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  1. reddogblitz

    POLL: Is the Bills Playoff Drought Over or Not?

    at least they can't say we have the longest without a playoff win.
  2. reddogblitz

    POLL: Is the Bills Playoff Drought Over or Not?

    Do the Steelers get credit for making the playoffs in 2015 when they got in because Leodis picked off Fitz in the EZ? buffalo Bill Fan Inferiority Complex
  3. Because it is THIS YEAR this year. It's all we got. Next year isn't promised. Heck, tomorrow isn't even promised. i don't know about you, but I'm getting older by the minute. Why do you place emphasis on next year and the year after instead? There is no guarantee that whatever young QB (or old QB) for that matter will deliver. I have no desire to baby sit another young QB. I don't want to sacrifice another season in the hopes that our young QB gets better. JP didn't. Trent didn't. EJ didn't. If he's good enough to play and win, put him in. If not, go with whoever gives us the chance THIS YEAR. The last 3 winning/playoff season we had were with vet QBs. I suppose you could go all they way back to Jimbo, but even he played 2 years on another league. Just win. We'll worry about next year next year (if we get one). Go BILLS !!
  4. reddogblitz

    Optimistic About 2018

    I in no way shape or form get what people are saying about last season. My Gosh Man, after 17 years of no playoffs and an exciting finish winning down the stretch to everyone except the Evil Empire, you gotta be picky about how we win? A W is a W is a W. there are no style points in football. As to the bolded, it reminds me of a quote I heard from Bill Parcells when asked about an "ugly win". He said ugly win? I've never had such a thing. They are all beautiful to me. Just win baby. Go BILLS !!
  5. reddogblitz

    Bills, Browns prognosis for 2018

    Bills - 19-0 Clowns - 17-1 The loss coming to us in ACC Championship Game
  6. I don't think we really have any idea on what the coaches criteria is for picking a starter. Howsoever, I doubt very seriously it's based soley on their play in these PS games. Things like smarts, leadership (an often over looked trait on TBD), and other things I probably wouldn't understand are probably in the mix as well. I have my preference, but I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Whoever can help us win the most THIS YEAR is who I want. I'll have to trust Coach McDermott to make that decision. He was right last year.
  7. reddogblitz

    Optimistic About 2018

    now would be a good time to remember that although pre season looks like real football, smells like real football, and even feels like real football at times , IT'S NOT REAL FOOTBALL.🏈
  8. No Sreater love? and who is this Lee cat? Great catch last week. i am pleasantly surprised. Benjamin, Holmes, Streeter, Coleman, and Kerley sounds like a real unit. Ray Ray looked great too.
  9. was going to post this too but you beat me to it
  10. OK I'm glad you're happy with Nasty Nate's progress and play etc. Practices in shorts and red jerseys doesn't cut it for me. When i see him handle pressure well without ducking and chucking I too may be a believer. But I gotta see it in a real game. It's impossible to know until he plays a real game against a real defense that game plans for him. That's where I'm at. I'm not married to any of these guys. I just want to keep the train (wins) rolling. Have fun tomorrow night!
  11. reddogblitz


    i bet he has more followers than you. 😗😆😺
  12. Thanks for the info Kirby. Didn't realize he had been sacked that often. Sometimes it is better to take a sack than throw an ill advised pass. Should be fun to see what hAppens Friday night.
  13. reddogblitz


    My brother. Me too. I voted Ray Gun in 80 and 84 and HW in 88 and Perot in 92 and 96.
  14. Good post. Thanks. I agree. Those guys are very rAre is the problem. We used to be in that shape. All of those teams you mention have spent years in the QB dessert. hopefully we got it now from one of these guys. I don't care which one. Somebody. Any body ... I'm gonna disagree on the bolded. I think AJ feels the pressure and is able to float in the pocket to get to open spots and then pass. Sort of like Drew Brees does (NOT SAYING HE IS AS GOOD AS DREW). Theses more than 1 way to beat pressure. Thanks for explanning fellow dog. I just won't trust it til I see it however. There's a big difference from being touched for a sack and having Suggs barreling right at you.