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  1. We have Punt God and Touchdown Jesus. Bills are going to dominate in Biblical proportion!
  2. McDermott and Frazier should be fired if Bills don't win the Super Bowl.
  3. He already did that the last two times. He was cowardly conservative against KC in the AFCCG and a boneheaded moron in the Divisional playoff against KC. Let's see what Hell he'll put us through this time.
  4. Does Dorsey like to run the ball?
  5. Doug Williams of the Redskins won a Super Bowl wearing #17.
  6. Everyone is overlooking the fact that Josh Allen played against a horrible, horrible secondary of the Chiefs. And they were without two of their starters on defense. I mean come on! I probably could throw that much yardage and touchdowns if I was playing.
  7. Any news on Mahomes' girlfriend his brother? Cannot wait on their take of this game.
  8. They saw the Bills playoff game and did just the opposite/
  9. These dumb coaches and their stupid punts. Should have went for it on 4th and 2.
  10. We wasted our picks on the Dline. Bengals did it with no high picks. Whose the idiot team now?
  11. Sooo happy those ***** lost. Now I'm not as depressed as before.
  12. That 13 effing seconds ruined Frazier, the Bills and us fans.
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