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  1. No not Trump supporters. Supporters of logic. Please explain to me how being a dope and telling three of the four who were born here to go back to where they came from is racist? Being an idiot does not make one racist unless of course your name is Donald Trump. You may have addressed this already because I’ve asked several times but humor me here. Seriously?? Head deeply in the sand? Correct. Now connect the dots to arrive at it being racist. Dumb? Yes. Racist? Please give us the logical leap.
  2. Again. For crying out ***** loud. Your nationality has not one ***** thing to do with color!! How can you not understand that??
  3. If you’re French it fits in a champagne glass If you’re from the Bronx it clogs a toilet
  4. Dude seriously?? Those four have been in our faces for how long now. What he was really saying (I think LOL) is "your ideologies the ***** out of here!!" Not your brown/black asses!! Oh and........ https://www.amazon.com/slp/best-sippy-cups/zqat9rkd5z8o9t9
  5. I don't give a crap how the black East Ender receives it I tell him to go back to his country of origin for ***** up my latte. Again what's his color have to do with it???
  6. Where are you pulling the race card from? Because I'm pretty sure all you got is the "I think". Which is ok but a hell of an accusation don't you think? Oh and.............. https://www.aa.org/
  7. Then what are you talking about white vs brown? And again he's pitting America vs non-Americans. That is the us vs them. Color's go nuthin' to do with it. Oh and........... https://www.verywellmind.com/usa-local-problem-gambling-hotlines-22031
  8. You bring up a good example. If I told Melania to go back to where she came from does that make me racist? Again you idiots are confusing nationalities and ideologies with color. It's all about color for the lift isn't.
  9. First off I addressed the “I think” by referring to how to feel. Second. How is he framing the discussion regarding blacks? And here’s the real interesting part. You think he is doing the whole border thing because of “brown people” whereas I think he’s doing it because they are ILLEGAL and there are bad people coming in. Again people on the left (and I think you’re more left of center) see color. We on the right, for the most part, see ideologies and situations. And finally. Let me ask you Paul, do you think there are bad people coming across our southern border? That part about going back to where they came from? He’s an idiot for saying that. But what part of “where they came from” racist?
  10. You truly think Trump cares not about COC (conservatives of color)? You think all he cares about are whites of European descent? Can you back up this feeling that only cares about white people?
  11. Interesting. You failed to address the racial divide here that I was looking for more clarification on.
  12. Well this whole carbon footprint thing drives me nuts. So electric at the user end may be (slightly) cleaner than natural gas but what about the other end? The ozone doesn’t care whether the issue is a gas stove in Berkeley or a coal fired plant in Nevada.
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