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  1. iirc 9 to 5 was a smash hit at the box office. Still the 20th highest grossing comedy film. Maybe they just need to make better movies?
  2. Yes and no IMHO. I remember very clearly when I was 5 or 6 years old or so and we were going over to my Aunt and Uncles house. They had sons and daughters and we only had boys at our house. He told me that girls are not as strong as boys and that I should never roughhouse with or hit one. I don't know that I ever would anyway, but this made an impression on me that still holds to this very day. Perhaps Walton's Dad never told him this? Not that that's an excuse for what he did.
  3. I don't know. I think Trubisky is getting a bad rap. The whole team is blowing it. I saw part of the game Sunday and he made a really nice TD pass to Cohen. He had one tip drill pick that bounced off the WRs hands. His idiot kicker missed 2 FGs. I know QB gets all credit for wins and all blame for losses but really at least from what I've seen appears to be a whole team melt down. I'm just hoping we're not like the 2018 Chargers. They went to playoffs and won a game. This year looked bright but now they are sucking eggs and their season is over 11 games in. Just because things are looking up doesn't mean it will stay that way year over year. Let's take care of bidness THIS YEAR. Strike while the iron is hot. GO BILLS !!
  4. It has been mentioned. Can you please explain how it was worse? What The Gronk did to The Tredavian Nightmare was bad and I'm not defending it in any way, but I fail to see how elbowing a guy in the head with a helmet on is worse than hitting a guy in the head without a helmet on with a helmet Garrett tore off his head. Not even close and WAY worse IMHO. Gregg Williams was suspended for "life" but was subsequently re instated.
  5. Life and charged criminally with assault with a deadly weapon. And why was Rudolph not taken into the tent to check for concussion?
  6. I love your optimism, but really we won't know until next year FA period if he doesn't resign by then. Crazy money will be thrown against him from good teams in all likelihood. You know Beane and his salary cap. I certainly hope he stays, but I've seen guys get out of here even when we offer a lot of dinero. Go BILLS !!
  7. He wants to have a Buffalo on the field. I think Kim should tell him in our first home playoff game we can have a Buffalo on the field. Deion Sanders loves him too. Like I said, he's AWESOME. If we don't sign him I bet I know who does.
  8. Good thing we got a lot of cap space cuz when his contract runs out next year we're gonna have to back up a few Brinks Trucks to keep him here. He's awesome!
  9. So the 2 teams with the best record in the NFL think his tires are worth kicking, but not us. OK.
  10. I stand corrected. I was thinking of the one in the Jets game I think it was that bounced off of Beasley's hands. In the NE game he only threw 3 picks which I'm sure had no affect on the outcome. I blew it. I'm not going to make any excuses. Go BILLS !!
  11. Why do you have to make excuses for him.? He threw a pick 6, Barkley didn't. If Josh hadn't thrown the pick 6 the blocked FG wouldn't matter and Barkley wouldn't have to be trying to pass at the end. He would have been handing off to Motor and Gore. It's a team game. Everyone has to own their mistakes, except the Golden Boy it seems. I don't HATE Josh. I want him to succeed as much as anybody. But I'm not gonna make excuses for him. He need to play better.
  12. Not no, but HELL NO. I don't want my team to cheat to win. There are worse things in life than losing. Plus, the real reason they win is Bill Bellyache and the cheating. Getting just Tommy wouldn't help that much.
  13. I don't know, he threw a pick six and we lost by 6? No, he didn't do it on the last play of the game so we could say it WAS THE cause. Can you name a game where there was direct correlation between a pick and a loss? What would it take for a pick to the cause of the loss anyway? I suspect in any close game there are many plays that if went differently would have affected the outcome. It definitely contributed. And fumbles can still be bad even if we don't lose them.
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