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  1. $90 for a tank of gas and that’s WITH $.40 off per gallon with my Ralph’s points. I’m ok seeing since we retired in January we no longer commute. I can’t imagine what commuters are going through now. Did she ever answer the question regarding where that additional $5k is going to come from?
  2. I have a broker who did my wife’s plan who I refer to my retired clients. And with premium means testing (IRMAA) it can get real steep. They look back two years so if you make a ton of money two years before you retire and your income drops considerably at 65 watch out. Not to mention at 72 when your required distributions kick in.
  3. If this administration had any brains they would roll back that Medicare premium increase to 2020 levels or lower. Oh BTW there are copays and out of pocket costs that parts B/D don't cover. It can get real expensive.
  4. Oh he's swayed my mind. He reminded me why I chose not to have kids. So I blocked his childish ass. I suggest you do too.
  5. So unless it follows some formatted script it's not a concession in your mind?
  6. But for some strange reason the whole woke crowd makes it a big deal. Weird isn't it?
  7. I used to be white. Then I retired by the pool in the desert in January This whole skin color thing is ***** stupid.
  8. I suggest you stick with something you know more about. He did concede. Simple....because of Trump.
  9. Well of course! Since Biden came into office the country has become so great that more and more people want to come here! Yeah…that’s it.
  10. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/woke-universities-social-justice-crusade-fatphobia "Though lifestyle factors such as nutrition and exercise are important, it is essential to note the historical racism and injustices within our current food environment," the brief said. "As presented by Soul Fire Farm, the U.S. food system is built on stolen land using stolen labor from Black and Latinx indigenous people. Not only has this created a large scale food apartheid and trauma for people indigenous to this land, it has caused a disconnection of indigenous people from their cultural practices and identities." There is so much wackiness in this article but let’s go with the above. Since when have Black and Latinos become “indigenous people”?
  11. And assumes the totals are from 2018-2021 (which is actually 4 years of data) instead of calendar year 2018. So you’re now learning the lack of intelligence you’re dealing with. Just give up.
  12. Better an invasion of 2,000,000 Chinese than another SB loss.
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