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  1. Surprised how much they passed the ball. Mostly screen passes and quick hitters over the middle, but outside of that it surprisingly resembled modern football. Put on a tape of NBA basketball at the same time, and it doesn’t even look like the same game.
  2. He’s probably got decent trade value if he’s willing to play for $7m this year. Bet New England could get a 3rd for him if he’s not demanding a new contract from acquiring team.
  3. Can’t see Bills trading for a guy who wants to be paid $20m+ per year before they deal with Josh’s contract
  4. I think we dodged a bullet when he chose KC. He got his big payday and hasn’t had a productive year since 2017.
  5. I’m sure he wants another crack at an NFL gig, but throwing your former boss under the bus even if true isn’t the way to do it.
  6. Eagles save $5m in cap space cutting Ertz. They avoid paying his $8.5m salary which is non-guaranteed but then incur an extra $3.5m in future year bonus amortization. I can’t see Beane giving up a 4th without Philly picking up at least half of Ertz’s $8.5m salary. That means Philly would need to make other moves to get under the cap.
  7. Why would Philly pay any of Ertz’s salary? They only have $2m in cap space. And I can’t see Beane giving up a 4th or 5th rounder for a couple million in cash and salary cap room.
  8. His re-structured contract is basically untradable for the Bears. $38m in dead cap... even spread over 2 years is insane. Acquiring team would only have $2m cap hit for Mack in 2021. Not happening.
  9. I don’t know. At first I thought it was the son of the guy who posted the video. He’s wearing baggy sweat Pants and a big sweatshirt and still looks little.
  10. I’d be surprised if he weighs more than 250lbs right now. He can’t play at that weight. Probably why he hasn’t been in Buffalo.
  11. He was good last year for Patriots before he got injured. Better than anything we had in the backfield, but a 30 year old RB coming off knee surgery isn’t the most wise signing.
  12. But his entire 2021 salary is guaranteed and Bills are already up against cap in 2021. It’s actually better for Bills to pay him to stay home than to cut him.
  13. Beane has to get one of the CB’s out there right? Nelson or Sherman signing imminent would be my guess.
  14. A 5 month advance (mid point of season is around Halloween) on $11.7m is probably worth around $250k to Diggs if you assume banks would charge around 5% per year to lend to a guy who’s got significant assets.
  15. I take this back. His 2021 salary was fully guaranteed on March 21. This restructure is almost all Diggs helping the team out. Only benefit to Diggs is he gets is his 2021 salary right now instead of weekly checks during the season.
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