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  1. Looks like somebody needed to explain to Hurts that Oklahoma won.
  2. Probably. Just think he’s a slow processor like EJ was. Other than the fact that he can run, he’s nothing like Lamar and Kyler.
  3. When I watch Hurts play, he reminds me so much of EJ Manuel. Hurts obviously the better athlete, but the way he’s a deer in headlights in the pocket and slow releases are very similar.
  4. You think New England is gonna be able to score enough points? Patriots defense isn’t gonna be able to completely shut down Mahomes and Co.
  5. It’s a beautiful thing watching Brady get pummeled on a meaningless 2 pt conversion in garbage time.
  6. I hate the Pats as much as anyone, but that wasn’t a catch.
  7. Not a catch. Amazing how few WR’s out there who truly have good hands.
  8. Wentz just seems like a guy you can’t stand as a teammate. A ‘me’ guy who tries really hard to look like he’s not. Me thinks he’s hated in that locker room.
  9. Jeez. Let’s enjoy the ride. Things change quickly in the NFL. If you have a good QB and a good coach/organization, most of the other parts are replaceable.
  10. I don’t know about a conspiracy but the same ref who flagged that soft late hit on Dak, also over-ruled the ref s few plays later on that horrible TD catch that was over-ruled. That ref needs to be demoted. That was a horrible sequence of calls that makes you question if the guy had money on the game. Those calls were that bad.
  11. You gotta lay the wood on Jackson when he runs. Belichik vs the Bills in Super Bowl 25. This is too easy for Jackson. Only think you can do is make him pay a price when he runs and dare him to throw.
  12. Not sure to the OP, but it’s not like the defense gives the ball to the offense in great field position like the Pats D does. Our offense usually has to go length of the field to get points.
  13. Hard to score TD’s when you have to drive 90 yards because your special teams suck.
  14. Barry obviously one of the all time greats, but when comparing him to the others he takes a hit with me because he had a lot of runs for negative yardage. Home run hitter with a lot of strikeouts.
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