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  1. https://buffalowdown.com/2021/05/01/buffalo-bills-trade-place-second-round-pick-stayed-carlos-basham-jr/#:~:text=Bills Draft-,Buffalo Bills had trade in place for second round,stayed with Carlos Basham Jr.&text=The biggest surprise of the,pick in the first round.
  2. They should bar contact until after a team has been eliminated.
  3. People sometimes need a bit of extra motivation to give. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that the net result of monies given to charity, because of Bills' Mafia grabbing Watt's ear, is higher than if the idea was never broached. Overall the aftermath is a more money to charity, and thus I support it.
  4. Money still goes to charity. What is wrong with tithing for nothing in return? Yeah, in McBeane we trust. But, why not potentially make his job easier, while giving to needy children at the same time? I mean, tithing is also an obligation for many, as well.
  5. They got more of what they needed by releasing him... goodwill among the players.
  6. Text her a picture of a cat's butthole. -This is the way.
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