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  1. I recall Bill Parcells saying he liked to run draws and screens early in a game to get the D-line thinking about them, and providing that little bit of hesitation. Same idea.
  2. There were two fowls on the play, one on each side, so they re-played the down. On the next play, Hodges had a clear run to the goal line, but Wildgoose chased Duck down...
  3. Charles Davis has great things to say about him too. He was on ONeBillsDrive today. Starts about 13 minutes in. Before Brown was drafted by the Bills, he predicted he would start at least 10 games this season. https://www.buffalobills.com/video/charles-davis-breaking-down-the-2021-bills-draft-class
  4. I agree with you assessment, but would also second that the Colts are right there too. Reich will maximize Wentz's potential.
  5. Basham seems like he can be what the Bills had in mind with Jefferson, someone they can plug in anywhere along the line in passing situations.
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing how this draft plays out in the 2023 season. Can't give Beane an A, as it's a draft for the future; but I do like that strategy a lot. Josh Allen is going to keep this team at the top for the next 10 years, and Beane is building a team for the long term, not to simply go for it in 2021.
  7. I can see Brown and Rousseau lineup over the center in FG blocking duty.
  8. Yes, replace the Tongan with Tonga!
  9. Yeah, this draft so far says Beane is building for long-term success.
  10. A good 4-5 players I'm good with here. But Beane will surprise...
  11. I'd like to see them take a flyer on Meinerz.
  12. A lot of options with the Bills pick. I wouldn't mind a C here.
  13. And I traded up to snag him in R1...that's why I'm on the couch.
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