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  1. Isn't it weird just responding to your own dissociative personalities?
  2. Order pizza. If it's the still the same as my college days, there's like a 30% chance that the driver can hook you up if they're under 30. If he can't hook you up, you still got a pepperoni pizza!
  3. When you regularly eat a bag of dickks, how long does it take until you get full?
  4. Go hug a loved one. Or maybe give them an air high five. Then make yourself a nice sapphire gin gimlet. That takes the edge off for me sometimes.
  5. I guess then it comes down to what the governing orders are. If he's distanced enough from his nearest co-worker then it really isn't too much of a problem. I live in central NY and was given the option of working from home via VPN or coming to work. Coming to work entails me waking up, showering, driving by myself to work and working in my office away from the other essential few. I'd rather be at work. If he's not comfortable working but has no immediate need to stay home, he should just talk to his boss. If the boss wants him at the office and isn't legally required to let him work from home, he should probably go to work unless he's willing to lose his job. It's definitely not a simple answer. Many things factor in. Best of luck to your friend.
  6. What state? Is it an essential business? How many people in office? What is spacing like in his office?
  7. Seems that way. When he was BF4E, he had the FAUX NEWS avatar and got booted because of his insane EJ obsession. It's hard for him to socialize normally due to his admitted Asperger's.
  8. Sandlot Little Big League Free Willy 3 Ninjas Hook
  9. I love these threads. An awesome study in emotion vs logic. Thanks all. 🤣
  10. I just rewatched that trilogy this past weekend.
  11. Thanks. I wasn't aware. Sports Illustrated @SInow Keanon Lowe, the former Oregon wide receiver who disarmed a student that brought a gun to Parkrose High School in Portland, has been awarded the Citizen Honor Award by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society Keanon Lowe Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor si.com 1:20 PM · Mar 31, 2020·SocialFlow 35 Retweets 177 Likes
  12. Beth Nakamura @bethnakamura In a sea of bad news, hate for this to get lost: Keanon Lowe, the football coach & security guard who disarmed a distraught student at Parkrose High School last year, was awarded nation’s highest civilian honor, the Congressional Medal of Honor Parkrose hero Keanon Lowe awarded Congressional Medal of Honor oregonlive.com 9:12 PM · Mar 30, 2020·Twitter for iPhone 520 Retweets 2.4K Likes
  13. Pasta, but point taken. Supporting local restaurants and not going to the gym at 5am before work everyday has not helped.
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