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  1. I think in game one, you could make the a case he did force a LOT down field.
  2. Yeah, i'd imagine rushing is somewhere between 450-550 and passing yards between 4450 and 4600. TD's from 37-45 ish
  3. Right right, however, if we're blowing teams out... it will be because of him and his numbers.
  4. I know the chatter has calmed down after his dominant performance last week, however, something I found interesting is the following: If you take his current stats and average them over 17 games, his numbers will look like this: ~4500 passing yards, 40 TDs, 6 INTs ~500 rushing yards, 6 TDs. I think it's safe to assume he's going to have more passing yards than 4500 because of how low his first two games really were and I genuinely think they were an anomaly. If his numbers end up being similar to this (this is similar to last year) with an extra game.... I think I'd call it a success.
  5. White on White with the standing Buffalo
  6. In what world is 51 pass attempts and 25 run attempts a 50/50 split? Wouldn't a 50/50 splits be 25 runs and 25 passes? or am I missing something.
  7. 15 snaps.. 26% which was the lowest of all that played. Epenesa was 19 snaps.
  8. Am I the only one that listens to the opposing teams sports talk the week the Bills play them?
  9. Low Risk.. High reward. 24 years old, 65 catches, undrafted and still developing...... not a bad prospect to get a look at in person
  10. If they were vaccinated, they would not have been sent home... per the NFL rules. It makes noooo sense.
  11. Which makes no sense because clearly, the guy who has COVID .. is vaccinated. Rules are rules though .
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