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  1. Awesome. Exercise and fresh air is good for you. Maybe you should hit the links more yourself. Paint you ball orange. I bet you’d hit it a mile.
  2. What did I read wrong? That you picked on Trump for something he did better than Biden up until now? BTW regarding reading comprehension? Biden got 7 folks released not 6. 🙄 FORE!!! ⛳️
  3. Yup. There’s a chair right next to yours he can use. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/25/us/politics/trump-hostages.amp.html
  4. Nope no tears here Billy Boy. I’m digging this *****. Would this recession have happened had Trump been re-elected? Probably but this one’s on Biden’s watch. I’m not so much concerned about bears and recessions. They come and they go. What I care about is how they are handled and the quality and speed of the recovery. The proof shall be in the pudding. The clock is ticking……… BTW the irony of your comment did not escape me. EDIT: BTW v2. Do we have you on record as saying the only reason Biden won was because he’s not Trump?
  5. Keep in mind Joe was pretty much kept from public view for most of the campaign. It’s not so much that there are 81 million dumb people. It’s millions who didn’t know who they were voting for. That partially falls on the GOP.
  6. Oh I see. So this one means nothing? One step at a time.
  7. A few days ago you said you were waiting for the lawsuits. Well sorry bud. Go ahead, shake your head but you’re losing this one. 👍🏻
  8. Maybe third time’s the charm? 🙄 https://ktla.com/news/california/newsom-asks-air-resources-board-to-allow-refineries-to-begin-distributing-winter-blend-gasoline-early?utm_source=ktla_app&utm_medium=social&utm_content=share-link
  9. Don’t you remember: ***** the Perv And Vote for Irv
  10. You’re not talking about cheese anymore are you? 🤔
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