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  1. Right. Black QB’s have it so good. That’s why bums like Rosen and Darnold got drafted ahead of him. And why the guy’s won an MVP and is still playing on his rookie deal.
  2. New England ain’t trading Jones before his rookie deal is up. He’s a bargain at $4m per year and unless you can get a mahomes, allen, herbert, or burrow, he’s a better option at $4m per year than anybody else. Watson is still toxic.
  3. That’s depressing if you’re a Cardinals fan. This guy should never have gotten an NFL head coaching job. He’s actually done better than I thought he would, but Cardinals clearly need to move on from Klingsbury if they wanna take next step.
  4. Why are we talking about the patriots? They should be worried about beating the Dolphins first.
  5. Sure, but why would a guy who’s made $30m play for the vet minimum? I’d think he’d retire before doing that. Even if he eats, breathes and sleeps football, I’d think you’d gotta pay him at least $3-4m for it to make sense for him.
  6. A Belichik coached team would never in a million years call that play and put themselves in that position.
  7. The most important thing is if the crying lady is alright. She apparently knew what was gonna happen with 6 minutes left in the game.
  8. Agreed. Even dumber when you consider the 49ers were inexplicably giving the Cowboys the sidelines the previous 3 plays. No need to get cute. Take the 10-15 yards out of bounds the 49ers were giving you. And the delay of game after leaving the punt team on the field following the successful fake killed that drive. McCarthy is exactly who Jerry Jones and that fanbase deserve.
  9. Our Defensive Ends are gonna have to step it up if we wanna win this game. Gotta keep Mahomes in the pocket. Our Ends gotta stay disciplined and keep contain (that means you Jerry). Groot’s length should be a factor as Mahomes likes to drop down and throw from weird angles. On offense, Josh has to find a way to vary the snap count. Will be hard to do at Arrowhead but Clark off the edge tries timing the snap the entire game.
  10. the monday night playoff game is an awful idea. But as long as it makes NFL more money, they don’t care. No team should have less rest than their opponent in the playoffs unless we’re talking 13 vs 14 days.
  11. This game kinda similar to our playoff game at KC last year. Early KC turnover then haymakers by KC. Poor Bills/Steelers offense. Game over.
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