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  1. 100+ pages of fans thinking we just need a RB to get over the top when we have very capable RB's in the house already.. Laughable.
  2. Well, I do remember the drought years quite well in fact, however, if the idea is that bad, please elaborate, or not, your choice. Tim- Johnson isn't as fast as McKenzie, but yeah, he is vastly more experienced, so there's that! tim-
  3. So you're in the no column? I mean he can still play both sides of the ball, can't he? Tim-
  4. Not a crazy idea but, I was thinking today how to minimize Hill with only using one guy, and I was thinking the fastest guy we have is McKenzie, and he has great hands. If McKenzie could be taught to play corner in one week, seems Mahomes always throws to Hill when he is wide open, but when covered, or closely shadowed, he tends to look at other reads, and comes off Hill quickly, which if you watch the tape, trends into a hasty throw or scramble by the Chiefs signal caller. I know some will laugh at this as McK is showing great promise on offense, but for one game, is the idea that terrible? Thoughts? tim-
  5. Vegas made a lot of money today.. Disgusting, embarrassing performance by the offense in all aspects. I'm just going to log off and kick my dog a few times.. Tim-
  6. OMG< she's one of the worst fantasy predictors ever! Nice to look at but for any football IQ value I give this a big thumbs down..
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/look-back-is-josh-allen-a-2020-mvp-candidate/ar-AAKWAUv?ocid=msedgntpLook Back: Is Josh Allen a 2020 MVP Candidate? (msn.com) Yeah, Schein has rubbed me the wrong way a few times, BUT, he did call this early when it wasn't popular to do so, credit due! Tim-
  8. That Sheppard deal was probably the most important at a time when our D had no identity, but let's keep it real. No one knew for sure how that would turn out. Perfect example of a player that needed the right environment to excel. Tim-
  9. Tua, looks good, and Flores is taking it slow, as he should, but let's not get crazy. AZ is not a top tier defense, let's see how he does against teams that can defend the pass. Allen, on the other hand excels at passing. In spite of McD's tendencies, they had a great game plan yesterday. Our strength Vs. their weakness.. Seems dumb to write that outm but the same plan should be for next week with a few wrinkles. Tim-
  10. With the loss of Lawson and Phillips, apparently we lost our core and seemingly integral part of the defensive, whether by scheme or by effort. Two biggest losses this off season. And I know they haven't done much with their new teams, they were clearly more important than previously thought. Just an all around stinker.. But the above holds true all season thus far. This D is missing heart, and both those guys clearly had it! In my opinion Beanes biggest blunder as a GM. Tim-
  11. There's no way in hell that Ole Bill didn't know what was happening. The man is meticulous to a fault. At this point it doesn't even matter. 31 fan bases are all talking about this, twitter is well, twitter, and the NFL and the commissioner need to be out in front of it. They admitted it, finding out the why, the how, and the who isn't nearly as important as to the shield that Goddell so fondly speaks of. How do you win 6 SB in 20 years.. Easy, cheat! Tim-
  12. It's not going to be a blow out for either side, both are well coached teams, disciplined, and hungry. I think unlike in previous few weeks, McD doesn't allow the vanilla defense on the first Baltimore drive, and instead goes all in on stopping their inside run game, staying aggressive on early downs forcing LJ into passing on 2nd, 3rd down. That I think is the plan or hope going in. We actually match up pretty well with them on defense, and on offense I think we have the edge in running the ball off tackle with motor. The key is getting up early, and getting inside LJ head with run blitzes and blitzes from the outside corner position. Key, outside corner, NOT slot corner or safety. If we blitz with any inside guys LJ and or Ingram will eat our lunch. Why from the outside you ask? Because, from what I've seen, and only on rare occasions where LJ has time, he almost never looks outside on his reads and his instinct is to look downfield ahead of his eyes. This is his kryptonite, IMO. Teams thus far, AKA the 9ers, didn't blitz much, but when they did it was double A-Gap or safeties all coming up the middle, which, I can understand as the Ravens strength is running inside, so the thought process would be to blitz on your way to the QB or RB. I don't think this is the correct approach. I think the safety we keep back takes on the role of cover for the blitzing DB in a well disguised scheme. The whole idea is to make LJ act fast, but make his options limited to on side of the field by clogging up the center in some zone, and man on the opposite side of the blitzing DB. I think if their WR line up anywhere near the LOS, this should be taught as automatics to blitz from that side closest to the OT. Have a hand signal to the deeper safety that this is your cue to go, and make sure he's on the same page. You can blitz the Ravens, but NOT on 1st down, and if you want some modicum of success, the Blitzer has to be coming from the outside. If the Bills can accomplish this, we win 28 - 16. oh, and one other thing, I'd try some DLine combinations in practice this week that have a focus on clogging up the middle allowing our LB's free to spot the rusher, or QB. Maybe 5 linemen at times, maybe 3, keep them guessing. Having plan A, and a Plan B, should include a Plan C and Plan D or maybe even E, F G. Go Bills! Tim-
  13. Wow, that was a show, but I think I got it figured out. Teams are going to have to sacrifice 5 down lineman no LB's, and the two safeties are going to have to fill the gap where the LB's should be. That leaves you 5 D linemen with a true NT, 2 safeties up at the LOS, and 4 DB's in man.. To me, this is the way to at least try and slow the Ravens down. But, man-o-man, Jackson is fun to watch isn't he? Tim-
  14. Yeah I have come out saying I was wrong as well, however, he still doesn't see the whole field, whereas Josh has made a huge gain in that regard. I'd still take Josh coming out, but I am pulling for the kid, Jackson, good story, good kid, but we need to beat them a few weeks. Tim-
  15. Great analysis, but I would add with regard to Baker, that he tends to roll right when he feels pressure, which limits his field vision. I think McD knows this as well, and will force Baker out of the pocket to his right, and then shorten the defense to compensate. I've watched all the Browns game this year, and if I'm the DC, I work this into my plan on passing downs with fake pressure to Bakers left, added with real pressure early to force that uneasy feeling, and then shorten the coverage over the top. What you'll get is a bunch of throw aways, or depending on score, ill-advised throws down the sidelines. Baker doesn't see the field, I would argue as well as Josh Allen does at this point in their careers, but both of them are gunslingers and risk takers, albeit, Josh is getting better at this, Baker, not so much. I agree that Landry should be the one to waste less time on. Put White on OBJ (Another note is the media has been reporting all week that OBJ is NOT happy with his touches) and have one of the safeties roll that way each snap, keep the other in the box on running downs. Baker, with his immaturity at this point in his career is keenly aware that his star receivers are getting twitchy, and will want to force the ball to them. I think McD exploits this on Sunday and our D comes to play, and Josh will keep being Josh, which, for the most part has be adequate. That said, if the Bills are up big late, I'd like to see Daboll let Josh explore his inner Farve.. Go Bills! Tim-
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