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  1. The deep ball down the right, where Diggs has his man beaten, definitely gets taken by the wind. Somewhere in the broadcast in the UK, they showed it a couple of times, and you could see it get pushed by the wind towards the sideline, and probably helped further along as well. I think on that one, in particular, you have to take that shot, even though it's difficult, because your guy is open, and it sends notice to the opposing D, that you aren't afraid to do it, which means they have to be somewhat more careful with their coverages, and possibly leave a bit more space underneath.
  2. I'd rather we beat KC with him, but tbh, and being no expert, the way he looked when he tried to get up, I will be surprised he gets cleared in time. I would also say that I would feel uneasy about him playing, and suffering another one, quickly. All we can do is hope that however it pans out, it's in the best interests of Mahomes, even if he doesn't agree.
  3. Very odd - hard to see what exactly caused it, but he was totally gone for a moment or two. Lots of injuries in this game atm, hope none are too serious.
  4. Ownership is the biggest problem here. McNair is letting too many people do jobs they aren't qualified for. Starting with BOB as GM, then moving on to this Easterby character, whose qualifications for being employed as an NFL anything, appear to amount to leading prayers around the Patriots facility. You also don't tell the most important piece of the team you are going to involve him before making decisions, and then go ahead and make those decisions regardless - even if it's your right. Heck, if McNair had told Watson he was getting no say in this from the
  5. Excellent stuff Shaw, and thanks. It seemed to take the broadcast commentators, a long time to figure out the wind was a problem, yet you could clearly see the flags were horizontal.
  6. Yes. Eventually. He's been 100% effort all the way, allied to a fair bit of skill. Effort wise, the guy is relentless. If not for having crossed the zebras somehow, (even before the tunnel 'incident') how much better would his career look if he got just some of the holding calls he's been due. Also, he's the best value trade we've ever made, imho. Note the 'value' part. (Diggs might just surpass him in that eventually.)
  7. I liked the idea behind QBR, but it has never seemed to me to consistently pass the eye test. I've watched far too many games where it simply doesn't stack up to what I've seen from the QBs in a game. I think that passer rating still has an edge, if you decide to 'play' with it a little, if you want to figure out why it isn't quite stacking up to a performance you thought was better, or worse, than it shows. Taking away an interception that should have been caught by a WR, for example, or maybe adding one in that a defender should have had, is probably going to give you a better re
  8. I felt a bit sorry for Taron there - it looked like he had a good pose lined up for in front of the screen, but Micah was all over him like a rash before he could do it. And the screen is pretty tough by the way it got hammered by the Bills D as they mobbed him.
  9. It was a legit penalty. I think the problem for Josh is that under a lot of circumstances, he's difficult to bring down, and he doesn't get some flags he ought to. I call the 'sell', 'addressing the balance'. While it can be argued that some of the roughing calls are 'ticky tacky', at the end of the day, it's about discipline, and defenders pretty much know what they shouldn't be doing. Just about every game a defender takes a chance on a 'late one', in the hope the zebras won't spot it, or are going to let it go, so I have little sympathy there, as I think that was exa
  10. While I think that the wind helped us, in a weird way, making passing so much more difficult, and possibly being a factor in the botched snaps for the Ravens, the bottom line for the Ravens, is that as good as they can be in the run game, they really don't have a plan B when it doesn't work. Once the Bills got ahead, it was hard for them to get back into it, because they don't use all the field, with their only real weapons in the passing game, being Andrews and Brown. Admittedly the pick 6 happened at about the best time for us, but with limited options in the passing game, they w
  11. Poor game from both offenses tbh. Both D's doing okay, but even they aren't looking anything special.
  12. Nice of him to give the opposition bulletin board material, when he can't play. I'm sure his teammates really appreciate it. 😏
  13. This is a bit saucy from the Pack. Running that D into the dirt atm, and not even bothering to use an MVP QB in Rodgers.
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