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  1. Come on, man. Silence is violence.
  2. Josh likes his women a little the trashy side.
  3. I suspect @Chef Jim would probably agree with this:
  4. My theory is its less a roll out problem and more of a supply problem. Last year the US ordered and bought 800 million doses. How many did Canada pre order and purchase? I suspect that's why we're getting it faster. Money talks.
  5. I find these Jim Crow comments extremely gross. I'm old enough to remember when Jim Crow ( as is President Biden) was still the law of the land. Blacks had to ride in the back of the bus. They could not go to white schools or stay in white hotels or eat in white restaurants. They had poll taxes and literacy tests to vote. Black people could not live in Oregon until 1925 because the state convention forbade it. When Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. did a show in Vegas the hotel said Sammy couldn't stay in the hotel and had to enter through the back door. The hotel
  6. Tell your friend to do an internet search for weed stores in Washington or Colorado and look at the prices. I usually buy pre rolls for between $5 and $7. 1 gram. A little less for me cuz I get a 10% Veteran discount. Good stuff.
  7. They deliver here too but I've never done that.
  8. In Washington state where it has been legal for 9 years the price has gone down and the quality has gone up. I have zero desire to buy black market weed. Why bother? Within 3 miles of my house there are 4 stores and they have great selections. If NY does it like Washington did, you're gonna like it.
  9. Neither can the people (the hospitality industry is over represented by minorities) missing work and business because the MLB moved the game which was my point.
  10. You must have missed my posts leading up to the election. I brought it up multiple times.
  11. How exactly are they "losing their vote"? Other people sacrificing their income is easy for you to say. Will you also be sacrificing a day's wages to make sure they aren't " losing their vote"?
  12. Too true. I always laugh when politicians refer to what they do as "public service". Servicing the public is more like it.
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