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  1. This part of the forum blocked many conservatives. What a bunch of fa.GG.ots Wow this board is a snowflake cul-de-sac. You guys are so freaking pathetic you should be reminded before I'm banned so before you say LAMP, don't let the door hit you... You guys are so pathetic you need to have a safe space. Go F*** yourselves.
  2. Freedom is wrong! BAN IT!!! I can't stop laughing because freedom now = discrimination. This is so funny. hahahahahaha Written with 3rd grade logic for the morons who want to swallow lies.
  3. I still struggle with the concept of a QB beating another team. I still think there should be more evidence of the "team" over the player.
  4. Disagree as there is no evidence of incitement. While I think he is amoral and is a sociopath I did think he did show remorse insofar as repeating no violence today and promising a peaceful transition. The problem with your understanding of Orwell was he was against thought-crimes. What you admit to is thought-crime with someone saying the opposite like "peaceful" but he meant "violence". Unless you saw him march with the people inciting violence it requires mind-reading. You flipped Orwell's statement of inanity to "Peace is War". He never had a trial,
  5. Telling people to use the 1st Amendment peacefully isn't inciting anything unless you're a lunatic. Peacefully is a word, he's not inciting violence whatsoever. This is now the new "thought-crime" Orwell-style leftism. I would make further comments but why confuse truth with facts. (Sorry that's a Biden reference if you didn't know)
  6. I don't think it's the gameplanning as you can't stop him, it's just that he's going to wear out or get injured. I don't think a guy who is not built like a bull can take more than 3 years at this level without wearing down 5% which is more than enough to make him from Superman to great and great isn't enough to run for 1,000 yards+ when you're 27 after 6 years of football as a QB. He needs to push that number down to 600-800 yards and pass better or he'll wear out his body. It's not that 500 yards isn't that much, it's the extra hits in practice, harder workouts, and
  7. Correct a handful out of decades only a few, thank you for making my point. Steve Young didn't suck, although I think you thought I was referring to Vince Young so no biggie. Cunningham played best when he didn't run much. What's "best" from Cunningham to Vick was when they couldn't run as much and got better in the pocket. You still avoided the elephant in the room which is that Lamar went down statistically in every category from passing to rushing. Even if he has a bounce back year statistically in passing there is no way he can continue to run for 1k yards fo
  8. All of them: Vick, Cunningham, Kaep, Young and every other name. Name me one that lasted long as a runner. Name me a RB who last 8 years over 1,000 yards and you'll find only a handful and he's not built like Emmitt or Barry. If RBs struggle to do it, and only a few have and that's their only job, I highly doubt a more slender QB can last. He already has worse stats than last year in every category.
  9. I don't remember him telling them to riot or take over Congress. I do remember him doing his talking points: 1. Robbed during and election 2. We're the same so they are stealing from you and more blah blah blah stuff Was there something else I missed? I ask sincerely. By that definition anything could be considered incitement so I want clarity not guilt by association.
  10. I don't like Trump but is there any proof he "encourages his cult to violently..." do anything? Please cite a source if you could.
  11. Did you say that when BLM and Antifa burned down cities "peacefully", or took over city blocks as apart from the US or only when The Big Orange Man asked people to demonstrate (not riot)? 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
  12. Agreed that Lamar is a better runner and on another level, but all runners have short shelf lives, especially thinner guys. Even Vick wasn't as great of a runner when he returned. Stamina, speed, and being worn down is a reality you can't avoid with age. My point is he's generational in what he's able to do, but the human body can take only so much punishment unless you are equated his athleticism to bodily integrity. He won't be able to do what he's doing at 30 sustainably. No one has and no one could.
  13. For several reasons: 1. Reid was his coach 2. His passes were significantly more accurate in Reid's system 3. He didn't play for a couple of years In other words you can't compare them unless you want to sit Jackson for 2 years and hope he makes it to 30 and Vick was out for most of the season when he was younger from injury.
  14. So when Biden calls the right the work of Goebbels a few days ago; with the left seeking to ban free speech, make a list of political enemies, and uses the term Nazi constantly I'll wait for you to call out the left you hypocrite. Frankly neither party are Nazis, but if one side was leaning totalitarian it isn't the conservatives who want more speech, more liberty and to some degree I think Trump was bad for the movement as he polarized people into seeing the left as enemies. But strangely it has come to that either way: people are attacked for their race (the left),
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