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  1. Yeah, that's why the Giants went with their BPA. I should add, there was a trade offer on the table, but the drop-off in grade on who the Giants would target by dropping back was too significant to accept the offer.
  2. With the 58th pick in the 2021 TSW 2.0 Mock Draft, the NY Football Giants select Javonte Williams, RB, North Carolina. @BarleyNY and the Cleveland Browns are on the clock. While the Giants were looking to upgrade the WR2 position, Williams was just too good to pass up here, and gives the Giants a 1-2 punch at RB, and insurance if Barkley has any lingering issues from his injury or gets injured again. While the Giants have a few more holes to fill, GM Dave Gettleman feels good about filling his two most pressing needs: 1) rebuild the O-line; and 2) add an edg
  3. With the 55th pick in the 2021 TSW 2.0 Mock Draft, the New York Football Giants select Wyatt Davis, OG, The Ohio State University. While the Giants had WR Brown on their radar, they are more than happy to add Davis who will immediately step in at G and help establish a dynamic running game with a healthy Saquon Barkley returning. @RyanC883 and the Seattle Seahawks are on the clock.
  4. I had to look at the selections, as I was sure he was gone, or at least should've been.
  5. As the Dude said, "Not the Eagles man....." Deja vu....
  6. Yeah, this is always interesting with the TSW mocks, there are always some R1 prospects who drop into R2 who most likely don't in the real deal.
  7. (From the #3 tee...) Trade! The NY Giants have traded pick 27 (acquired from the Ravens) to the Steelers of Pittsburgh for pick 24. The teams have agreed to swap round 2 picks. The Steelers get pick 42 in exchange for pick 55. With the 24th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the New York football Giants select Azeez Ojulari, Edge, Georgia. The Jacksonville Jaguars and @Newera are on the clock. On the move back from 11, the Giants were tempted to take a sexier pick in one of the top 3 WRs, but acquiring Orlando Brown Jr gives them bookend tackles to protect Gett
  8. There is a pending trade accepted and awaiting confirmation. Oops! sorry, the trade is at 24, contingent on Jets’ pick.
  9. Great. It looks like I'll be making my pick from the golf course again.
  10. Given we'll see 5 QBs going in the top 10, some very good players will slide, which will make it more enticing for teams, especially since there is a drop off in talent in the second half of R1. I'd be shocked to see Parsons make it to 17, but I can certainly see a team or two trying to move up to 13 or 14 to nab him if he's still on the board. I think the real draft is going to be wild. Can't wait. I have my annual "meeting" April 29 with someone connected to the Bills, so I always try to pry a few nuggets. He said the McBeane era has really tightened the loose lips thou
  11. If you believe the rankings I used to generate a "consensus top 31", he was the last of the top 12. There is a clear fall off before moving into the next group from 13-21.
  12. With all of the QBs going by pick 8, it's made the cost of moving up a tad cheaper. In the real deal, I won't be surprised if there are several trades on day 1, but maybe not this many.
  13. While we're waiting for Logic to rise from his slumber, the Giants will entertain offers to move back, but it would take a heck of an offer if you're past #20.
  14. Yes, thanks! I saw the images in the clipboard area, but couldn't figure out how to delete.
  15. Sign him! What's the hold up? (Yes, it's a bad pun.)
  16. I’ll take any team you want to dole out, or I’ll be happy to let someone have the opportunity to participate who didn’t get to in mock 1. oh, except for the Bucs. I refuse to be involved with anything associated with Brady...
  17. What are your thoughts on Oweh? When I wrote the conclusion to the rankings, I remembered this thread by @MAJBobby:
  18. It's basically what I did with the 7 rankings I listed. Last year, TheAthletic had a consensus list with some 40+ rankings, so I'm waiting to see if that comes out again.
  19. There are too many CB needy teams for the top 3 to fall to 30, and, as I said, I don't believe Newsome will be there either. Teams will do their due diligence on Farley, and someone will grab him before 30 for sure. If you take my stats with more than a grain of salt, there is a 2.5% chance Horn will be available at 30.
  20. Wanting to avoid a tedious chore, I decided to play around with the prospect rankings and did a "consensus" average using 7 publicly available rankings: Jeremiah, Brandt, Brugler, CBS, NFL.com, Sporting News, and The Draft Network. I make no claim about how good or bad these sources are, and given there is so much variability, I decided to drop the worst ranking for each prospect, then calculated their average ranking. If there was a tie, the prospect with the lower standard deviation (not shown) is ranked ahead of the other. Some comments based on the outcome: 1. The obvious: th
  21. I think they'll try to find their big nickel (S) in the draft and add a CB.
  22. Good question! This year is really tough for me, given their draft position and the drop off in talent after about 20. In the simulator, I always took CB Newsome if he was there. He has moved up the rankings to where he's gone by pick 30 now (by the way, kudos to @GunnerBill as he was high on Newsome from the get-go). The Bills have a lot of areas where a stud pick could help. I'd be okay with Harris, a WR who falls (Bateman?), an Edge, and a CB. Then there's someone like JOK, who I voted for in the TSW mock. The best move might even be to move back and pick up another
  23. Looks like there's been a lot of movement in their rankings. Rousseau, for example, is now ranked at 34, Newsome at 20, and Farley at 31. Just noticed Jamin Davis made a big move too, into R1.
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