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  1. How in heavens name are we "back to square one"? I was at square one. It was nothing like this. No vaccines. No masks. No idea what it even was. As far as her 3 points go, I heard a better one yesterday. "Everyone is going to get immunity one way or the other."
  2. Any plan that requires everyone to do anything is doomed to failure.
  3. I don't understand this argument. If Trump supporters are the adoring automatons you profess them to be, why are they allegedly not taking the vaccine? Trump invented the vaccine and says to take it. Why wouldn't they take it if they are just loyal dumb boobs? Seems like they would be all for it. Maybe its something else? It was President Biden and VP Harris that said not to take it.
  4. But we do know his car cranks right up and runs live a champ and will for another 25 years.
  5. Thanks for the response and polling data. Interesting. But I wasn't using polling data. I was talking about numbers on the ground. 40% of Americans identify as Republicans. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-number-of-americans-identifying-as-republican-is-the-lowest-its-been-in-a-decade-gallup-poll-11617812129. 32% of Americans are black or hispanic. https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/US/PST045219 I don't have any hard statistics on % of republicans getting vaccinated. Although no one can say for sure, the size of the groups can't be that dif
  6. Thank you. Did you notice that a lot of states in the bottom 1/2 also have high black and hispanic populations like Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina,Tennessee, and Oklahoma? 18-24 year old numbers are also low. I'm not trying to pick on these groups. But it is what it is. Why do you only criticize Rs for it? Vaccine hesitancy is all over the map. It doesn't have to be made political by you and Kellyanne Conan's husband.
  7. 66% of blacks and 61% of hispanics are Tucker Carlson or Marjorie Taylor Greene junkies. Who knew?
  8. To me this is the crux of the biscuit. Really the only part I care about. As you say everyone knew something was going to happen. Why the failure in security? Normally to try to take over America you need an F15 and a couple of nukes. But on this day a mob waltzed right in. Got into the chamber and the Speaker's office. I won't go as far as you on the fire thing, but Democrats have made and will continue to make massive hay off of it. A great fund raising tool. Not convinced democrats were not involved or at least complicit in the riot of 1/6/21.
  9. I got vaccinated. If I catch it and don't have to be hospitalized or die I'm calling it a win. You don't get vaccine so you don't catch it (you probably won't), you take it so you don't die. Yeah I know the 99% thing, but that 1% is now numbering in the 600 hundred thousands.
  10. I had to zoom in to make sure that kid was not wearing a Stevie Johnson jersey. San Diego School District is spending $77,000,000 on it. What are they cutting to add this is what I wonder. Its not like California has schools so exemplary that can cut some stiff out cuz kids are too smart upon graduation. http://politicalhat.com/2021/06/21/critical-race-theory-in-san-diego-schools/
  11. The US bought 500,000,000 doses from Pfizer before it was finished. I wonder what they used the money for?
  12. This is where I'm at. Everyone has had a chance to get vaccinated. There are 3 places within a mile of my house where one can walk in anytime and get it. If you are vaccinated you have a infitessimely small chance of being hospitalized or die. But if you chose to not get it, go for it. Take your chances. Actually having it continue to spread and cause havoc in the unvaccinated community is the best commercial you could have for getting vaccinated.. There is a 95% way to avoid it. We're not over running hospitals and we're not going
  13. 66% of blacks and 61% of Hispanics are Trumpers. Who knew?
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