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  1. Wrong bird, but anyways. Is it your belief that the Manhattan DA is moving forward with a case he believes he will lose?
  2. If Michael Cohen is all the prosecution has, then they should close up shop. He’s a convicted criminal and liar. While his testimony may help to add context to a more detailed case, he’s too unreliable to carry the case alone. I would imagine that they have documentary evidence in addition to other more convincing witnesses. Otherwise, this is going to blow up in their faces.
  3. Georgia is where I figured Trump would face his biggest legal challenge. This NY case is fairly surprising to me, to be honest.
  4. Are we sure the indictment is actually happening? As far as I can tell, the story was broken by Trump himself, the least trustworthy source available. However, it does look like the NYPD is preparing for something so maybe? Just feels like the potential for an anti-climactic result is very high
  5. So, here’s a fun fact: the Democratic Party does not control law enforcement.
  6. Considering the shrinking US workforce and the fact that we have far more job openings than workers, we actually could probably absorb a significant number of immigrants into the economy. Our immigration system is hopelessly broken. So long as it is easier to get here illegally than legally, you’re going to have these problems. We need to drastically scale up our immigration courts and legal pathways.
  7. I just cannot even begin to bring myself to give a ***** about the media coverage.
  8. I guess DoJ is shy to indict former presidents for obstruction. Wish they weren’t though. He’s under investigation for it. At this point I hope they indict him because I’m tired of the MAGA obsession over the guy.
  9. Or not, actually. If you apply the law equally to each situation, it would be correct not to indict Hillary but to indict Trump. But applying the law equally to everyone is the antithesis of MAGA. Rules and laws are only applicable to the “other” while anything against MAGA, no matter the evidence, is dismissed as biased.
  10. Hey, Capone went for tax evasion. If they can’t get him on the bigger crimes (likely because he is a walking typhoon of obstruction), there’s no shame in getting him on the lesser, easier to prove, crimes. Also, it’s incredible how people are still willfully ignorant about the Clinton investigation. Guess it fits their narrative, so who cares about the facts so long as it feels good?
  11. We spent the decades after WWII establishing an international order that put us on top. We set the rules and for the most part, we ran the show. Yes, that involves supporting foreign countries because doing so maintains the international structure with us on top. And yes, there were plenty of mistakes made, but by and large, the US has dominated the global scene. Now we have the most recent version of “America First” (look up the previous versions. History doesn’t repeat but it definitely rhymes). Somehow, these people believe that abandoning the system that puts us on top in favor of isolationism and rebuffing our allies will somehow benefit us. Instead, all it will do is create a giant power vacuum that will be filled by whoever can exercise more soft power: Europe or China. Who are you betting on in that scenario? Ukraine may not be an ally, but it’s definitely in our strategic interest to completely demolish the army of one of our adversaries at the cost of a fraction of our military budget without risking US troops. It also sets a deterrent against China in Taiwan. Supporting Ukraine benefits the US. It is strengthening our place as the global leader. Abandoning them will be a tremendous win for Russia, China, and those wishing to diminish the US.
  12. The FDIC will sell the assets of the banks and use that to cover the depositors. If the sale does not cover the costs, the FDIC has a fund that all the partner banks pay into, which can be used to make depositors whole. If all of that fails to cover the costs (which doesn’t seem to be the case if the damage can be limited to the two banks), the FDIC has a $100 billion line of credit with the treasury. If it uses that, then taxpayers actually probably make money on the deal. Failing all of that, you would likely need an act of Congress to tap taxpayer funds.
  13. Nah, more likely Tbilisi, Kyiv, and Transnistria. If those go well, maybe he’ll want Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius too.
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