smith WR Miller Forristall TE Aashari Crosswell S
  5. Hey leave Washington State fans out of this. 😄
  6. Switch out Harris for Etienne and I'm really happy
  7. I really like this mock, I just hope or DTs are shored up by September. Star next to Oliver would be really impressive.
  8. I'm benching Henry fwiw. Better safe than sorry. I don't like the way this is heading imho.
  9. Let's get back to the issue at hand although I do enjoy hot Tennesee Fan Board and hot Justin Herbert talk. Do you all think the game will go on on Tues? I think it will because it sound like the test was positive on just one staff member. I'm just concerned that it MIGHT put our players at risk. That place COULD be a trap.
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