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  1. A tragedy that appears to be racially motivated turns into an argument on abortion and the NRA. This place is amazingly ***** up. Carry on Tool Boys. 🙄
  2. No dye it pink and make cured meat. Google it. 😁
  3. One thing I heard was they were concerned about the amount of salt being dumped back in the ocean. So the commission said they’d rather see other ways of helping the problem. Ok, we’ve had water issues here forever but they’ve done nothing. It blows my mind how they can’t figure out how to capture and store the millions and millions of gallons of runoff from our melting snow each year that just ends up in the ocean. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. https://ktla.com/news/california/cas-minimum-wage-projected-to-rise-to-15-50-faster-than-expected-due-to-inflation?utm_source=ktla_app&utm_medium=social&utm_content=share-link
  5. Huh I thought it was because we are racist. They can’t keep their talking points straight.
  6. They care. Of course they do. To think they don’t is extremely cynical. And this is coming from one of the board’s biggest cynics. What’s actually likely going on is they have not one ***** clue about what they are doing and what true leadership is.
  7. Thanks. I’ll take that under consideration. 🙄
  8. He flew kites as a kid but this is an entirely different kind of flying…..altogether.
  9. Otto Graham. You kids. 🙄 But seriously it was probably OJ. Damn he was amazing to watch.
  10. I can't remember the last time I ate at a fast food place. Pre-pandemic maybe?
  11. BTW I remember about 10 years ago a younger guy in my office was asking why I wear a watch. "Everyone just uses their phone." So I held up my wrist and looked at my watch and asked "what time is it?" He went through the inventory of all pockets and no phone. It was at his desk. "Uh huh.....Next question punk." What time is it?
  12. Yes. When I worked every day I’d wear one. I have several Original Grain watches.
  13. How can we not pay attention to it seeing it's in our face all day. Having said that I have no idea who this is or even if it's a man or woman. So carry on with you're assumptions. Leading the charge? Is he riding a stallio......oh never mind.
  14. It's our system. It's not perfect but it has been the best in the world for nearly 250 years. Stop right there. I'm for State's Rights. I know you're Canadian but Google's your friend. But it quite obvious by this statement of yours you have ZERO clue as to my stance on abortion. Think before you type Bill.
  15. I think you're drunk. Stay away from your wife.
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