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  1. It might’ve been reckless, but time and score are irrelevant to a backup trying to earn playing time. So Adams and everybody taking his side would’ve been less mad with the hit if it was in the 1st half? Not sure why Adams has to call the guy a scrub. So I guess by his definition Adams is a scrub too since he was also playing in garbage time.
  2. Dude’s trying to make a living. Don’t try to pad your stats in garbage time against the guys you’re making fun of who play in garbage time.
  3. He’s a weird creepy dude and his arm strength was suspect before the 2 year layoff. However I wouldn’t call that a ‘shove’ of the ref. More like moving him aside. But in today’s search for clicks, gotta sensationalize the headline. Kinda like the Glab/Diggs ‘trash-talking’.
  4. Apparently the Dolphins holder played for Pats the last 5 years so they knew his tendency. This is a 1 time thing that now every holder will make sure theyre not telling pitches. Seems like Belichik spends 90% of his time trying to find advantages like this. It worked when Brady took care of the offense. Now Belichik looks like a crazy old coach.
  5. One thing we didn’t see any of yesterday was Diggs taking himself off the field after getting tackled. He also fought for some extra yards. It showed up in the snap counts.
  6. that was a hard call to make but it was the right call. Gotta give the ref credit.
  7. Asking mac Jones to make plays is a recipe for losing.
  8. Jones and Tua are very similar QB’s. Tua just has the best weapons in the NFL and plays for an innovative offensive coach. Switch Tua and Jones and it’s probably the same results for each team.
  9. So true. Watching Mac Jones trying to make plays when flushed from the pocket is cringeworthy.
  10. Henry was blocking the DB’s 5 yards downfield then released to catch the TD. How is that not OPI?
  11. I think you gotta blitz Tua. He’s not a good athlete and he doesn’t have good arm strength on the run. You can’t let him sit back there and throw in rhythm. If you give up a couple big plays so be it.
  12. Jones isn’t good but Pats WR’s probably worst in NFL
  13. pretty awesome special teams play by Patriots
  14. Never seen a belichik coached team miss this many tackles.
  15. I don’t care that it’s the Dolphins doing the beating, I love watching the Patriots suck. They are a 6 win team this year.
  16. I take no joy in another fanbase’s misery unless it’s the Patriots.
  17. Book is out on how dirty that defense is.
  18. Don’t know if Jets D is the best but they’re definitely the dirtiest. Headhunters.
  19. No idea what to expect, but Bills giving 8 points seems way too high. I trust the defense but can Allen play sound football for 60 minutes? Bills 20 Raiders 17
  20. Gotta give ESPN credit for immediately showing the replay and highlighting the missed trip. NFL announcers and broadcast partners usually go out of their way to schill for the NFL. I’ve never heard of a team being fined 3 times in 1 game for uncalled penalties. Maybe Florio should write a story about that instead of trying to cause a stir about a reporter on a hit mic saying Diggs is hard to interview.
  21. Considering the missed penalty on the punt TD would’ve put them close to the 45 yard line, that’s 75 yards worth of uncalled penalties on Jets.
  22. Do you? Hot mic moments are when people actually tell the truth and this woman is around him way more than you or me. Ignorance is ignoring all the red flags that are piling up around Diggs and his unhappiness in Buffalo. Maybe he thinks this act is because he wants to win but he’s creating a situation where he’s done here unless we get to a Super Bowl and it certainly ain’t helping the play of his QB.
  23. I think Diggs act is wearing real thin on people. Only thing this woman seems guilty of is getting caught saying the truth out loud. Can’t see him returning next year unless Bills get to the super bowl.
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