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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/look-back-is-josh-allen-a-2020-mvp-candidate/ar-AAKWAUv?ocid=msedgntpLook Back: Is Josh Allen a 2020 MVP Candidate? (msn.com) Yeah, Schein has rubbed me the wrong way a few times, BUT, he did call this early when it wasn't popular to do so, credit due! Tim-
  2. That Sheppard deal was probably the most important at a time when our D had no identity, but let's keep it real. No one knew for sure how that would turn out. Perfect example of a player that needed the right environment to excel. Tim-
  3. Tua, looks good, and Flores is taking it slow, as he should, but let's not get crazy. AZ is not a top tier defense, let's see how he does against teams that can defend the pass. Allen, on the other hand excels at passing. In spite of McD's tendencies, they had a great game plan yesterday. Our strength Vs. their weakness.. Seems dumb to write that outm but the same plan should be for next week with a few wrinkles. Tim-
  4. With the loss of Lawson and Phillips, apparently we lost our core and seemingly integral part of the defensive, whether by scheme or by effort. Two biggest losses this off season. And I know they haven't done much with their new teams, they were clearly more important than previously thought. Just an all around stinker.. But the above holds true all season thus far. This D is missing heart, and both those guys clearly had it! In my opinion Beanes biggest blunder as a GM. Tim-
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