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  1. Stole: The Seahawks had to stop wearing neon green gloves bc they attracted holding calls.
  2. It was an awesome game.
  3. Honestly, leveling false allegations of racism is making a bad situation worse. If that is really the case... Did his agent convince him to place the race card? Idiot (if the allegations are lies).
  4. I can deny it... Give the league a year to adjust to his play and exploit his weaknesses. We have seen too many QBs crush it their first year, and then look human the next. Perhaps he is good, perhaps he is great, but I'd give it more time before I crowned him (or anyone with as little NFL playing time as he has had).
  5. Haha... It is so bad when everyone thinks it right before it happens. I hate saying it, but Smith should be cut...
  6. Kicker makes his FGs. WRs catch balls, and even, make good catches on balls. I hate how folks who really dont understand football always blame the QB when a team loses. Anyways., I think I'm gonna take a vacation from these boards...
  7. Wallace has been a huge liability this year.
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