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  1. Dang, with how Buffalo likes to play every game close, that is quite a spread. I mean, Miami almost tied, today. Not sure they are serious about that #1 overall.
  2. I was more saying it as a matter of fact. But, take it as you will.
  3. The Jets' defense is pretty legit, with CJ in. Dirty and ugly, but legit. Can they make the playoffs, still?
  4. I love how the phins were not about to let a tie ruin their #1 overall pick.
  5. Dolphins taking the tank a bit more seriously than Washington. Fitz almost put a stop to it. No matter what Fitz is a baller.
  6. Jesus ******* Christ, man...
  7. Every year this stupid question gets asked. Could the Tide beat (insert weakest team here)? Every year the answer is the same about OP.
  8. After how the defense has played, we can only hope things just get better for these young guys.
  9. I agree... The only issue is that all the other wrs passed him on the depth chart, and cutting loose is really all that is left. I wish him the best with Richie and co.
  10. Well, now I dont feel as bad thinking this was hilarious. The guy was okay for the same reason drunk drivers are okay.
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