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  1. Agree with everything except the part that he isn’t going to the ground. Looked to me like he was, but probably some forward progress NFL rule mumbo jumbo that cancels it out.
  2. Completely agree, and it’s obvious the QB/coach combo ain’t working. We are finding ways to lose every week with turnovers and poor end of game execution and would be 3-7 if refs didn’t miss a blatant PI and Godwin turned his head around. We are now 7-14 since 2021 in games decided by 7 points or less.
  3. Nobody knows what a catch is anymore. I thought if you were going to the ground on the catch you had to maintain control once you hit the ground.
  4. 2 things can be true. We absolutely lost because of 12 men. And the offense is a mess.
  5. Diggs is as much to blame as anyone for his QB having to focus on and answer for his drama queen antics. Now his brother is stirring the pot for him. Trade him to Carolina for a future 1st round pick.
  6. Agreed. I’d much rather get beat like that than playing soft.
  7. Completely agree with this. Shut down Allen. Get a top 10 hopefully top 5 pick.
  8. might as well have been mcdermott. It’s why he has to use all his timeouts on defense at the end of games. It’s all panic at end of games. Always has been under mcdermott. Difference now is the offense is terrible on top of it.
  9. This loser can’t even win when the other team hands it to him.
  10. Such a soft run by Cook. Avoid contact and don’t hit it upfield for extra yards then get stripped going sideways
  11. Can’t believe there’s not a thread about Hendrickson getting rolled up on. Karma is a you know what, dude.
  12. Since 2021, the Bills are 7-13 in games decided by 7 points or less. Slowing the offense down is not the answer as we are not good in close games. Neither is dying a slow death on defense and letting other team dink and dunk us to death. It’d be better to play a more aggressive style defense that might give up some big plays but also might take the ball away more.
  13. McDermott was hired to make the playoffs and end the 17 year drought. He’s accomplished that and we’ve been a legit contender since 2020. Like it or not the Bills aren’t an organization that demands championships. Only way McDermott isn’t back next year is if Josh goes to Pegula and demands a change.
  14. 2 years in a row of this. Is it just being unlucky? Or is it a product of an aging undersized defensive unit?
  15. Agreed, but let’s be honest. The ease by which Cincy scored on the 1st drive and somewhat so on the 2nd drive put a lot of pressure on the offense to score a TD on every drive. It wasn’t until Joseph body slammed Burrow that their offense started to sputter. Absent that play and a cut to Burrows finger on his throwing hand, the Bengals probably go up by 3 scores and game is over by middie of 2nd quarter like the playoff game. Unacceptable to come out and get rolled in 3 consecutive games especially for a defensive head coach.
  16. Kind of agree with this. McDermott needs a Daboll type as OC to balance out his conservative turtle tactics. I’m not a huge fan of Daboll but his offensive philosophy was definitely more aggressive than Dorsey’s. Despite the injuries, you still have a lot of high draft picks and veterans on the defense. McDermott should be able scheme up an adequate defense without asking the offense to move slower.
  17. It won’t be easy to let go of McDermott. Sacrilege to suggest, but almost gotta root for a disastrous finish to season for Pegula to have no choice but entertain the thought of replacing him.
  18. Agreed. Winning a super bowl is hard and requires some luck, but you gotta seize the opportunity when presented. Not sure we’ll ever get a better opportunity than 2 years ago and Mcdermott choked.
  19. Most of the time these talking heads just pick a side to generate back and forth to get clicks. But they do have perspective on the whole league, and most teams that haven’t gotten to a Super Bowl fail trying to run it back with the same core of aging players. Edmunds is the only core guy they’ve moved on from and the Bears contract made it a no brainer to move on. We’re an aging team that hasn’t made it to the Super Bowl, so this years results aren’t that surprising.
  20. I think Beane is great at his job. He’s given McDermott everything he’s asked for and gotten him a franchise QB. In spite of this McDermott has puked all over himself in the playoffs the last 4 years blowing a 16 point lead in Houston, his defense crapping the bed at KC in 2020, 13 seconds enough said, and his team getting embarrassed at home by Cincy last year. Beane is more highly thought of in NFL circles than mcdermott.
  21. Yeah. not sure how a guy we barely used last year was gonna make any difference this year.
  22. White is almost no brainer to cut. It saves cap space. Stuck with Miller and Knox for another year.
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