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  1. So Q is telling you what to post while he’s on vacation? That’s pretty sad.
  2. Wait...so your point is Trump Tweets a lot of nonsense?! Ya....don’t.....say. Simple. Mustard, garlic and thyme. Runs are best for low and slow.
  3. TGIF everybody!! I love short work weeks. What are your food plans for the last weekend of May? I’m not sure but maybe make some goat cheese. I know I posted this before but it really fits today
  4. Good point. We make guns illegal bad guys will never have them and the cops jobs will be easier. Why didn’t we think of this sooner!!
  5. Have fewer people died since ACA?
  6. No I heard a bunch of racket over here and decided to check it out.
  7. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  8. They are not doing their cause any favors.
  9. Well duh. You get stoned and you’re too paranoid to leave your house. I’ll take “No ***** Sherlock” for $500 Alex.
  10. Unruly? No! It’s a weenie roast. If you listen carefully you can hear Kumbaya being sung in the background. 🙄
  11. So wait? This is not the first person this cop has killed?
  12. I know. Rats suck. You know any? I’ll make sure to avoid him. What makes me a rat?
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