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  1. I've been reading the AFCE forums today, and of course Jets fans are super excited, as they should be, that team is not going to be an easy out for anyone this year. Pats fans gunna Pats fan, ho hum FA, still clinging to the GOAT for at least one more year, but reading the forums, THEY KNOW, the times are a changing. And then we have the Fins fans.. Can't imagine what these boards would be like if we had as boring a FA period as they are having knowing that they are in serious tank-mode.. I know, I know, I shouldn't feel bad but I do. Tim-
  2. D521646

    Eric berry released

    Didn't SJ take out knees in a legal hit, Berry's rookie year? Tim-
  3. Dodged a bullet... I don't get why our fans wanted this guy.. I am SOOOO Glad this deal got nixed. Tim-
  4. D521646

    Cuts around the League

    Why all this TE talk? Based on last year, it never seemed like the TE, outside of the blocking role, was ever a big part of Dabol's system? Why would we spend millions on a new shiny toy that isn't a big factor in the game plan, week to week? Just asking for a friend. Tim-
  5. D521646

    What do you want to see this offseason: DRAFT

    Oline all the way for the first 3 rounds, protect Allen, and he will be a superstar. Tim-
  6. D521646

    About Tom Brady and the Patriots

    That's what is so frustrating watching him over the years. The ONLY time you beat this team is when you execute this game plan. No other, ONLY this one. Take away his short passing game, and run game, force him to hold the ball just a little bit longer, and yes, sometimes he still beats you, but by playing this type of pressure defense, you stand a chance. It's that, well, simple on paper, much harder to execute, of course. BUT, it IS the right defensive plan. As to the OP, I hate the Patriots as well, and want them to lose Sunday, BUT, no arguing that Brady is the GOAT, for me it's not even close. Tim-
  7. D521646

    Lorenzo is back

    Awesome cannot complain at all about this move!
  8. I always go to the :out going" teams message boards to see how the fans feel about player movement and I gotta say that, almost to a tee, they are pissed. (ok, so there were only two message boards that even had activity but just sayin.. LOL") Opposing fans are conversely glad to see him go, I'm sure. The CFL sports writers had nothing but good things to say about him, in fact, I couldn't find a single negative things at all. This could be the pickup of the offseason so far. Tim-
  9. D521646

    Greg Rosenthal QB Index

    I totally disagree, not sure what you're seeing, bud. Makes mundane plays of oh I dunno 20 yards down field more regular than any of the other rookies, and on a rope! Wow plays, check! Key plays at the end of the game.. Well, notwithstanding Clays drop, we really didn't have a chance to see any of that this year, but I bet dollars to donuts we see it all next year! I have Mayfield as the best more productive rookie this year, well deserved, he earned it, and I have Darnold and Allen with about the same weapons and equal in terms of showing. I think next year we see separation from the top three and I suspect it will be Allen taking the lead! Tim-
  10. Wait, reading this it seems to suggest that Quinn is out to as HC.. DC is now his official role, am I reading that correctly? Tim-
  11. D521646

    Josh Allen’s Adjusted Completion Percentage = 72.7%

    I dunno, I love what I'm seeing from this kid, and been around long enough to know we've never had a QB quite like him, except maybe Flutie, but he was an accomplished vet when we got him. He passes the eye test, something NP did not do, EJ, Orton, heck everyone sans Barkley (Barkley looked good and I hope we retain him, seems like he fits here). He's like a sponge right now, absorbing every nuance the NFL has to offer in his rookie year. Next year the "newness" of it all will have faded and he will be even more laser focused on learning the trade. I would also like to point out that of the 5 QB's taken, I think an average media assessment of them have Baker first, then Allen/Jackson, Darnold, Rosen. However, outside of Baker, who actually does have talent around him, does Baker raise their play level? Serious question. I KNOW that Allen has raised the play level of the players he's worked with, that is a fact, so, part of a quality QB, rook or vet is whether they can raise the overall level of play. I think, the answer is, yes! Tim-
  12. D521646

    Vikings Fire OC John DeFilippo

    Scapegoat for sure. Zimmer reminds me of Hue Jackson, in some ways, particularly with his ego, and I'm the boss mentality. Whenever we see things like this, we always get the excuse train, oh, well he needs a better Oline, they need to run the ball more.. blah blah.. Of course any NFL QB will look like world beaters if only they had this going for them. Look at the RAMS.. Stop their run game, and you can beat them.. Same with Vikings, in fact this applies to most NFL teams, bar maybe the Pats, and the Packers, where the QB can will their teams to victory all by themselves.. I dunno how to evaluate coaching anymore than I am credible in evaluating NFL talent, but, it seems to me that if you're good enough to have one of these jobs, I dare say that, outside of gross negligence, I rarely put the blame on the OC, or even Head coach. The players gotta play, and scheme can sometimes play a part (Rex anyone) trying to fit a square into a circle, but I don't think this was the case with the Vikings. Tim-