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  1. Thank you, Danielle! Way to Kenny, I knew you'd make it all right.
  2. Kenny, I send prayers to you. I've had to have one of those too. You're going to be all right, man!
  3. Already Bf87????? ( I think I've found someone worse than I'am) I feel compelled to try to "help" you, like some doctor trying to save someone suffering a stroke or something. All I can say is, try watching some Bills games you may have in your library. Breathe deeply a few times while saying "Tom Brady sucks, Tom Brady sucks....." I don't know. I really start missing football around about May/June. I start thinking. "God, it's still 90 days away before the start of the season."!!! Anyway, hang in there, and good luck to you! Go Bills 2021.
  4. Virgil, thanks a lot for your posts all through the season. Each Monday I looked forward to reading your recap. So now begins the withdraw. I wish you a great off-season and hopefully you'll continue your "Few Thought....." in September. Thanks again, take care. RWR
  5. Thank you Pagulas, Bills, all the coaches, everyone for giving us a fantastic year. It's been a GREAT ride and I know we will be even better in the years going forward. Thanks again, and Go Bills.
  6. Yes, I just mentioned it for fun, and for us "old fogies" who remember those days. Enjoy the game today MDK.
  7. You're right, but it was fun just bringing it up. Enjoy the game tomorrow K-9. Go bills.
  8. Go Bills!! I want revenge for the 1967 AFL championship game. Yes, I remember it.
  9. Good question T master. I wish the networks would arrange a TV outlet in their homes or at a place they could gather together so we could get their reactions as the game goes on. Their post games reaction would be great to hear too. Maybe it can be arranged next year.
  10. We didn't get no respect!! No respect at all! (now wipe your forehead with your hanky)
  11. Yup, feels like the 90's all over again. The Bills are dominating & the Pats are just average. I'm getting my VCR ready for our next game. Go Bills!
  12. Thanks for the GREAT memorabilia, Chandler! We must never overlook our AFL Bills.
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