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  1. McDermott’s a quality person and an excellent leader. I’m not sure it’s killer instinct he lacks as much as he doesn’t seem to be innovative or the risk taking type. Basically Dick Jauron with a top 5 QB.
  2. That’s the catch of having Super Bowl expectations leading into a draft. Rebuilding teams with tons of holes can sit back and let the draft fall to them. Teams like the Bills and Chiefs have to aggressively target specific players at specific positions. It’ll never happen since the draft has become its own ecosystem, but it really makes sense to do the draft before free agency. By then, everybody knows who the teams without a lot of holes are targeting.
  3. Then trade up to the 10-12 range for the best Offensive Tackle still available and sign a premier WR free agent. Josh desperately needs an influx of premier talent at WR and OL. Ed Oliver + pick 27 for Houston’s pick 12.
  4. Seems like the QB’s and Edge guys will go early. Haven’t watched enough college football to know who the good WR’s are, but I’d love for Beane to move up a to get a difference maker at WR. Garrett Wilson went 10th last year. Chris Olave went 11th. Somebody of that ilk in that range.
  5. Kind of depressing when you look at the 3 DT’s who got drafted right after him.
  6. It’s almost a must that the Bills give Josh at least a 1B to Diggs 1A. He’s hard not to like but Diggs seems like a ticking time bomb. Plus he’s not getting any younger.
  7. I’m embarrassed for Diggs. This is so bad.
  8. How heavy and out of shape does Dawkins looks even compared to the other O-linemen there?
  9. I could see Houston giving up a 3rd for Oliver. They have a lot of picks, a lot of cap room, will have to over-pay for free agents, and Oliver is a Houston guy.
  10. Not with Miller. Too much money already owed to an aging D Linemen. Daron Payne… now your talking.
  11. Can anybody more knowledgeable than me care to explain why he has dominant games like Detroit then you don’t hear his name for another 2 months. Is it his motor? Scheme? Can’t beat decent or certain types of O-Linemen?
  12. https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/analysis-the-buffalo-bills-have-an-ed-oliver-problem-with-no-easy-solutions/article_9adf0716-a4b6-11ed-9067-bbf527263e1a.html Lots of points this thread has already touched on.
  13. It’s not an over-reaction after the last 3 playoff losses to think this coaching staff can’t get it done. KC made our defense look as bad in 2020 as cincy did this year. Then KC went on to the Super Bowl and Tampa’s D destroyed them. Cincy’s Offense looked very average against the Ravens before us and KC after us and made us look like clowns. And 13 seconds speaks for itself. I’m sorry, it’s not an over-reaction to have no belief in this coaching staff to be Super Bowl caliber especially on the defensive side.
  14. I’m fine with keeping Edmunds if it’s $15m per year or under. He’s a good, not great player and will give you at least 5 more good years. The problem is the D Line. You can’t count on Miller being that guy anymore. They really need a difference maker on the D Line. Cut Settle, trade Oliver for anything you can get, and go sign Daron Payne. We desperately need a guy that can draw double teams and free up other guys. Then on offense, trade up for the best OT prospect still available in the top 15 picks. Sign a hammer at RB for under $5m per year. And go get a vet WR that has a year or 2 left that is chasing a ring.
  15. I actually think Rivera is his best comp. When Newton was a top 5 QB, Carolina was in the playoffs every year and even made a Super Bowl. McDermott has a top 5 QB.
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