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  1. If you really think that's what your posts do to me you are so ***** clueless. You do not remind us what a POS Donald was/is. You remind us all on a daily basis what a childish, immature, man child, psychotic, you are. It's really really sad and there's a part of me (albeit a very small part but it's there) that feels sorry for you. Do yourself a favor and put yourself on ignore for a few weeks. It will do you some good not to mention what it will do for the adults in the room.
  2. Question for you. Do you see the hypocrisy of both sides or just one?
  3. Of course not you imbecile. I’ll let you think about it for a bit. You might come up with the reason why.
  4. Good point. Good luck trying to charge your EV for the next week or so FL.
  5. Well lookie what we got here. In a thread about DeSantis and his leadership regarding the hurricane Billy Boy loads up on the Trump Trump Trump stuff.
  6. He didn’t need immigration. He had the black people which have now been replaced by brown people you apparently love to exploit.
  7. Where did he say that? Good job Twit for Brains.
  8. Me personally I’m a jackass with no principles. Rock on!
  9. I hope either a) you failed your college history class or b) your memory is failing you. https://historynewsnetwork.org/article/17255 That's some damn weird socialism there Tibs. And to @716er it's not that Coolidge wouldn't pay for any assistance he couldn't as there was no government agency to do so. Why he worked so closely with the Red Cross to provide assistance. Huh...well what do you know. Damn that Hoover. Ok, ok....I'll leave now.
  10. Tell us you have no clue what socialism is without telling us you have no clue what socialism is. Now do fascism!
  11. The embarrassing gaff aside why is she there to take about economic and technology partnerships with South Korea? Why not spend money out time and energy building economic and technology partnerships south of OUR border. You want to stem the flow of migrants to our country? Step one. Give them reasons to stay in their own country. But we are so addicted to the cheap brown slave labor. 😡
  12. Dammit!! When I saw it said her “partner” I was hoping she was in a same sex marriage just to watch those in the left get very very confused that Italy elected a gay female fascist. Oh well…….
  13. We go through this every year. It’s either the switch to a winter/summer blend or in this case for routine refinery maintenance. I’ll have to do some research and see if the prices ever drop after these “routine maintenances”. I do remember and will never forget these. April 2019 https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-newsom-california-high-gas-prices-20190423-story.html And again 6 short months later……. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-10-21/gavin-newsom-california-high-gas-prices-should-be-investigated He never did report his findings. Quite strange. His silence is VERY telling. Speaking of telling I have a feeling someone was telling him “cut it out!!!”
  14. Yup. He owes my a new phone too. 😡
  15. Coolio trivia. He was a volunteer fireman before getting into music.
  16. Yup that’s all on DeSantis. I’m wondering what the end result will be for Billy Boy when DDS gets mixed with his TDS. It’s going to be ugly. Entertaining but ugly.
  17. Again I’m hearing it’s just us lucky ones. Something about refinery maintenance. 😏 Oh I can handle it. No worries. Just one question chief. What was his role in it? And this is weird. A little birdie told me it’s was Putin’s inflation. Need to keep my stories straight. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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