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  1. Pat Dimcarco ($2.35M cap hit / $500k dead cap) Why does everyone want to cut this guy? Do they want to do away with the position? Have Yeldon block for the run? It isn't like he's breaking the bank. Just like Andre Roberts, he fits a role, gets paid little, and does his job.
  2. The only reason Conner was even close is because he is coming off an alcohol and cocaine binge. Normally, itd be over 450...
  3. Dana will milk McGregor till he is dry before he let's him lose a fight. This is purely the business aspect of the sport. Didn't the announcers say McGregor had the second largest boxing night take in history? There is too much money involved for Dana to allow him to leave again. Even Jorge Masvidal pointed out he'd rather fight Conner than for a belt due to the money. Come on, man. Stop lying to yourself.
  4. Cowboy had his time half a decade ago. Yes, he is is currently a tomato can. His job was to go in there and lose, but last longer than he did (like many old guys past their time do in boxing/MMA). Instead, he just took a quick beating and covered up taking blows for 30 seconds before the ref gave in and stopped the fight
  5. The Sammy hate here is so stupid. Some of y'all are ridiculous. SAD!!!
  6. Dana made sure to have McGregor fight a pasty tomato can. McGregor just brings him too much money for him to risk a loss.
  7. Chiefs and Packers (since I think the Chiefs have the best chance of beating the Packers).
  8. Who cares? Seriously, the funniest thing about the whole event was that some people paid to see it.
  9. Please, don't draft a RB in the first two rounds... I hate some fans, so much. I really, really do.
  10. I hope he stays, tbh. I doubt a GM will pay him anywhere near what he thinks he is worth, but I do think someone will overpay and he'll leave.
  11. I hate hearing people here talk about ex-Bills players. But, it does allow us to see how ######ed most of the posters here are. There is a reason Watkins and Gilmore are coveted, despite what the noise on here indicates.
  12. Confirming the NFL is full of *****... This does deserve a response. In-*****-sane.
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