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  1. I mean, I get laid pretty regularly. I'm nothing special. That said, it is pretty sad you two try and distract from the fact your heads are so far up your arses you have absolutely no idea why things smell so bad. AOC is legit. https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-female-president-190114063930734.html
  2. I think this broad might have what it takes to be great. I could be totally off with the social media crud, though. Like, people are tuning into these IG girls taking a poop, or eating popcorn and watching a movie, or putting on socks. I know enough to know I am so very ignorant to this IG crud. It is catching on , and it annoys the hell out of me. As a single male in SoCal maybe I see this movement on the bottom rungs of the hell it is turning into. Or, perhaps I and just suffering from shellshock. But, that there, is one boss B word. I am in love with the idea of tagging along with her for the ride, man.
  3. That's like saying, "don't breathe air." In order to defeat your enemy, you must love your enemy first.
  4. Nah, she's staring you down, little mister.
  5. Well, some of us are in love with the "idiot."
  6. That website is run by the most sanctimonious asshats on the planet. Every employee of that place needs to have a pineapple shoveled up their ass, backwards. They are that asinine.
  7. I love how people just assume the dems will squash her. Do you think it is all against one? There was this republican guy they said that about. Some of yall are just out of touch with outside age groups who happen to vote. I was going to mention that. Still, don't let her trout face distract from Dizzy, the true goddess. You guys really underestimate the power of social media, still. I don't get it. She was an IG girl, just like all these other ladies are doing. It is real enough for some of you neocons to put an hour of research into. It may prove enlightening.
  8. Idk, she is like an anti-Trump. They are two of my favorite politicians. She'll be the next President, and the white males are afraid. Also, Dizzy was such a perfect woman.
  9. Paulus

    Tre White Deleted Bills Photos from IG

    Or, he is supporting The Tide... Haha.
  10. My point being, AOC is not the usual case.
  11. She is coming for you, white males. Hahahaha.