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  1. I gotta say Siran Neal has been pretty impressive. He's making tackles everywhere and making a name for himself
  2. Wasn't talking about the dolphins everyone knew they would be a mess.. I meant Pitts,S.D, hou and kc was losing then
  3. Great game.. Afc looks a mess today besides the cheaters. Keep it rolling Go Bills
  4. Happy birthday 🎉🎂🎈🎂🎂🎉🎉
  5. Well Allen didn't throw any hail Mary passes on 1st down like someone else, so there's that
  6. You forgot the part of him driving like a champ with the game on the line and throwing the game winning touchdown
  7. Spags is gonna be passed out in a gutter somewhere
  8. it was looking like it was gonna be a long year. But I never gave up on the kid.. he's a warrior and this d will keep the bills in every game this year
  9. Should of put it on your face like a man
  10. That kid is a warrior. Bills have lost this type of game forever now. Instead he drove right down against the jests in their house with the game on the line. This team is full of heart and it starts with our quarterback. Go Bills
  11. Definitely the most prepared I've seen them since Superbowl years..Now just gotta do it on the field.. Go Bills Not only that but I haven't seen us blitz 1 time. Everybody else is and raiders blitz 5 times on a row. I think that is a great sign for this season
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