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  1. Smoke has been a great signing. Now need a true wr for the other side. Allen will destroy with another weapon opposite of smoke
  2. Great game by Allen. Might been their best drive of the year to wrap it up
  3. I'm trying to be positive but it sure looks like this team is really soft especially on defense
  4. 6-3 is better than last year's 2-7 and this is a young team still.. I think it's important that they have stayed healthy, and still got a ways to go in the season. Hopefully they start clicking and playing lights out soon
  5. Got a young team and it's better than 2-7 like last year
  6. I wouldn't compare bottles and trublowski to Allen. Maybe you have only seen half the qbs since Kelly if you complain about Allen
  7. Man 26 years that's crazy. Well it's about time and I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it. Go Bills
  8. It sucks they played poorly today but I'm still staying on the train. They haven't even played good for 4 quarters and they are 5-2. Still alot of season left and time to get clicking. Go Bills
  9. Lawson Murphy and Hughes are useless.. star is the biggest waste of money of them all. Oliver gets a pass this yr... Every week the team the bills play,have the pass rush I wish they had haha
  10. This was a must win for the eagles and the bills are still finding themselves. Hopefully they will learn from this and they 5-2. Go Bills
  11. Not always gonna be pretty but they got the job done. Tre white saved the day and Allen balled in the 2nd half. This team has all season to work out the kinks especially with this schedule. They could be a real dangerous team by the end of the year
  12. Saved the day for sure, he's really been elite
  13. Hopefully these guys look in the mirror at halftime and come out a different team
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