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  1. Hey, here’s a fun idea. Read the actual statutes and then read the FBI’s statement about Hillary and then apply the facts of both cases to the statutes.
  2. Ok, so I literally just laid out why this is wrong and also not what the Left is saying but you went with a straw man anyway because it makes you feel good or whatever. At this point, I can’t tell if the Trumpists here are just acting in bad faith or have serious reading comprehension problems.
  3. It’s the establishment narrative because it’s the truth. You are taking small bits of facts (Biden got the prosecutor fired and Hunter worked for Burisma) and connecting them with falsehoods. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/10/21/fact-check-joe-biden-leveraged-ukraine-aid-oust-corrupt-prosecutor/5991434002/ Ukraine had a ton of corruption but their prosecutor wasn’t doing much about it. The Obama administration and our European Allie’s wanted Shokin gone so that someone could come in and actually prosecute corruption. At that time, Hunter was not under investigation so removing the prosecutor would have no impact on him. If anything, it would increase the chances he would be investigated. Hunter seems like a real piece of crap, and if he broke the law he should pay for it, but this narrative about the Ukrainian prosecutor has no basis in reality.
  4. You do know that the whole Biden - Ukraine thing is false, right? The prosecutor in question was pro-corruption, was not investigating Hunter, and removing him was not just US policy, but supported by our European allies.
  5. MAGA chuds succeed in threatening an entire elections office until everyone quits.
  6. Aside from the two (of four) Carter Page FISA warrants that we’re found to lack predication, what other proof is there of corruption of the FBI?
  7. Or maybe stealing government documents is still a crime even if they aren’t classified.
  8. 1. Money and/or bragging. 2. Trump’s team originally refused to cooperate with the DoJ and then when they finally did, they lied about what they provided. At that point, anything other than a search of the estate would leave a lot of questions about what was still out there.
  9. Ok, so I think it’s important to take this with a large amount of skepticism, but if this is true, Trump should spend the rest of his days in jail. Newsweek is claiming that some of the documents at Mar a Lago included the payroll for some of our spies: https://www.newsweek.com/exclusive-trump-raid-documents-could-reveal-intel-sources-us-payroll-1733230 I have a hard time believing this is true because it would be incredibly stupid. But if it his, Trump’s even dumber than I thought.
  10. There’s as much evidence that 2020 was stolen as the earth is flat or that video Hannity is complaining about is not edited or that birds aren’t real.
  11. Cool. So all of the tweets about the 2020 election being stolen should be deleted by Twitter?
  12. So now we have to trust Twitter with the authority to police speech and determine what is true or false?
  13. No, I just understand that many (most?) FBI investigations do not end in charges. That the threshold for a search is lower than that for an indictment, which is lower than that for a conviction. I also understand that if you personally keep government documents unlawfully, that you should expect to have to deal with the FBI. And if you lie to them about returning all of them, you shouldn’t be surprised when you get a knock at the door.
  14. It’s because the GOP only cares about the culture war, which boils down to: is there a slice of air between your mouth and Trump’s ass? If so, you’re out of line and it’s time to go.
  15. Nationwide broadband would be such a tremendous economic boon to rural America (while potentially harming urban America) but the GOP doesn’t give two sh!ts about rural people so they would never go for something that would create economic activity on par with (or greater than) the highway system.
  16. The real difference is that, in general, blue states care more about their people while red states are only concerned if the people in power “get theirs” It’s why life expectancy and health outcomes are generally better in blue states. And in some red states, the income tax is low but the tax burden is higher because of other consumption taxes. The main goal is that the rich and donor classes get to have as much as possible and screw everybody else. Ok, so I pay more in income tax than other people might. But I get a lot in return for it, so I don’t see any reason why I’d want to move somewhere like Florida or Texas.
  17. I agree that like Hillary, he should be investigated. And if charges are warranted, they should be filed. At this stage, the big question is why he had the documents. That will likely play a large role into whether or not he will be charged.
  18. Because emails are digital and paper documents are physical? The FBI had Clinton’s physical server, what other physical evidence of digital files would they expect to find at her house? Unless she was in the habit of printing out her emails to read and the FBI knew of this, there really isn’t anything you would expect to find of a search of a home for emails when you already had the server. It’s really hard to understand why that would warrant a search but someone taking physical documents, refusing to hand them over, then handing over some and lying by saying they handed over them all, would not.
  19. A simple change that would go a long way would be Return Free Filing. For most Americans who are wage earners with simple deductions, the government already knows all of their info. The IRS can provide them with a return and they can either agree to it or submit their own. If your employer already provides a W-2 to the IRS, this would make filing a hell of a lot easier. Lots of other countries do it and we could too if it wasn’t for the lobbyists.
  20. Criticizing law enforcement is fine. Publishing the names of specific officers you are calling corrupt the day after one of your supporters attacked an FBI office is both asking for violence and absolutely disgusting.
  21. Ah, I see we’re still playing the “have no idea how anything works” game. Two FISA warrants against Carter Page we’re found to be inappropriate. Other FISA warrants on Page were found to be fine. Page was a small part of the Russia investigation. The Steele Dossier is 1. a raw intelligence document and 2. not the predicate for the investigation into the Trump campaign. Raw intelligence documents should never be made public because the media and the public will read them for what they are not: an intelligence analysis. When gathering intel, you go through two steps: get the info and then assess its veracity. Like other raw intelligence documents, the Steele Dossier had not been vetted for veracity. It was basically “some people told us X” before investigating whether X was true. Steele caused tremendous problems by making it public because people like yourself didn’t understand what it was. Which wasn’t helped by the media’s poor coverage of it. This wasn’t limited to the Right, however, as many on the Left grasped on to the salacious aspects like the pee tape because they wanted it to be true even if it was ridiculous on its face. Ironically, it also caused a problem for the Clinton campaign. When they first got the dossier, they were so embarrassed by its contents that they tried to bury it. When Steele went public with it, the FEC noticed that Clinton has no disclosed payments to Steele or Fusion GPS (because they hid the connection to bury the dossier) and fined the campaign six figures.
  22. Nah, the current POTUS is actually brain dead and the administration is being run by reverse vampires. They made the call to reclassify as part of the deep state lizard people plot to make sweet perfect angel Donald Trump look bad. But don’t worry! This will all end with JFK Jr in the White House to save America.
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