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  1. I was the original person to say he wasn't a process guy. What I mean by a "process guy" is a person that totally buys into what McDermott is selling. Coach McDermott is s great leader of men. But he needs them all to totally buy into his program which includes teamwork and loving your teammates, and no person is greater than than the team, etc. Not sure, but I suspect that maybe Clowney is not that kind of guy. If not, we can't use him. McDermott traded Sammy cuz he wasn't his kind of guy and instead holds onto Frank Gore and DiMarco because they are. Because they are "process" guys.
  2. Yet we passed 41 times that day and only ran 14. 😕 I was at that game. It was very windy.
  3. To the bolded. Especially when they are run by women. The Seattle march was postponed til March 8th cuz of bad weather. It was typical Seattle January weather. 50 degrees and over cast.
  4. Oh no. If he leaves, there goes our continuity. DOOOOOOMED
  5. I think this is what it is. A few years ago the passing league thing was in full force. Teams built up defenses to stop the pass. They got quicker faster LBs etc. Played more passing Ds. Then someone noticed this and decided to ram it down their throat. It works. So as teams will gear their D back to stop the run, then the passing league stuff will start over again. As far as RBs being a dime a dozen, I don't buy it. Sure you can get half way decent guys cheap. But if you want someone like Henry or Shady (when we got him) or Zeke Elliot, you gotta pay. You get what you pay for. What if the Titans put a dime a dozener Yeldon in there? Does he do what Henry does. I doubt it.
  6. Like Tryrod or not, that offense was #10 in scoring in the NFL. An offenses job is to score points. Doesn't have to be pretty or what you like in regards to offensive styles to be effective. that offense didn't need to make gallant 4th quarter comebacks that often because they were able to score enough points so that the D could protect it. In 2017 there were only 3 opportunities for comebacks. In one, we were down 7 at the 2:00 warning and won by 3 in regulation( bucs). Another was against Carolina where Tyrod threw a pass to Zay that probably could have been caught if he had run the right route (Steve Taker, NFL WR said he ran the wrong route). And the third was Bengals which we blew. So that's 1 out of 3. Josh was able to get a few vs Jets, Titans, Dolphins but also missed on many oppotunites against mostly good teams like NE twice, Baltimore, Cleveland, Houston. If you add them all he's probably close to 3 out of 8 which not rally much of a higher percentage than we did before 33% vs 38% (maybe up to 50). But if we were able to score more points we wouldn't need all these comebacks especially with the defense we have.
  7. the QB there is Mason Fine out of my alma mater The University of North Texas. He was in while the West scored 14 of their 27 points. Nice pass
  8. KC Game time decision on NF C game. Really don't like either team. Leaning cheese.
  9. Why could we not grab some Mike Gilislee type player from someone else's PS if we didn't have any we could give the football 🏈to? Why did we have No faith in Yeldon? I was happy with Roman and Lynn.
  10. Things like this is what give me pause about THE PROCESS. They make some bone headed head scratches like this. The didn't want Josh to start. They had a Vet they cut that could have started over Josh. They didn't sign any vet QBs even though there were many available. Instead they went with the money ball approach and took McCarron and he couldn't make the team. Then they go into the year with Nate Peterman, a guy with only 2 shaky starts under his belt and the rook they didn't want to play. Then when Josh did get hurt they couldn't even play the guy they kept and had to sign street FAs Derek and Baker. This didn't just happen to THE PROCESS, it was totally self inflicted. I saw a similar thing this year with RB. We had 4 of them. 1st, Singletary was great but he is small and they didn't want to run him too much cuz they didn't know how much he could take. 2nd string was Gore who they couldn't give it to much because he was 36 years old and after the first 5 games rarely got more than 1 yard per carry. Then they had a 3rd string guy they couldn't even suit up in Yeldon. Why? Is he a fumbler? Fumbled once in PS and once in RS. Did he have a history of fumbler? Not that I can find. If he was, why sign him in the first place? Then we had Penny who I guess wasn't good enough to carry the football. Oh yeah, we also had a guy that couldn't play this year. Again, a self inflicted hole. Player personnel decisions have been odd IMHO like in the cases above. Hopefully these kind of blunders are behind us since they've taken ownership and learned.
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