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  1. They are not doing it to protect them, trump wants to control them so Assad can’t access.
  2. There is more to this then the facade of ending endless ME wars. They have not pulled out of Syria completely. They have control of key oil facilities, as has been reported. Troops have moved into Iraq, which last I looked, wasn't "home." I agree with your view the troops to SA are for another purpose. I do believe there is a plan in place...
  3. I hope he guarantees a win again this week...it was great motivation for the Cowboys.....
  4. That's why you have the common phrase "on any given Sunday." Eagles beat them at GB. Browns beat Ravens in Baltimore. There are no gimmees in this league....
  5. You mean it’s not about josh getting 300+ passing yards and Oliver a bunch of sacks???
  6. I'm sure this is just a coincidence and no need for the regulators to investigate... https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/10/the-mystery-of-the-trump-chaos-trades The president’s talk can move markets—and it’s made some futures traders billions. Did they know what he was going to say before he said it?
  7. If they played in Denver, I'd call it a toss up, but at Home, the Bills have the edge. Definitely a game where TOs will most likely determine the outcome.
  8. Miami's starting C is out too...Fitz will need to get the ball out very, very quick or be killed. If the pressure is overwhelming, I can see the Bills jumping some routes too. I almost feel bad for them...
  9. Yeah, yeah, yeah...employment can fall sometimes... You're such a picknit.
  10. This doesn't seem so far-fetched now.... https://www.inquirer.com/politics/nation/bolton-guiliani-ukraine-impeachment-20191015.html
  11. It's good that median HH income continues to rise, but it also was the "HIGHEST POINT EVER, EVER, EVER!" in 2016, Obama's last year. The second point, as I've said before, is like me saying "I'm the oldest I've ever, ever been today....."
  12. Yes, and hopefully they will start the game like they did against the Giants, then put it on cruise control and get some important starters out. I wouldn't mind seeing a little action for Singletary just to get the rust off.
  13. Don't think that guy has it right at all. Russia controls Assad, and they have also been working more and more with Turkey. This thing will be resolved fairly quick. For Turkey it's about weakening the Kurds, who have now made good with Assad (and Russia), as they have no other choice. Most likely a deal will be struck that satisfies Turkey's need to weaken the Kurds. Trump gets a political win by pulling troops out. The Neocons lose.
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