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  1. Not always gonna be pretty but they got the job done. Tre white saved the day and Allen balled in the 2nd half. This team has all season to work out the kinks especially with this schedule. They could be a real dangerous team by the end of the year
  2. Saved the day for sure, he's really been elite
  3. Hopefully these guys look in the mirror at halftime and come out a different team
  4. I agree.. Need this bye to get healthy and got some winnable games coming up
  5. He's a gunslinger and a baller.. The offense will only get better as the season goes because of Allen
  6. Better than last year after 4 games, ill take that. I said the defense will keep us in every game this year and the offense will be clicking by the end of the year. Hopefully Allen comes back strong after 2 weeks like last year. Go Bills
  7. Great video.. Hopefully 2 Bills legends in the future
  8. Hahaha wow some of you must really be the life at parties.. The Bills haven't even come close to playing a complete game and what if it happens this week.. Any given Sunday
  9. I disagree anonymous.. They are a very good team and they will get better with time. As for next week, any given Sunday.
  10. The kids amazing to watch and he should be on that list. Can't wait to see what he becomes and the future is bright for him
  11. Man that sucks,been playing great. Hopefully he ok
  12. Great win at the end. Some crazy plays by Allen and man did he do his thing with the game on the line again
  13. Google play store NFL live streaming (looks like an old football) Play the youtubehd feed Close chat Enjoy go bills!!!
  14. I gotta say Siran Neal has been pretty impressive. He's making tackles everywhere and making a name for himself
  15. Wasn't talking about the dolphins everyone knew they would be a mess.. I meant Pitts,S.D, hou and kc was losing then
  16. Great game.. Afc looks a mess today besides the cheaters. Keep it rolling Go Bills
  17. Happy birthday πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
  18. Well Allen didn't throw any hail Mary passes on 1st down like someone else, so there's that
  19. You forgot the part of him driving like a champ with the game on the line and throwing the game winning touchdown
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