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  1. Josh Allen kneeling with 20 seconds left still ***** annoys the hell out of me.
  2. Fire McWimpy or make him DC and make Brady as HC
  3. When it was decided the city of Buffalo would be placed under an old Indian burial ground.
  4. McWimpy didn't learn from the 13 ***** seconds debacle. I don't think he will ever will learn out of sheer stubborness or stupidty. He had 20 seconds and two timeouts (if he didn't waste one on icing the kicker that never works) and a freaking unicorn of a QB who was balling against the Eagles. All Josh Allen needed to do was drive maybe 40-45 yards for Bass to kick the game winning field goal. Instead McWimpy shrunk and wimpered like he always do and have Allen kneel it down. I knew BIlls lost that game after that pathetic wimpy HC decision.
  5. Eagles fired HC Doug Pederson just 2 years after leading his Eagles team to a Lombardi trophy. Why is McWimpy still here for the past six years of mediocrity?
  6. Must be nice to watch an exciting game and your team won. Must be ***** nice.
  7. Do the Bills ever stop a game winning drive before?
  8. I expect Von 'the useless' Miller to have his patented 0 sacks & 0 tackles this Sunday. Bills will still win a close one. 28-27 Bills.
  9. This is all I need to know about Sean Mc*****Face from this article. He will never change at being wimpy and playing not to lose. Josh Allen's prime years are being wasted by this loser: "Allen finished the 2020 season ranking: #1 in passing success rate (54%) #3 in EPA/dropback (+0.19) #5 in completion rate (69.2%) Threw 37 touchdowns (#5 most) with only 10 interceptions (the NFL’s #7 best TD:INT ratio) The Bills won in the Wild Card Round. The Bills won in the Divisional Round. But the Bills fell short to the defending Super Bowl Champion Chiefs in the Conference Championship Round. It should be noted that the Bills led 9-0 in the AFC Championship Game before allowing 3 TDs. They were trailing 21-9 with a 4th & goal from the KC four-yard line, and McDermott opted to kick a 20-yard FG to trail 21-12 at halftime. In the third quarter, he opted to kick a FG on 4th & 3 at the KC eight-yard-line to cut a 12-point deficit to 9 points. That wasn’t on Brian Daboll. That wasn’t on Josh Allen. Those were Sean McDermott’s decisions."
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