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  1. He's absolutely useless out there. Bills can pick up any any homeless guy from the streets and I bet he'll be better than Moss. I hope they cut him and give someone else a chance. Soooo tired of the one yard run and fall down strategy.
  2. Drop..drop…drop…drop..meanhwile ravens can’t drop if they tried
  3. Bills players and their clueless fans believed in their own hype😄
  4. The field will be wet all day long. Our RBs are known fumblers even in dry weather. I'm just looking at it realistically about this game. I'm hoping Bills pull out a miracle but I don't see it happening.
  5. Game time will be 100% rain. I expect to see our running backs get tackled for a loss then fumbling the ball away.
  6. I expect them to lose tomorrow and 5 more losses after that. It's laughable how delusional Bills fans are and lapping up all the media hype thinking we will be an unbeatable juggernaut. 😁
  7. 36 - 10 Ravens. Don't panic Bills fans. They'll still make the playoffs.
  8. Bills cannot be a #1 seed if they go 10-7 or 11-6 which I expect them to be. They'll go on a good run in the post season no matter how ugly their record is.
  9. Some Bills fans expect them to go undefeated. That's why they get angry after a first loos. I'm fine with this since they will lose 5 or 6 more. But they do have a shot to win it all this year.
  10. Our new staring secondary sounds like a law firm. Benford, Elam, Hamlin, & Johnson.
  11. Would you be disgusted, disappointed or fine with it?
  12. Zack Moth should have been cut and elevated Blackshear. How many more times we see Zack "wasted play" Moth goes down after 1 yard rush?
  13. How can it be partly sunny if it's 7pm (night time)?
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