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  1. I have not been to Delaware since I was a kid, so nope, never considered it. 🙂
  2. Did that once already with Florida, not doing it again. We do keep looking for somewhere to move. Spots we have looked to are South Dakota (it is so very beautiful) but that would present the same "where to winter" issue, or South Carolina. We have friends in the Hilton Head area so that is where we gravitate to. Not sure if I could take the summers there, however.
  3. Some of that thread may been posted before, but he's added to it, so no harm in repeating it (it is worth opening each tweet and reading them in full):
  4. Nothing like driving into Naples and being greeted by the friendly neighborhood Rolex dealer on one side of the street, and the Bentley dealer on the other side of the street. 😉 I like Naples very much. A lot of nice restaurants and artsy-fartsy places. I could live there if I could live somewhere else between March and October.
  5. You are a Florida resident. Florida taxes the non-homesteaders out the wazoo. It is not a bad plan at all as non-residents cannot vote. They either buy a residence and grumble about the taxes (we did) or they don't buy (we sold). Better to make residents happy with lower taxes than the non-residents. Much smarter political play. We were in St Augustine, and yes, it can get cold (most years I wore my winter coat + scarf + gloves until the second week of February, although there were years I was in shorts at that time). We did have to have a heat exchanger and a coastal unit air conditioning system (the price of being on the ocean 🙂 ).
  6. No one has a source for this. If anyone finds a source, please share! That would be an insane number as most small businesses would simply close and not waste the money on a bankruptcy proceeding. Note: I a not saying things are not bad in Maine. Tourism has not resumed, the governor had a long, tough lock down imposed, etc. I am merely questioning that stat as accurate.
  7. You are not alone in thinking something is up (that "this may be the last time you see me for a while" comment was odd, indeed):
  8. The "still has not interviewed"... as I understand it the target is not usually interviewed. Does that mean Comey, McCabe, Brennan, and Clapper will be indicted? 🤷‍♂️ One can hope. 🙂
  9. The Report... 10.2% unemployment (I want to see what happens now that the extra $600 incentive to stay home had expired) and added 1.8M jobs.
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