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  1. Memories of 2004 NFL Draft

    Agree, and thus another chapter in the Bills 17 yr playoff drought. Too many of those draft-day bungles were ugly to watch.
  2. Tyrod Taylor Thanks Buffalo

    Good luck T.
  3. Thank You Tyrod and Good Luck

    Thanks for the memories Tyrod. Yes, some of them were good, some not so good. Have a good life.
  4. Kellys mouth cancer is back

    Tiger J, Thanks for sharing and I wish you the best. I hope, God willing, you and Jim stay around for a long long time.
  5. Kellys mouth cancer is back

    My wife and I will be praying for him. "One more river to cross" Jim.
  6. Random Bills and what you remember them for

    Tony Hunter, tight end. The '83 draft I think, supposedly he had all kinds of "potential". He scheduled his wedding during training camp, never showed much of anything, and was cut. Another wasted draft. The capper, he was selected before Kelly.
  7. Super Bowl predictions

    I predict I'll be repairing & improving my reenactment gear rather than watching yet another Super Bowl with the Patriots in it!!! Might as well be spending my time enjoying something.
  8. Have you ever been less excited for a SB?

    Process, have I ever been less excited? Yes. A few years ago with Seattle & NE. I hate both teams.
  9. When Was the Last Time It Looked This Good?

    When was the last time? 1989.
  10. Not being accountable. But that's just my opinion.
  11. What will you use the offseason for?

    Offseason Patriot Ha! Been a Bills fan since 1960. I'll also be reenacting French Indian War. Let the good times role.
  12. What will you use the offseason for?

    Reenacting. I'm retired. Will be vacationing out of the country later this year. "Can't wait"! Go Bills.
  13. Proud of the Bills and Bills fans

    Good job this season for the Bills. Even today's game was competitive down to the end and the future looks good. Fill in some holes on offense, starting with the OC and a few spots on defense and were good to go.
  14. Nothing personal Yolo, but I don't care what nfl.com thinks.
  15. For me, I have the play for offense, not sure yet for defense & st, but I thought I'd throw this out there to see what some of you may have. Offense: Shady's overtime TD run in the snow bowl against the Colts. A gutsy performance by the Bills, and if they didn't win that one, I doubt they'd be in the playoffs.