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  1. Point 1 - I would say probably 2/3 to 3/4 were. Point 2 - Amen.
  2. reddogblitz

    The Trump Shutdown

    Don't get ahead of yourself Exiled. It's a long time til the election and a lot can and will happen. You sound like Steve Karnake 2 1/2 years ago. "Trump has no path to victory." He's careful. Don't jinx anybody
  3. Isn't that why we got him? The guy we had couldn't so we had to tank and trade up to get him. He needs to pass better. He needs to run less. Most importantly, when the game is tight at the end, he needs to figure out a way to win.
  4. I watched the drop video. If Beane and McDermott want to be the brilliant QB evaluators and tank to riches gurus for picking the next Bills HOF QB and inaugural Lombardi hoistsr, they better get him some top notch WRs and a TE. THIS OFF SEASON. Overpay if you have to. We got the bucks. We invested heavily in him. Not getting him quality help would be like buying a Bentley and putting cheap gas in it and not changing the oil and running over mailboxes while hotrorodding it around town.
  5. we need to get 3 guys better than Foster in this off season in order for Allen to have a chance to develop. Bill also said saying a guy has potential means he ain't done nuthin' yet.
  6. reddogblitz

    The Trump Shutdown

    I find this interesting that Trump supporters, mostly Republican i would assume, want to pay a voluntary tax.
  7. I want Golden Tate and I want him now.
  8. She dedicated the book to Seth Rich.
  9. reddogblitz

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    Maybe our great D coach can figure out how to slow them down a little? They only scored 26 on us on Monday Night and Derek Anderson gift wrapped them 7. Rex held them to 23 once. Wouldn't be too much onus on Wonder Boy if we could do that ...
  10. reddogblitz

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    I'm a season ticket holder. I give a lot and I expect a lot in return.
  11. reddogblitz

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    My bottom line is still in the hunt for playoffs going into week 17. I'd be good with that next year. Hopefully we win if that's the case. but it really needs to be at least that for me not to get out the pitch forks.
  12. reddogblitz

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    OK. How about WC? Is that a fair measure?
  13. reddogblitz

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    I can see your point on winning the division sortof. But not on us not making it as a wild card more than once. All those years we went 7-9 or 6-10 we only played them twice. We lost the other 7 or 8 to other teams. How does NE affect that?