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  1. Hard to compare Tyrod and Josh when their offenses were completely different. McCoy was the focal point of the offense for Roman. Josh is the focal point for Daboll. Josh is asked to do way more than Tyrod was. I think the best comp to Josh is Newton.
  2. That’ll show’em, Roger. Shouldn’t the consequences be more severe than last time they were caught cheating? That’s typically how things work, but apparently not in the NFL. Next time they get caught cheating, it’ll only be a 5th rounder.
  3. It’s hard to even measure anyone from about 2005 until Pegula bought the team. Ralph’s main goal during that time wasn’t winning games. Marrone probably the best during that lost era. It’s hard to bash Jauron and Gailey because of what they were dealing with. That makes Greggo and Rex the bottom 2 with slight edge to Greggo as the worst.
  4. I think this is more about shaming states that aren’t doing their part than being able to enforce anything.
  5. He was great for so many reasons, but I never saw a guy who could bend and contort his body to get around defenders like he could. It’s like his upper and lower body weren’t connected to each other like other humans. He could engage with the O-Lineman with his hands and upper body while his legs were getting around the same O Lineman.
  6. It’s good he’s working on his throwing mechanics. Josh’s front shoulder flies open. It’s a tribute to his raw talent that he can throw the ball as hard and as far as he does, but it’s a lot different for somebody like Brady who only has to tweak something than somebody like Josh who basically needs to overhaul his throwing mechanics. Josh is still gonna get by on his raw tools and toughness. He’s probably always gonna struggle with throwing mechanics and thus accuracy. His goal should be small mechanical improvements every year.
  7. Yep. The only people who should be allowed to voice opinions are people who agree with me.
  8. If the refs weren’t awful, I’d be for it. From a player safety standpoint, probably better for the players to get rid of onside kicks where players get a 10 yard runway to lay out a stationary target who’s looking fur the ball.
  9. 5 QB’s on the entire list???... A decent QB is more valuable to a team’s win column than an All Pro at most positions. Fitzpatrick was worth more wins to Miami last year than if Miami got Aaron Donald but still had Rosen at QB.
  10. Good thing for the NFL it’s a presidential election year. I’m sure Trump and Biden campaigns will be spending hundreds of millions on TV ads and offset any losses in sponsors.
  11. Edwards looked like he was gonna get broken in half on every play. Dude was so frail, and seemed like 80% of his passes were within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage.
  12. The age requirement should go away. If a kid isn’t physically ready, he won’t get drafted. Why should Lawrence have to go back to Clemson if he’s gonna be a 1st round pick now? Look at Tua. He could’ve went just as high last year and came damn near close to suffering a career ending injury. Don’t tell me about insurance policies. A kid shouldn’t have to worry if an insurance policy is actually gonna pay out. RB’s are probably the best example. Too many carries in college is a negative for their pro prospects.
  13. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe those type of revenues are used in the 50% formula that is shared with players.
  14. The 50% number is absurd. Ratings will be huge. Look at the draft. Schefter is revealing himself to be a gigantic tool.
  15. This was a good year to land a QB in free agency, yet Belichik is rolling the dice with Stidham and Hoyer. Either he’s tanking or he has more confidence in his QB’s than Dalton, Winston, Newton, etc. He won 11 games with Matt Cassell and rolled the dice on Brady when he was an unknown afterthought. Maybe they’ll stink but Belichik has more than earned the benefit of the doubt. It’s not laziness to think they could win division.
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