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  1. Simple. Fear. When people in power hold that power over you I would imagine it may be difficult to say "no" or "stop" FTA:
  2. AOC: Well everyone but you know like him because he's like you know bad and stuff.
  3. So by looking at the facts and coming to a conclusion based on said facts they are partisan toadies because said facts don't jive with your fantasy? Awesome!!
  4. All I have to say to this Tweet is if I hear one more person say something like so and so spent a year attacking myself I'm going to go postal. 😤
  5. I still give advice because I'm too young to retire. You'll be broke or dead by 55.
  6. They did have live versions of songs in Jukeboxes you know.
  7. There is actually a module in the CFP course. Module 18.5 - Giving advice to trolls and idiots A. Don’t
  8. Well how many Black Dogs do you know? And it wasn’t this version.
  9. Yeah that one is awesome......too!
  10. I loved the local bowling alley when I was a kid. They had this new song in the jukebox I played over and over and over. A song called Black Dog. 🤩
  11. Now if they could only require the print on those bottles be large enough so I could tell which was shampoo, conditioner or body wash without my glasses. 😏
  12. Kid looked bored. Playing with it fingernails the whole time. I've not played in a very long time and I thought I was good. No...I sucked.
  13. And you're the king of worthless posts so you'd know. It was nice around here while you were busy counting your millions.
  14. Chef Jim

    Jethro Tull

    Uhh dude....Bobby McFerrin is an instrument. If it makes music it's an instrument.
  15. Candice AND Larry!!! Threesome!! 😍 I don't need help with that.
  16. Chef Jim

    Jethro Tull

    If they aren’t playing instruments it’s not music.
  17. I was hoping they'd all suffer the same fate of this idiot.
  18. Of course you can't time the market but writing a big check at a record high five years before retirement is not a good thing. So I'll DCA it in over the next 6 months. And I just met with my doctor and he says I've got about 6 months. LOL
  19. Or as my wife says "but...two cheeks pressed together." If you squint real hard you'll see that it kind of is.
  20. Same here. I need to fully fund my SEP for 2018 but not at a peak. Dollar cost average I guess.
  21. Chef Jim

    Jethro Tull

    Let me clarify. They have these really cool things called sand, oceans and bug spray! 😁 And Zonker Harris? You’re dating yourself. And here is another cool thing about the internet. I had a Doonsebury cartoon on my desk in my bedroom when I was in high school that I though was cool. Well I found it!
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