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  1. I thought it was a great throw at the time. Seeing it from this angle, just makes me even more impressed. It was my favourite throw from the Cowgirls game, and I also thought it was one of the game changing moments (probably the first), as it stopped us being backed up, and although the drive eventually stalled, a terrific punt then switched field position, and we started to take the game over.
  2. Lol, apparently Fitz has thrown a TD against the Eagles, for 7 different teams.
  3. Very much this. I don't think they 'liked' him much before, as he has always had some 'attitude', but since the incident in the tunnel with a zebra, Hughes as got just about nothing given in his favour, and flagged whenever possible, for the merest hint of having done something wrong. Now, in sports generally, if you piss off officials, there is some payback, but it's usually pretty much within the same game. Mouth off, you get some ticky tacky call go against you, or a non call made. That usually is the end of it, and the player and official both know what's happened, and there's no drama after the game. Hughes' situation seems different, as it appears he pretty much has become a 'persona non grata' as far as the zebras are concerned, after the tunnel incident. To me, this is unacceptable, especially as it was the zebra who was in the wrong in the tunnel incident, yet it doesn't seem as though anyone is saying anything about this to the league. Overall, I'm of the opinion that the officiating is generally poor. Some of the older refs have gone, and a few of them were awful, but I think it will take some time for the newer guys to gain a level of experience, so we will still see crap decisions on a regular basis for a while. Officials should be full time, and paid accordingly. There is plenty of other football being played that they could be being used at, outside of the NFL season, and getting them involved in that, might help with getting rules understood better. Something else I've thought for a while, is that they need to re-write the rulebook, in plain language. And then stick to it, without trying to have specific interpretations welded on top. I'm sure some of the poor officiating is as a result of a rulebook that must read more like an insurance policy than a set of rules for playing a game. While the playing committee of the NFL may be well served by their members in trying to resolve issues within the game, they almost certainly aren't the best people to write any new rules.
  4. Ha! So the cheats gained an advantage from it after all! Tbh, I didn't look at the circumstances around it, it just looked especially dubious, and the Cheaters were at home...
  5. Like the point from Tiger about the schedule helping us in our development. I also think your counterpoint has merit Shaw. As always, it's probably somewhere between the two. Allen showed just how good he might become yesterday. While he's pretty obviously one of those guys who has 'competitor' running through their DNA, he is starting to know when to use that to the teams best advantage. The D-line appears to be all getting on the same page, and operating at the sort of level last seen under Schwartz. McDermott and Fraziers mixture of blitzes and stunts, is creating regular pressure. Lawson is particularly starting to bloom. The Secondary was spot on with the 'bend but don't break' play, and rarely actually gave easy yards, even then. I'll take the occasional poor punt, for more of the 58 yarders that pinned the Cowgirls back to their own 10, and switched field position, after Allen had made the spectacular throw to Beasley from the Endzone. With the exception of Hauschka, pretty much a complete team performance. There may also be some excuse for him, as the Cowgirls kicker, muffed a couple also. I do believe this team is currently a good team. When you can beat who is in front of you, and the zebras, enough said. I feel we are about to find out just how good over the next few weeks. I'm cautiously optimistic that we can gain another couple of wins, at least. For all we have some tough games coming up, whoever we play will also be viewing those games as tough, for them. I don't necessarily know why, but I like the Ravens matchup. We seem to play them pretty hard historically. Home field could be important. An error free Allen, could well give the Patriots a serious run for their money, and we've already shown we can beat the team that's in front of us, and the zebras, yesterday. The Steelers will be hard, but with QB issues, we can, and should, get past them. The Jest have improved, and will be another harder game than it looked like it was going to be earlier in the season, but with home field advantage, we again should come through.
  6. As the game moves along, you can point to lots of other moments, many of which have already been mentioned. This one for me, was both my favourite throw, and maybe the initial turning point in the game. We managed a few more plays on that drive, but didn't get any points. However, with the help of a monster punt, (Kudos Bojorquez), we switched field position. Up until then, the Cowgirls had had the upper hand. After that, the game evened out for a little while, and then the Bills took them apart. Without that drive though, things might have been a lot different.
  7. I wasn't as impressed with Romo yesterday as I have been in the past. However, he did come out with enough praise for the Bills and Allen/McDermott, for me to feel he was trying to be even handed. The comment after Allen got the 1st down on the 4th and 1 was priceless - 'He just out aggressived the whole D-Line!' Part of the difficulty for him, was that there's this whole undercurrent about Garrett and Jones, and he's having to tread a fine line with that whole thing, while still trying to come up with something of interest to say about it.
  8. Many good throws, but the ez one to Beasley did it for me. That was a critical throw to get done, and although we didn't get any points from that drive, iirc, Romo actually said it was important (the drive), because it managed to change the field position into our favour, after we had been completely backed up. Kudos to Bojorquez there for a monster punt at the end of it, also.
  9. I'm not so sure it was just not picking up the option. Contract year helps, but iirc, they liked the way Lawson was trending from last season, but I feel they told him they needed him to continue to improve. We tend to forget that he was 'damaged goods' when drafted, and last season was probably his first when fully fit. As one of the few holdovers from the Ryan debacle, trust in him from the coaches and GM, has had to be earned and maintained. I said elsewhere that I hope they make him a fair offer, as if he continues with performances like this, he certainly deserves it. He made plays all over the field yesterday, and while his sacks the previous game were about as easy as they come in the NFL, nothing he did yesterday was unearned, and especially his 2 TFL were impressive.
  10. Found on another Bills fan site. Something else to keep an eye out for when we go to their place.
  11. Good viewpoint, and probably largely accurate. Where there is an element of 'fail', is in the last sentence or two. If it read 'we need to screw Hughes' and then 'it just is happening that way' you would be spot on. Jerry probably won't get another holding call in his career - unless it's against him. Because he had more attitude than most, even before the blow up with the zebra in the tunnel, he used to cop some very dubious calls, now, the only stuff being called, is against him. I think this should be as clear as day, tbh. The problem I have with that, is that if the zebras are going to act like that against a player, it's a simple extension of the principle, that they can act like that against a team. I don't, however think they are out to shaft a particular team i.e. the Bills, but rather that there may be some who would be quite prepared to try and influence individual games.
  12. As Thurman says above. I don't care about quite 'how' he's dropping back, providing he sets himself correctly when he does throw, as he is then pretty accurate. In recent games, I've not noticed anything especially obvious, about how he has been setting himself when throwing, so I'm assuming he's mostly got it right. Much like with the O-Line - if you don't hear their name mentioned, it's because it's happening correctly.
  13. While Lawson is obviously in his contract year - a fact, not saying anything else about it either way - it needs to be remembered that initially, he was 'damaged goods'. He was pretty much invisible his first year due to shoulder problems, that he could get away with in college, where he qualified as man amongst boys, but not in the NFL, where it made him a boy amongst men. Last year, he made strides, and he started to look like the player he could be. This year, he's showing up on an increasing amount of plays. I don't have an issue with the non-extension of his rookie deal - I think both McDermott and Beane wanted to see continued development this year, to be comfortable with making him an offer. As someone else said earlier in the thread, he's a solid football player now, and while by no means a star, he makes his fair share of plays (and I'm not referencing sacks especially), and also appears to have bought in to the 'process'. I expect the Bills to make him an offer, and I hope it's a fair one, but I wouldn't be surprised if he does move on somewhere where they will pay him more. As an UFA, he will get offers, I just hope we are trying to get him back. I have no idea what a fair price would be, but hope that the Pegulas can wield a bit of influence when it comes to guarantees.
  14. With the wind as it is, I think Bojorquez has done a good job today. Easy to get carried away with the wind, and he's held them up well into it.
  15. Quite possibly. It might also be a situation here they need to wait for a week or two to see how he responds to treatment, to see if they can get a timeline for potential availability especially as he's no spring chicken. This appears to be the exact sort of situation, that the investment in the new training and medical facilities, is there to help with, by shortening recovery times. Fingers crossed.
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