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  1. In non Trumpian times that may be true. But now Mayor Pete served in Afghanistan while Major Bone Spurs got 5 deferments to Viet Nam. Anything Trump did was bad. This comment allows Mayor Pete to one up Trump without saying Trump is a draft dodger. That's why I think it's smart. He did the same with the Alfred E Neuman thing. He didn't have to come right out and say Trump is and old out of touch codger living in the 20th century. Much better way to go after Trump than to out name call him. Anyone care to guess how many deferments Uncle Joe got?
  2. This is a smart move by Mayor Pete. Being an Afghanistan veteran he has 9000x the credibility as Colonel Bone Spurs on anything in-a-war related.
  3. There aren't any. As soon as one election is over and the winners sworn in, the race to stay in office or throw the bum out office begins.
  4. 2 thing. 1. Birth control is covered in the Affordable Care Act. He doesn't know that? According to HealthCare.Gov Food and Drug Administration, approved contraceptive methods prescribed by a woman’s doctor are covered. This includes: Barrier methods used during intercourse like diaphragms and sponges Hormonal methods, like birth control pills and vaginal rings Implanted devices, like intrauterine devices (IUDs) Emergency contraception, like Plan B® and ella® Sterilization procedures Patient education and counseling https://obamacarefacts.com/obamacare-birth-control/ 2. It's an election year and abortion is being heated up by both sides. Coincidence?
  5. I suspect they are finding that "run fast and break things" is not a good business model. But really, they are so inept at IT. Having a printer in your data center spitting passwords? A non-encrypted passwords file? Really? People try to get me join, but I won't because I don't like being the product of companies with lax data security practices.
  6. My corporate experience tells me that probably won't even do that much for you. All raises are based on a percentage of your salary. Even when you get promoted to a higher level they'll just bump you up like 4%. You may get a bonus now and then but nothing to significantly change your income. I always now tell young people they need to negotiate the best deal they can because all future raises will depend on that.
  7. One thing about this is sometimes mentioned but not often. I found out about it when I got a job offer and watched a few videos about salary negotiation on youtube. Seems women don't negotiate for salary near as often as men. If you start with less because you didn't negotiate a good deal, you'll be stuck with less for the whole time you are that company. Should be an easy fix.
  8. It was signed into a law by a woman. And the woman held all the power. She doesn't sign it and it doesn't become law.
  9. OK. I thought you were referring to Safe Haven Laws. My bad. Thanks for your rapid response .
  10. As a man I know I have no right to an opinion on this even though I have fathered and raised children. I keep hearing and have always heard about women who can't afford to have a child or are not ready in their life to have one. Why is this a problem? Most states if not all have safe haven laws. Drop a baby off at the fire station within 3 days. Heck in some states you can just leave them at the hospital. Ironically NY gives a mother 30 days to do this. A lot of states it's only 3 days. http://safehaven.tv/states/ I clicked around and even the most rednecky of redneck states have such laws. In the meantime, people are buying eggs for tens of thousands of dollars, adopting kids from foreign countries, and paying other women to carry their baby for them because they cannot while others are throwing theirs away like last weeks garbage. Sad.
  11. Defensive plans this year will be make Josh Allen be a QB. See if he responds any better than our previous QB that had this thrown at him.
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