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  1. Chef Jim

    Vote DC Tom in 2020!

    Nah I’m voting Rat 2020
  2. This your problem. You look at the country as winners and losers. ***** sad.
  3. Ok...Spook and Span it is.
  4. Chef Jim

    Reunion Tour! The Band Is Back! Wait, Who Are These Guys?

    There is a club near me (The Coach House) that has all these old bands that play there. It's usually just one guy from the original line up that has the rights to the name. It's a very small, and run down, venue but I've seen some great shows there. Gregg Allman, Al Di Meola, Little Feat, Dweezle Zappa......
  5. Chef Jim

    Interesting Map of population growth

    Gray Beard and Greybeard quote me. How freaky is that? LOL
  6. Chef Jim

    Trump and Russia

    It's like Wolf is going around and asking everyone he knows if they think there are any sealed indictments that will come out later. He will ask a million people until someone says "yes, Wolf...I'm pretty sure there is" AH-HA!! I KNEW IT!!! What a ***** turd.
  7. ***** is censored? Well that's just *****. Yes I'm old enough to remember when ***** meant strange and gay meant happy. Ok ok maybe not that old but still.........
  8. Chef Jim

    Interesting Map of population growth

    I was introduced to a former Bills player for his financial planning. We were talking about Buffalo. He said he did some research on Buffalo when he was traded there. He said he likes to know about the places where he lived. He said that Buffalo had the most millionaires per capita in the US in the late 1800's early 1900's. I had no idea.
  9. Chef Jim

    Drag Racing

    Sunday Sunday Sunday Niagara Fall International Speedway.....BE THERE!!!
  10. If I told you once I told you a million times. I am NOT giving up The Egg!! Because we're pretty darn sure if she hung herself EII would not have posted anything else in this thread regarding the method used. Hopefully that answers your last question. I know that's absolutely what I'm suggesting. But I will respect the girl and her poor family and not discuss this aspect of it any further.
  11. No she killed herself over a tragedy that she survived and the guilt of her survival prompted her to kill herself. You wondering aloud about what means she used to commit suicide hoping it was a gun is pathetic. And don't even think about saying you weren't going the guns bad route with your musings because if you do I think it's safe to say you're a liar. I have nothing else to add to this other than you should be ashamed of yourself.
  12. All I got from that clip is that he needs his dentures tightened
  13. But you felt the need to turn a tragic death into a conversation about guns. Bravo.
  14. Of course because you would have been disappointed at the form of suicide because it wouldn't allow you to push your anti-gun agenda. Bad form EII real bad form.