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  1. Sorry to hear. My condolences to you and your family
  2. So far not too bad.. good to see a couple x bills
  3. Go niners. Don't wanna here that anymore and next year bills are gonna dominate
  4. 2 tackles the whole game when Bills needed him most. He's a goner
  5. Singletary and hauschka really showed up yesterday. Hopefully rugby wade can help next year
  6. Same here bud.. that game sucked the life outta me and I won't be back to normal til tomorrow. Gonna take a day
  7. Hopefully this game burns them so they can learn and be better. Please get Allen some real weapons too
  8. I always tell everyone the Bills have to beat the team and the refs every week.. it's a shame
  9. They constantly blitzed 2nd half and didn't stop even when it wasn't working.It actually let Watson have some success and let them back in the game.worst decision by Frazier and allowed by mcd
  10. I was really happy with the season til yesterday. The players didn't screw this game up,the coaches did. Leaving tre on an island with Hopkins so you could repeatedly blitz Hyde was the dumbest thing to do 2nd half They run when they shouldn't and throw when they should run.. It sucks that the coaches had their worst 2nd half adjustments yesterday,and that is a problem that needs to be fixed asap
  11. Gonna learn alot from this hopefully. Got a bright future and this is just the beginning
  12. He laid it on the line for years. You will always be Buffalo Lorax... Now get a linebacker that can cover
  13. Double team watt and Hopkins and Bills win this game
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