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  1. Chef Jim

    Phone advice...three way battle royale

    Went to the 50th birthday party for a co-worker's wife at an 80's club. It was a blast I forgot how much fun the 80's were. I was at the bar with my phone sitting there. I said "I think I still have a few things from the 80's" One of my friend's said "like your phone??"
  2. Chef Jim

    Phone advice...three way battle royale

    Wait....I thought i was the only one that still had a 6. I using some of the money I got from my dad's passing on an 8 I think. Oh and to the OP? Ummmm.........no.
  3. Chef Jim

    Always Wear Your Seatbelt

    It blows me away when I see these the number of idiots that don't wear a seat belt. Whether driving or a passenger I always have it on. I freak out when I Uber and the guy takes off before I'm able to figure out where the belts are in the back seat.
  4. Chef Jim

    Who here golfs? I need golf ball advice...

  5. Chef Jim

    International Travelers

    You read all that?
  6. Chef Jim

    PETA is a PITA

    I used to buy from Culver Meats when I was a Chef. And it’s true. No one beat their meat. And boy were they pissed. And I cure my own sausage. For larger sausages they use bungs. I got them by mistake once. Oh my God they stunk. Threw them away. 🤢
  7. Chef Jim

    Your Concert Experiences

    Always front row for UM. I know I’ve shared this before but I stand out like a sore thumb in this picture. I didn’t get the “no whirte shirt” memo.
  8. Chef Jim

    PETA is a PITA

  9. Chef Jim

    Your Concert Experiences

    Saw my Umphrey's McGee there a couple years ago. Front row. I mean FRONT ROW. A friend know security there and gets to sit in the ADA section. Absolutely amazing.
  10. You “I’m not a fascist is the default setting on Twitter!!” 😂😂
  11. You're such an Uncle Tom.
  12. Yes. How confusing is this to the children.
  13. Seriously the country has gone insane.
  14. Don it is absolutely about how someone conducts himself. And someone who refuses to shake a man's hand, especially a man who holds the position that was your just two years ago, is conducting himself in a ***** pathetic manner. I don't have cable so I have never seen one second of Lemon until that clip Read a lot about him here and other places but I can now give my official opinion of him. Raging *****stick.