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  1. No, but I drank a Billy Beer during the Denver-Dallas Super Bowl back in the 70's. It sucked, both the beer & the game!
  2. Who was the linebacker ( I believe he was an LB) that chose to live in Toronto and commute in to Buffalo? I think it was during the Mile Mularky-coached era?
  3. Oohhhhhh there's so many of them! Tony Hunter? Ed Wang? The list is endless. Too many for me to have the time to list. But I'll enjoy what's been posted already I'm sure of that.
  4. Good point. No wonder you're a Hall of Famer, Augie. One of my all time best Bills games. And yes, I'll be watching just the 2nd half too.
  5. I grew up in Niagara cnty. We could pick up channels 6, 9, & 11. One of those was out of Hamilton I remember. So between picking up the 3 main networks in Buffalo, a couple out of Toronto plus one in Hamilton, it was like having cable tv, 1960's style.
  6. Don't worry, they'll all be falling in love with the Patriots at the end of Labor Day weekend.
  7. What concerns me the most is the ability to put points on the board as opposed to any passing stats. More to develope on this later
  8. Allan, thanks for posting. What a gem of WNY/Bisons history you shared with us! That had to be an awesome experience, and I'm jealous. .
  9. CB, in your picture, I see to the far left, Luke Easter's name. I know this is off-topic, but the memories I have of Luke at Offerman stadium Bisons games are treasures. On the street I grew up on, Luke was God.
  10. Thanks CB. Those were great days, going to the Rock Pile to see those Bills. I hope the Pegulas are reading these posts and maybe a seed can be planted in their minds about a Bills museum. LLTAFLB (Long Live The AFL Bills)
  11. Thanks! But please, don't confirm my biggest fear about those Bills. Take care, Vorpma.
  12. I agree with it all, Vorpma. And whatever it might be worth to you and all other fans that remember those AFL Bills, at times I get concerned that as we "older Bills fans" that lived during those AFL days leave this life, that the greatness and the contribution of those Bills will be diminished and nearly forgotten. I've thought about the need for a Bills museum near or in the New Era facility where those AFL-era Bills are thoroughly remembered and revered. I don't think I'm being too much of a "romanticist." These guys played the game for the pure joy of the game. They didn't, to say the least, play just for the money because back then, many of them had to work ordinary jobs during the off-season! And yes, the museum should represent the later eras after the merger, but it was those AFL Bills that our love for the Bills and the teams since then got started. It was a special time in Bills history. Ok, sermon's over.
  13. Thanks, Senator. Like I've posted before, our AFL Bills must not be forgotten. Long live Jack Kemp. Long live those AFL Bills. They got it all started.
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