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  1. All I have seen in comments on every leftie site that bothered to report that Trump met the new Emperor was "ON MEMORIAL DAY! HOW DARE HE!!" {clutch pearls} Honestly? I think he could have picked a better weekend for the optics, but I wasn't consulted and I have no idea what was on Abe's or the Emperor's schedule, and neither do any of the screeching, pearl-clutching idjits that are all out #OrangeManBad-ing again.
  2. Or at least they do not like what the EU has become. Brexit started it all, followed by the Trump election. People do not like to be told what is "good for them" by their "betters", and they certainly do not care for paying third world uneducated people to come in, get a handout, and then literally bite the hand that is feeding them (bite, rape, incinerate). I wonder when (if) Sweden will wake up?
  3. European elections 2019 UK results: Brexit Party wins nine of first 10 regions; Liberal Democrats triumph in London The Brexit Party has won nine of the first 10 regions to declare its results in the European elections - the North East, North West, East of England, Wales, West Midlands, East Midlands, Yorkshire & Humber, the South West and South East. In the process they have acquired 28 of the first 64 UK seats to be awarded. </snip>
  4. I heard this was dug-up recently and RTed with lots of predictable comments. It definitely didn't age well.
  5. Amazing the things you can do with a power washer!
  6. John Brennan is a bad, bad man. Heh, the Atlantic as his source. It is making me laugh all these old news articles that reported all the Obama spying and other illegalities as "no big deal" now coming back to bite them (the DNC and MSM) in the ass a few years later. When you read these articles, 2, 3, 5 years later knowing what we do now, the Obama Administration really was the most corrupt administration we have seen in a lifetime (possibly ever).
  7. I'm sure ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN all reported in this (he does love to meet and greet the troops)
  8. I missed it. It was nice of John Brennan to confirm for the whole world that Obama was directly involved in the spying and soft-coup. It is no longer just Page and Strozk's text messages telling us Obama was involved, but John Brennan via the NYT implicating former President Obama.
  9. At the 10 minute mark is very interesting. Actually, this whole Q&A was pretty good - how he gets information out in spite of the MSM.
  10. Hmmmm if I knew who that intruder was, I could save a lot of money weekly...
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