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  1. Just to clarify, are you saying JFK was an introvert? I would guess narcissists dominate politics.
  2. 3 if Chris Christie runs as he is threatening to.
  3. I wonder how much President Biden and his crew had to do with this decision.
  4. What a dumb statement. If I accuse Hitler of killing 6,000,000 jews, does that mean I killed 6,000,000 jews?
  5. Have they started calling him "Uncle Tim" yet? You know it's coming.
  6. What is your definition of the word "commie"?
  7. I see where you're coming from. As long as you don't storm the capital, that means you respect the outcome of the election.
  8. Come on man. I the 20th century there have been 6 presidential elections. There was massive calls of cheating in 3 of them. Bush/Gore 2000 to start it off. Do you think that one was on the up And up? Democrats cried to high heavens that Bush stole that one. In 2016 Democrats again cried to high heavens even accusing Russia of hacking voting machines. How could Hillary possibly lose to President Trump. Do you think that one was on the up and up? I seem to recall a big parades across the country a few days after the inauguration protesting the whole deal. Not my president! Respect elections anyone? Then 2020 when the Republicans cried to high heaven too after a tough loss. I'm seeing a pattern developing here. In modern day presidential election the side that loses says they were cheated. Doesn't even matter which side. Buckle up for another one next year. If the Democrat nominee doesn't win can we count on you to to respect and uphold the integrity of the election?
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