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  1. Seriously??? You’re coming here for investment advice? I didn’t read most of this thread but I’m in the business of giving investment advice and there is a zero chance I’d tell you anything. I know nothing about you. Mainly how old you are and when you plan to retire. Again I didn’t read this thread so you may have answered these questions however your first post looking for guidance did not. So I’ll go all Tom on you and call you a colossal idiot. I think he put his 401k on “green”.
  2. I would argue we’re protecting the children from child endangerment from parents that would try to smuggle them across the border. Now I didn’t say it was a good argument, just an argument.
  3. Chef Jim

    Favorite Beatles Album

    Funny name for a kid.
  4. Chef Jim

    Favorite Beatles Album

    Revolver/White Album. I’m a racist gun owner. Is that redundant? 🤔
  5. Chef Jim

    Skynyrd vs. Young

    I watched a Skynyrd documentary on Amazon a while back and as a father of a budding guitarist I suggest you watch it. Skynyrd (and Ronnie to be exact) were perfectionists. They perfected their craft by practicing 12 hours a day 7 days a week. Go back and listen to One More From the Road. Ronnie wanted their live performances to sound exactly like the studio version. The band I played in many many years ago played mostly Allman Bros. and Skynyrd and I am probably a bigger ABB fan just due to their improv/jamming which I love. However it recently dawned on me my drumming style mimicks Pyle’s. Simply put the Allman Bros music had a jazzy/bluesy style whereas Skynyrd simply kicked ass! Neil Young? Bah. Too political. Yes I’m a conservative and he’s a liberal weenie but keep politics out of your music. Either side. Reason why I’ve been turned off of Ted Nugent.
  6. Chef Jim

    Survival as a Restaurant Server

    Kiss the bartenders ass. She'll get all the free drinks she wants! 😈
  7. Chef Jim

    Gas Prices Are Rising

    I thought this was a politics board not an economics board??
  8. Chef Jim

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    So you can tell what kind of drugs someone is on (if any) based on a photo?? Note to self. Never send row_33 a picture of Chef Jim
  9. Chef Jim

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    Who needs a shrink when you’re ok because you’re on your meds. It’s when you go off your meds that there is a problem. Not saying this is what happened but often times it is. This is why insurance companies shy away from people on depression meds. They tend to go off them. Imagine thinking you’re cured and drop the meds only to find out you’re not. That’s depressing even to a non/depressive.
  10. Chef Jim

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    !@#$ing Chefs................. 🙄
  11. This is what is referred to in sales as “the takeaway”. Well played.
  12. Chef Jim

    The Brandi Chastain Plaque is Not Good

    I'm thinking it looks like an improvement.