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  1. This is why it’s so stupid to look at the draft in a vacuum and not on the implications to the whole team. Drafting Q Williams meant Leonard Williams is a Jet for at most another year.
  2. If I am a Jets fan, I’d rather have Gase in charge than Maccagnan. Gase was the next big offensive coach coming from Denver. I can’t really hold it against him that he didn’t win with Tannehill as QB. Deserves another shot. Maccagnan was a clown and deserved to go.
  3. Almost? So Denver wouldn’t have dropped 1 spot for 1 of those 2nd rounders? It was a flailing prayer move by a dead man walking GM that bought him another year as GM when he should’ve been fired after year 3 along with Bowles.
  4. Jets should’ve canned Bowles and Maccagnan after 2017 season. Jets could’ve sat at pick 6 and got either Darnold or Allen instead of trading three 2nd rounders to move up 3 spots a month before the draft. And now you have a new head coach whose not happy with the moves his GM made. Stupid not to have removed Maccagnan once Gase was hired.
  5. Excellent list. I’d also add 99.9% of GM’s don’t survive Todd Bowles as their head coach choice and Hackenburg as their first swing at getting a franchise QB.
  6. Not sure why we’d mess with our prized rookie. Let Oliver play where he projects best. And the almost universal consensus is his best position is 3 Tech DT.
  7. They have zero cap room. And they aren’t in situation like New Orleans where they have a HOF 40 year old QB they can keep kicking the can down the road for.
  8. Not saying they would but they are kind of in cap hell and he’s got a huge cap number. More likely they cut Gerald McCoy, but without McCoy and Pierre-Paul and ability to bring anybody else in, looking more to a rebuild.
  9. Tampa doesn’t have enough cap room to sign their draft picks. If they were ever gonna trade Mike Evans, now would be the time to ask. Offer them our 1st and 2nd next year plus Shaq Lawson.
  10. Its a tricky situation. Ansah is probably looking for one last big contract especially since there’s questions about how old he is. So his preference is probably a 1 year deal and he cashes in next year. But teams aren’t gonna give him a 1 year deal if he’s hoping to be ready by mid August until he’s actually healthy.
  11. It is kind of bizarre that they keep spending high draft picks on the same position. Kind of like the Detroit Lions and WR’s awhile back. Bills were probably the only team in the top 10 who even considered trading up for Q Williams, so in that respect Jets were unlucky that nobody below them was in the market for a DT no matter how good a prospect Q Williams was.
  12. I don’t know how that would fly. Every player who gets in trouble could argue that they were crazy. Bottom line is he got in trouble with the law and was in the headlines. Not sure there’s much wiggle room there.
  13. Wouldn’t he get a personal conduct suspension from Roger if he un-retired?
  14. There’s no guarantee anything would’ve been different for him next year. But absent a legit minor league system in the NFL, he made a bad decision.
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