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  1. It wouldn't be the worst loss but it might be a significant one. I saw a fair bit of the 49ers game, and the Cheaters were not very good, at all. We should be expecting to beat them. If we don't, tbh, it will be embarassing, at least.
  2. Very much so. First half he seemed to be too greedy, tbh, and was trying to force some stuff. People were complaining about him looking confused/deer in headlights, but I never saw that. He still moved around the pocket well, but he just was refusing to take what was being given to him. Second half, was back to how they played the Jest the first time, and he just worked the field with what was being given. As pointed out in the Athletic article referenced above, the lack of TDs wasn't on him, but on others. Let's not forget either, that Bass missed a couple of FGs as well, and it was Allen who got them into those situations. A 14 point win, albeit all FGs, still would be far more representative of how the game actually went - especially in the 2nd half. I don't think I was even remotely worried when the Jest got the ball back with a little over a minute to play, iirc. They hadn't come close to doing anything all of the half, and their last possession emphasised that.
  3. Romo, comfortably. I thought Aikman was awful the last Bills game he did. / Fwiw I always try to listen to the ‘broadcast’ commentary, for a supposedly unbiased viewpoint, but the Allen comments nearly had me turning the sound off. I don’t think I have ever felt remotely like that before. I’m coming around on Archuleta, but Feeley is just bad. Lofton seems to have lightened up a little, but just has one of those monotone voices.
  4. Nice job Shaw. Tbh, to me, this was very much a 'just win baby!' game. Probably just as well, because it wasn't very pretty. Having said that, there were enough things that I thought were positives, to think we might be getting somewhere, as regards getting some consistency back in the team. Allen, after taking a couple of liberties that he got away with, in respect of trying to force the football into places where it shouldn't go, then got back to largely just taking what the Jest D was giving him. The D got back to some semblance of 2019 form, largely due to being able to get the Jest in 3rd and long, and then stopping the long. It's their recipe for success, and they did a great job of executing it as the game went on. The last possession the Jest had, they didn't even remotely look capable of moving the football. There's plenty still for everyone to work on, but to me, they look like they are getting the train back on track. As regards individuals, on Offense, Moss might actually be starting to get to grips with the speed of the NFL. He showed up, and made the odd decent run, and the odd valuable reception. Kroft should be the #1 TE, no question. Big contributions yesterday, it was just unfortunate he was losing his balance when he caught the long pass from Allen. It would have been some fitting icing on what was an important week in his life. Beasley was terrific. There were signs of a possibly functioning screen game. On Defense, Jackson the rookie, was impressive in his first start. Was around the ball a lot, and wasn't obviously in the frame for mistakes, or penalties, iirc. Sightings of Epenisa were welcome, and Hughes was a right royal pia for the Jest line, pretty much all game. A last observation, about our kicker, Bass. If he hits all the FGs yesterday, the score ends up being a lot more reflective of how the game actually panned out eventually. I'm not too bothered about that. What I will quote, is the commentators after he nailed the 53 yard FG, where they stated it would have been good from 63 yards. This is why we have him, and this is why people need to be patient with him. He has the potential to win, or tie a game for us, from a long way back. While I'm sure McDermott would prefer if he hits everything I think he also doesn't want to rein that leg of his in, because it might make an important difference, somewhere down the line.
  5. Not pretty, but there were positives. 2nd half D and Allen getting back to taking what he was given. Too many penalties, but didn't look at all of them too hard, so how many ere poor calls, I don't know. Thought Beasely could have been given a PI when he was pushed/nocked oob before making the catch. All looked very dubious. Also looked like the procedural calls may have been bad, but quite possibly for both sides.
  6. Moss has been too hesitant in hitting what holes are there. Giving him a longer run up, isn't going to make a difference, imho. He hasn't got the speed of the NFL yet. I would be playing Yeldon instead of him atm, because we need more from our running game, and Yeldon has been more productive. And can catch.
  7. I think I fear for him. He's going into his first start against Aaron Donald. I understand the reps aspect, and the bye week extra preparation, but I think I might have held off a little.
  8. Reading between the lines of Wikipedia, he's a backup quality interior lineman. Was a UDFA originally, for the Ravens, but has kicked around various teams. Has started 21 games in his career, but only due to injuries. In recent years, he's had a few of those himself. As someone I knew nothing about before, I'm less worried about him seeing the field, if necessary.
  9. The D is a distinct concern. We simply aren't getting the pressure we need from our front 4, and a lot of other bad comes from that. It hasn't helped with injuries to guys who have been mainstays in the past, i.e. White, Milano and Edmunds, but they aren't part of the Front 4, and it could be argued that they have helped 'paper over the cracks' in the past. Being down an extra CB hasn't helped much either. There are issues with depth at CB and LB, highlighted by injuries. Star has been missed, and I wonder if his ability to take on double teams, has affected how much more others are able to do, in terms of getting more 1 on 1's, and actually less physical demands because of that. Tackling has been poor again, which inevitably causes problems. Imho, the above are all things that have shown up through our first 6 games. Offensively, Allen has had two mediocre games, i.e. the last two. To me, there was an element of deja vu with both of them. His first series in both games, didn't go well - but both times it wasn't his fault. The interception, off of Roberts hands, and then the perfectly good pass, that Brown got his helmet on, before getting his hands to it. Both times, it took Allen a fair while to get over those plays. That shouldn't be the case. The O-Line looks like it's doing a decent job in pass pro, except it isn't that good. Allen is doing a great job, both moving around in the pocket, and moving away from it, as needs dictate. My instinct would be that there are defenders coming at him, a bit too soon for comfort, especially in the last 3 games. My hope, is that Spain is back, and soon. Also that Feliciano is going to be back sooner, rather than later. Generally I've been impressed with Williams, so with those two back, and the upgrade he represents at RT, we might get better play from the O-Line, particularly in the run game. Because we, and Allen, need it. I'm pretty underwhelmed by Moss so far, and imho, we would be better served with Yeldon on the field. I've made this point elsewhere, but in the previous game, does anyone truly believe that Moss would have been in a position to make the TD catch Yeldon had? Moss may have been injured, but he looks like he's running through quicksand, and not very successfully. Talking of guys we might get back, I'd also like to see Sweeney return. Lowly pick he may have been, but I'd trust him more that Knox, or even Kroft, to catch the football. TE is a position we desperately need more from. Criticism after a loss(es) is inevitable. Like the previous one, poor execution has a large part to play in how things went. While the gameplan against KC may have been to limit Mahomes, and worked okay up to a point, I'm pretty certain that letting them run all over us to the extent they did, wasn't. See my earlier comment about tackling. The coaches have been trying to change things up, as evidenced by Murphy and Harry being benched. There is still the opportunity to find the right blend to turn things around. Getting players back healthy will help. I dislike how timid we seem to be on D. There needs to be a lot more intensity. We are still 4 - 2, and have plenty more left to play for. While the first 4 games were thrilling, and wins, it should have been obvious we weren't a finished article. It isn't just about how you start the season, but also about how you finish it. Let's hope for the necessary improvement, starting by ripping the Jest a new one.
  10. I wouldn't go as far as that, but he's certainly been productive the last couple of games, when called upon. I also seriously doubt Moss would have been there for the TD pass either. For all the staff preach competition, sometimes it seems as though they aren't actually sticking to that. Especially with Yeldon, and to a lesser extent Kroft. They may be 'backups', but when called upon they appear to have out-performed the 'starter', or at least the guys above them in the depth charts.
  11. Coaching shouldn't be an issue. I don't know about Boras either, but Daboll spent a few years as the TE coach for the cheaters, so coaching shouldn't be an excuse. I don't necessarily have a problem with giving Knox more time, I just don't want it to be at the expense of someone who can do the job more competently atm, be it Kroft, or Sweeney if he comes back. While the team appears to have progressed mightily - on Offense anyway - I don't want that progression to be compromised by inconsistent TE play, which is what Knox is atm.
  12. One generic one for around the league, and one for if we are playing them in the next month. The biggest difficulty, is as and when there are 'outbreaks', it will have an effect on schedules, and it may be that the Bills are affected by that, while still not having cases. Not sure where that sort of thing should go.
  13. It was painful enough watching the game, I didn't need the additional grief of looking up box scores. They should definitely call it a drop, as although it was above his head, it was pretty standard NFL fare. I'm fairly certain Knox himself made an indication that it was 'on him'. While I'm not precisely correct, according to the 'box score', I am correct in believing that it's a toss up as to whether or not Knox catches the football. 1 catch, 1 drop. The major flaw with Knox, is his inability to catch the football with any consistency. I'm not even sure that that is arguable, tbh. Going from memory again, there was only 1 'drop' that I thought was especially difficult, and that was a throw to Davis, that had some serious heat on it, where it was put where only Davis could get it, but on the stretch. It sort of went through his hands, but I don't think he could get them closed quick enough, if the truth be told. Diggs had a couple I would ordinarily expect him to get, but they were low throws, again, possibly by intent, as it would prevent the DB from getting at the football easily.
  14. So that's why the coaches said you tackle him low...
  15. Frazier is a good coach, and a decent DC. This year he's hampered by changes in personnel, and injuries to key components. Sometimes, the clay you are using to mould with, simply isn't goo0d enough.
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