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  1. that was pretty clear defensive offside missed on 1st down of SF’s last drive.
  2. Pretty poor quality of play across the board in NFL. I get that money rules the world and more games means more money, but quality of play is the clear casualty of a 17 game season with less pre-season.
  3. I wouldn’t call it poor coaching, but he does show a tendency to wet his pants in big spots. I think best example is his calling a TO last week against Tenn with 2 seconds on game clock and Titans defender jumps Offside but it’s negated by McDermott getting jumpy. Cost us potentially 4 points. He obviously choked in the 13 seconds against Chiefs. I think Josh is similar to McDermott. They’re intense try-hard types that can sometimes lose their heads, but I’m glad they’re both on our side.
  4. Dude is slightly better version of Keenum. There’s a reason Dak flipped out being called the black Kirk Cousins.
  5. Chargers will find way to lose on one of Staley’s horrible 4th down decisions.
  6. Yes. Briefly takes the focus off giving their perverted predator QB the most guaranteed money in NFL history.
  7. Dreaded 16 point lead. Don’t think it matters with this Dallas offense though.
  8. Tampa's got a good D, but Dallas offense has no juice. Prescott and Elliott get paid a ton of money and look pretty mediocre.
  9. When a kid with NFL bloodlines is considered raw, it does make you wonder. But maybe his uncle or dad didn’t bring their work home. Who knows.
  10. Our D Line is nice. Miller changes the game. Our back 7 is rock solid. Our WR’s are good. Our OL looked competent. Our QB is All World.
  11. We have Josh, but 1st game is like a defacto pre season game so anything could happen.
  12. The glass half full take is they must really like Morris if they were willing to give up on Howard this quickly and eat his guarantees.
  13. Beasley was a good player but he needs to lay off Bruce. Beasley ain’t even a stain on Bruce’s jock strap.
  14. Why would somebody’s employer ever talk to the plaintiff’s lawyer in a civil suit? It’s an employer’s job to pressure the police department to do it’s job against its own employee? Unless her lawyer sent the Bills an advance copy of the civil suit he just filed, I’m having a hard time seeing what the Bills were supposed to do here other than what they did.
  15. They clearly should’ve kept Haack and put Araiza on the commissioner’s exempt list until this is sorted out due to the seriousness of the accusations. They can still sign a punter and put Araiza on exempt list but I’m sure McDermott is pissed that they’re starting over with a new punter/holder when Haack was on the roster 5 days ago.
  16. And he’s a friggin punter on top of it. The Bills seemed more concerned about his ability to hold kicks. I’m sure McDermott is seething that they just cut Haack for this guy and now Haack is already on the Colts. Makes him and the organization look like a JV outfit.
  17. I actually think the call could help him. Can’t imagine many gang rapists take phone calls from their victims, much less admit to having sex and then tell their victim she should get tested for STD’s.
  18. Araiza has already been convicted in court of public opinion. He’s toxic to the NFL until the criminal and civil cases are resolved. Cleveland destroyed whatever goodwill NFL still had left on Watson. No NFL team will touch a punter accused of these things. Look at how fast this story took off.
  19. They already have. Guilty or not, he’s the sacrificial lamb for NFL’s Deshaun Watson fiasco. He’s nothing right now but an entitled white boy punter who gang raped a minor. On a side note, I can’t believe the Bills put themselves in this position.
  20. If these are all lies, Araiza needs to publicly come out and explain what did or didn’t happen like immediately. Gang rape and minor and NFL player. The story is taking on a life if it’s own. He needs to defend himself in media immediately.
  21. Thanks Cleveland. This is what happens when one of your football brethren hands out the largest guaranteed contract to a sick perverted dude. Every team loses the benefit of the doubt and every player is more likely to be found guilty in court of public opinion.
  22. Bills must’ve really been done with Haack. Or they are confident there’s no merit to the lawsuit.
  23. I don’t know. Running Backs get dinged up all the time. They can have fumbling issues. I think Blackshear would be active more than you think. To me, Running Backs are like relief pitchers. You go with the hot hand and move on to the next one when they aren’t productive. That’s why I like keeping 4. Jones is a RB in name only. Might as well list him as a specialist like the long snapper.
  24. You’re probably right, but there’s also a chance that the Bills already know what Jones can do and since he’d probably retire if he got cut, why risk injury to the 12 year vet. He’s guaranteed $650k even if he gets cut. I’m not reading anything into him not playing in preseason other than the Bills are giving younger players every opportunity to take his spot.
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