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  1. it's a good strategy for the Dems too evidently. Or at least they think it is. Amen!
  2. They're being replaced by robots and independent contractors.
  3. Got blown out early vs the Raiders i think it was only to have AJ and the guys win in a massive come back.
  4. I'm shooting for.the moon and hoping he's a Roger Staubach type guy. I think he's got leadership and deep down burning desire to win. Maybe even comes through late like that pass to Clay in the EZ on the last play of the game.
  5. The difference is the perp was inept thankfully. Had he been able to explode that propane tank it would be a different story. What about the congressional baseball field shootings. Were they terrorism?
  6. He was better than Bush (either), I'll give you that. Was he better than Clinton (rode on "sex traffickers" airplane ✈ 27 times)?
  7. IN psychological circles this would be characterized as "pushing buttons". It's an old narcissist trick. It's obvious to EVERYONE except them. First rule of war, know your enemy. They don't know their enemy.
  8. So do you now no longer hate one of THE GREATEST return men in Bills franchise history? I hope so. Would.be a.shame to do that over goofy politics. Let's keep our priorities in order shall we?. I once saw McGhee return a punt for a RD in Seattle enroute to us laying an old fashioned butt whoopin' on 'em. It was amazing.
  9. Agreed. I sometimes fall into the old romantic idea that they are elected officials by us to represent us in congress and make America a better place to live for all it's citizens. They're really good actors I guess. It's totally a power/money game. There's only 3 reasons to get in politics. Power, money, and babes ( or whatever you like ). I need to remember that better. I still don't think they are serious people.
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