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  1. I’m sure I could find better if I was paid millions of dollars to do so. Do you honestly think AJ Klein is worth a darn on this team?
  2. Can’t Beane do better than AJ Klein? Smh.
  3. I hope he gets cut. He’s not good enough. He’s also a sellout.
  4. Awful head coach when it matters most. He will never win a Super Bowl. He’s wasting Josh Allen’s prime years.
  5. He should be fired. He will never win a Super Bowl.
  6. Anyone who believes he was vaping on the sideline has a peanut for a brain.
  7. Healthy people don’t need vaccinated from a virus that doesn’t really make them sick. These are professional athletes in great physical condition. They don’t need the vaccine. You can still acquire and spread the virus even if vaccinated. 🙄All of these restrictions make no sense. Anyone with common sense knows that.
  8. Comparing CB to Westboro Church? Lol @ you. What a dolt. I can’t believe some people.
  9. He’s had the DNP tag both Wednesday and Thursday. It would be a big hit if he’s not able to go.
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