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  1. Well that is my thought as well. Not only are many of the gun owners right leaning so is much of the military. And "won/win/winners" is likely not a great concept as yes this would be horrible and one one wins in a horror. However what I was getting at was what might the end results look like?
  2. I was 8 years old and fascinated with NASA at the time. I had a very cool model of the Saturn 5 Rocket with the LEM inside the command module stage (I think that's where it sat). I'll never forget laying on the floor watching the landing on TV and thinking holy cow!!! Coolest thing ever!!
  3. So with the fracturing of the country the past few years this term has been thrown out there a lot (quite flippantly I might add) lately. I have no idea if we'd ever come to blows but here are my questions. What would it look like? What would be the outcome? What would the country look like if the left won and what would the country look like if right won. I really don't this this would ever happen but it is scary that it's even bandied about. Thoughts?
  4. And he’d lose a few limbs due to self inflicted land mines himself.
  5. I was waiting for her to start heaving her crap
  6. Have you not been paying attention? Both parties are the party of hate these days.
  7. ***** the troops? You can hate on the Commander in Chief all you want. But the troops? 🤬🤬🤬
  8. I gave up on you because you had no argument. I don't argue with those that dodge questions. Why I gave up on Tibs and you are right in his camp.
  9. So you got nothing linking what he said to racism. Thought so. Carry on.
  10. Hey just checking back. I may have missed your response. You can agree that telling someone to go back to their country of origin has nothing to do with race right?
  11. That may be the case but you never addressed that saying going back to their country of origin (yes stupid ass thing to say) has nothing to do with race. You can at least agree to that right?
  12. He didn't specify who he was talking about. If you don't see the flaw in your "IT'S RACIST!!!" tantrum then I can't help you. I'm sorry but you were the only ones that saw skin color. We all saw ideology.
  13. You do realize the the country of origin does not determine race correct? So based on your logic if I knew a black dude from Norway who constantly told me how great socialism is there and how sucky our country is and I told him to go back to where he came from that remark is racist. And also based on that if we worked together I should get fired?? Quite the flawed argument wouldn't you say?
  14. I know this has been asked before but what makes what he said racist? So when we tell any people of color to “***** off!”, which is what he was essentially saying, it is racist virtue of the fact they are not white? So based on this anything negative, anything said being critical of a person of color can be interpreted as racist. I’m sorry but I don’t want to live in a world where I have to think of the color of the skin of the person I’m talking about first. Again when everything is racist nothing is racist.
  15. Wait....with all that has been going on in DC you're calling this a Republican meltdown?? Seriously??? This is one of the funniest (and saddest at the same time) posts. Good job! Donald.....put the phone down NOW!!!
  16. Sorry to pick a nit but you have it backwards. Disagree with me? NAZI!!! Criticize someone from my side? RACIST!!
  17. Wait...what?? There is so much wrong with that sentence. So living here makes you a hypocrite? Well no one likes to be a hypocrite so in my mind there is only one way to not be a hypocrite. Leave.
  18. This is actually the most offensive post here regarding this topic.
  19. And the application is 12 pages and in English. Now I will say it should be offered in other languages and it may well be but the questions are very specific and any yes answers require you explain in detail. It’s not as simple as AOC and others make it. It’s not wander across the border hands up and say “take me to your leader!” There is a process. And if that process is not followed then there are other channels for citizenship. But again there are processes. If you do not or cannot follow the process you are sent packing. Simple is that. 35 years ago I worked with a Brit at a restaurant. He was applying for citizenship. He used the owner of the restaurant as a sponsor and had a lawyer. He was so pissed at the hoops he was jumping through while there were all sorts of illegals working with us that thumbed their noses at the process.
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