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  1. Important enough to write a very good letter but not important enough to do anything about it I guess. Signed the docs? I thought you were going to rent first. 😬
  2. Let me ask you a simple question. Had junior never tried pot what are the chances of him being introduced to the coke dealer?
  3. It’s interesting the number of people in my “meetings” who have major addiction problems started with weed. 🤔
  4. Nah. Checking to see if they have any deltas with smelt that need saving. She and her husband have a spring sale going on.
  5. If it’s that important to leave they can figure it out. No job/certification is that important. And she’s staying even though her family is being broken up which is just the opposite of why you say people are not leaving. So it’s a great spot in letter I’m just very curious as to why she’s staying. Still planning on retiring here. Yes it’s getting shittier here but I’ve planned properly. Sure I’d have more spending money elsewhere but I really don’t feel like starting over somewhere I know little about. I have clients who are building a home in AZ (he’s a GC) but are keeping their million dollar plus home in OC just in case. His new nicknames will The Wizard or The King
  6. Then that is ***** awesome!! We need to get the word out how bad this sanctuary city ***** is and the votes will go the other way. Again Chef Jim's favorite question to politicians is...........WHY? "Please Mr/Mrs Politician. How do I, as a resident of your (city, county, state), benefit from this Sanctuary City status?" Aaaaaaaaaand go!
  7. And babies. And people in comas. And severely disabled people. People in hospice. Homeless people. The aged on their death bed. The list goes on and on. And here’s the amazing thing. They are VERY proud of their stupidity.
  8. Man ***** like this really pisses me off. Can someone explain to me the reasons behind sanctuary cities?
  9. Retatta will always be the rage dammit. It’s how I've funded my retirement.
  10. Yeah I realized the qualifying word "catch" after my post.
  11. RIP Sue. 59 is way too young. And yes she was a character but this place is full of them. Next time my wife asks "how are you little friends?" I'll tell her we're one little friend short today. 😥
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