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  1. Hmmm...interesting theory... First 4 games with Haskins: 13, 102, 1 2 games with K. Allen: 7, 102, 2 Last 4 games with Smith: 13, 120, 1 Logan Thomas is having his best season. It's okay to admit it. I recall some nice articles about him during his time here, and he seemed like a really good guy. Thanks for posting. I remember the same. Good for him. Bad look for the haters.
  2. Are your grades based on current performance or expected? That is, Mahomes is already close to his ceiling--he will get marginally better as he matures. Allen made a very significant jump this year, but there is so much more room to grow--there is significantly more space (compared to PM) between where he is and what he's capable of. In two years, I won't be surprised to see a post or article, similar to this post, with the conclusion "Thank goodness Pegula didn't prevail..."
  3. Don't know about the previous year parallel, but I was thinking about McD and Reid as one. Reid was always a bridesmaid, knocking at the door. At KC, he kept building a stronger and stronger roster, and Mahomes replacing Smith finally got him over the top. I don't think the Bills are there yet, but we have the QB and we have the GM/Coach combo to keep making this team better and better until they do get there...
  4. Well, it was all before Trump...He certainly has brought out the divisiveness that has been building for years. I hope we can recover from it....
  5. I did the same, more so because the Trump supporters were like a cult that couldn't accept his most glaring faults or criticism of dear leader (not all of those who left fit this mold). Saw SDS's post and wondered what happened? Now it feels like I'm in a Twilight Zone episode. I've been here since PPP was created, and was one of the few "liberals" in a sea of red. The nice thing was we were all Bills' fans, and at the end of the day I'd be happy to have a beer with any of them, and I did with some. The Cult of Trump changed things, and I'm not sure this country will ever be the same, let alone this place....
  6. Yeah, I don’t get the hate. In the last minute of play, our best WR beat their best all-pro CB, then their all-pro WR beat our best CB. Two of the best players on the field made awesome plays, as did their respective QBs.
  7. Funny he doesn't mention 250,000 dead from the virus so far under his watch...
  8. I picked them to win last week, and My early week expectation was a loss after that big win. While it’s a toss up game, a half million $s donated to Children’s by BillsMafia says karma favors the Bills. Bass kicks the game winner: 31-30 Bills.
  9. Looks like Jaquan Johnson will be next man up if Hyde has issues. He's shown flashes when he's played.
  10. Not surprised by this as it's been accelerating here, like much of the country. Let's hope that's it by game time. On the bright side, I'd like to see what Jaquan Johnson can do.
  11. Perhaps the FED buying $3 trillion in assets from March to June helped a little bit....
  12. Reading through this to see if anyone would name him--my choice too. As I recall, Kelly said no one could cover him as a WR, and I wonder if his career would've been different now that those shifty slot guys are so important...?
  13. I stopped posting here when it became clear you couldn't debate with the cult-like beliefs. One of these days I'll have to catch up on some of the threads to see what happened....
  14. That was a fantastic read! Thanks for sharing.
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