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  1. They had a weaker schedule last year. Do you remember when they were 7-6 and couldn't stop the run? Let's see how they finish out.
  2. Next time I better check before hitting submit. That is funny.
  3. This team is still better than last year’s when 13 seconds prevented a likely Super Bowl appearance and win. not deterred. We have Joan Allen.
  4. The O-line has taken a lot of heat, probably deservedly, but they are getting better as the season progresses. Injuries have been an issue, as it has for many position groups this year.
  5. This take might be a bit shaky too. The secondary has been in constant flux. Maybe if there was a little more stability, it wouldn't appear that TJ looks shaky this year? The D in general has been a carousel, but the DBs in even more so.
  6. He will start at C according to what he said. In a clip I saw yesterday, van rotten was at guard, so we'll see.
  7. Does the mean you've given up on your "Chiefs are paper tigers" prediction?
  8. If Josh can't play, it would be highly entertaining to see Keenum and Diggs beat the Vikings.
  9. @Jimmy Spagnola after the J-e-t-s lose tomorrow:
  10. Jets will play a conservative game by necessity and their D will make it difficult on buffalo in the first half. Bills win in the end, 20 - 10
  11. Yeah, imagine you have no OL left on the sidelines and your 5th on the field has an ACL tear, and they still should've won that game. I imagine the Bills are looking at the December game with Miami a lot like they looked at the Titans game, want to put a hurt on that team...
  12. While Jets fans might be more extreme, it's not much different here in terms of how fans react when some player has a bad game--he's a bum, move on from him, trade him, he'll be gone next year, etc. The BIG difference is it's the QB position for the Jets.
  13. This trade thread has taken a turn...unless...?
  14. Maybe that's why they fired the OC too...
  15. Did you send them a sample of some of the negativity here? 😎
  16. I almost forgot there was a game this week...got caught up in all the trade threads. A lot of drama there.
  17. If he clears waivers, he's back on the PS
  18. When my group goes to games, it’s all about the food at the tailgate. Several times we’ve roasted a whole pig and there’s usually 3-5 people who come without a ticket and set up a TV. It’s great to come back to that after the game as you wait for traffic to die down too.
  19. We signed Miller, and all indications are we’ll sign obj. All good?
  20. While they won, They didn’t cover the spread because someone started a thread last week asking who the Bills would play in the Super Bowl… That is a warning!
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