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  1. I can't think of anyone worse, maybe Sharpton, but really Jay-Z? Guy hates cops, unless of course he needs one, which all these SJW conveniently forget. Tim-
  2. Bill Burr would call her a gold digging *****.. It's an epidemic I tell ya.. LOL Tim-
  3. There is zero excuse that this happened. I feel terrible for the little boy and the parents, assuming they're normal will live with it forever. Totally avoidable. Tim-
  4. Ha, this was me when the trade was announced that Whaley was moving up to the 4th overall spot and picked Watkins in perhaps the most top heavy WR draft in the past 2 decades.. LOL Sure, I talked myself into it after I calmed down, but let's keep it real, it was perhaps THE DUMBEST MOVE BY A GM in Bills history. Tim-
  5. you know you have the right QB when fans on other sites are following his progress and talk about how they wish they had taken him instead of XYZ QB. I've been on the Fins and Jets message boards and yes, although some fans are homers and state that they think Allen is "trash", most recognize his potential. That says a lot to me, love this kid! Tim-
  6. Fits the character guy that McBeane wants, but I am skeptical about his motor at this point? Tim-
  7. Didn't seem like much to me. I would expect this kind of stuff at large events, in fact, it happens all the time when dealing with drunk dudes, and girls. One thing I would say though, is, what the hell was his girlfriend wearing? Did someone not tell her she looked stupid in the getup? LOL Tim-
  8. Not sure how I feel about this, but he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers.. I doubt we'll ever see anyone that ran like OJ again, period, but to give the number to Perry seems a bit off-putting to me. Can't describe it, but it doesn't feel right. Tim-
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