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  1. WRT PR how many seasons does he have with a winning record prior to 2015 I know a lot of posters @ TBD wanted Mr P Rivers in Buffalo.
  2. Only if needed. Trolling aside - All I am saying is that Tyrod better have a good game and get a W. If not, then as I see it, he has to be classified a bust just like EJ.
  3. IIRC the knee injury missed 2 games was from the horse collar tackle, the upper chest shoulder injury - he's still listed as Questionable on the NFL Injury report - was the cheaters game and people were speculating if Rex would have put EJ in for a Hail Mary attempt had the Refs not stolen the 2 seconds from Buffalo. My comments were rooted in all the.crap I got for defending EJ and how he had a horrible game against JJ. If the same happens to TT and sooner of later he will have a pick 6, the bigger TT fans will take a lot of crap when they try to defend him. I for one must be on my best behavior, but mind you I'll be thinking about it.
  4. Might be Jamie gets eaten by a dragon as he tries to kill Tyrion. The Stark lineage - all freaks I tell ya. When will Sansa's wargness come out? And where the hell is the youngest son?
  5. We shall see. I hope for the feverish TT fans sake that he performs well, because if he doesn't man this place will be bonkers AGAIN. Fixed it CBF I was going to do that!!! you .................
  6. but ... currently we're only 1 game behind him and have a slightly smaller QB
  7. Not to change the topic from new show to old... Haven is in its final season and in the final moments of last nights episode the latest evil entity Croatoan enters stage left.
  8. that was a tease? More like a super fast recap. I think there is more spoiler in my spoiler than that .
  9. I can't argue that. I could argue the KC was a must win being in the last 6 games and needing to secure a small buffer in the WC hunt. This is a must win or done game.
  10. Since I don't follow college, to me it is always Who's that guy? All I can say is the GM has brought in some decent rookies in the past few years. How much say the HC has ... ??? 2nd rd Darby, 5th rd Karlos Williams, 1st rd Sammy, 2nd Kiko, 1st rd Gilmore, 1st rd Dareus, 2nd rd Aaron Williams, imo have worked well. I was trying to be sarcastic.
  11. I'd prefer another decent performance by a Hot Babe in skimpy clothes.. At leas it would be worth watching
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