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  1. The guys at Cover1 debate the Lewis v Taiwan. I lean toward the keeping Lewis over Jones.
  2. Like to give a little credit to @StHustle here who posted a similar response a week or so ago:
  3. Agreed. My point was that Duke's chance probably comes down to finding a solid gunner to replace Taiwan. Given the potency of their O, I would think they put more weight on the gunner position than the return.
  4. I think the gunner positions are going to influence several battles. Duke J was the best KO returner last night, but making the team will depend on whether or not someone other than Taiwan Jones is a viable gunner. Is there someone at another position that would make Jones expendable on coverage teams?
  5. I had a similar thought based on Duke's KO returns. However, Jones is he's also a gunner, so Duke or someone else on the roster would need to show well at the position.
  6. There was a lot of hype, interest and tweeting the first week or so. After that Red and Blue practice, I think everyone is ready for the next phase--preseason games.
  7. Oh, I thought it was safety given some are concerned about how Poyer feels about it.
  8. Gilliam effectively gives them a 4th and FB.
  9. Brownie makes the point about the importance of adding Jones and Settle:
  10. Phillips' has such a great personality, and his voice makes me think he has a post-NFL career as a DJ at a jazz station.
  11. I almost included him but wanted to focus on the guys who will most likely play DT1. But you're absolutely right!
  12. I’m very interested to see this group. I think Jones and Settle will be a big improvement over Star and Phillips, more Star than Harry.
  13. Chris Brown was talking with Frazier yesterday on OBL about Bernard playing MLB and whether or not they try to change things up because of how physically different they are. Sounds like Bernard is learning both positions.
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