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  1. Fits the character guy that McBeane wants, but I am skeptical about his motor at this point? Tim-
  2. Didn't seem like much to me. I would expect this kind of stuff at large events, in fact, it happens all the time when dealing with drunk dudes, and girls. One thing I would say though, is, what the hell was his girlfriend wearing? Did someone not tell her she looked stupid in the getup? LOL Tim-
  3. Not sure how I feel about this, but he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers.. I doubt we'll ever see anyone that ran like OJ again, period, but to give the number to Perry seems a bit off-putting to me. Can't describe it, but it doesn't feel right. Tim-
  4. I use the Skystream 2 box, and XBMC (older one but still does great) for everything streaming. I do have basic cable though with the DVR because the one downfall to streaming is you can't set a DVR to record the games if you're not there. Thinking about getting the newer Skystream box which has the newer 802.11.AC and will allow up to 400mbs streaming wirelessly. For sports though I hookup the boxes to the ethernet cable directly for smooth streams. Tim-
  5. So sad, brother, may your journey into the nether world be one for the books. You're an inspiration, a friend, and fellow Bills Mafia alum. When you get to where you're going, first thing you do is "climb a tree and then listen to your thoughts".. Peace! Tim-
  6. Put me down as one of the few here who is not excited about signing Ziggy... I say stay away.. Tim-
  7. Boy, another national media guy down on the Bills.. Wait, isn't he always down on the Bills? Hard to take him seriously though when he thinks Miami comes out the AFCE as the WC.. I mean, I hate the Jets, but they got objectively much better this year, similar to us. Jets have a serious OL issue, something we had until FA and the draft.. Miami got on impact player, ONE, the rest of their draft either don't make the team, or are role players. Bills got at least 3 starters, and by my count 3 role players, might have a couple on the PS, but overall our draft was pretty great. I see us conservatively as a 10 win team, 11, if we manage to beat the Pats once, Jets once, and Fins 2. Fins season will come down to which Fitzy they get starting the season.. Tim-
  8. I understand his take, and we should expect this from national writers, although Benoit is actually not a bad analyst; sure he, like every other writers, gets things terribly wrong at times, almost buffoonish, in fact, but his premise, reading between the context of his statement is at least palatable. I'm a Bills Mafia member true and blue, love my team, but I'm also, (Or try to be) objective. We did NOT specifically "need" a DT, even one to replace Kyle, however, then one must show consistency in how GM's approach the draft. Is it a false dichotomy? Is it one or the other, draft for need, or draft BPA, all the time, every time? I suspect it's a little of both for most GM's. This years draft lined up perfectly in that, we got a top 3 player at a position of need, at great value. Do we need Oliver? Any Bills fan will tell you that replacing the production of Kyle would be no easy task, and many of us, including myself absolutely KNEW that Oliver sitting there at 9 was going to be the pick. It was a good pick because it was firstly, safe, for need, and excellent value. Benoits opinion on the matter, although understandable, is not taking any of those factors into account. Sure we could have gotten our pick of edge rusher, but then Benoits argument would be the same for that position as well. We have edge rushers, a lot of them, would he say the same out our pick if it had been a DE at 9? Judging by his premise, he'd have top give a grade of C.. Beane made the right pick, and Benoits take is at the margins, in fact I'm not sure anyone else in the media has said we made a mistake? Outlier opinions are just that. It does question Benoits sincerity, if not his overall credibility by not thinking it through. I like Benoit, but as I stated, they all get it terribly wrong some of the time. Tim-
  9. How can you even begin to unravel the roster at this point, and I get it, it did say "way too early" in the OP. However, to me it seems easier to project what is not going to happen rather than what will. For instance, CB1 is set, SS 1, FS 1, are set, QB 1, all set, RB 1, RB 2, set. WR 1, 2, set, DE, and DT 3T, all set, MLB 1, set, this means that there is a ton of positions not set at OL, DL, LB, CB, TE, RB (3, 4, 5) and WR 3, 4, 5, 6 (7).. I am excited to see who is ready to compete this year, will be fun to watch! Tim-
  10. Oliver NORTH Cody Found On Road Dead Devin Singularity Dawson HARD Knox!! All I got, Tim-
  11. I thought that as well, but magnificent 11 didn't have the same ring to it. Tim-
  12. Ok, the draft is over, acquisitions still pending, but all in all, we have our roster that will be coming to camp. I was thinking of a nickname for our front 7, and even though at least one positoon is not set, I'm coining the term now. Front four: Shaq/Lorax/Murphy Phillips/Phillips - Star/Oliver Hughes Lorax/Edmunds/Milano I'll take it, but obviously we can improve the left side somewhat, although I want to go on record that signing Ansah is a mistake. In any event, anyone like the nic? Tim-
  13. Absolutely love this pic, by Beane.. Mafia going to fall in love with this guy as well. Give it time. Tim-
  14. The Randle analogy is more accurate than Donald, IMO, and I'm perfectly ok with that. One of my all time favorite none Bill! Tim-
  15. Kiper really didn't talk much last night, IMO. I too was (well not really) shocked at the playing of the video. Sorry, I've never had to hit a women, but if I can imagine having to do so it would be in defense of my family... The kid was 16 defending his sister who was getting an ass whopping and surrounded by all kinds of potential dangers. I actually applaud the kid. Women seem to think that they are free to throw the punches and not face any consequences. Sorry, you attack my family and I don't care who you are, period! ESPN being so "woke" these days makes me sick to my stomach, frankly. The kid can play, it was a decent pick, IMO. Kiper (Although I'm no fan) does most of his important work pre-draft.. Tim-
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