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  1. Never understood why Wilson didn’t run more. He’s a good athlete. Use your legs until you figure it out from the pocket.
  2. He’s gotta solve his end of game choke jobs over the next 2 months. There will no doubt be a lot of close games. He’s gotta show he’s a net positive for his team at the end of games.
  3. Nice to have a CB that makes plays on the ball. Defense hasn’t had that since pre-ACL Tre.
  4. Agreed. Josh wasn’t asked to make the super-man plays all the time. The first couple drives Josh looked a bit out of sorts but then settled in and took the easy plays that were dialed up for him. That was also a top defense we were doing that to. We looked a lot less disjointed. Good start to the Brady era, but let’s see what happens in a close game or when we’re playing from behind.
  5. What a horrible last drive. But I guess that’s expected with a guy at QB you signed 2 weeks ago.
  6. I think denver has solved the vikings pass rush
  7. Clemons not getting a penalty was absurd. Dawkins was already falling down finishing the block before the whistle blew. That was a JV officiating crew.
  8. He’d be losing a step at age 35 even if he didn’t tear his ACL. Really sad seeing him out there. Beane can’t pay him $17m next year. Almost have to cut him unless he takes a significant pay cut.
  9. Cook was fantastic today. He made Quincy Williams and CJ Moseley look really slow.
  10. 2 phases. Special teams is a problem. Martin can’t punt the ball more than 35-40 yards. Missed Extra point. Fake punt that cost us 6 points. Ain’t good enough. Our special teams have been a net negative pretty much every game this season and even factoring in the kick return fumble recovery today.
  11. Agreed. I don’t know why Kincaid isn’t the 1st option in every 3rd down.
  12. How is Harty the 1st read there? Josh didn’t even look at other side of field.
  13. Not sure I throw that pass up 16, but gotta live with that with Josh.
  14. How does our special teams coach still have a job?
  15. It’s the right call. If Josh was sharper, that’s a complete pass to shakir. Now punt and put the pressure back on their offense.
  16. We’re fine when Josh gets rid of the ball fast.
  17. Run the ball here. Josh already looks confused.
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