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  1. Poisoning the free samples at Costco would probably be more effective. A little collateral damage would help balance the equation... ^^Still complaining about raising minimum wage because it'd reduce the value of his free gubment checks... Seriously, the willful ignorance of the boomers is horrifying. Entitled, spoiled, lazy and selling our country away for the easy ride into their golden years. They are like some sort of monster from folklore that destroys a civilization. A plague of entitled, worthless, brats.
  2. Just the sins of the liberal fathers, right? We do the best with what we have, or what is left behind. Ultimately, it comes down to a failure to control the future, less a failure of the future to adapt.
  3. Totally down to waste parasitical scum so selfish for themselves that they burn their own children. I dont think there ever has been a more cowardly and selfish generation. The line of your people will forever be ashamed of what they created, perhaps that is why you hate future generations so much.
  4. My problem is that the cost of everything has gone up, and wages have not. The average quality of life in America has gone to sit for anyone who isn't a boomer. We need to start killing off the old people and take their lands. Only solution.
  5. I love you, OJ! Classic Nordberg gif to remember the times before the lies.
  6. Look at what they have already done to our sons... And, we allow it, even embrace it. Stand for it, even enforce it. That doesn't mean everyone else has... Tuning out, is a significant part of the problem.
  7. When she gets to a certain point the handlers will fix her and her stupidity will be forgotten. The American attention span is the short. I think at some point it doesn't matter anymore.
  8. Dude, yall are not seeing what is happening... AOC has a lot of support from a particular media, who has a lot of influence.
  9. Watching this stuff spin the way it does really makes one not want to bear witness. It is remarkable how shameless they have become. Actual instances of racism and bigotry have been cheapened by this madness. Oh well, sometimes it's more enjoyable to join the lunatics...
  10. AOC has more clout than people give her credit for. She is how the left wants to reach the youth of the nation.
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