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  1. Sounds like a good choice. Maybe they simply don't show NFL games there at all? In the UK, we cannot view live, games being shown by the NFL's partner broadcaster, which is Sky Sports. You can watch them as soon as the game is finished. For example, iirc, The Bills have 4 'primetime' games so far this coming season, and I won't be able to watch those live through Gamepass. As I have a subscription to Sky Sports, I'll still be able to watch them live (that subscription covers me for a lot of other sport I'll watch, from 'soccer' to cricket and F1), but if I didn't, I would only be a
  2. Not entirely true, as it will prevent you watching a game being broadcast by a ‘partner’ in the country you sign up in. The Bills will be more likely to be shown than previously. In the UK last year, we ended up with a bunch of games not being broadcast live, due to this. As I have a deal with the ‘partner’, it didn’t affect me, but it might have. Having said that, most of those games were ‘Primetime’ games, so you could probably have got them anywhere in the US.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51768274 Those are the latest government figures for the UK. Johnson etc. are taking a gamble, and it's based off of a couple of things. Firstly that the link between deaths and hospitalizations is in the process of being highly reduced by vaccinations, and also, that those who are getting infected with the latest variant, are very largely, the unvaccinated. In essense, between a high percentage of people being fully vaccinated, and the increase in those who are getting covid being the unvaccinated, I believe they are thinking t
  4. Game Pass works pretty well with a half decent 'net connection. The only caveat will be if games are being shown by a 'local' broadcaster. In the UK, for example, this would be Sky Sports, and last year there were a lot of Bills games broadcast. That means you need a subscription to Sky Sports to watch those games live - which I have anyway for Soccer and Cricket, so that didn't affect me. You will still be able to stream the game(s) after they have finished though, and you can watch them with a variety of options, including just the plays - i.e. the hour of actual play - once they have finish
  5. Keep it open, but perhaps be a bit more rigid in keeping things on track. While I didn't read the whole thread on Beasley, I did read a lot of it, and there seemed to be too much arguing about points that weren't actually relevant, especially about his right to refuse to be vaccinated, when hardly anyone was saying that. There are very likely going to be changes and clarifications to the 'protocols' both around the time of TC, and for when games start (both pre and actual season). Whether or not people like it, Im convinced that not only will there be protocols in plac
  6. In which case, the team as a whole are copping out. Irrespective of anything else, it is going to become a distraction. Sometimes, the way you try and deal with an issue, doesn’t work as you wanted it to. I can see this being the case here.
  7. I wonder if the drive to get bigger up front, included putting on a few lbs (of muscle).
  8. I would expect them to go if possible. While there are lots of pros and cons for both ways, I think the bottom line, especially for this coming season, will be how important it will be to re-engage with the fans. Because of that, I also think the players themselves will be happy to go there this year. Iirc, McBeane have already reduced some, the time they are there, yet were still quite liking the team building aspect of it. I think they would still seriously consider doing it in the future, as it can be an important part of the team culture.
  9. Good luck to him. The Bills FO setup is one of the better set up ones around the NFL - the Pegulas have spent well on those guys. As Gaine returned - we already have a replacement to go. Tbh, I would like Gaine to be given the role, as he most definitely got a very short straw in Houston, and it will do his profile no harm at all with our projected continuous success. You never want to lose good people, but the Bills FO has plenty of qualified replacements already in place. The interesting thing will be how they shuffle the jobs aroun
  10. My impression of this draft, is generally 'solid' - in more ways than one. From looking around at a few 'big boards', I thought that we might struggle to find an obvious 'upgrade' at the #30. seemed like there was going to be a bunch of O-Line guys available around there, and while the line isn't perfect, we don't have immediate needs there. The one guy who did intrigue me as a possible pick there, was Rousseau, as I could see where due to not playing last year, he might be available. I thought he was the only DE who could be there at the pick, out of the few that I ha
  11. The only way you don't pick up the option, is if you intend to extend his deal now, and his agent etc. are made aware of that. That way there can be no feelings hurt, even theoretically. People are talking about Allen's extension being done through this off-season, well it may be that they do Edmunds as well. Or they get Edmunds done but not Allen, because the financial situation plays out that way.
  12. I chose 'other', mainly because so much depends on what players you have playing a particular scheme. By the end of that last year Schwartz was here, his D was probably the best all round in the NFL - but he had the right players for it. McDermotts version of a 4-3 is generally pretty solid, and when you don't necessarily have to pay all your CBs as much, is probably the way forward in today's NFL.
  13. I wouldn't do it in a hurry, and as others have pointed out, I'm not sure there's a generational talent going to be available @ 10. I would also say that while values may on the surface look similar, you are still talking about 3 spots lower than where we traded out to - and I think that would end up costing us more in terms of picks. Tbh, I think we would be better served by trading the pick for an established guy - like we did with Diggs - not that there's anyone on my radar that could be worth that sort of thing.
  14. If for one moment, it could be believed that the NFLPA had genuine concerns for the players safety, then I would say 'fair enough'. As ever, this is all about the benjamins. The NFLPA were happy enough under possibly worse circumstances, to play a full NFL season, because players were getting paid for the games. Anything that could be construed as 'gratis', even though it would probably be to their own benefit in respect of performing to their best, is simply not something the NFLPA can bring itself to condone. It's ironic really, as the reality
  15. I was looking at Gil Brandt's 100 best prospects the other day, and was struck by how many O-Line guys were around the #30 pick. I think we are going to have to hope a couple of guys slide, and I'm not too optimistic about that, as he's got pretty much all the usual suspects at QB comfortably in that top 30. It may be that our best use of the pick, will be to trade down, for an extra 2nd or 3rd rounder this year, as our 'needs' will be better aligned with value then. The one caveat to that, is quite possibly if there's a RB we want still available, as I thin
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