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  1. You are going to be very pissed on a regular basis then, as the FO mantra is one of 'continuous improvement' and that implies development. In any given year, it could be assumed that the only team that doesn't need development, are the Champions. Guess what, it took KC 6-7 years to go from a rebuild to the SB champs. If the Bills do the same, I won't be unhappy. You will probably still be pissed, about something .
  2. TBH, I think the contract would have been around the same wherever he chose to go. His production warrants it. I also think he could have been a significant upgrade for us, even before we have FA and the draft. While I believe he would have done well here, I can't say that I blame him for choosing Seattle. Ultimately he's going to a team that has a QB who already has a ring, and is a consistent performer at a high level, rather than to a team that is on the rise, but may still need another year developing, to get over the hump, and win a playoff game, with a young QB who hasn't shown quite enough consistency yet.
  3. Even last year, his production total was more than our lot combined. I think that represents something of a likely upgrade. I'm not sure why people are getting so bent out of shape about this generally,with lots of 'too old' too slow' types of takes. The bottom line with Beane and McDermott, is seeing how they can improve the roster, anywhere. Signing Olsen is exactly that, imho (should it happen), and should be a 'no brainer' attempt, irrespective of the Carolina connection. Don't get me wrong, I like both Knox and Sweeney as potential long term players for the team, but there are still clearly issues and experience needed. Knox needs to catch a lot better, and also has to improve his understanding of the nuances of the position. He certainly has the potential to be an all round TE for years to come, and a good one, but whereas Smith might be useful helping him with his blocking, we still need someone who can show him how to get open regularly. Olsen might well have lost a step, but tbh, when you watch him it doesn't matter so much, because he finds the soft spots in coverages on a regular basis. Hence the roduction that exceeds what all of the Bills TEs managed last year.
  4. Fwiw, the big mention of cutting Sweeney is the OP for the 'using spotrac tool, releases and solutions'. As regards Norman, if his former HC isn't interested in retaining him, I'm not sure we should be interested in signing him. While I don't watch many other games than the Bills, I do pay attention to what people say about players around the league, and my impression is that Norman hasn't lived up to his contract, and by a decent margin. I wouldn't say the Bills won't have some interest, as iirc, McDermott was key in both drafting and developing Norman, and he obviously knows how to get the best out of him. I will say if they do look hard at him, it will be for cheap money (relatively speaking). The way it appears we set up our zone coverage, is that you want someone like Tre, who can play man well, so you can mix lots of other coverages up. The only way we get two top 'man' corners, is through the draft. We will, I'm sure, pay White as a top corner (he obviously is) because he gives our D more flexibility. Aside from Tre, the rest of the guys will be getting something much more in line with the reduced salaries paid to 'zone' corners.
  5. I doubt it does, but it should.
  6. I don't see that, at all. Likewise I don't see him getting tagged, there just isn't the value in doing it. While there's always the possibility of 'smoke and mirrors' around this time of the year, Beane's comments regarding guys who have 'earned the right' to find out how FA values them, strike me as being pretty honest. Phillips could be a classic example of a guy who gets overpaid due to a team having a glaring need, but there isn't a team in the league who would both pay him and also give up a pick, or picks.
  7. I think Beane and McDermott are still 'joined at the hip', but Beane's comments, are enlightening about how they go about things. I'd guess they both disagree to an extent, about different players, yet get to a decision between them, and then stick by it. Once the decision is made, it's done with. In those sorts of situations, I think sometimes Beane, and sometimes McDermott gets the decision, but it's done by both sides acknowledging the others arguments, for and against. I believe that it is something they encourage throughout the FA/Draft process, where scouts/personnel guys are allowed to make a case for someone, if they feel strongly about it. Beane has spoken about this sort of thing in the past, and if a guy feels strongly, then they will go back and review the tape. Might still decide against, but itwon't be for double checking their assessment.
  8. I think much depends on how much other teams like the look of Shaq. Imho, the Bills coaches/FO like what they have got from him, i.e. continuous improvement, including attitude. I believe they will let him test the market, if he wants to, but with the idea that he comes back to them with what he's been offered, and see if they are prepared to match, or do a little better. Any 'bonafide' offer, will be what they have decided they are prepared to pay up to. I have no idea what that might be, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was more than many might expect. Mainly due to the belief that he can become better still, is at the right age for a deal to be done, and it sends the right message to players, both on the Bills and in the rest of the league. i.e. perform and you will be paid. As regards contract structures, I think we will see increasingly, more guaranteed money through the length of deals, but it only becomes guaranteed if guys are on the roster each year. Make the team, make the money. An example of this might be a 5 year deal for $50 million, with $35 million guaranteed. Each year the guy remains on the roster, he gets $7 million guaranteed, but only if he's on the roster. That might be an excessive example tbh, but I think the principle is there. The above 'style' of deal, makes life a lot easier when it comes to managing the cap, as you aren't having to look down the road all the time at dead money for signing bonuses etc. The biggest hurdle to overcome with it, would be players understandable desire, to get as much as possible 'up front', yet I think that type of deal shouldn't be too hard to 'sell' to genuinely competetive players.
  9. You could look at it in a different light Hapless, in that if he decided to sign here after weighing all his options carefully, it means he sees a lot to like about where the Bills are at.
  10. Olsen has been a good player for years. Injuries aside, he's always made plays. Tbh, all of the TEs, apart from Smith, could learn a great deal from him. And given his production, he immediately improves the group. That's what the off season in particular is all about - improving as much as possible. Adding Olsen = improving the TE position.
  11. Thanks for that. In that thread it shows Allen's 40 at the combine. There is no way he is 'full on' when doing it. He eases up in the last few strides at the very least, and tbh, if he was particularly trying, he would be showing a deal more signs of effort after it.
  12. He could undoubtedly train to go faster. It would almost certainly require a different set of exercises, and emphasis, than he has now. Very likely to the detriment of his ability to play QB, mainly due to weight loss and consequently being less able to absorb punishment. Iirc his combine 40 didn't look as though he was going at it full on, so I'd treat that time with a pinch of salt. Allen was often around the lead of the guys for top speed attained - more particularly in the 2018 season. I would assume that those top speeds, could be extrapolated, and put into a different 40 time, that might give a better idea of how quick he is relatively. I wouldn't say he's the quickest 'off the blocks', but you really don't want to give him a few yards to get going, because he's plenty quick enough to make many guys look silly. I've only watched the first of the two clips, but I didn't see (m)any instances of him being brought down from behind, which is a pretty decent indicator of having some serious game speed.
  13. Sweeney appeared in 5 regular season games. Somehow that doesn't equal inactive all year to me.
  14. As with many things in life, it doesn't have to be one way or the other, yet finding the right balance is incredibly difficult, due to political philosophies and priorities. 'Socialist' countries, like Cuba, and number of the old eastern bloc countries, are still world leaders in certain types of therapy and care, often developed because they didn't have access to the same level of pharmaceuticals. Which is by no means a bad thing. 'Big Pharma' has had plenty of success in innovation, although often that is based off of post graduate research in heinz variety of educational facilities. They have also had an often dubious track record where it comes to ensuring that all the relevant testing procedures have been done (and followed). It has also been the case with different 'Big Pharma' companies, that they will bleed every last cent from wherever, seeking to protect patents rather than human lives. As to the OP, I'm somewhat ambivalent about the individual. Fact is, there is a problem with CTE, in pretty much any contact sport. Sometimes it takes an individual to make a song and dance about these types of things, for the world to sit up and take notice. I'm eminently unqualified to comment as to the accuracy of his diagnosis/conclusions/claims, but they are definitely based in reality, unlike much of what we see and hear these days. ;(
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