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  1. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/yahoo-news/ https://www.allsides.com/news-source/yahoo-news-media-bias
  2. Do you pause league wide activities for the eventual positives after that?
  3. Crap. I forgot about that rule. I was admittedly a little buzzed and happy when I ordered that Sunday after the game. Thanks for the reminder. I may see what they say since it is mandated that I wear a mask. 😇
  4. Abstained in 2016 after Cruz didn't get the nomination. I didn't like Trump and would not vote for what the Dem party had become (they're even worse now). It also didn't matter in NY. This time I'll be voting Trump in person. I ordered a Trump 2020 Chinese Flu mask just to wear to the polling station.
  5. The logic is awesome. People making between $40-50K will be so upset over this story that they'll vote for Biden and his promise to raise their taxes.
  6. He was dying inside at 28-3. Hadn't posted much after the first 10 minutes.
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