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  1. Stephen King's the Stand was a classic. It was so good that I read it twice. I also recommend reading Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park, way way better than the movie.
  2. I played football in the 70's and 80's. I even won a playoff game against the Jets.
  3. Mahomes is the goat tonight. I mean like the animal. He just run around the yard and eats the grass. Brady is the only GOAT
  4. I agree. Cut Singletary. He has worse hands than Dawson Knox
  6. I'm not sure what face color he had but his face was beet red from the Houston playoff game.
  7. He had big rushing yards when he had to scramble. Allen, Daboll and McD should have seen this. Chiefs defensive backs were determined on blanketing our receivers. If Allen couldn't find open receivers, why didn't our QB just take off and run?
  8. I'll be the biggest Tom Brady fan for the next 2 weeks. You go Tom Brady and win your 7th ring! Screw the Kansas City Queefs. "The enemy of your enemy is your friend "
  9. Matt Barfely and Devin Dingleberry should be cut or traded for a bag of marbles this off season.
  10. Duke, Stills and Kumerow would have saved us this embarrassing loss instead of these 3 selfish players hurting the team.
  11. That dropped pass by that turd Devin Dingleberry started it all. That atrocious play made the Bills D tired the rest of the game. And also made Josh jittery and panicky. That play alone was the main reason Bills lost.
  12. McD, like most coaches in the post seasoon tend to pucker up and get wimpy. They play not to lose. Which by the way they always lose if they do get wimpy and conservative.
  13. Leslie Frazier is too busy on what to say in his 2nd interview with the Texans HC job.
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