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  1. I don't think many of these guys actually give their honest opinion. But, thats just cynical me.
  2. Its all about clicks ($$$)... Regardless, crap like this tends to fire Allen up, so not a problem with me.
  3. balaclava* I did include a pic. F****** stupid food.
  4. You have to deal with the state. Will NY let people into a stadium? Deal with the fact there is a real global pandemic. Do I want to risk infection and spread? Lastly, you have to deal with your money. With an expected ~-30%GPD, which is unprecedented, for the next quarter, should you save your beans or plant them?
  5. I want to see the helmet from the side... I mean, they have the same colors... They could be the same. Haha, just move the horn in a different direction.
  6. Sammy, Richie, and OJ in the true true. Seriously, there is a fine line between madness and greatness. One must endure a lot to even be close to either.
  7. Yeah, trade players you are going to cut for late round picks... Why do you seem so opposed to it?
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