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  1. The county I live in has had I think 3-5 new cases in the last 5 weeks. Most people here have stopped being cowards.
  2. 🤣 I mean, as a business, it's their right. That said, it's gonna be a shitshow. Store employee: "Sir. You can't enter without a mask." Customer: "Excuse me, but did you just assume my gender?" Store employee: "My mistake. Please enjoy your shopping experience."
  3. As a side dish, I'm addicted to grilled zucchini. Just quarter and marinate it in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper for a few hours before grilling. Goes great with a 17.99/lb quarantine priced New York Strip.
  4. Leave Timmy alone! You're lucky he even performed for you bastards!
  5. Clay has been great on this (and most other things).
  6. Gotta hear both sides here. Who are we to judge them? How do we know that the guns they had weren't just there for social distancing protection? If I had to guess, some people got within six feet and they calmly admonished them with their guns. Then, as punishment, they took their watches and money with the promise that it would be returned to them at the end of the week after they'd had time to think about their unsafe actions.
  7. 🤣 This guy is amazing. From the start his extreme hyperbole has been outstanding. Did you know he wears a mask 250,000 times more than the average Joe? 🤣 He could very easily be a troll, but he seems too emotionally invested in his terrible takes. Which to me begs the question...
  8. Just from the Chinese Flu? No comorbidities? Weird. Please provide a link.
  9. @plenzmd1 If I remember correctly, you enjoy these as much as I do. The comments and edits are hilarious, but nothing beats the funeral bearers in video 2.
  10. Roberts talking the effect on Agriculture. This needs to be a huge part of the conversation.
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