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  1. My theory is both Rs and D's pull whatever sneaky underhanded trick they can think of to win legal or otherwise. Too much power and money 💰 at stake to play it straight. My other theory is it will be like the 2000 election. He who has the best lawyers wins.
  2. I keep hoping Trump will hire her as press secretary and do the press conferences. Would be fun.
  3. The poorest part of our run game is we don't run very often. Singletary and Moss co!bimed had 15 carries for 76 yards. That's a shade over 5 yards per. Daboll is bound and determined to pass on every play.
  4. I don't want Fitz back. Been there done that. I like watching him play for other teams. That way when he throws an ill advised pick I can laugh. I like the dude. He is fun to watch. However, there is a reason he has been dumped by 7 or 8 teams including us.
  5. Who did? This whole Ukrainian looking for dirt on Uncle Joe is nuts. There is enough dirt on Uncle Joe to bury an elephant. Why go to a foreign country and possibly commit a crime for more? Voted for Iraq War. Against going after Osama cuz it was "too dangerous" . Lied for years and years that the truck driver that ran over his family "drank his lunch" even though the state official who oversaw the investigation said that wasn’t true. He only stopped when the family called him out in 2008 campaign. Eulogy at Strom Thurmand's funeral. Eulogy at Robert Byrd's funeral. 1994 crime bill. Video of Uncle Joe bragging that he told Ukraine that it they did not fire prosecutor, no money. Pretty much what Trump got impeached for. Plagarism. Flunked class in college cuz of it and of course 1988 campaign. You ain't black. Mean cross examination of Annita Hill. Catholic yet supports abortion. Even if Uncle Joe was not involved in Hunter's bidness, it smells really bad. Robert Gates in his book says Uncle Joe was wrong on every foreign policy issue while he worked for Obama. I'm sure there is more or hanging fruit where that came from.
  6. "Tackling" on Monday night 🌙 was very reminiscent of "Tackling" when Rex was HC.
  7. What laws were changed by Rs in the last 4 years to help Corporations, millionaires, and billionaires pay less? Wouldn't any changes to the tax law also have to have been passed in the HoR too?
  8. You brought up taxes. Who do you think makes the tax laws? People who are in the Senate for 36 years is who. The video just shows Senator Booker talking about the effects of what Uncle Joe worked on instead.
  9. it's a shame that in 36 years in the Senate and 8 years as Veep, Uncle Joe couldn't find the time to work on the tax code so people who are really rich can't wiggle out of paying. He did find time to mass incarcerate blacks however.
  10. I was hoping he'd answer the question. Especially the part about what rights and freedoms he/she has lost to the dictator. Maybe next time.
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