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  1. That would be ironic. There's no way they can do both, and it's clear who the better player is...
  2. The DT I've been reading a bit more on is Togiai from The OSU. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/tommy-togiai-nfl-draft-player-profile-ohio-state-running-back/
  3. At the moment, I'm working on the premise that Milano will be gone. There are two guys I take if they're there (unless someone falls they/I don't expect): Bolton or Moehrig. In this run, both were gone, so my alternative strategy is to trade back and pick up assets for next year in order to move up and grab an edge rusher. I thought this was a good outcome: 61. Dillon Radunz OT N. Dakota State 76. T. Togiai DT The Ohio State 83. Chazz Surratt LB N. Carolina 95. Q. Meinerz C W-W 106. T. Tremble TE ND (moved up with a pick I got in one of several trades)
  4. You will not receive an "A" grade if you leave out Divine Deablo!
  5. Yes, it was the US Open on Father's DAy beating Mickelson, yes? Thanks for that.
  6. There was a time when he was known for choking in the majors, and it didn't go unnoticed that he wore Bills' gear. Fortunately, he finally won that Master's and got the yoke off his neck. He was a great personality, and it was very sad that he left this earth too soon...
  7. You should see my list, it's in the simulator thread. One safety is divine....
  8. He made my "best names in the draft" draft, along with TE Tre McKitty.
  9. There are some great names in this draft. After selecting the first 3 on need and talent available, I went names after pick 93 (made a trade or two): 30 Jaycee Horn CB S. Carolina 71 Dillon Radunz OT N. Dak St 93 Chazz Surratt LB 114 Tommy Tremble TE Notre Dame 141 Divine Deablo S V Tech (my favorite) 162 Whip Philyor WR Indiana 175 Tre McKitty TE GEorge (surely he'll become a fan favorite)
  10. As I've been arguing, it is always situation dependent. The biggest determinant this year will be whether or not Beane can work any magic with FA. If you lose Milano or Williams, then you have a big hole or two to fill, and you will be forced to think about need instead of BPA. This will be a very interesting draft given the difficulty from a Covid season, so I won't be surprised if team grades are all over the place, and a prospect the Bills really like is there at 30. I do agree with you, however, there is a lot of talent to be had in R2 and into R3, but I wouldn't trade back i
  11. Yeah, that's why I stated "McBeane". However, your point was about trading back vs trading up, not who is doing the picking. I don't think it's controversial to say the choice is dependent on the situation. If you have a group of say 6-7 guys with similar grades, and you don't have a specific positional need, I'm sure Beane would not hesitate to make a move back to pick up additional assets and still get one of the guys in the group. The real issue in your example is the Bills (Buddy) were desperate to find a "franchise" QB in a terrible QB class--it was either EJ or Geno Smith.
  12. @Aussie Joe provided a couple other examples under McBeane, Zay and Cody. I simply disagree with the generalization about trading up vs trading back. It's all about the specific situation, not a general rule that one is better than the other.
  13. Playing around, here's one version (I only do 4 rounds): Traded back with Cin to get 38 and their 2022 R2 38. K Toney WR Florida 61. Aaron Robinson CB UCF 93. Q. Meinerz C WI-Whitewater Two R2 picks in 2022 could move them up to the 10-12 range. I've done some where I've gotten 2 R2 picks or an R2 and R3, and still drafted some decent players that would fill some needs. Now, in the real world ...
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