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  1. Not enough pictures for my taste. I let this lady explain the motives. She looks trustworthy... Meanwhile...
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/18/world/europe/utrecht-shooting.html Pretty sad response. This is far from "it." I suppose it is stuff like this which makes me really feel relatively apathetic about the NZ shooting. The 100:1 ratio of Islam:Western terrorist attacks. Also, the support racists get as long as they hate whites/westerners. Why does Twitter hate white people?
  3. New Zealand's reaction to the shooting will prove worse than the shooting itself. It's frightening that men are allowing what's happening there to happen. Like, they are all happily neutering themselves. The national neutering will will have consequences far beyond a mere terrorist act. I can't decide if it is more frightening or pathetic. How dare that Kiwi try to push his neutered reality on me.
  4. How do you know if the links are real? What if they're fake? Only one way to find out... ahhhhhhahaha! How does it feel to live in a dystopia? I thought they turned off the Internet in NZ to protect the child-like minds of their people. How'd you escape the firewalls? Are you okay? Are the people in your village happily acting like cowardly eunuchs while having their freedoms stripped? Honestly, I pray for the children in NZ, that they don't grow up and become the cowards their parents apparently are.
  5. Yeah, I suppose I went a bit far and should have double checked before saying what I did. This place is where I vent and can be a bit of myself, unfiltered and carefree. I prefer to keep it that way, until I go full The_Dude.
  6. Some would say that is what Islam does. I suppose the evidence would be majority Muslim countries and their history.
  7. I made a mistake. I hope you don't make one and go outside. It's super scary.
  8. I mean, some people are just unaware that their perception is not absolute.
  9. That's the thing. You're unaware that attacking white, male Catholics is bigoted. No surprise, the echo chamber many of you live in is designed to keep you self-righteous in your ignorance. It is pathetic really. Have you ever really pitied something other than yourself? Last time he was.