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  1. Has become?? It’s been junior high for a long time. We’re sliding into elementary school now. “Trump and Putin sittin in a tree.....”
  2. Is this day two of your bender?
  3. Can someone explain to me why this is ok and being allowed to happen? Anyone here on the left support this and if so why?
  4. Does the right side of your brain ever tell the left side to shut the ***** up? Mine does. But then again I did a lot of drugs when I was younger.
  5. Most of PPP leans wide right. Tibs really has no goal in life How about Sabre’s?
  6. Hell of a badge to brag about. “Hey everyone! I’m such an ass most people ignore me!” Mamma must be proud.
  7. Ah. Another with many years before he’s old enough to vote venturing to a politics board. My mistake. What are you?
  8. The left, for some reason, has an incredibly hard time practicing what they preach.
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