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  1. The best idea is to have the QB salary account for no more than a given percentage of the cap. I don’t think it can happen though. The NFLPA wouldn’t stand for it, for one thing, and for another, it makes there be little differentiation between franchise QBs. So Allen, Burrow, Mahomes etc. would all end up on the same money eventually. While many Owners and Front Offices could be in favour of it, as it would make their lives easier, I don’t believe the NFL as an entity would want it, as the constant speculation regarding QBs and their contracts, is part of the media grist for the mill, that keeps the game in the spotlight all the year round.
  2. Eagles got away with one there on the Smith 'catch'. For all the 49ers did a lot of good things on that drive, two things stood out, and that was the amount of time Hurts had just before the TD run, although he threw it away. The other thing was the fact that Sanders went in untouched, pretty much literally.
  3. It would also be a move that irritates the Patsies, as he's one of their few good WRs. Cheap he won't be, but he might come at an affordable rate, as he isn't top tier.
  4. I'm not sure that the 8 d-linemen strategy is that wrong tbh. The idea being to keep them fresh enough to keep getting after it. It also might be partly necessary, due to the ability, at times, for the Offense to score very quickly. The problem with it, is more that some of the personnel, simply aren't performing well enough. Epenesa and Basham, aren't living up to their draft positions atm, and while they aren't out of time yet, that clock is ticking very loudly. The only guys who are performing well enough, from what I can see, are Miller, Rousseau, Jones, Oliver, and Lawson. Note I said 'well enough' and not 'well'. The first 4 are going to be our erstwhile starters, or best group, but after that, the rest aren't up to snuff. Ideally you would want those top 4 names, on the field at all times, but that isn't going to happen. Becase the other 3 main guys, Settle, Epeneas and Basham, aren't doing well enough, it messes with being able to put your main 4 out there, as much as you would like, as you have to mix and match some.
  5. A couple of things may have played into it, not just maybe having the wrong cleats. Anyone playing ‘banged up’ is likely going to be naturally more tentative. Also, we have been called more of a ‘finesse’ team in the past, a style of which isn’t going to be favoured in the conditions. Tbh, while footing issues seemed more noticeable for the Bills, they also looked flat and disjointed regardless.
  6. I was there before ending up here. I did sign up here as well a long time ago, and while I spent some time on here, when that board was still running, most of my posting was done there. Thankfully, this site got mostly the good posters, rather than the lunatic fringe. In the latter days of it, it would crash regularly on game days, until they finally stopped new posts while the game was on. It was an odd place, as often the good threads, stayed interesting and civilised, but there was an awful lot of hot takes and lamp stuff around. The ignore list had plenty on it there, whereas this board doesn’t have hardly any, which is as much a testament to the moderation as anything else.
  7. Hackett isn't necessarily a bad offensive coach, but he is a bad HC. Not convinced I would want him as 'the' OC though.
  8. A traditional shotgun wedding? In fairness, the OP appears to be blaming a delayed flight, as opposed to the wedding itself. 😏
  9. Shanahan should win it. In a QB driven league, he’s got Mr. Irrelevant going to the NFC Championship game. With everything the Bills have had to go through this season, I do think McDermott deserves consideration - at the end of the day, we kept winning even after the Damar situation. For all the other guys also deserve credit for what they’ve done for their teams, none of them faced the degree of adversity that Shanahan and McDermott did. Jags have got plenty of talent on their roster, as have the Eagles, and both have QBs, as did Daboll, who admittedly has a less talented roster, but aided by a healthy Saquan.
  10. Continuity on the O-Line has probably been a bigger issue than we realise. Having said that, we had what is supposedly our best line up against the Bengals, and they were found wanting, in some order. If there was a position group that failed to live up to expectations, it was that one, and the WR room. More talent is needed in both areas. The DBs were struggling as soon as Hyde went out. Between him and Poyer, they simply put guys in the right positions on the field. Too many injuries, made it a difficult group to assess fairly, but inconsistency was an ironically regular issue. As was playing too soft coverage, which I think is part scheme, and part players. They needed to put someone in, and stick with them, as it brings both continuity, and confidence. With Miller out, the D-Line became way less effective. With Jones out, they became ineffectual. Miller and Jones are the two guys who free up the others to make plays, and they aren't without the ability to make plays themselves. Hyde and Poyer, have been our CBs 'safety net', allowing them to try and make plays also. No problems personally, with either Edmunds or Milano. On the D, of the guys who played the majority of the season, the MVPs, in no particular order, would be Milano, Jones and Taron Johnson. On offense, schematically, Dorsey and Allen need a long, hard look in the mirror. While I think they both know what plays Allen likes, and wants, what they need to do, is ensure that they actually make the plays they should make. 'Bombs away' isn't going to work, especially with only 1 WR who you can be sure will get separation. Now, Dorsey may not have called as many deep balls as Allen was throwing on 3rd downs, as Allen wants that big play too much, but the design needs to remove the option, so that we et the necessary yardage, when things aren't going so smoothly. Having said all that, it was still a successful season on two counts. Firstly Damar should make a full recovery, after what happened, the rest is way less relevant Secondly, we still clearly won the AFCE again, and circumstances notwithstanding, may have ended up with the #1 seed, both of which would have been targets for the season. While everyone is pretty disappointed, to say the least, at the way the season ended, the amount of adversity that was overcome to get that far, shows that this group of players and coaches, had something together, that shouldn't be decried to the extent that is happening.
  11. Neither. Injuries, age and cost, are against them, in one way or another. Either draft someone - there are WRs with ability all over the draft - or sign someone who is going to be around a while.
  12. They will be decent because of Burrow, much like the Bills will be decent because of Allen. The difference will come out eventually, and that will be with Ownership. The Pegulas will pay players, coaches etc. whereas Mike Brown won't, to the same extent. It isn't just a matter of cap space, it's also about being able to afford the players guarantees, which have to be put into escrow, when deals are done.
  13. The scheme isn’t the problem. Players and execution is. There is also a case to be made for being too ‘soft’ in coverage, on a far too regular basis, but even that has sometimes been on the players. I think it’s also fair to say that at different times, we missed too many of the guys who make the scheme really work - from Hyde, to Miller, and yesterday Jones. It’s probably between Jones and Milano, as to the defensive MVP on the team. Corner play has been very up and down, with good play one minute, and then rubbish the next. White helped with communication, but has yet to regain form. Johnson has been the one truly consistent performer of that unit. Safety issues were also obvious, with Hyde out, and Poyer banged up a lot. The difficulty with the guys who we missed, was that they are the ones who the lesser lights could feed off, or be freed up by.
  14. Defense has been awful, but I think they are seriously missing Jones, irrespective of anything else.
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