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  1. I've been worried since Sammy and Woods left with no good replacements.
  2. reddogblitz

    Favorite Bills game last season

    Kills me thAt we didn't run that in the playoff game. AT least put him in with a with a 3 TE jumbo package, fake the hand off and hit a wide open TE that blocked, fell down and snuck in the EZ. I go with Snow Bowl as well. Not just because of the snow, but because it looked like we blowing it big time, and then pulled it out. That was when I thought this year might be different, and it was.
  3. reddogblitz

    Josh Allen already impressing in Buffalo

    skinny Rex won more that fat Rex. Skinny 8 Fat 7
  4. He's throwing gifgrabber under the bus.
  5. reddogblitz

    The Bills did not "luck" into the playoffs

    going 17 years without playoffs is rinky dinkyier. What is the criteria for a playoff run to not be "rinky dink"? The "Immaculate Reception" was way flukier.
  6. reddogblitz

    Ideal Scenario If No Playoffs in 2018?

    😵 Vince Lombardi was right. Losing is a habit. Even making the playoffs won't even wash the taste of tanking out of your mouth. 0-16 sounds terrible to me no matter how you slice it.
  7. reddogblitz

    Trump and Russia

    So Army training is hard? LOL Army is only for people not tough enough to make it in the Marines. Squids is a whole other matter.
  8. reddogblitz

    Ideal Scenario If No Playoffs in 2018?

    Worster case scenario: Bills go 0-16. Allen plays the whole year and looks bad doing it.
  9. I have a hard time seeing him beat out EJ
  10. reddogblitz

    The NFL Needs A Parental Advisory For The Music They Use

    The Ralph. Love it or leave it.
  11. reddogblitz

    Roster Review/Offense

    Half of all Hotrod's picks last year bounced off of Clay's hands. Saying he has hands of stone may be a little harsh. But he does have hands of Clay.
  12. reddogblitz

    Roster Review/Offense

    and no love for Chris Ivory.
  13. reddogblitz

    Tyrod's Touchdowns

    Bills will rue the day they traded Hotrod.