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  1. BuffaloRebound

    DE, Brian Burns Should Be the Pick

    He’s a risky pick in the top 15. He could turn out to be one of the best players in the draft, but he could just as easily be swallowed up by NFL tackles if he’s not committed to getting stronger and keeping on weight.
  2. Anywhere between 6-10 and 10-6 is realistic. So I’ll say 8-8.
  3. BuffaloRebound

    AJ Green to Jets Trade rumor chatter on Twitter

    Borderline criminal that Maccagnan and his goatee still have a job. 99.9% of GM’s don’t survive Todd Bowles and Christian Hackenburg.
  4. BuffaloRebound

    Bills official Top 30 pre-draft visits

    I’m fully expecting the pick to be Rashan Gary for the simple reason that like Josh Allen last year so many people on here are against it.
  5. BuffaloRebound

    Bills have interest in Seattle DE Frank Clark

    If Ansah’s shoulder checks out, he’s probably way lower risk than Clark or Clowney. Not as much upside, but no draft compensation and nothing contract wise that will approach clowney or Clark.
  6. BuffaloRebound

    Jags RB TJ Yeldon visits Bills

    This is the time of year where teams bring in vets for visits and tell them if the draft falls a certain way, we’ll sign you immediately after.
  7. BuffaloRebound

    Bills have interest in Seattle DE Frank Clark

    Seattle doesn’t have all that much leverage. They still have to pay Bobby Wagner and they are right at the cap after signing Wilson. Clark can force his way out if he plays hardball. A 2nd probably gets it done. Throw in Lawson if you have to. Clark, Star, Q Williams/Oliver, and Hughes is a hell of a front 4. For those clamoring for offensive weapons with 1st or 2nd round pick, how likely is it Allen is gonna be able to mesh with Beasley, Brown, and Kroft plus a highly drafted WR or TE in Year 1?
  8. BuffaloRebound

    Do Bills pick up Shaq Lawsons 5th year option?

    A lot of these questions will be answered over the next 9 days. Will Hughes be extended? Will Lawson’s 5th year option be picked up? Will they trade for Clark or Clowney? Would Hughes or Lawson be included in any trade? Will they take DL in Round 1? What about Ansah? Lots of dominoes lined up and ready to fall.
  9. BuffaloRebound

    Bills have interest in Seattle DE Frank Clark

    Yeah, I’d think Wilson contract extension means Clark is gonna be traded.
  10. BuffaloRebound

    Clowney and the Texans are still far apart.

    This. Brady is a different QB when he gets knocked down a couple times. He is not effected at all if he has to step up in the pocket. And since he’s made a deal with the devil, I fully expect him to keep playing until he’s 45.
  11. You can’t let things go this far with your star QB. Gotta keep them happy. Doesn’t seem like Seattle has tried very hard. Wilson is extremely underpaid and they haven’t exactly surrounded him with offensive weapons.
  12. BuffaloRebound

    DT, Quinnen Williams visiting the Bills

    Well, it’s looking likely he won’t go top 3. And who knows what the Raiders are gonna do. So there could be decent chance he’s there at 5.
  13. BuffaloRebound

    DT, Quinnen Williams visiting the Bills

    Didnt they just take a DT last year high in the 1st?
  14. BuffaloRebound

    DT, Quinnen Williams visiting the Bills

    Would you give up pick 9 and pick 40 for him? Tampa would probably trade down from 5 if Williams falls to them. Tampa could probably still get Devin White at 9 and their GM likes to trade down.