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  1. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-06-26/covid-lockdown-versus-economy-was-always-false-trade-off?sref=U5wmynFo
  2. I'm not sure what you're using to rank cases? Sweden is in the top 10 for cases per million population. I'm curious, then, what would you suggest they do in Arizona, Texas, Florida, and other states where the number of cases is increasing again?
  3. Sweden is not "much lower than other developed countries." It's fifth is deaths per million among countries with 20k or more cases. Italy and Spain are currently higher because they were hit early and hard. We'll see if Sweden overtakes them. The point of a lockdown was to prevent the health system from becoming overwhelmed. The idea of "flattening the curve" doesn't mean fewer coronavirus cases overall, it means spreading the cases so the health system can accomodate both covid and other serious health issues. This was the point made in Pueyo's articles. Interestingly he suggested less extreme measures, including masks and social distancing. Maybe US politicians took more extreme measures due to your focus on culture--they realized many Americans won't adhere to the policies. Arizona is an interesting case study at the moment. As cases have increased after re-opening, and reports that ICU facilities are nearing capacity, how should they respond?
  4. I'm not sure WHO "them" or "they" are that I'm supposed to not take seriously...? (I haven't paid attention to WHO throughout, so count them out). So, what should the governor of AZ do, ask everyone to wash their hands more?
  5. Can you be more specific on who "they" are? Is this the deep state? Globalist? Soros? Who exactly is calling the shots here, Fauci? Haven't heard from him in awhile...
  6. They're going to shut down Texas and Arizona...?
  7. Who? The Republican governors of Texas and Arizona?
  8. Yes, it's the training and the mentality shaped by it. The situation did not call for the actions. The square was nearly empty at this point, so there's no reason to do the riot training march to clear it. Someone should have assessed the situation to determine if it was necessary; it was not. It's probably a good thing there were hardly any protestors left because those police actions would've escalated the situation. At least the one officer showed a bit of his human side and starts to check on him, but the leader pushes him on because they have to "hold the line" even though there are only handful of people left to clear. You would think there would be an option B as opposed to this is what we do regardless of the situation.
  9. It's a good opportunity for Fromm (and the team) to "come to Buffalo and become the best version of you that you can be...."
  10. Of course the earlier you lock down the better, which is why the uk has the worst outcome after Belgium. Are you really trying to say that the lockdown didn’t have an impact, that it was too late? How do you think the spread happens? A quarantine is the only option when the spread is passed the point of what some of the Asian nations were able to do. sweden is bunk but the architect of their plan now thinks they should’ve done things differently? Ok... In the early stages of a pandemic with much uncertainty about the virus you are better off being conservative than trying something risky when you’re dealing with people’s lives. See ya around...
  11. So, are you going to argue that NYC metro should not have gone into quarantine? I'm sure you've read this one... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-03/man-behind-sweden-s-virus-strategy-says-he-got-some-things-wrong?sref=U5wmynFo Then there is Brazil, where Bolsonaro (their version of Trump) declared it's "just a flu." How are they doing? The UK started out with their controversial "herd immunity" theory, then back-peddled after a week, when it was most contagious. How are they doing? And, you really need to re-read Pueyo more carefully. He uses a CFR similar to Levitt. The issue he focused on, much like what most countries feared, was a dramatic spike in cases when the virus was most contagious, which would overwhelm the health system causing more deaths than necessary. He also discusses the economic trade-off in one of his pieces.
  12. The first trade up was always about Allen. Mayfield went at 1, Darnold at 3, so the Bills had to act at that point.
  13. I've been thinking about this in terms of Beane's drafts as a whole: he is both lucky and good. 2018, the Browns unexpectedly took Ward at # 4, which had Chubb slipping to the Broncos, otherwise the Bills would've traded with the Denver costing them draft capital from 2019. Edmunds sliding allowed them to move up to 16 relatively "cheaply." Even Harry slid down to them.... 2019, with DT being one of their biggest needs, Oliver falls to them at 9. Ford also slid down, and I believe Beane was trying to trade into R1 to get him, but couldn't find a partner. They moved up two spots to get him, giving up a 5th I believe. 2020, Epenesa and Moss. He's probably one of those guys who "makes his own luck." Get'em extended!
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