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  1. Different than the OP's question, but another good ?? is whether or not the team will get > 50? Yes, it would make zero sense to re-sign him and play him <40% of the time. Also, I believe Kelsay was mostly a strong-side LDE, so bad comparison.
  2. Yes, I think Groot is the wild card here. I could see him getting 5 sacks again or 10+.
  3. I won't disagree with the second point, and I agree there are a lot of other variables outside of snap count, but... AJE's stats are pretty consistent the past two years. I'd be willing to make a small wager that he'll get 8-10 sacks this year as long as he gets over 50% of the D snap counts.
  4. The last two seasons AJE got 6.5 sacks per, with snap counts of 36%. I'd expect him to get a little over 50% of the snap counts this year, which would equate to 9-10 sacks. Groot and Miller will easily combine for more than 10. Of course, the assumption is all stay healthy. OVER
  5. Another little interesting (confirmational) comment, on their draft board they write names in Buffalo Bills Blue for players who have that so-called Bills DNA, the leadership and moral values. There were around 25 on this board; and about half of their picks were Blue names (I'd guess the first 3 picks were part of this group).
  6. If all along means after Thomas went, yes. 😎
  7. It was. I had someone confirm what most thought anyway, he would've moved up a few spots to get him had he slipped past Jax.
  8. We need an equivalent to this thread: "Random WR question I think is important enough for its own thread" thread. Or simply a generalized thread on threads with questions, the title of which would be "The Betteridge Law Thread".
  9. Your stats have no context. Almost all of those are from his rookie year 2020; 13 games, 20 recs, 381 yards, and the 3 TDs. He last played in 2022, 7 games, 7 receptions, for 165 yds. We'll never know what could've been for him due to those injuries, but the Bills are taking a flyer, and if it pays off, he can fill the McKenzie role, only Hamler is good.
  10. I gave it a B. It wasn't a "sexy" draft, but it was the type of draft that teams need in order to fortify the roster in places of weakness. If Coleman turns out better than what most expect, and if one of the later picks makes a solid contribution down the line, then I'll put in a "change of grade form" and adjust to an A. If Coleman is meh, then a C.
  11. Wyatt Teller was a 5th too, just to add to the point
  12. One nit to pick. Hamler is not a "hope he develops" guy. His issue is staying healthy. 4.3 speed, with big play capability. He had significant playing time in his first year with the Broncos, then injury issues after that.
  13. Exactly, and who was the last Bills' RB to get a second contract?
  14. The Eagles took a WR, and his name was not Rice. Beane's an idiot.
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