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  1. Chef Jim

    First time visiting San Francisco

    Yes thanks for the reservation reminder for IR. We’ve been members for years and the reservation thing is relatively new.
  2. Chef Jim

    First time visiting San Francisco

    City View for Dim Sum in the financial district. If you’re there on a Saturday The Ferry Building for the farmer’s market. If you’re going wine tasting do Sonoma not Napa. If you do Napa stay on the less crowded Silverado Trail. Iron Horse Vineyards in Sonoma and nearby Boheimian Creamery for artisanal cheese.
  3. Chef Jim

    Mayans (SOA spinoff) thread

    I quit SOA when the could show all sorts of blood and gore every week but the strippers at the club had to wear pasties. 🙄
  4. Chef Jim

    Stainless steel straws.

    That would be awesome!
  5. Chef Jim

    Trump foreign policy

    Maybe I scrolled through too fast but I have a feeling whoever designed the Kuwait embassy logo was a Grateful Dead fan.
  6. Chef Jim

    Stainless steel straws.

    Well seeing that as of today in California using a plastic straw gets you the death penalty so I have to find an alternative.
  7. Chef Jim

    Chevy Chase: Bitter Old Man Syndrome

    I do remember many years ago coming home as an extremely stoned teenager and watched Frank Zappa on SNL with my parents. Weird weird **** that was.
  8. Chef Jim

    Chevy Chase: Bitter Old Man Syndrome

    I'm getting pretty tired of this racism stuff. If everything becomes racist nothing is. Having said that I was never a big fan of his.
  9. Chef Jim

    Back surgery?

    I had terrible sciatica about 4 years ago. Tried everything. Chiropractor, acupuncture, steroids, epidural, pain meds, back exercises. Nothing worked. Opted for a lumbar laminectomy. Best thing I ever did. Been 100% pain free and it was a life changer. I've worked out hard ever since, have lost 30 plus pounds and in the best shape of my life at 57.
  10. Chef Jim

    SpaceX Announcement

    Towelie....you're the worst character ever!
  11. Chef Jim

    The Trump Economy

    Wouldn't one need a brain to shield in order to make that a wise purchase?
  12. Chef Jim

    SpaceX Announcement

    He has his hands in too many projects. I've heard he's way overworked and not getting enough sleep. That **** will kill you.
  13. Chef Jim

    If I Had $1,000,000

    Thanks for the advice but...................wait, what??
  14. Chef Jim

    SpaceX Announcement

    Well then. Musk crash and burn T-minus two years.