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  1. You do know that President Biden and Senator Clinton and many other democrats voted for a totally unnecessary war that resulted in the death of 1,000,000+ brown people? Right? War is something that Republicans and Democrats can both agree on.
  2. This is great that they are banning the people you don't like. What happens when they start banning people you do like? Ever thought of that? High tech book burning. Just fine.
  3. America. Love it or leave it. I am old enough to remember when redneck Viet Nam war hawks put those bumper stickers on their pick 'em up trucks. Also a favorite saying of Archie Bunker. You're in good company.
  4. The first TD we scored was from inside the red zone. As far as Coach McDermott being too nervous coaching against Andy Reid goes, I disagree. The first time they met in 2017 we won. What happened after that year?
  5. I'm starting to wonder how long this whole vaccination thing will take. I did a little math. There are approximately 330,000,000 people in America. 70% of 330,000,000 is 231,000,000. Everyone needs 2 shots, so 462,000,000 will need to be done. President Biden promises to do 1,000,000 a day for 100 days. (We've been doing approximately 1,000,000 per day the last 2 weeks.) Fauci says by September we should have it. So that means we would have 100,000,000 done by May 1. That leaves 362,000,000 in the following 4 months.
  6. I vote for this. With the fancy technology and rules and they still get it wrong on a regular basis. Do you really think they can fix it to make it always right and fair? I don't. And the frame by frame nonsense has to stop. Give me 15 minutes back and I'll live with the calls on the field. If they are going to keep it though I would suggest that obvious personal fouls like face masking and helmet to helmet hits in the interest of player safety.
  7. The second guy in is ALWAYS the one that gets flagged.
  8. Its an excuse. Bernie and Ron Paul Didn't vote for it. Actually 156 congress people voted against it. He got snookered by W and Uncle Dick. It was a bad decision resulting in the death of 1,000,000+ brown people. Own it. https://www.thoughtco.com/2002-iraq-war-vote-3325446
  9. Would make sense. Uncle Joe is into war. Especially in Iraq. Check his voting record if you don't believe me.
  10. AOC is also calling for violence. https://news.yahoo.com/aoc-nation-only-heal-once-135815248.html
  11. True. But its also true it worked because it was in "the parchment". Those that tried to work outside " the parchment " failed and many are going to jail.
  12. After all this, he left LOL. Maybe we can take this as a learning moment for the next time we get a really bad president and some suspect he will not leave and be a dictator. The founders of the country had such a leader. He was a King. They didn't like Kings and made sure we would never have one. To do so they installed checks and balances. It worked. Sure Trump wanted to stay. He filed law suits and the courts ruled against him. He tried to go to the Supreme Court but the 6 R/3 D Court wouldn't hear the case. Thugs stormed the Capital, but The House an
  13. I'm in no rush either. But I've been thinking lately maybe they could put a roof with a hole in it like they did in Miami. Would still be cold, but fans would not be hammered by rain/snow/ice while players would still be in the elements.
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