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  1. The issue isn't about Roberts himself, it's the trade off on the decision for the 46. Roberts is strictly a return man. In 11 games he has 2 catches for 13 yards. He is in the top 4 in kickoff return average; however, I'm not certain he has given the Bills a significantly different starting position than not returning the kick? One alternative is dressing Duke to provide a big sure-handed WR. He has 6 catches (on 7 targets) in 3 games and a game-winning TD. Yes, he doesn't have the speed or the separation, but his separation is his size, and his stats show he's more valuable on O than Roberts. So, In an ideal world, the Bills would have both on the 46, but they have to make a choice. Some of you may think it's a clear choice; I don't, which was the point of my post. Btw, This Is also the the reason there's a Duke thread going again.
  2. You can't have those key drops AND those missed deep throws against good teams. They could've won this game.
  3. Any idea if the average drive start on kickoffs is significantly different from the 25? Again, I"m not criticizing Roberts, I'm just not sure he provides enough value for a guy who is turning out to be a return specialist only?
  4. I don't think you'll find that I've been pining for Duke. I simply think the return game is not good enough to take advantage of Roberts, and that they would be better off with having a big body WR on the 46 rather than a return specialist.
  5. You'll note I said "return game." The Ravens took the ball all day at the 25, and the Bills would've been better off doing the same. Roberts has added nothing on O, and the return game isn't good enough to take advantage of his skills. They will definitely add someone next year who can be more flexible.
  6. Something I've been thinking about and today confirms it for me. The Bill's return game isn't good enough to waste a spot dressing Roberts. I believe they'd be better off dressing Duke.
  7. Sorry for your loss. 66 is too young....
  8. Based on a survey of the defenders who've tried to tackle him....he has a blue ox too...but it's really a buffalo.
  9. Trent's contract makes that very likely next year. 2020 salary is $8,950,000 if released, his cap hit is $1,750,000 the difference of $7.2 mil can be used on Shaq or someone else...
  10. CB James Bradberry is an ufa. Drafted in MCD's last year. RT Daryl Williams is an ufa too.
  11. I don’t know if the Bills can win this game. However, if they do, then they will leap into super bowl discussions...
  12. That was like the hype for the final episode of GoT. I hope it's not as disappointing....
  13. Allen and the O's test started with Denver. Team D rankings by points allowed: denver 9 dallas 8 baltimore 5 pittsburgh 6 new England 1 that's a gauntlet.
  14. Yeah, I was thinking about this, the Belichick method for stopping the Bills in the first Super Bowl.
  15. I think the Ravens game is their toughest match of what remains. I see the Bills beating the Pats for sure...
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