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  1. 36 - 10 Ravens. Don't panic Bills fans. They'll still make the playoffs.
  2. Bills cannot be a #1 seed if they go 10-7 or 11-6 which I expect them to be. They'll go on a good run in the post season no matter how ugly their record is.
  3. Some Bills fans expect them to go undefeated. That's why they get angry after a first loos. I'm fine with this since they will lose 5 or 6 more. But they do have a shot to win it all this year.
  4. Our new staring secondary sounds like a law firm. Benford, Elam, Hamlin, & Johnson.
  5. Would you be disgusted, disappointed or fine with it?
  6. Zack Moth should have been cut and elevated Blackshear. How many more times we see Zack "wasted play" Moth goes down after 1 yard rush?
  7. How can it be partly sunny if it's 7pm (night time)?
  8. Titan fans expect their team to lose.
  9. Is Duke Williams available?
  10. I guess there's a new rule now in the NFL when a defender has a chance to intercept a Mahomes pass, he suppose to drop it.
  11. The score could have easily been 45-3 if not for the mistakes of Moss and McKenzie.
  12. If this 13 seconds debacle resurfaces again in this year's post season games, it's time to fire McDermott and Frazier. Their moronic coaching decisions is inexcusable.
  13. Ben Roethlisberger was branded a rapist but still won Super Bowls.
  14. Simon is not leaving yet, is he? He will be only on the show 2-3 days a week?
  15. Thanks for your input, Barkley's wife.
  16. We have Punt God and Touchdown Jesus. Bills are going to dominate in Biblical proportion!
  17. McDermott and Frazier should be fired if Bills don't win the Super Bowl.
  18. He already did that the last two times. He was cowardly conservative against KC in the AFCCG and a boneheaded moron in the Divisional playoff against KC. Let's see what Hell he'll put us through this time.
  19. Does Dorsey like to run the ball?
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