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  1. "Good Morning" from President Trump would be deemed racists, misogynist, xenophobic, bigoted, etc. etc, ad nauseam to the "far left". I can't believe regular people (ie, those that are not highly political) haven't tuned this out yet. If I wasn't so entertained, I'd be over it too. 😛
  2. They must have tabled it... I couldn't resist and turned c-span back on to see the chaos, and instead and they are all calm and talking about an anti-terrorism reports.
  3. Third time is a charm? These Ds are batshit crazy.
  4. It isn't a secret. I posted the links on the last page.
  5. I could never be a politician... all these procedural moves would get on my last nerve. We all know how this is gonna end: her words stay, she comes back and yaps, Ds lurch further left (because they react to Trump in the worse way possible), everyone screams on Twitter for "their side", rinse and repeat. 2020 should be a helluva ride. 🙂 Oh, and the debt ceiling dealings should be "fun". I doubt much else gets done before the 2020 elections.
  6. And they are letting her words stand... although someone on C-span said it could be up to 6 votes. The Ds are so screwed. Their best hope is it is summer, people forget this stupid, and they can untie themselves from the Jihad Squad before the start of 2020.
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