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  1. Don’t forget josh’s puppy...
  2. That's why they will make the playoffs, he will get them there.
  3. Yeah, I think they will easily win the NFC East.
  4. Must have been due to the article on Whaley burning EJ into my mind...Hah!
  5. Looking forward to seeing how the young guns pan out. While there isn’t a Garrett or Young, the whole will be better than the sum of its parts. A pass rush going forward of Groot, Ed, Boogie, and AJ will be tough to stop.
  6. Yes, this is about making a move and adding someone this year.
  7. I agree it makes no financial sense, but they have shown they will part ways with anyone who is not buying into the process. That's the point I was trying to make--if he is in the doghouse with McBeane, then I think they'd certainly part ways, and now it's no longer a negative cap hit.
  8. I guess we'll find out how they feel about Star too? While releasing him doesn't save much money ($500K), it's no longer a negative value.
  9. Don't know if this estimate is still relevant?
  10. Sure enough, the Bills play the Bucs and Brady after a Monday night game.
  11. Maybe it's all about Brady and not Bill?
  12. Thanks for posting, especially since there was also a video analysis of Epenesa's development over the season in the video queue that I hadn't seen before. 👍
  13. There is a 10-year window with Josh, no need gamble on next year.
  14. I recall Bill Parcells saying he liked to run draws and screens early in a game to get the D-line thinking about them, and providing that little bit of hesitation. Same idea.
  15. There were two fowls on the play, one on each side, so they re-played the down. On the next play, Hodges had a clear run to the goal line, but Wildgoose chased Duck down...
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