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  1. Why is it "revere racism" and not just plain old racism?
  2. Yes and no. The year after the SB his coach was too busy trying to land the Michigan job to try for another SB. Then the coach was replaced by Chip Kelly, a total tool. At that point the team was a train wreck. Even Wonder Boy wouId have a hard time winning in that environment.
  3. 1-1 on back to back NFC Championship games and within 5 yards of a SB win.
  4. social media is leading to the downfall of society. It's so divisive it's hard to see how we can ever have any semblance of unity.
  5. In regards to knocking over the Frederick Douglass statue, I have no idea. I' m going to wait til they find the person who did this, then I'll know.
  6. The "fact checker" thing is nuts . Can't people nowadays either be able to tell if it's a lie or do a little homework on their own without mommy telling them what believe? Who fact checks the fact checkers? Besides, they're politicians. Odds are always great anything they say is a lie. It's obviously a ploy by the D's to get Uncle Joe out of the debate.
  7. That " Western Imperialism" stuff will come in handy should they ever want to learn to code.
  8. Here's a better reason. https://www.democraticunderground.com/12778959
  9. I really like this Brown kid. When we first signed him I thought he was a one dimensional speed burner. I was pleasantly surprised. Dude is a gamer. Should be a fun season with him and Diggs out there.
  10. I like Red Wolves too. NFL needs a canine name. Way too many 🐱 cat names and Bird brain names.
  11. I would argue the Bills DID pull trigger quickly. He was benched after 15 starts with 16 TDs, 12 ints, and 3 game winning drives. The Bills were 2-2 at the time.
  12. This makes me ill. I feel bad for the girl and her parents. Having your child die is THE WORST thing that can happen to a person. I hope they quickly arrest those involved and they never see sunlight again.
  13. Having less or no pre season games is a ploy by the players union. They have been trying to get rid of PS games for years. If they can get it to less or no PS games it will set a precedent. See, we didn't have PS games (or only 2) in 2020 and it worked OK.
  14. I remember seeing it but didn't cheer. I thought it was lame. The whole war was lame.
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