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  1. They are supposed to wear a shield in addition to a mask.
  2. Nawwwww I always trust D+12 national polls. Who wouldn’t!? / heavy sarcasm tag
  3. Really was a ham sandwich indictment. They even tossed in tampering with the weapon against them... the tampering the DA had someone do. Justice, my Aunt Fanny.
  4. Because so many of them were part of it, and those that weren't? Well, #OrangeManBad, duh.
  5. There have not been 1K people hospitalized for COVID in a day in NYS since June. Is he trying to bankrupt more people? Cause more lock down health issues? Cause more people to move out of the state? He's certainly discriminating against Jews. And people will vote for this guy in 2022 and the RNC will not aid whatever Republican runs against him.
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