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  1. Fox runs 52% negative stories about Trump/the Trump administration, 48% positive stories about Trump/the Trump administration (at least that was the last numbers I saw according to the sites that track these things). That is about as even handed as it gets when discussing presidential administrations. OAN is more right wing, well at the very least they are very pro-Trump.
  2. Wow, he must have been something. I am truly amazed you all can remember banned members.
  3. I agree with this person. Jen Rubin is certifiable.
  4. Another one who joined a few hours ago and immediately headed down to PPP. Oh goodie. Sock puppet or troll? You make the call!
  5. State. In a presser last week Trump said he wanted it sent through the feds due to the antiquated systems some states had, and it would be faster for the feds to dispense the extra $600, but the bill was not written that way. This is unemployment money.
  6. From the presser, Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia: The temp $600 is available to gig employees, self-employed, and regular employees. (How long it takes will vary by states.) States will be able to catch them up later when the state computer systems are updated ($500M has gone to the states to help them update their systems).
  7. Pence: DOD 4100 active duty medical personal have been deployed to NYC/NJ/CT There is a temp service with these military personal to relieve dedicated hospital workers in the city of NY (they are making certain the ship is fully staffed, as well as the Javits center, but as they are not now full of patients, the medical personal can help elsewhere)
  8. Pence: New FAQ tonight on how seasonal employees can benefit in the paycheck protection program. Those $1200 will be going on next week treasury.gov or sba.gov
  9. The strategic reserves are almost full. He expects, one way or the other, something will be announced today or tomorrow. COVID-19 knocked out 40% of the oil market.
  10. Pfizer thinks they can stop the virus from replicating. Going to trials soon. 19 tested currently 26 active planing Passed 2M tests completed in the United States. DOE: money for college students for housing and classes. Student loan payments have been suspended for six months.
  11. Trump presser: airline package over the weekend Putin/SA/Trump call... "had a very good talk" and they are "close to a deal" (OPEC).
  12. As I am waiting for the coronavirus briefing (supposedly 6:30) Fox flashed a poll that had Trump's approval in their poll at 49%. This is the highest approval he has ever been on the Fox poll. Nothing on their website yet for particulars. 🤷‍♂️
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