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  1. If Lorax wants to play, sign him immediately. No leadership on that side of the ball. They need somebody who’s respected enough that he can hold guys accountable on that side of the ball. The defense right now is a bunch of overpaid players just collecting Paychecks.
  2. We need guys who actually want to play like Zimmer. Yes, Covid sucks but McDermott and Beane look to have a bunch of guys on the defensive side who look like they don’t want to be there. Dareus would most likely be another one of those. I’d keep pulling up guys from the practice squad and getting street free agents who are hungry for a shot.
  3. Careful, he’s got a lot of apologists in the media and on this board. Other than inexplicably not tackling Mahomes that led to a 4th and short and TD instead of a FG, you wouldn’t have even known he was on the field. When Milano gets healthy, Edmunds needs to be benched.
  4. 61 Zimmer was an improvement. Can’t stop with Murphy and Harrison. Everybody on that defense should be on notice. Edmunds Hughes and Oliver should be next to be a healthy inactive.
  5. McDermott gotta take some control back. He got no control of this team.
  6. Hughes is just stealing money at this point. How many times is he not gonna get home to the QB and give up contain?
  7. We are playing harder. Just too many sub par players on this team.
  8. Honestly, Edmunds does not have it upstairs to be a good player. All the talent in the world, zero football instincts.
  9. You gotta be kidding me. This team can’t get out if it’s win way. Josh and Diggs are all this team has right now. The rest are replacement players.
  10. Oliver has to make that play. Dude is disappointing.
  11. I had no idea what he was doing in real time. Looked really bizarre. Then the TD was brought back to 1 yard line and he threw a pick 6 on next possession and it all went downhill from there.
  12. 49ers in trouble if Mostert is out. Without a running game, Garoppolo is suspect.
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