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  1. If he shows up to training camp in a brinks truck then I’ll be worried. But McDermott seems to know how to get the most out of DB’s more than any other position, so we’ll recover if White wants to go Hollywood.
  2. There’s definitely room for a Reagor, Aiyuk, Shenault, Hamler type guy to see the field a lot this season. I’d prefer one of those guys in the 2nd and a downhill physical RB like Moss in the 3rd.
  3. Beane seems to have a good idea what guys are gonna be available at his pick in the draft and acts accordingly in free agency prior to the draft. Judging by who we did and didn’t sign in free agency, it looks like RB is big possibility in rounds 2 or 3. Same with CB/nickel LB. And if an edge rusher or WR is highest on his board, I’d think he go there too. Can’t see Beane using a 2nd or 3rd rounder on a QB, OL, or DT in this draft. If one of those 3 positions are highest on his board, then you consider trading down.
  4. Should be fun with a lot more surprises to the average fan, since the experts will have a lot harder time piece-ing together accurate boards which they’ve gotten quite good at.
  5. Seems like a guy you want on your team. Probably hard to pull the trigger before the 5th or even 6th round though based on his athletic profile and not being able to play with his hand in the ground all the time like he did at Michigan State. You wanna compare him to a guy like Kyle Williams but Kyle didn’t have play a new position.
  6. We need a downhill guy who’s gonna add a physical presence to the offense. If Taylor isn’t available at pick 54, you can get somebody that adds that without the big play ability in the 4th or 5th round.
  7. He wouldn’t be replacing Hyde or Poyer. He’d be replacing Neal and spelling Milano and possibly giving the safeties a breather. He’d probably be on the field more than Klein.
  8. If Taylor falls to 54 its a no brainer, but I’m ok with a guy like Chinn at 54. For those downplaying the need, we win the New England game and Houston game if we had somebody in the back 7 who was a physical tackler.
  9. RB’s selected in first 2 rounds in last 5 years: 2015 - Gurley 10, Gordon 15, Yeldon 36, Abdullah 54; 2016 - Zeke 4, D Henry 45; 2017 - Fournette 4, McCaffrey 8, Cook 41, Mixon 48; 2018 - Barkley 2, Penny 27, Michel 31, Chubb 35, Jones 38, Kerryon Johnson 43, Guice 59; 2019 - Jacobs 24, Sanders 53 Not sure what that list is tellling me other than even if you hit on a RB in the first 2 rounds, I’m not sure you even want them for the 2nd contract.
  10. I like Edwards Helaire too but for pick 54 it will be hard to pass over vertical threats like Aiyuk, Reagor, Mims, Shenault, Hamler, Higgins, even Kmet, and then the more dynamic RB’s like Swift, Taylor, and Dobbins. I think all 10 of those guys would have to be gone to consider Edwards Helaire at 54. Hard to imagine all 10 of those guys being off the board at pick 54.
  11. Agreed somewhat but you could say the same thing about deep threat receivers. Its more about the threat of it and the attention the defense has to pay to that threat. I like Singletary but more than anything we need a RB who can get the tough yards, so that our QB doesn’t have to. If that RB can also rip off big runs, even better.
  12. Agreed. There won’t be large public gatherings like games and concerts until there is a vaccine. But when there’s a vaccine, I can’t see people being ok not going back to normal because some people choose not to get the vaccine.
  13. We can’t keep everything shutdown for people who choose not to get the vaccine. Social Darwinism.
  14. Most cities only shutdown 3 weeks for the Spanish flu. There were also millions dying in Europe at the same time from the war, so death was almost commonplace. Not saying the orange man is right because all he cares about are his re-election chances, but it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Entirely possible that football doesn’t happen this fall. Much easier to quarantine 10 basketball players and play in empty arenas than it is for football to do the same.
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