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  1. If drinking white claws is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.
  2. Would you trade Hughes straight up for Clowney?
  3. I think it’s gonna take a lot more than a 3rd and a 5th. More like a 2nd rounder at a minimum and some desperate team like the Skins looking to sell some hope with a splashy move will probably offer a 1st rounder.
  4. Big Ben type throw. Allen doesn’t make that throw last year. In baseball, it’s a thrower developing into a pitcher.
  5. Too bad he can’t wear a red jersey in real games. 7 v 7 non-contact superstar.
  6. Always some ulterior motive with those wankers. I think the league still does drug tests if you’re on PUP list, so I’ll go with giving him training camp off.
  7. The majority of the money was going to charitable work in Detroit and Buffalo. Just seems like Wilson/Littman were playing a dangerous game of chicken. Everybody hates politicians but give credit where it is due here.
  8. This is why it’s so stupid to look at the draft in a vacuum and not on the implications to the whole team. Drafting Q Williams meant Leonard Williams is a Jet for at most another year.
  9. If I am a Jets fan, I’d rather have Gase in charge than Maccagnan. Gase was the next big offensive coach coming from Denver. I can’t really hold it against him that he didn’t win with Tannehill as QB. Deserves another shot. Maccagnan was a clown and deserved to go.
  10. Almost? So Denver wouldn’t have dropped 1 spot for 1 of those 2nd rounders? It was a flailing prayer move by a dead man walking GM that bought him another year as GM when he should’ve been fired after year 3 along with Bowles.
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