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  1. From the clown yelling #FLYNNDICATED!
  2. It was actually in the same Tweet. When the looting starts, the shooting starts
  3. No. The other one that the White House echoed this morning.
  4. Does it matter? He repeated verbatim Headley's racist rhetoric and incited racial violence with those words.
  5. You already know why. Why was the reporter arrested on the spot for a non-violent act?
  6. Why was the black reporter arrested right away for a non-violent "crime"?
  7. It's okay to call it what it is - racism from the POTUS for all to see. His core supporters will dig in even harder, but he is losing a lot of folks over his attitude and comments the last couple of days.
  8. A CNN reporter was arrested this morning for... reporting. Live and on camera. The cops are still free.
  9. Turns out Kap was right (but we all knew that). Trump and his propaganda machine echoing renowned racist Walter Headley - when the looting starts, the shooting starts What a sad day to be an American. We deserve a leader who respects the rights of all citizens.
  10. Happy birthday! I doubt you will need to be reminded but don't forget the ice cream.
  11. Grilled a pork tenderloin last night stuffed with goat cheese, sun-dried tomato, and capers. Not bad.
  12. True - we would be buried under them if we made a topic for every Tweet.
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