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  1. This post looks like one of those birthday cards you see:" If You Were Born In 1941". If you didn't have a sense of humor about this, you'd go nuts.
  2. RevWarRifleman

    Take a deep breath and reevaluate after today

    Amen Gregg. We all knew that the offense and, parts of the D going into the season was suspect. So, here we are. I think that, at least in part, the D is playing so well is because McDermott was a D coordinator. It's a rebuilding year, like it or not. What made the offense worse was the decisions McBean made about cutting McCarron & keeping 2 very inexperienced qbs. What were they thinking!!!!! Go Bills
  3. RevWarRifleman

    Bills 13 Titans 12 Postgame Thread

    A win is a win. I'll take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day. Go Bills.
  4. RevWarRifleman

    Jim Kelly Cancer Recovery

    God bless you Jim and all of your family.
  5. RevWarRifleman

    We All Know The Bills Issues....Now Share Your Solutions

    We all knew there were holes that needed to be filled from the start. I still have them at 7 wins. But see me at mid-season about the 7 w's.
  6. RevWarRifleman

    So what is the bigger need O-line or WR

    Bigger need? O-line, it starts in the trenches.
  7. This is it! The ugliest of all the throw back uni's in the NFL, bar none.
  8. RevWarRifleman

    Allen has seemingly improved every half so far

    Nothing wrong with some cautious optomisum. After the season we'll certainly know more, but it sure looks great at this point!
  9. RevWarRifleman

    Eric Reid possibility?

    You forgot the biggest fault of all. Being a "leftist".
  10. RevWarRifleman

    Report: Bills Will Work Out OT Matt Tobin

    😃 LOL! If they sign him, I hope it works out. We need O- line help!
  11. RevWarRifleman

    Vikings GamePlan youtube for week 3

    Thanks WRR for finding this & putting it in here. We have some weapons, with more experience, Josh will see those open receivers sooner. Go Bills
  12. RevWarRifleman

    Football for a Buck: The Story of the USFL

    You're right. Trumane Johnson did play in that league. Forgot about him.
  13. RevWarRifleman

    Predict the score: Bills at Vikings

    Vikings will score more points than the Bills. The rest is just trivia.
  14. RevWarRifleman

    Refs for this weeks Bills game are.....

    We want Ben Dreith.
  15. RevWarRifleman

    Football for a Buck: The Story of the USFL

    Didn't the Bills have a few other guys for a short while? I remember a receiver, last name began with a B that Kelly threw to a few times. Chris Burkett?? Walter Braughton? There was a punt/kick off returner too that played for Orlando. Can't remember his name though. I think his first name was Arro? Arrol? something. Anyway, some Bills trivia for those who might like the challenge. Nevertheless, I've enjoyed this thread and reading about various stuff people still remembered.