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  1. So...do we still control our own destiny at this point? 😂
  2. Just hoping I can take a turn driving it.
  3. I'm more concerned about the refereeing hypocrisy.
  4. Rams. I was a Rams fan after the first game I watched as a kid, superbowl XVI. I was a rams fan until my bud brought me to a Bills game the strike year in '82, then I was hooked/converted.
  5. Yes but WR is SOOOOOOO deep in 2020. I found a few gems on Fanspeak today. I like how they have us picking 27th. That's in the realm of possibility. 27: R1P27 WR CEEDEE LAMB OKLAHOMA 59: R2P27 OT JEDRICK WILLS ALABAMA 91: R3P27 EDGE ALTON ROBINSON SYRACUSE 133: R4P27 LB TROY DYE OREGON 161: R5P15 DL ROBERT LANDERS OHIO STATE 172: R5P26 G STEVEN GONZALEZ PENN STATE 194: R6P16 S ASHTYN DAVIS CALIFORNIA 204: R6P26 CB JEFF GLADNEY TCU 205: R6P27 QB BRIAN LEWERKE MICHIGAN STATE 211: R6P33 RB KESHAWN VAUGHN VANDERBILT I'm just so impressed with Beane compared to Whaley. A world of difference. Imagine hitting on a majority of your picks! Refreshing!
  6. Its because he knows he won't get ejected I am still so mad at the vs officiating in this "game"
  7. If anything has me in a dark place it's the whole helmet thing. I have no idea why leading with a helmet on a qb does not get an instant ejection. I think the refs have CTE.
  8. So he deserved a helmet to helmet hit? GTFO NOW Week 16 is going to be absolutely NASTY. Hyde needs to target. I am so pissed about all this. You can bean a guy in baseball, you can target in hockey and there is absolutely nothing we could do outside of a Gregg Williams style bounty which is insane.
  9. Game plan is to get Dawson Knox a big arm brace. Oh, and one for Tre' White too. 😂
  10. I'll be watching the all-important Hughes vs Brady's ACL matchup.
  11. Pound the ball up the middle and pass off of play action. All day.
  12. The exact same madness will be going on in McMinnville, OR - in Pacific time.
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