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  1. Legal Insurrection had a post the other day about an upcoming Supreme Court case on "Faithless Electors." Reading the post and comments, it may have an impact on the National Popular Vote. In any event, it is a decision to watch.
  2. There is no doubt that a lot of our current laws and the "plea deals" are to make money (fineable offenses), many are reactionary, many make NO SENSE.
  3. I don't think so. I am asking what can be done to keep repeat offenders off the streets while they await trial. So what if you have been arrested three times in a week? Ummm if someone is arrested three times in a week (let's assume different incidents) they may want to consider different life choices. Public safety has political implications. Rudy Giuliani was not elected mayor of NYC in a vacuum.
  4. Is Harvey out committing more crimes? If so, his bail needs to be revoked and he needs to be sitting in jail. Like Avenatti. If people are let out without bail, and get arrested the next day, should they again be let out without bail? What about being arrested a third time in a week? Keep letting them out? You have said bail is simply to ensure someone shows up to stand trail. What then, is the recourse for someone who keeps getting arrested day after day, but is not considered a flight risk?
  5. I am still undecided about him. Good guy? Unlikely. Bad guy who flipped? More likely. Squishy deep stater who was gonna be a fall guy and decided to come down on the "right" side? Also more likely.
  6. And he can gleefully remind her (and the rest of the Dems) that being "impeached forever" got him reelected. He can wave to them while shouting "impeached forever" as the next SCJ is sworn in, he can wave and holler "impeached forever" as the 9th circus is flipped, and he can wave to them and say "impeached forever" as the House flips. Hope that * was worth it, Nancy.
  7. I do not think it is "keep poor people in jail until trial." I think it is more along the lines of someone getting arrested several times in a week (how is that even possible!? I do not even SEE a cop once a week), and being released to be arrested more times per week. What's the definition of insanity again? Because we are there...
  8. He shoulda kept the insider trading to himself. Sharing the info is what did him in.
  9. Justin Amash's Biggest Fiscally Conservative National Donors Are Abandoning His Re-election Bid FreedomWorks, the influential libertarian/conservative advocacy group that gave Rep. Justin Amash (I–Mich.) FreedomFighter Awards each of his first eight years in Congress, is reportedly not intending to help the incumbent hold onto his seat as an independent. "We don't have any plans to get involved in MI-03 at this time, seeing as we're focused on some other key races to help regain the GOP's House majority," FreedomWorks spokesman Peter Vicenzi told Declan Garvey of The Dispatch, which published a long profile of Amash today. "We're going to support some incumbents as well, mainly [House Freedom Caucus] members." </snip>
  10. Impeachment never should have been brought up in the House since people RAN on impeaching Trump for #OrangeManBad. Impartial my ass. Or, perhaps the managers who said he was guilty before any “evidence” was presentedshould not have voted? Or, Schiffy should not be a manager in order to dodge being called as a Senate witness? It is indeed a shitshow.
  11. Damn it. 😛 Like many others here, I am ambivalent about Daboll. Since the Bills want continuance for year three of the process, I will just have to cross my fingers it all works out for the best.
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