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  1. From what I saw yesterday, Evans didn't look like he could catch a cold. On that performance, I wouldn't even give up a 2nd for him tbh.
  2. Good article. Thanks to the OP. No two ways about it, Hyde and Poyer are a terrific tandem, and glad we are to have them I also like Limeaid's idea of extensions that keep their contracts timelines together. Poyer definitely deserves some more $.
  3. I'm not sure we even need to trade for anyone, there are a number of RBs on the open market. Atm, we are doing okay, assuming Singletary returns after the bye. My concern, is that we don't have a ready replacement for Gore, should he get injured. While I take the point that he's proven incredibly durable through his career, after there being plenty of concerns about him when he entered the draft due to knee operations, a simple reality is that at his age, if he does get injured, it's going to take longer for him to heal. Without knowing if Singletary can carry the load on his own - and we don't know that for certain as yet, I would rather have someone who you would consider a power back, already in the room, to take over from Gore if need be. The RB room currently, has a really nice blend, of complimentary talents, but the only guy who you wouldn't necessarily be bothered by being out, is Yeldon. Generally, with his FO, you would like to think there's a plan in place to cover for eventualities, but for all the good work they have done, they aren't perfect - as shown by the QB fiasco early last season. As a generalization, I'd say you can pick up a change of pace type of guy, at a moments notice, but someone who is a bruising runner, is somewhat harder to come by, which is why I would be advocating looking hard to find a backup for Gore
  4. Milano will probably get fined a bunch as well. After all, he couldn't do anything at all about colliding with the QB. Whereas the guy who didn't have to lower his helmet to make helmet to helmet contact with Allen, gets off scott free.
  5. Thing is, even clearing the protocols means limited reps. Barkley will get his reps, within the gameplan and Josh will probably not be allowed to do stuff while still in it. ’Good to go’ doesn’t necessarily mean the best option. If he’ s ok, then it might be best for him to be the backup for the next game. If need be, he can always be brought on, as it wouldn’t really be being benched.
  6. Smith simply gets penalised far too often generally. Even when he was here before, it was the same. McDermott should, imho, have taken him out of the game after his second penalty. He then got two more against him and got away with a hold that the commentators spotted.
  7. One thing that is true is that the D is legit. An awful lot to work on on offense though. There are guys who will have to up their game, or will be gone in the future - and I do not include Allen in that.
  8. Bird Song, would be a personal favourite not already mentioned. Box of Rain, another awesome song. He was able to do all types, sad stuff like China Doll, Stella Blue, to the bizarre of China Cat. The hilarious Tennessee Jed, with the drunken cadence to match the lyrics. Uncle John's Band - yet another favourite. The list could go on for a fair old time. It's about time I listened to some more of his stuff.
  9. Sad day - he was incredibly gifted, with the ability to leave things open ended enough, to let people interpret his songs in a number of ways, to suit their own circumstances.
  10. Yopu would be right about Plant not wanting to do it. You are wrong about him not still having the pipes for it, if he wanted to though. You are also totally wrong about him having a huge ego and being a douche - he's a decent guy who isn't bothered about the limelight any more. I would also say that Bonzo and Plant were close, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if Plant isn't interested in being in any form of Zeppelin without him.
  11. That's a shame, hope everything goes well for him with surgery and rehab. Guy was starting to come on well, and this happens.
  12. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/21/cody-ford-dawson-knox-fined-for-infractions-in-bills-win-over-giants/ The fine Knox got, is ridiculous. I hope it can be appealed, because it's a nonsense.
  13. It's odd really, as the two wins have shown what Allen can be. Both a guy who can dig you out of a hole, and someone who can efficiently manage a game. Thing is, the numbers aren't very gaudy, and instead of watching games, so many of these prognosticators, go just off the numbers.
  14. If Rivers arm is going, then he might be coming close to retiring, but even if he gets hurt, the guy is hard as nails, and has probably played through more serious types of injuries than any of his contemporaries.
  15. I just want him to be 100% whenever he returns - even if it means missing the Cheaters game as well. The kid looks like a future player and we don’t need to hurry him back unnecessarily.
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