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  1. If the Bills are going to be a playoff team, forget that, a Super Bowl team, they need someone on the D-line who can consistently win battles against the best (patriots) O-lines. That person is Q-Will, and he would turn a #2 defense into a formidable Bills defense. I say they go all in on him.
  2. IT would go quicker if trades were eliminated now.
  3. I'm willing to keep going too.
  4. Wife to Viking GM, "Don't come home if you draft another CB..." I don't think he will have a problem matching bpa with need at 18. I doubt Dillard will fall as he did here, but Ford would be a good pick too.
  5. His is quite the journey, but redemption requires sacrifice, and he will most likely die defending Bran.
  6. The reason I approached the Panthers about a trade was I thought the Gints would take Dillard, but the more I thought about it, I was comfortable with my other pick if he was taken ahead of 18.
  7. Interesting. Would you have picked Dillard if you made the trade with mrags? If so, I would've been a little disappointed, but I did have a back up plan...
  8. Perfect! Before I select, since I was GM of the Vikings last year in the 3-round mock, I will add a section below with an evaluation in each round, comparing my pick to their real pick. I’ll take care of business first… For 2019, the #1 need is O-line, just as it was last year. They can’t run and they can’t protect Cousins. So, again, I find myself having to work on improving the weakest part of their team, with the 18th pick in the 2019 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings select Andre Dillard, OT Washington State. @bkep32 is on the clock. The Vikings entertained trading up to 16 to nab Dillard, but then reconsidered, so they (we) are very happy! Dillard, the best pass-blocking OT in the draft, is expected to start immediately at LT, moving Rieff to RT. ============================================================================= 2018 Vikings Round 1 30th pick CB Mike Hughes TPS pick: OL Orlando Brown Jr. (actual pick: Ravens, R3, #83) This was a controversial pick, but I think I can make a case that the Vikes would’ve been better off with Brown instead of Hughes. Brown is infamously known as having “the worst combine of any player in its history,” which caused him to plummet down the draft boards. While some said my pick was a “reach,” he in fact had a solid rookie season and took hold of RT for the Ravens after an injury provided his opportunity. I can’t remember which analyst convinced me, but despite his terrible combine, someone projected him as a R1 talent and Mayock had him in his top 5 for OTs. While Brown was the 9th OT taken, he ended up starting the last 10 games. PFF rated him third best rookie OT, behind McGlinchey (9th pick) and Braden Smith (37th pick). Here’s a snippet on Brown from a PFF article: Hughes was average at best and ended up with an ACL injury midseason. Had the Vikings taken Brown, even as a bit of a reach, their tackle positions would be set heading into this draft. Instead, they HAVE to go O-line this year.
  9. Has the clock expired yet.....? I've probably cursed myself and you'll end up taking my #1 choice...
  10. The Vikings are itching to get to the podium....fortunately, they have two players identified....
  11. My guess: I think Jaime will die saving Brienne, and I don’t think there’s any reason for him to have one last encounter with Cersei, though someone, errr... no one, will need his face for an encounter to put her list to bed. Also, The hound has to live for Clegane Bowl.
  12. More than reasonable, in fact Beane is cheap....
  13. No preference, but I had Minn last year for this, so I could go with them, otherwise just assign me someone to make it easy.
  14. As I posted in another thread, this wouldn't surprise me. He is #7 in Jeremiah's top 50 list.
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