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  1. I think this place could use some moderation however there have to be some examples of what constitutes #2 above. And once that, and other offenses, are determined then there needs to be a well defined and progressive disciplinary system. Having said that I have no desire to moderate. 😁
  2. I’ll play semantics all day and I’ll be right. Trump did not release or even authorize the release of those prisoners as he had no jurisdiction over them.
  3. Define crippling. Ammo is very hard to get here in CA. It’s done a fantastic job of reducing this so called public health crisis. 😏
  4. Dammit!! Can’t make it.
  5. Where was he holding the prisoners he released? One of his Russian hotels? And how did he kill Ashli? What gun did he use? And she’s not my girl nor a terrorist. She’s worm food.
  6. So you agree that you’re either an idiot or that you’re saying Trump released 5,000 prisoners is inaccurate? Check.
  7. That's about as accurate as me saying you're an idiot.......wait.........
  8. Full control of the country? Please explain. And again you and @BillStime saying Trump released 5,000 is inaccurate at least and a lie at best. These were not his prisoners to release. Am I playing semantics? No words have meaning and saying Trump released 5,000 prisoners is not what happened. I'm not sure he's Alf's man.
  9. Thanks to Trump for getting the agreement in place no? I know you'll never agree with this but if Trump hadn't of started the withdrawal ball rolling would we even be having this conversation now. I want you to think real hard before you answer. But you respond to it? This is very confusing.
  10. So if they don't place nice we take away their assistance which they probably laugh at to begin with. Good lord what a bunch of ***** weenies we are now.
  11. We'll be back. He got all those other things wrong so what makes you think he'll have winning lottery numbers?
  12. I don't even know when the home opener is.
  13. This shows our voter rolls are ***** and why we need proper/valid ID’s to prove residence. It won’t be perfect but it will help.
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