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  1. I like the duel threat with Moss. I think we are fine at RB, tbh. Moss and Singletary both make people miss. I think Moss seems a bit better, but not by much at all.
  2. Chargers draft well-eesh. Texans have always been solid. Newsome and the Ravens. BB and the Brady pats. Buffalo has usually had solid drafts.
  3. There are always two opponents; the other team and the officials. You need to beat both.
  4. So was Cam, until he wasn't.
  5. "RC running back 6 games in, on limited play, is obviously a bust, draft another un', boys!!!"
  6. Well, Fitz, you didn't suck as planned... "You're fired"
  7. How many fumbles did Zeke have on Monday? Buffalo Bills:
  8. No, it's called being realistic. Man, the more I read, the more I can only stand a few people who post here.
  9. I refuse to believe this guy is Maybin 5.0. I'd rather move him to the DE position. Its not like we are generating pressure from that position either.
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