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  1. It's still clear Star has an impact. Maybe the better way to look at is the change in ypa from last year? Bills have gone from 4.3 to 4.0 Panthers from 4.0 to 4.4 His impact is about 1/3 of yard in both cases.
  2. That's the offense rankings, not D.
  3. Not sure where you got your stats, but according to espn, Bills have gone from 25th last year to 8th this year in rushing ypa; whereas Carolina has fallen from 11th last year to 16th currently this year. Certainly a big move for the Bills, but not as dramatic for the Panthers.
  4. It takes a certain kind of person to crap on Peterman at this point, a person I'm glad I don't know. Crap on the decision makers, fine.
  5. TPS

    Game Balls vs. the Jets

    I missed the opening drive so I checked the highlights on BB.com. Had to rewatch Shady's run because I noticed a WR make a key block to set him free. It was Zay. 👍
  6. TPS

    2019 Offensive Line

    Miller will look a lot better with a good C and RT around him. Sign him if he's relatively cheap and upgrade down the line, as there are other priorities for now. I saw him totally whiff on one play.. might have been the sack? Can't say, other than that.
  7. TPS

    Bills vs. Jets Postgame

    I thought I read somewhere it was related to pancho billa.
  8. TPS

    Wyatt Teller?

    Why would you be disappointed in his development? He was a 5th round pick and the Bills had Castillo's favorite in front of him. Taking over as starter in game 10 is fantastic under these circumstances. He and Dawkins will anchor the left side going forward.
  9. TPS

    Wyatt Teller?

    He was getting push all day.
  10. TPS

    Game Balls vs. the Jets

    Add Levi Wallace
  11. TPS

    Josh allen is mcbeans cam newton

    Give the guy a break, I'm sure it's the first time someone has thought of this comparison....
  12. TPS

    Wyatt Teller?

    Every nfl team needs a good Samoan!
  13. TPS

    The Trump Economy

    Not true. It helps to have a central bank that requires of its private banks they bid and fill the auction. Just look at the auction data. The cover to bid ratio is over 3, while it's being reported that foreign purchases are declining. added: let me rephrase that, it may help, but it's not needed.
  14. I'm looking forward to the Jags game and seeing Allen in person. The last time I saw the Jags at Bills was 20 years ago and got to witness the "Flutie Leap." I'm hopeful that there will be some late game heroics from Allen in this one....