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  1. I was on a 6 person jury on a DWI case. Was the foreman. It was very interesting and well worth it. We paid attention and sent him up the river. One other time I was called was for some kind of drug case. We were in jury selection. The defendant, a young black man, decided to represent himself. He tried but was obviously overwhelmed and even started crying at one point. Then when it came time where the jury could ask the lawyers questions, several of us told the dude to get a lawyer or he would be railroaded. Then we broke for lunch. When we returned he had changed his mind and decided to get a lawyer so we were dismissed. The last time I was called I just filled out a form and they told me I could leave.
  2. Yes, because it's his job as President to do that. Who else should? Trump? Maybe he'll get a chance LOL. Reagan had to clean up Carter's mess. Clinton had to clean up HW's mess. Obama had to clean up W's mess ... And soon Kennedy will have to clean up Uncle Joe's mess. If he can't handle the job or doesn't want to do it then maybe President Biden should not be running for reelection.
  3. Whenever I see one of these things where some group blocks a road I wonder why this is not false imprisonment. But I'm not a lawyer. Let's bring in the resident lawyer @ChiGoose. From a legal perspective, why is this not false imprisonment?
  4. If you say so. You didn't answer my question. I answered yours. How many college tuition/loan reform packages have been passed in the Senate?
  5. If these people are not breaking the law then the problem is not those rich snobs but bad laws. I hear Senators Sanders and Warren and others complaining about this. You have the power. Do something about it. But since the politicians have to take money from these rich people to get elected, these are the kind of laws we get.
  6. I'm not a Republican and I didn't and will not vote for President Trump. You must have me confused with someone else. As to your first question, my answer is no. That would depend the system being on the up and up which it obviously is not. How many college tuition/loan reform packages have been passed in the Senate?
  7. Does this mean we now have"boots on the ground"? Will President Biden finally admit it? We've had "boots on the ground" for most of his presidency.
  8. Why do you think people were paying $500,000+ to go to the President Clinton, President Obama, President Biden, and Stephen Colbert shindig at Radio City Music Hall? Out of the goodness of their heart?
  9. Call me old school, but I think if you take out a loan you should read the fine print and pay it all back on time. If you can't afford to pay it back don't take it out in the 1st place. Do something else. Go to community college at night. Work for a company that has tuition assistance. Join the military. They will pay for your college after you serve for 3 years. There are many options beyond taking out a loan you can't afford to pay back. It's sad that people have put themselves into this position. But I don't feel sorry for them or understand why taxpayers that didn't take out stupid loans should have to pay it back. And then to hear President Biden say he's solving the student loan crisis. Give me a break. He's doing nothing the kind. He's just buying votes and kicking the can down the road. Meanwhile more students are lining up to take out the same kind of loans as I type.
  10. $4.49 today in Seattle with a 20¢ per gallon grocery store frequent buyer discount.
  11. He talks about diversity in the constitution literally in the first 2 minutes. Get with it!
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