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  1. Here's my scenario: Bills beat the AFC teams in the championship game, then in the Super Bowl, beat those NFC teams, facing Dallas twice.
  2. Some of the biggest things for me, no particular order: Eli getting benched. I like both Mannings and I don't like seeing Eli on the bench at this time in his career. This one is kind of a dual surprise 4 me: the number of tipped passes by our defense, and how really good our defense it. I knew going in that they were going to be stout. But man, they're playing lights out! Frank has his Colts playing well. I think they're going to be dangerous going down the stretch of the season. Cleveland: During the preseason, it seemed that's all they had on at NFL Network & ESPN. Been a big nothing burger so far.
  3. Thanks Virgil. It's good having the guys 4 up and 1 down.
  4. Great pic. Reminds me of a 60's protest rally.
  5. Actually it wasn't hindsight opinion. That's how I felt at the time based on watching all Bills games that season prior to MCM. Watching our offense with Johnson at qb was like watching paint dry. 3 & outs after 3 & outs and only about 14 to 17 points scored by the end of 3 quarters. Moreover, Johnson was getting pummeled in the back- field repeatedly all season long because they knew he was slow reading his progressions.
  6. Bills would have won if Flutie started that game. He had way better pocket-presence than Johnson, and had the ability to make things happen when plays broke down. I believe more points would have been scored if he was in and at the time, Bills had a Super Bowl calibre defense. Bills offense was never explosive with Johnson in because he was slow with his reads when the ball was snapped. It's all water under the bridge now after all these years. But that's my 2 cents.
  7. I've scanned the answers and, I can't believe no one submitted.......FRED X!!!!! Also Cookie, we must not forget our AFL guys.
  8. Be of good cheer Step. Our defense is one of the best in the league. They're at mid-season form. Our offense hasn't caught up to speed yet. That's usually normal for teams.
  9. After seeing this play over & over again, Jones' helmet came in at the same level as Josh's. In my book, that's intentional. He wanted to clock Josh. One Patriot already had Josh wrapped up. Jones should have come in lower to actually help in bringing Josh down. On a side note, you should hear the great Trey Wingo's "rationalization" in defense of Jones. Just watched it a few minutes ago. It was something about because Josh is taller than Jones, Jones has no other choice than to hit Josh where he did!! REALLY Wingo?? You fool!!! (More like Mungo than Wingo) that's my 2 cents.
  10. BillsBackto81, I like point#2 for the D. Brady is way less effective when he has to move away from the pass rush, let alone getting hit while throwing. He doesn't throw well while running from people either. His efficiency goes way down when confronted by these situations. I know it's hard to do because he's usually throwing the ball in 2 to 21/2 seconds. Go Bills.
  11. Yup. The Pats are every teams "yardstick" for their season. Until Belichick leaves, things will be pretty much the same.
  12. Yes, Ingo, and we're not seeing one-on-one missed tackles in the open field much either. We're not seeing (thank God) a Ryan brother on the sideline anywhere. Go Bills! **On a extreme side note, Ingo Montoya, oddly enough, was the name of the kid who sat behind me in my high school science class. Just an FYI for you.
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