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  1. I meant his little stutter off the line, not at the top of the route. I think he learned a little bit from Beas too. He absolutely did it on occasion but like you said, his added nuances, I believe come from coaching/ being around Beas, etc. His route running has always been insanely good... i just think it's at another level now.
  2. Well, in football, players run plays and execute based on coaching. Diggs is doing things he never did in the past, his stutter routes for example. Bease and Diggs developed these in the past year. I wonder if..... wait, no.. coaching has nothing to do with it. Their mesh points, their break points, top of route releases, etc. That can all be natural but become better with good coaching. I don't think Diggs is saying he's the best coach he's ever had, just to say it. It's ok to give some positive comments on our coaching.
  3. I'm soooo confused by this. What evidence is there to make you believe Josh is at his ceiling? If we're going by ceiling shouldn't he be #1? Look at his improvements year by year and in year 3, he's already leading the league in yards, has ~ 3:1 INT ratio and is still making boneheaded plays. He is only going to get better. So if he's in year 3 and leading the league in yards and it's clearly not a fluke as game after game he makes jaw dropping throws/ plays while ALSO making boneheaded plays (that can be corrected).... where do you suggest his ceiling comes from?
  4. Well DT's probably not. Essentially there, you want to run it at the 3 tech. So they ran to the 3 tech side, tackle came down to chip on 3 tech, moved up to LB. It's DE's job to slow play / take RB immediately and let the safety come down and / or the LB over lap to the QB. Putting that on the DT is tough. I think Addison played it too aggressively and made the decision for Kyler wayyyyy to easy
  5. Ahhhh so you must not remember the play where Gronk was on the field when Miami did laterals all the way down the field and scored on the last play. If there was a defender on the field, the Pats probably win that game. These things happen. If a team needs a final play of 50+ yards to beat us, i'll take our chances 9.8/10 times. It was a fluke and crazy plays happen.
  6. It absolutely was Addison. However, we also don't know how they are coached. Addisons responsibility could have been all game to take RB when those plays come and the LB should be over lapping and playing QB (typical way to defend). Ideally, you want the DE to slow play it and take the RB last second giving the LB time to come and play the QB. I'd like to see how abused Edmonds was on those plays.
  7. The thing that impresses me so much about him is his awareness and how "on the same page" he is with Josh. His routes are soo good but his ability to find the soft spots and sit in the zone is sooooo good. There was even a play where he caught like a 5 yard pass and he was back pedaling to get more into the window to be able to catch and run after. His awareness to minute details are incredible and he's a huge help to Josh Allen and this offense.
  8. Matt Rhule took this approach. Didn't like what the Jets offered... went back to college. Interviewed with the Panthers, realized Tepper is a good owner willing to help in anyway, and took the job.
  9. Yeah... I won’t let that take away from his game, either. You still have to put the ball there and the receivers still have to make the catches. There were a few times yesterday I was watching and I asked myself.. “is Quinton Dunbar even trying?” He looked clueless and completely over matched. Again, it’s on the QB to take advantage of that... and he did
  10. I heard Josh say, "Hey.. hey.. Gold Whip.. Gold Whip" (or something along those lines) ... I'd have to assume it was an audible or at least one of the two plays called in the huddle
  11. Yeah, same... He's not a superstar.... he's a good safety
  12. I agree. I think he's a good safety.
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