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  1. I think I want more white/hispanic players in the NFL ... If a GM drafts a white/hispanic player can they move up a few spots in the next years draft?
  2. We initially traded Dareus for a sixth round conditional pick that turned into a fifth. The initial fifth round pick turned out to be Wyatt Teller. The Bills then traded Wyatt teller and a 7th for this year's 5th and 6th round draft picks. When all is said and done the Bills traded Marcel Dareus and recieve Jake Fromm, Tyler Bass
  3. I've always wondered how much input McDermott has on these trades too. I'd love to be a fly on the wall. If McDermott says, "Hey, our guy Cody is there at pick ______, you think you can get him?" I truly feel that these two love working together and feed off of each other. it could just be that McDermott sits back and trusts Beane too.
  4. Cam Akers. He's a monster and is every bit of an NFL running back. I'm not sure how his ability and skill set / production is 3rd round. He had a down year last year after they lost a great coach and went to a terrible coach. I think he will end up being the best RB of this class.
  5. Yeah I believe you, definitely. I'll post the numbers I select for the Lotto tomorrow morning after they announce the numbers.
  6. 1) AJ Terrell is incredibly overrated. 2.) Patrick Queen will have a Darius Leonard type impact for whichever team he goes to and be DROY.
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