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  1. Easy to criticize the Jets because they’re the Jets. But this guy is getting paid $10m per year. Football is his profession. I think most of us would play through pain for $10m per year.
  2. Wasn’t this the guy some of our resident internet GM’s were all upset we didn’t trade for? He already got his big contract. Guys like this rarely turn their career around. Another McCagnan special.
  3. Rivers is like the old pitcher in Major League at this point. He’s not scaring anybody anymore.
  4. A paper tiger? That picture pretty much sums up everything.
  5. Cleveland has zero leadership. Landry and Beckham are both nuts. Who’s listening to an over-hyped loudmouth 2nd year QB? Throw in a rookie head coach. Good luck.
  6. Dear god he’s awful. He talks to hear himself. It’s hard to listen to anything he’s saying.
  7. They are a mess. I don’t blame Williams for sitting. I’d trade our 1st next year for an elite LT the next 4 or 5 years. Not all mal-contents are equal. Peters was right for wanting out of Buffalo at the time. Mack was right for wanting out of Oakland. Current Washington situation might be worse than Buffalo in 2007.
  8. Thought he was still on his rookie deal. Didn’t realize he signed an extension in July. But his contract is very reasonable the next 3 years and he’s young. I’d give up our late 1st next year for him.
  9. I’d rather go after Boyd than Green. Green’s best days are behind him. Boyd is entering his prime and I doubt hes gonna re-sign with Bengals next year. He’s the big physical WR this offense needs.
  10. Agreed. Dalton is a bottom tier QB. He had great weapons and an excellent O-Line for most of his career in Cincy. Now he doesn’t and he’s gone from mediocre to bad. Keeping Dalton at this point is like keeping Marvin Lewis
  11. I remember when Kelly ran Chris Burkett off the team for not fighting for the ball.
  12. Exactly. These refs are looking for the needle in the haystack due to the ridiculousness of the rule book and miss the obvious common sense things.
  13. The defenders objective is to hinder the pass catcher. The pass catchers objective is to run a route to catch a pass. If you’re gonna let pass catchers blatantly impede the defender, then they’re not pass catchers. They’re blockers. That’s why offensive linemen are not allowed downfield. The Pats player wasn’t even pretending that he was running a route.
  14. You think Belichik coached him to blatantly try to pick Wallace like that? They haven’t won all those Super Bowls and Division titles because of ref incompetence. That was a dumb play by the Pats player.
  15. It wasn’t a smart play. The Pats player had his eyes on Wallace the whole time and was lining him up like he was gonna block him. Refs blew the call.
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