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  1. Umm, yeah. Transfer to a Compton HS for graduation... This is my new company's purpose. To relocate HS seniors to the ghettos of LA for graduation. Haha. Wtf is going on with the world? This sex strike since aborion laws started kicking back the infanticide laws is crazy, too.
  2. This is insulting. "I respect the way that ###### tried." Good for you. I don't care.
  3. I never agree with this guy. No, it should be stickied and locked forever as a reminder...
  4. Results are all that matters. The cards just made a mistake they'll regret for years to come.
  5. This is where Josh Rosen belongs. May Cerberus finally destroy the evil empire. I hope all three do well. I just hope Mr. Allen does more well! Punish the evil empire for the next century. Cards made a huge mistake.
  6. Is tradition. We once thought these were awesome. I remember having to have a pair when I was a little white kid.
  7. Wait, they don't still make these? Like, the only place to find them is at a salvation army or ebay?
  8. He really is a perfect fit and the Bills are a perfect fit for him. Let's hope nobody ***** this up.
  9. The title rubbed me the wrong way, but the post seems legit. Good point. I'd still like to see the study. Could be related to climate, sample size (the Bills are the only team using the stuff), etc.
  10. The Josh Allen of WRs... McBeane is legit. While on the IR... Jk, I love Sammy.
  11. You know, I miss Obama for the whole cop killing stuff. This Trump Twitter stuff is getting boring... I miss the black people shooting it out with the cops. Much better news shows. Can we bring Obama back for a couple of months?
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