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  1. Smart to get in front of this now instead of next Thursday. Because you know somebody would’ve leaked this last minute to hurt his stock.
  2. Never understood why an anonymous scout would be forthright. They’re all trying to feed a narrative about certain guys. Makes for good entertainment though. Only scouts take I’d trust is a Chiefs, Bills, or Chargers scout on the top QB prospects. Even then, they might fudge the truth to create narrative if a division rival is in that market.
  3. Barmore a Philly kid who went to Neumann-Goretti. McDermott went to Philly Catholic League rival LaSalle. McDermott loves him some Philly. Barmore fits the Beane profile of a 1st round pick. He has All Pro potential if he pans out.
  4. Devonta Smith at 166 pounds is serious red flag. He ain’t gonna be able to outrun NFL DB’s like he did in college. And forget anything underneath. LB’s and D-Linemen would break him in half.
  5. https://www.nfl.com/news/gil-brandt-s-hot-100-2-0-top-prospects-in-2021-nfl-draft-class Brandt is usually pretty plugged in. Crazy how much movement there is from his 1st list to this one. Teams must be scrambling and moving guys all over the place on their boards.
  6. Completely. This is why they have to float nonsensical rumors. The real action for the 4th QB starts at pick 7 because nobody believes the Dolphins aren’t taking a non-QB at pick 6.
  7. It is though. You don’t trade back up to 6 without knowing there’s gonna be somebody you want there. Other teams know this and now that it looks like Pitts and Chase are going 4 and 5, Miami wants somebody to trade up to 4 or 5 for a QB so either Pitts or Chase fall to them.
  8. Nobody believes this. They already gave up a 1st trading back up. This rumor is almost as stupid as last year when Dolphins were trying to convince people they were going Offensive Tackle instead of QB at pick 5.
  9. Edge rushers seem to have highest bust rate. Throw in the difficulty of scouting these guys the past year, and I think you’re gonna see a lot of these pass rushers go later than the mock drafters are predicting.
  10. Haha. If you can’t drive 143mph while smoking a blunt with kids and guns in back of car, what’s this country coming to? Communism can’t be far behind.
  11. No thanks. How come none of his previous 4 teams wanted to keep him?
  12. Doesn’t have to be an LB. Replacing 5’11”/190 lb’s with 6’1”/210lb’s can make a difference too. JOK would be ideal, but there’s plenty of DB’s in this draft who’d probably get significant playing time immediately.
  13. I think on defense it’s mostly a case of size especially in the back 7. We have 5 DB’s on the field 91% of the time and those 5 DB’s are all 200 lbs or less. Milano is a good LB but he’s on the smaller side as well. Edmunds has the size but his calling card is coverage. It would be great if we could get a bigger guy on the field in place of one of the 5 smaller DB’s and not sacrifice coverage.
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