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  1. He turned out being a good draft pick, but when he was drafted, he was so far off the radar the only thing the guys on ESPN had on him was that he was the son of a doctor.
  2. The cap is just an excuse not to spend money or go all in. KC goes all in. They’ll figure out way to make it work cap-wise.
  3. Because it’s not true. He was clearly told at some point to kick it deep. Maybe that changed when Hill wasn’t back there and wasn’t communicated properly to him, but there’s no way Bass wasn’t told to kick deep at some point.
  4. It’s hard coaching when there’s actually a level playing field. Unlike at an Ohio State where your basically guaranteed 10 wins a year.
  5. That was effectively a 70 yard penalty. KC would’ve had ball around their 15 after their holding penalty. Got the ball on our 15 after Hill return.
  6. I think we would’ve been the 7 point favorites over Cincy at home like KC. Then 7 point favorites over SF or 3 point favorites over Rams. There’s never an easy road to a Super Bowl, but we would’ve been the favorites to win it all among the 4 teams no doubt.
  7. Serious question… have you ever played a competitive sport? If you have you would know trust is everything. Now imagine all the blood, sweat, and tears these guys put in all year to get to the mountaintop. Now replay those 13 seconds in your head over and over and over again. Sorry, you play to win the game. Relationships only go so far if you think coaching is why you ain’t still playing.
  8. Not against Mahomes and that offense. Somebody posted that the only kicks returned for TD’s were brought out of the end zone or goal line. The short high kick to the 10-15 was the right call. If Hill was back there, I could live with them kicking it out of end zone. He inexplicably wasn’t. That’s the difference between good situational coaches and scared ones.
  9. On a side note, how does Reid not put Hill back there to return that kick? I think that threw everything off. You expect Hill so you’re gonna kick it deep through end zone. He’s inexplicably not back there, so you change it last second and the word doesn’t get to Bass. And you don’t take timeout because then Reid will smarten up and put Hill back there.
  10. My theory is that the plan was to kick a touchback if Hill was back there or short if he wasn’t. And the communication to Bass got screwed up in the chaos.
  11. Agreed. This is absurd. This is like Allen going under center without a play being called. Bass was definitely told something. More believable thing would be decision was changed after Bass was told to kick it long and the message didn’t get to Bass. There’s no way Bass was told nothing.
  12. Most sane Bills fans like McDermott, but this was a Norwood level choke job by the coaches. I think we’re all still in shock by what happened in those 13 seconds. You don’t know if you’re ever gonna get that opportunity again. If I were a betting man, I’d say McDermott like Norwood gets 1 more year, but if he doesn’t make the Super Bowl he’s gone.
  13. I’ll say this. I like McDermott but I have serious doubts about the guy in big moments. I’ll never forget the Pittsburgh game in 2019. The end of that game when Hodges had a couple throws in back of end zone… the camera kept going to mcdermott after each play. He looked like he was about to wet his pants and was pointing to the sky after every incompletion. You gotta be clear headed and calm in the big moments so you can make the right call. Josh seems to have put the Sugar Rush memes to bed. Maybe McDermott has some of that to overcome too.
  14. I don’t think the answer is to fire McDermott, but I don’t think it’s stupid to consider given how badly the coaching staff choked in those 13 seconds.
  15. I think people are under-estimating the effect the coaching blunders in those 13 seconds are gonna have going forward if no changes to the coaching staff are made. We had the team to win it all. The fact that it was both Special Teams and Defensive coaching blunders means you can’t just get rid of Frazier or the ST coach. I like McDermott but I really have no idea how that locker room trusts him in big situations going forward.
  16. It’s not. There’s so many things that happen in a game that you can’t specifically prepare for. I think we’ve seen enough in the last 5 years to know that McDermott is a conservative, reactionary coach. Would he have had the stones to call an onside kick like Sean Payton did to win a Super Bowl? The great coaches know when to zig when everybody thinks you’re gonna zag. McDermott has shown he is excellent at everything except reading what’s happening in the moment.
  17. This is actually where a guy like Sullivan serves a purpose. Everybody hates him already so he’s got nothing to lose asking the hard questions.
  18. Kind of unanimous from the national media that the coaching staff let the team down in those 13 seconds. Is it fair to the players to bring back a coaching staff that now has a label of choking in the biggest moments?
  19. Fabulous post. 100% accurate. The only positive that will come out of this is if it lights a fire under McBeane and they move heaven and earth to field a team that can’t be denied.
  20. I don’t think you take knox off the field. You take Doyle, Gilliam and Beasley’s snaps and give them to Gronk.
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