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  1. Yes on this! I think I mentioned after they got JBrown that having him and Foster on the outside would open up the middle for this type of throw, which I think is one of his best. This is where Zay or a guy like Knox can take advantage....
  2. Do a little search here and you'll find a few posters who suggested Nsekhe might be better at LT, and then they could move Dawkins to guard.
  3. I think Jordan Phillips is going to be an important piece in shoring up the run D. I hope he play some like he's gunning for a big contract next year...
  4. And this... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mexico-immigration-finmin-idUSKCN1T72LC
  5. Are you kidding!? Having LT and Walton together suggests multiple sport greatness!
  6. McD's line, "control the line(s) of scrimmage." Last year's O-line rarely got the push when they needed it in short yardage situations. It's clear they wanted maulers--Nsekhe, Spain, Feliciano, Ford, et al. Despite what you read wrt their pass blocking abilities, it's the toughness that sticks out. It's difficult NOT to be excited about this season on so many levels...
  7. Normally the YC inverts as the FED continues to raise short term rates. That's not the case this time. Currently, the long term yield is coming down on the fear of a slowdown due to Trump's tariffs, and there are a lot of data signals to support the slowdown. It will be interesting to see what Trump and China do..? Trump has to resolve this before it pushes the US into a recession. China would be wise to push Trump on this, as he will be forced to back down before 2020 heats up.... Also, at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if the FED cut its target rate at the June meeting, but the board will probably be split, and I'm not sure there are enough doves currently to make it happen.
  8. There was a lot of media about the "caravans" of people passing through Mexico last year. I really don't know much about Mexico's southern border passing, but they certainly don't seem to care much about our border--which, in the past, was mostly partiers in TJ and people seeking cheap (legal) drugs. I think AMLO is more than willing to discuss the issue with Trump, they simply won't have much in common on the issue, I'm guessing... That may be the point you are making about the effect of the tariffs, but Trump's use of the tariffs is for the reason I mentioned.
  9. Most of those now migrating to the US are coming from Central America, not Mexico. The focus of Trump's tariffs is to get Mexico to take a harder stance on their southern border.
  10. I would say he's a big dude. I hope he pans out. I like Yarbrough, but they could do better.
  11. The point I made is what their contracts indicate. If Spain is cut, his cap hit is minimal; if Feliciano is cut, his dead cap hit > if he is on the team. I’m sure you’re assessment of Spain is correct, but feliciano is the tougher assessment. Given he doesn’t have a lot of film, he’s a relatively unknown, except to the Bills’ O-Line Coach. He’s a lot like Long in his position flexibility, so if it comes down to those two, the contracts will have an impact. Finally, I’m not saying it changes his “color,” but it does suggest someone thinks highly of him...
  12. If you go by their contracts, Feleciano is a lock, and Spain is just another vet in the competition.
  13. https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/how-the-war-party-broke-trump/ no one can break the MIC @Deranged Rhino...
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