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  1. A team's 2020, 2021, and 2022 first round pick for Josh Allen? I would. And sign Andy Dalton. For 2 I would not.
  2. Exactly the same? OK. Thanks. what about the others I mentioned? Earl Morall? Kurt Warner? Nick Foles? And Frank's numbers were skewed by playing for an expansion team and 2 other really bad teams. . When it counted, 1989 - 1993 he was 60% completions and threw 17 TDs vs 6 Ints. Exactly as Barkley would. Right?
  3. Glad to hear it. Goodness knows he needs it. Hopefully it works. Could pay big dividends in the W/L count and hopefully a playoff win or 2 or 3.
  4. I guess I'm one of the other posters you speak of. The way I see it is if the Bills had a buddy/mentor type not that good on the field in 1993, no worlds.greatest comeback. The Giants would have won one less SB. No El Perfecto for the Fish as quality backup Earl Moral played a large part of the season. Eagles would still have no SB wins. No greatest show on turf. I would hate next year if we were 8-4 headed to Foxboro with Josh having to miss the next few games due to injury and we don't have someone to play that can win. "QB is the most important position. Second most is backup QB. " --Joe Gibbs
  5. They're almost there (coronavirus tests available at Rite-Aid by the 4th of July) in Great Britain. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/25/uk-coronavirus-mass-home-testing-to-be-made-available-within-days
  6. My bet is by the 4th of July you will be able to buy one at Rite-Aid. actually I made this prediction 3 weeks ago.
  7. Maybe that's what yall do in Austin. I live in Seattle and out mayor and city council has declared homelessness a crisis and the mayor declared a state of emergency and they are definitely working on it. And, our governor is managing the Coronavirus thing and doing a fine job as our numbers appear to be dropping.
  8. Would probably have to take his pants off to count to 21.
  9. Unless I'm mistaken (which is always possible), this translates into 1 more drop per 100 passes.
  10. this is one of the first things they taught in my computer classes in the early 1980s. GIGO. Garbage In = Garbage out. Still true today.
  11. I understand that. And Teddy brought it up too. My point is we had opportunities after the missed blocks. And if we'd got a TD instead of a FG on that drive in regulation, we win. Opportunities were there. A 30 million dollar man needs to make it happen then. Our opponents QB was in a similar spot but was able to come up with the big play when needed. That's what we should be looking for, not being satisfied that Josh got close and if someone else had done something we would have won. No more excuses. Just win somehow. QBs job is to win. That's why he makes the most money.
  12. Too bad he used 'em all up before the playoff game. Coulda used one there. granted a lot of players could have impacted the game if they hadn't flubbed up, but if you are THE GUY, the $30,000,000.00 man, then THAT'S when you gotta make it happen, ie, win the game someway somehow.
  13. I'm getting close to the point of being able to collect SS and was told that when I first started working too.
  14. This is awesome and exactly what is needed if the bad prognostications come true. We need to prepare for this NOW. The days of being able to hide at home and stall the economy are rapidly running out. In Seattle they are building a temporary hospital on a soccer field to handle not so major stuff to take the load off the hospitals. You know the expression, keep one eye on the "ball". This is the ball as opposed to the virus name or yelling at reporters.
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