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  1. I’m assuming Daboll didn’t run Josh against Baltimore like he did against Colts because Ravens are a more violent defense and he didn’t want to expose Josh to hits. Short of a Timmy Smith coming out of nowhere, it’s gonna have to be Josh doing it all.
  2. I could see Tampa Bay job opening up. Arians does not look good physically. Wouldn’t be shocking if he retires for health reasons.
  3. Hard to root against one of your own’s career advancement. But I don’t think you can under-estimate how bad the play-calling was on Saturday night. There was little to no adjustment to the wind conditions or how the game was playing out. That performance should’ve given anybody cold feet about Daboll. Let’s hope he finds his mojo on Sunday.
  4. Game over. Watching Brees is like watching Obi Wan Kinobe at end of original Star Wars when his light saber is flickering.
  5. Tampa scores 7 here, it’s over. Tampa’s D is pinching up on Brees and his squirt gun arm.
  6. Brees never had a strong arm. Now it’s just weak. Not sure he’d be able to throw the ball 30 yards in the air next week at Lambeau. Brady is still dangerous though. He has plenty arm left if given a clean pocket.
  7. Brees has zero margin for error. Has to thread the needle on 4 yard passes. I’m not even sure how they play him in a bad weather game at Lambeau.
  8. Can’t see Brady losing this game. Brees is too limited. New Orleans already got their trick play in. As an aside, what’s the deal with Arians? He looks horrible physically.
  9. Horrible play calling the entire game except for the 1st drive of 2nd half.
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