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  1. Hey, here’s a fun idea. Read the actual statutes and then read the FBI’s statement about Hillary and then apply the facts of both cases to the statutes.
  2. Ok, so I literally just laid out why this is wrong and also not what the Left is saying but you went with a straw man anyway because it makes you feel good or whatever. At this point, I can’t tell if the Trumpists here are just acting in bad faith or have serious reading comprehension problems.
  3. It’s the establishment narrative because it’s the truth. You are taking small bits of facts (Biden got the prosecutor fired and Hunter worked for Burisma) and connecting them with falsehoods. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/10/21/fact-check-joe-biden-leveraged-ukraine-aid-oust-corrupt-prosecutor/5991434002/ Ukraine had a ton of corruption but their prosecutor wasn’t doing much about it. The Obama administration and our European Allie’s wanted Shokin gone so that someone could come in and actually prosecute corruption. At that time, Hunter was not under investigation so removing the prosecutor would have no impact on him. If anything, it would increase the chances he would be investigated. Hunter seems like a real piece of crap, and if he broke the law he should pay for it, but this narrative about the Ukrainian prosecutor has no basis in reality.
  4. You do know that the whole Biden - Ukraine thing is false, right? The prosecutor in question was pro-corruption, was not investigating Hunter, and removing him was not just US policy, but supported by our European allies.
  5. MAGA chuds succeed in threatening an entire elections office until everyone quits.
  6. Aside from the two (of four) Carter Page FISA warrants that we’re found to lack predication, what other proof is there of corruption of the FBI?
  7. Or maybe stealing government documents is still a crime even if they aren’t classified.
  8. 1. Money and/or bragging. 2. Trump’s team originally refused to cooperate with the DoJ and then when they finally did, they lied about what they provided. At that point, anything other than a search of the estate would leave a lot of questions about what was still out there.
  9. Ok, so I think it’s important to take this with a large amount of skepticism, but if this is true, Trump should spend the rest of his days in jail. Newsweek is claiming that some of the documents at Mar a Lago included the payroll for some of our spies: https://www.newsweek.com/exclusive-trump-raid-documents-could-reveal-intel-sources-us-payroll-1733230 I have a hard time believing this is true because it would be incredibly stupid. But if it his, Trump’s even dumber than I thought.
  10. There’s as much evidence that 2020 was stolen as the earth is flat or that video Hannity is complaining about is not edited or that birds aren’t real.
  11. Cool. So all of the tweets about the 2020 election being stolen should be deleted by Twitter?
  12. So now we have to trust Twitter with the authority to police speech and determine what is true or false?
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