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  1. This makes me ill. I feel bad for the girl and her parents. Having your child die is THE WORST thing that can happen to a person. I hope they quickly arrest those involved and they never see sunlight again.
  2. Having less or no pre season games is a ploy by the players union. They have been trying to get rid of PS games for years. If they can get it to less or no PS games it will set a precedent. See, we didn't have PS games (or only 2) in 2020 and it worked OK.
  3. I remember seeing it but didn't cheer. I thought it was lame. The whole war was lame.
  4. I have been pretty much boycotting the NBA since around 1993 or so. Used to be a big fan. Loved the 76ers with the Doctor and Mo Cheeks. Loved watching the Lakers with Magic and The Big Fella and Silk Wilkes. I went to the first ever Maverick game and playoff game. Then it became obvious the refs were fixing the games with mysterious fouls right at the crucial point in the game almost always in favor of the glamour teams. Pretty much quit watching at that point. Their love for China recently is bizarre. But makes sense. Follow the money.
  5. I'll be watching the games. I can't help it, I'm addicted to football 🏈. In the spirit of posting rap songs I'm going with the original rap song. One of THE COOLEST songs ever recorded IMHO.
  6. Uncle Joe made a vote that resulted in the death of 4,400+ of our troops and another 32,000 wounded.
  7. Thinking that all black people must think the same way is racist. That's the same as saying all black people like watermelon and are good dancers.
  8. Why would she want to work for the system that systemically discriminates against blacks and minorities anyway?
  9. if this ok and doesn't spread COVID, does that mean we can start going to outdoor football games and concerts?
  11. One drop of black blood means you are black has always been the D's rule. https://infogalactic.com/info/One-drop_rule
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