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  1. So? They are a private company can do what they want.
  2. The article had the video of the Honorable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her "Tax the Rich" dress in the dressing room. All of the hired hands (schmucks) were wearing masks but the Honorable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was not. Talk about rich ...
  3. Sad. I'm going to the Texans game and was looking forward to seeing Tyrod play against us. I know some, won't mention any names so as to not embarrass @Gugny, really don't like the guy. Tyrod was a good Bill. He left the team in a better place than he found it. And he was the QB when we broke the drought like it or not. He will always hold a special place in my Bills heart for that. Get well soon Tyrod. 🙂
  4. I don't think he was kidding. He is quoted saying the same thing in the Spygate book by Bryan O'Leary which was released in 2012. If you haven't read the book yet you should. It is very fair and researched account of the Patriots and their cheating ways. https://www.amazon.com/Spygate-Untold-Story-Bryan-OLeary/dp/0985467002
  5. Congratulations on your win tonight. We'll see what happens tomorrow.
  6. I'm assuming you feel the same about Yankee fans who spit at and threw beer on Cliff Lee's wife in the 2010 ALCSvs the Rangers at Yankee Stadium. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/cliff-lee-wife-yankees-fans-taunted-threw-beer-alcs-bronx-report-article-1.193001 The Rangers won that series btw.
  7. I think its because they don't want after every play for the tackler or interceptor or whatever to jump up and down and get in the guys face and taunt them. Its a bad look and low class. I support them keeping it out of the game. As far as grudge matches go, do you not think week 1 vs Steelers was a grudge match? What about when we play Baltimore in a few weeks. Do you not think that will be a grudge match? What "segment of the population" are you referring to?
  8. This one is even richer. https://www.city-journal.org/classical-music-under-racial-attack-part-1 I especially liked this quote: Music theory is used extensively in jazz which was invented by blacks.
  9. As a parent I know if you let a kid get away with something by screaming and pitching a fit, you're gonna have one spoiled entitled brat on your hands. Good luck when he becomes a teen ager. Didn't appear to me the kid was being roughed up. Not saying I necessarily agree with the rule, but it is what it is.
  10. This always kills me when members of congress complain that rich people don't pay enough taxes. Elizabeth Warren likes to do this too. Where do they think these tax laws come from? C O N G R E S S If you really think this is bad, do your job and do something about it. Wearing it on you A$$ at some goofy awards show is not helping.
  11. Have You ever taken one of these instant tests? I took 2 last week because we were going to see my 89 year old Mother-in-law. You have to carefully follow the insructions. 6 drops of water in a small circle. after sticking it up your nose, Put the swab in and rotAte it 3 times. The instructions even tell you how to get a false negative. Like if you don't use enough water or don't rotate the swab. I can see drunks before a Bills game doing this LOL. who is going to pay for this? Why should the Bills? Get to the game 4 hours before it starts.
  12. Here's one thing I've been wondering about this natural immunity thing. presently we have 64% of Americans with at least one dose. We have had 43,000,000 cases (13%). We should now be at 77% of Americans walking around with immunity. Perhaps double or triple if we factor in asymptomatic or low symptom cases would put us at 80 - 93%. This would be some serious herd immunity. So where are the cases coming from? My instincts are telling me something is not adding up. Of course these are not mutually exclusive groups, but we should definitely be 75%+.
  13. I find it disturbing that President Biden has out kicked his coverage twice now. First with if you're vaccinated you don't need a mask and now boosters for everyone only for the FDA to say only for the vulnerable. Does not instill confidence that he knows what he's doing.
  14. How in the heck does he get that gee-tar into the game in a little clear bag? Been wondering about that for years ...
  15. I laughed the hardest when the kid says "trust the process." Coach McDermott can clap all he wants, who cares? He's a winner.
  16. please tell me you don't really believe this. If you do, You're a sucker.
  17. Totally. This game looked and felt like a drought era loss for sure. Get ahead, think things are going OK at half time. Blow it in the 4th. A very un characteristic McDermott loss.
  18. So is our offense. Hopefully they will start acting like on Sunday.
  19. Do you think health care should be a right, or a privilege? Should a person that is sick be able to get care, or should they have to prove they have followed the medically prescribed path first to get care? If an overweight person gets a heart attack do we help them? Who makes the decision about what people are too stupid so we just let them die?
  20. I don't understand why abortions are not more RARE than they are. The Affordable Care Act requires contraception to be free, no co pays. If you don't have insurance you can get it at Planned Parenthood. If you don't have either of these, every convenience store, grocery store, drug store has rubbers for sale. I was able to get through my swinging wild man on the loose days without getting anyone pregnant. Its not that hard.
  21. Are you kidding? ECSTATIC. If you know a Giants fan ask them how they feel about the SB XLII win.
  22. Thanks. Both the Raiders and Ravens punters are lining up 15 yards back.
  23. I knew it. Right after the play I told my wife it didn't look like he was back far enough. I found a video and he was 13 yards back. I thought punters usually were 15 yards back. I was going to see where the Rams or Bears punters lined up but they never punted again. Gonna watch where they line up tonight. I also found an article that said HaUck is a 3 step punter whereas Bojo is a 2 step punter. Would seem a 3 step punter should be further back. HaUck had 1 blocked in the last 4 years and Bojo had 2 in 3 years. That was the difference in the game right there.
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