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  1. Fortune favors the brave. Just ask crypto expert Matt Damon.
  2. Good for Bruce. Not cool by Boselli. You wanna use my coattails to get in the HOF without my permission, I’ll list a bunch of guys who were better than you or just as deserving of getting in.
  3. I think with a new majority public financed stadium and NFL franchise valuations skyrocketing, the Pegulas have no excuses in terms of paying players. I bet their $1.4b investment is worth at least $3b today with a new stadium on horizon and Broncos selling for $4.5b.
  4. He absolutely should’ve apologized, settled out of court and agreed to therapy. But the problem is if there 66 women in 17 months according to NY Times, you’re probably talking at least 100 women he’d eventually have to buy off.
  5. Where’s the fun in that? He’d much rather embarrass women trying to make a living and see where it goes. Take away the money and NFL job, and Watson is the trench coat wearing pervert who exposes himself to women on the subway and in the park.
  6. I’m sure I’d be in denial for awhile that Watson is guilty and circle the wagons a bit. But at some point I’d like to think I’d come to my senses and demand the Bills cut bait with this pervert.
  7. What a low-life pervert, but the woman pimp who took $5,000 from Watson will probably get in more legal trouble than Watson because she ain’t rich and famous and can’t afford a lawyer like Hardin.
  8. Dude clearly has a problem. Lucky for him, none of allegations have risen to violence. Just apologize, pay these women off, vow to get help and start the clock on your suspension. Fighting this is death by a thousands cuts.
  9. pretty amazing this guy got Cleveland to guarantee that amount of money with all this hanging over his head.
  10. Kind of strange that day after shooting, this is where your gonna direct your anger. Not a great take by him, but more understandable than yours given what happened 24 hours ago.
  11. Why on earth would he continue playing? With that type of deal waiting for him, feels like only something bad can happen if he plays another year.
  12. He could be a good reclamation project. Definitely needs a change of scenery. He was beyond awful against Brady in the NFC championship 2 years ago. Lots of talent to work with though. 1 year $3m I’d be on board with.
  13. Brady not on the Patriots is much more palatable. I’m sure he’ll be a good commentator and won’t be afraid to criticize.
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