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  1. Agreed. Felt like Spagnuolo had Brady figured out in the 2nd half.
  2. No getting bailed out by refs tonight AJ
  3. Martin had some good punts. The 17-17 punt that went 50 yards and landed out of bounds was huge. Neal might be worst gunner in the League right now. Even on good hangtime punts, he’s 20 yards from punt returner.
  4. I posted nothing false. I’m trying to get to the facts. 25 sources… 2 were guys who put their names to what they said and admired mcdermott. There were other positive comments. ‘Former player’, ‘ex assistant’, ‘friend’… this type of reporting means the same 3-4 people could be the source for all the negative comments. So they want to remain anonymous to protect their jobs but have no problem hiding behind anonymity to potentially harm mcdermott’s job. Sorry, they are cowards.
  5. I’m not paying $8 to read anonymous quotes from kooks like Quinton Spain, Cole Beasley and Jon Feliciano. Clearly you subscribe and pay money to read this guy’s stuff. Somebody who read the full article states the only 2 guys to put their names to what they said were Lee Smith and Dimarco who both had positive comments. How do we know the other 23 wasn’t mostly positive comments mixed in with the kooks above and 1 or 2 disgruntled firmer assistants?
  6. 2 did, but they clearly admired McDermott. It’s the Feliciano, Beasley, Quinton Spain, Levi Wallace, Hughes’s of the world who don’t have the guts to put names to their bitching.
  7. Because they clearly have high regard for McDermott based on these quotes and were part of a story that trashes him even if they didn’t.
  8. Thank you. Appreciate this. So the only 2 willing to be named spoke positively about mcdermott. Wonder how they feel about their quotes being used in a story that concludes McDermott doesn’t have what it takes.
  9. Why? We aren’t dealing with nuclear secrets here and classified information. If you’re going to crap on a guy at least have the balls to put your name to it.
  10. Since I’m not paying $8 to read this, only thing I’d be interested in is the named sources in the article
  11. Any comparison to Watergate reporters is nonsensical. Talk to people who matter. Not Quentin Spain and Chad Hall. Interview guys who left and came back line Shaq Lawson. That’s real reporting.
  12. Then why is he spending so much time on McDermott tracking down and interviewing the Jon feliciano’s and levi wallace’s that nobody cares about? This guy spent countless hours collecting negative stories from anonymous sources who are no longer here. Get Josh Allen or Diggs or Milano’s opinion. Not a collection of end of roster players who are no longer here. Then spout some 25 source number, 20 of which could’ve said positive stuff. All the negative stuff could be coming from the same 4-5 guys. When he does the same exercise for every current NFL coach tracking down coaches and players not brought back, there’d be far worse stories than poorly worded 9/11 motivational speeches.
  13. I don’t know. Any head coach who’s been around for 7+ years will have at least 25 guys who left unhappy. And are all 25 sources actually bashing mcdermott? Difference is a psycho reporter tracking down everybody with an ax to grind.
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