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  1. I have a friend in Canada whose father needed surgery. Nothing too major but they couldn’t stabilize his heart after. It was fluctuating between 40 and 130. They sent him home. I asked her if it was due to Covid and she didn’t know. They told him to see his personal doctor. He’s in a wait list to see a cardiologist. I asked when he’ll see him. She said she has no clue. No thank you.
  2. You have proof they are embezzling? If it’s true then yes they should be charged and sentenced accordingly. Until then I’ll wait. And if I disagree I should send them MORE money. What makes you think I’ve sent them any money? You are very presumptuous which is a terrible look. And I love the use of the word “some” in your first sentence. So you’re saying there might be some embezzlement going in there too? If so why are you not so adamant about investigating the government as you are the NRA. Again contributing to the NRA is voluntary whereas taxes are not.
  3. Do you feel the same way about taxes? If you do (and you should) here’s the big difference. One is 100% voluntary the other lands you in jail if you don’t participate.
  4. No but getting ammo here for some has been nearly impossible. What good is a firearm with no ammo?
  5. You could have saved yourself an awful lot of typing and just said “whataboutism” and called him a hypocrite.
  6. And that would have not had the economy shut down to prevent the spread? 😂
  7. Why has there been this record drop? What has Trump done that caused this drop? How would Biden have ensured it wasn’t this bad? And no memes.
  8. She has paint on her face and they are chanting “put your mask on!!” ***** morons. And the guy in her face? Coward. 😡😡😡
  9. We bought our retirement home last year in Palm Springs. We are our there now and it’s “cool” at 103. I love it. We were meeting the developer to design the pool. I’m not moving here without one.
  10. Would you want our system to be similar to what they have in Canada?
  11. Well he is right. I’ve lived in New York, Miami and Southern California. The Cubans are very different from the Puerto Ricans who are very different from Mexicans who are very different from Salvadorans who are very different from Honduran who are....well you get my point. Here’s where he ***** up. What does this all have to do with the diversity, or lack there of, of American blacks is beyond me.
  12. Holy ***** Batman. I’m asking you if those who are refusing to wear masks would not be wearing them regardless who is President which is taking politics OUT of the conversation and you bring it right back to TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!!
  13. So you think they drank the hand sanitizer because of Trump?
  14. Nope. Not at all! See how that works. You all think we follow the GOP blindly but we don’t. Must of us conservatives are VERY leery of any politician. Hence the call for a smaller government. Some day you’ll grow up and figure that out.
  15. If Hillary has won and told everyone to wear masks do you think the same people not wearing masks today would still not be wearing masks?
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