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  1. Joey Bosa supposedly gonna holdout. I’d trade multiple 1st round picks for Bosa. I’d trade a 5th rounder for Olsen. Not sure Knox is ready yet. In the 2nd round, I draft the best WR/RB available.
  2. Tampa makes way more sense than Miami. Tampa has more pieces in place and Miami seems pretty enamored with Fitz as their bridge
  3. He played like he didn’t want to get hurt towards end of season. Football is a violent game. Once you lose that edge that borders on being crazy, it’s time to move on. If you can’t give up your body in a playoff game, that says it all.
  4. Wow. Awful decision. He’s not improving his draft stock and no position has a shorter shelf life than RB.
  5. I’d rather a guy like Olsen who can give you 1 or 2 good years then throw big money at a Hooper. And Olsen’s a veteran presence for Josh. Trade Carolina one of our extra 5th rounders.
  6. Hard to find a kicker and Hausckha redeemed himself at end of year. Can’t see them cutting him.
  7. It’s definitely captivating but leaves a lot of holes. No family members are interviewed. Just a couple dudes he went to high school with and a guy who was a friend of the guy he killed. And some lawyers. Not as deep of a dive as most of the OJ specials. Captivating nonetheless. Didn’t know or forgot the Patriots hooked him up with an apartment away from his fiancé and baby daughter where he could hide out from people he thought wanted to kill him.
  8. I know he’s old, but I’d go after Gregg Olsen. I think he could still be a great security blanket for Josh and with Gire most likely gone, it’d be good to have a vet in the offensive huddle who commands respect.
  9. Makes sense for him to finish up his career somewhere else. Creates distance between himself and that cheating organization for his legacy’s sake. But you will still never be able to separate the 2.
  10. Goodell is essentially like the head of the NCAA. The owners in the NFL are a cartel like the big sports factory Universities and when they tell him to jump he jumps. When people need someone to get mad at, Goodell and Emmert or whoever heads the NCAA now are essentially paid to take the heat. That’s their job description. Don’t rock the boat and take heat for the owners. The NFL has gone downhill since the Jerry Jones’s and Kraft’s became the most powerful owners instead of Rooney and Mara.
  11. 49ers gotta a good D, but Cook is running the opposite of hard in this game. He’s either hurt or his wife thinks he deserves a new contract.
  12. A top 5 WR will most likely fall. QB’s and Linemen always get pushed up the board.
  13. It’d be nice to have a physical big WR like Samuel.
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