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  1. I didn't report him. I didn't see a need to waste you (or your Mods) time. I'll bow out. I was just messing with him because he's...well, deserving. Thanks for years of this great site!
  2. Keep crying. I literally looked at your posting history for 10 minutes. Like you did with DR. "Deeper life." 🤣 I'll now comment on your deeper life. I bet you have a fainting couch.
  3. I rarely agreed. They just tried to discuss. And Tibs is my guy. He and I never got into it. I respected his ability to hang in here.
  4. The others just threw chitbombs everywhere. SectionC3 literally thinks everyone that disagrees with him is a Nazi. BillStime posts the same memes nonstop. TBBills is barely literate. GoBuffalo716 is a POS ghoul who asks people to see their loved ones obits. Gary is mentally unstable. Tibs was cool. Crayola64 is a good contributor. Frank Reich offered some good perspective. Transplant engaged. Doc Brown was good. Kay Adams, K9, Jauronimo, Section 122 were all good when they stopped down. Shoshin on the other hand might be the most insufferable crybaby I've ever seen on t
  5. He's saying the quiet part out loud. These psychos really are pushing for war.
  6. Prayers for Dak. That looked like a dangling ankle.
  7. False. Trump is a person, not a country. It's funny that you think opinion equals truth though.
  8. Nope. That thread and his idiotic "Trump is China" thread are both gone.
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