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  1. Well people of your ilk don't understand professional courtesy of shaking someone's hand. I've shaken tons of people's hands at professional gatherings only to walk away and ask "who the ***** was that??"
  2. Well then it’s settled. Any law that any state makes we just roll over and take. I’ll keep this in mind when you B word about a law you disagree with.
  3. As someone in that Twitter thread said “8 year olds don’t watch porn.” Disgusting.
  4. Funny. I was talking to a guy many years who sold REIT’s and said when you see lots of cranes on the horizon it’s time to sell. Up until now that has always been the case.
  5. They have as most politicians are very good at. Do we start scooping them up and forcing them into treatment centers? Forcing meds in them? Forcing rehab? Even that is a temporary fix. There is no cure for what these people suffer from.
  6. Bin Laden was planning dinner. ***** him.
  7. I know. That was my way of asking if you were.
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