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  1. Huh? What does this have to do with her being a women? I love women, and love the fact that the Bills have the most women in the league working for them. I have the same criticisms about men, MOST of them are morons as well, but something about her draws my attention, not sure what it is. Tim-
  2. It wasn't just that, did you watch the clip? Tim- Theories are derived from material evidence. What evidence did you see from Week one that had Cam being the 4th best QB in fantasy this week? Tim-
  3. Some of you know that I can't stand the fact this women has a job when her prediction rate of success is abysmal, I mean downright awful, but she's still at it, and I warn ANYONE who plays fantasy (especially DFF) to avoid her "predictions" like the plague. I watched her prediction of last night's game, and went back and thought you all enjoy just how bad her "prediction" was. http://www.nfl.com/videos/game-theory/0ap3000001053711/Game-Theory-How-Panthers-can-capitalize-vs-Bucs-at-home There wasn't ONE SINGLE aspect of her prediction that came true, not a one. Discuss! Tim-
  4. the burden on the plaintiff is much lower than criminal, so this is why the NFL probably leaves him alone at this point, even if he loses the suit, it won't matter. Tim-
  5. Just heard on the radio, sorry no link, but in the Giants presser Shurmur said when asked about Allen, that when they looked at him in 2018 they thought that one day he "might" be a starter? When pressed later on in the press conference, he repeated the statement? What does that even mean? Meanwhile McD had high praise for Eli. I find it odd that usually we hear from coaches nothing but good things to say about the team they're about to face, but Shurmur's comments caught reporters off guard? Tim-
  6. Tool, being the appropriate word here. What "tool" is this good for? Fantasy FB, defensive/offensive coordinators, coaches of any kind? What is it good for? Is it good for predicting ANYTHING, and if so, what is the measuring stick, what is it's success rate? No, Sir, this is no tool. The screwdriver I have in my toolbox is a tool, this is pure garbage for fans who don't know anything. Tim-
  7. Ya know I keep reading this, and it's repeated everywhere, and it might even be true, but let's be honest, AB isn't that smart, and watching Hard Knocks I never got that impression. What makes YOU think this was the "plan" all along? Tim-
  8. Hmm..Interesting topic. I use to listen to everything I could on FF, but not anymore, other than just in passing. I also used to play fantasy leagues but I don't do that either, I ONLY play DFS (Hockey and football). I find that if you listen to everything on FF you're head tends to explode and you 2nd guess yourself. To make money in FF and FH, you really should be playing H2H or 50/50, and then play a few lineups in the Millionaire Maker just in case. Head to head evens the score in terms of who you're up against. Even the bank-rolled players can only pick their favorite lineup and it's you against them. I had so much success playing this way last two years (Once I finally figured this out) that I have made a good deal of cash playing, and generally I do better, although just slightly, in Hockey, but FF I'm still way ahead of the cash-out vs, cash-in measure. The tournaments are loaded with bank-rolled players who use over the counter 3rd party apps to help them select lineups, and then they just bulk enter. You can place in the cash in these games, but I've never won more than $2500 in the MM with a score of 241. To give you some perspective the winning lineups scored 268. The money, and fun is playing 50/50 and H2H. Start with $5, $10 dollar matches and work your way up. I mostly play $100 games now as I'm pretty confident, and oh, playing H2H and 50/50 forces you to select your lineups a whole lot different than playing in tournaments. The latter being high ceiling risk, vs, high floor in 50/50, and H2H. But to your point, yeah, listening to it becomes tedious after a while. Tim-
  9. I can't think of anyone worse, maybe Sharpton, but really Jay-Z? Guy hates cops, unless of course he needs one, which all these SJW conveniently forget. Tim-
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