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  1. I am being serious. I saw him meet with Kim Jong Um. Personally I thought trying to improve relations with North Korea was a good thing. What does that have to do with Pooty Poot exactly? As to the bolded, huh? If he were a pooty poot stooge as you say, why would President Trump want to put submarines off their coast? Come on man, if its so obvious and there is so much proof it should be easy to provide some I would think.
  2. Interesting. Is there anything you can point to support this or is it pure conjecture on your part? I know the Democrats tried to prove this kind of thing with the Steele Dossier and it fell flat on its face. What else ya got?
  3. It's all relative. It was a up start league. You expect them to sell out? they made it through the first season without folding. Well see what happens next year. Have another s'more on me. 🙂
  4. Honestly I'm more worried about President Biden carrying the football. He is a life long war monger. He was a major player in the run up to the Iraq war as Chairman of the Foreign Relations committee. Lincoln Chaffee wanted to let some who disagreed testify but Senator Biden wouldn't allow it. He voted for it and all continuing resolutions. Fast forward to today and President Biden continues to escalate the Ukraine war. Meanwhile President Trump didn't get us anywhere near a war for 4 years. Reminds me of when President Reagan was in office Democrats kept telling us he was going to shoot off a nuke. Actually turned out to be a peaceful time for America. As was President Trump's term. If that's your criteria, seems an odd choice.
  5. I have Seattle Sea Dragons season tickets and have gone to several games. The Houston game was a really good/fun game. You're right. There are a lot of people there that love football but have been priced out by the NFL. (There are going to be a lot of fans like this in Buffalo when the new stadium opens.). XFL gets good attendance because of this. The main thing I hope is they use the XFL schedule of starting a week after the Super Bowl. That way I'm still in a football mindset and don't have to go cold turkey on football. Plus it's still cold like football should be played in. By the time April rolls around I'm on to baseball. Wouldn't hurt me to see the NFL have some kind of competition. If it weren't for football, I'd hate the NFL. Go Sea Dragons!!
  6. I never said Josh is a loser. Thanks for typing words in my mouth. I said excuses are for losers, like well it was MNF and the Jets have a great defense (Dallas didn't have much trouble scoring against them). Josh doesn't make excuses for his play so why should we? I'm a HUGE Josh fan. But when he messes up I don't think it hurts my fan cred to say so. He's the Buffalo Bills QB, not he who shall not be criticized.
  7. Its not complicated. They both lie their asses off.
  8. Excuses are for losers. He sucked in week 1 and costs us the game against a team playing a sad sack backup. Could cost us home field. He's not a rookie or even early in his career. It's his 6th season. He played great Sunday like we know he can when he has his head screwed on straight. That's what we need to see every week even if the opposition has a great defense and its MNF. No excuses offered. None accepted.
  9. An obvious slap on the wrist so they can now say they prosecuted him. They tried the same thing with Hunter Biden until the Judge caught on and threw it out.
  10. Typical. And you claim to be smart cuz you used to be a doctor. The smartest doctor on TBD.
  11. I wish John Kennedy would run for President. I like his style. He can make his points with a calm and well thought out questions that often the people he's questioning cannot defend as opposed to being nasty and going on a rant like so many of them do. He listens to what they have to say. And he is much more effective for it. I think he could effectively work with the opposition by doing this than other Presidents like President Biden, President Trump, President Bush ...
  12. Dude, come on man. The idiot glued his hand to the track. The security guard was able to just pull his arm and pop the seal. Must not have been strong glue. And all you you get out of it is "MAGA". Gheez Louise dude, get a life. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the idiot was not even a "MAGA".
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