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  1. If everything is so great why is the government having to hand out money like candy on Halloween?
  2. What the ***** is wrong with that man! It’s dumb ***** like this that got Trump labeled a racist. Let’s see how the media handles this (I’m being facetious).
  3. If that’s what the infrastructure bill was about. What part of the bill would have prevented the building’s collapse? Why didn’t Obama’s infrastructure Bill of 2015 fix these problems? Why are we back here? The 2015 was a 5 year plan. Are the politicians’s friends back in the buffet line for more gravy?
  4. What makes you think I believe it is?
  5. Excuse me? What are you going on about?
  6. White, male, boomer, conservative, gun owner here. I check all the hated boxes. 🙄
  7. One of the maint tenants of the theory, the nearly 50 year old theory, is that the law enforcement and judicial systems are inherently racist. It, from what I’ve read, provides little evidence that it’s true other than more blacks found themselves in the backs of police cars, in front of judges and behind bars than PONC. Where are the smoking guns? The memos, the emails the recorded conversations that would have the proof. They’ve had almost half a century to roll out the facts. Again I’m not afraid of the theory of critical race. Nor am I afraid of the theory of relativity. Th
  8. We all know what the theory is about thanks. We fear it not. A lot of it is based in historical fact. Not our issue.
  9. None of us are afraid of the theory. You don’t get it do you?
  10. Your definition of trying to kill someone and mine are very different. So you're saying they should be charged with attempted murder?
  11. My recovery? I'm good but thanks for your concern.
  12. It’s the best one we have. The purpose of prop 13 was to keep people, mainly seniors, from losing their homes due to not being able to afford property taxes. Seniors can also move to a home of greater value and transfer their tax base to the new home. That one is actually very good!
  13. No you explained correctly. The tax base is the assessed value upon purchase. Here in CA that is 1% plus other assorted county taxes which can bring it up to 1.5% or more of the assessed value. That can only increase a max of 2% (vs your 3%) per year. Now if you make improvements such as putting in a pool they can reassess. Now try to get them to reassess when your value crashes like they did in the mid 90’s or 2008-2009. 😏
  14. Buffalo had the most millionaires per capita of any US city in the late 19th century. 😔
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