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  1. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.
  2. I mean it’d be nice to have a more balanced offense, but Josh clearly ain’t that type of QB. Not tailoring your offense to your QB’s strengths is what gets coaches fired and QB’s that don’t reach their potential. That said, not being able to run for a yard in short yardage situations is a major problem. That RB doesn’t seem to be on the roster.
  3. Rodgers looked like he didn’t wanna be there for about the first 55 minutes of game.
  4. Yes, but the NFLPA can’t fire the team doctors. They can only fire the UNC, which they just did. Miami organization still seems to not find any problem in anything that happened.
  5. That’s like blaming a boxer for not throwing in the towel on himself before he goes out for the 12th round. They ain’t gonna admit they just had a concussion in the heat of battle. That’s why the process is set up to protect players from themselves. This is the NFLPA doing this. Dolphins still adamant nothing was wrong.
  6. Good for Harbaugh. The non-weasel coaches and owners need to speak up and denounce that trash organization.
  7. Because NFL is a brotherhood or likes to think of itself as one. These coaches ask a lot out of their players and these players put their health on the line every day. The least a coach can do is look out for their players regardless of the protocol. Use their own eyes.
  8. I’d like to think McDermott wouldn’t have allowed Tua to play thursday or go back into game on sunday. Downside of hiring a boy coach trying to prove to world he’s worthy of the job.
  9. You’re gonna see doctors employed by the NFLPA on the sideline instead of individual team doctors if Tua has permanent damage.
  10. I wonder what the actual mechanics are. Seems like somebody up in booth radios down to ref to send the player to sideline to get checked out. Not sure the actual medical check is performed by independent doctor just the call down to the field but I could be wrong.
  11. Seriously. It’s one scandal after another since Ross has been owner. That guy is clearly a POS.
  12. that was pretty clear defensive offside missed on 1st down of SF’s last drive.
  13. Pretty poor quality of play across the board in NFL. I get that money rules the world and more games means more money, but quality of play is the clear casualty of a 17 game season with less pre-season.
  14. I wouldn’t call it poor coaching, but he does show a tendency to wet his pants in big spots. I think best example is his calling a TO last week against Tenn with 2 seconds on game clock and Titans defender jumps Offside but it’s negated by McDermott getting jumpy. Cost us potentially 4 points. He obviously choked in the 13 seconds against Chiefs. I think Josh is similar to McDermott. They’re intense try-hard types that can sometimes lose their heads, but I’m glad they’re both on our side.
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