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  1. That's incredibly wishful thinking. I could see "hometown deal" in the 30-35 range. That would still be cheap for him at this point... saving us ~3-5 mill off Watson. Allen has quite a bit of wiggle room in getting a higher contract than him.
  2. No one said that. It's in a discussion for the off-season. No one said "gotta be signed immediately" It's a discussion of when you do it. This off-season or wait? Did you even read the article?
  3. If he wins the MVP/ SB, his price tag will absolutely go up.
  4. Yeah, I agree with the last part. I think getting it done this off-season should be up there in priority before his price tag rises.
  5. I see what you're saying but they haven't given us worry that they are not focused on bettering the team in all aspects.
  6. Exactly, I would absolutely agree with that. I wonder what they do with Edmunds, it will be interesting.
  7. On the bolded, Right, just like with Tre (and Mahomes really), the new money wouldn't start for another 2 years, after his 5th year option. I also think we need to keep Star(maybe restructure) but last year, it seems as though he was sorely missed. Him being back will allow Ed Oliver to play 3T where he belongs. (not to get the thread de-railed just wanted to respond to that). If it happened today, I'd be completely ok with it.
  8. I couldn't agree more. I feel like our front office reallllly does their due diligence on the character of players we bring in. The Vernon Butler signing surprised me a little for this reason, however, he was not an issue last year. That's another testament to McDermott.
  9. Josh Allen Article In my opinion, I think you do this sooner rather than later. I know his cap won't hit next year, however, we may be able to play with the salary cap issue in our favor. Another reason I think you do this sooner rather than later, let's say Josh goes out and wins and MVP (or Super Bowl) next year, his price blows up. I think it's a no-brainer to do this thing ASAP.
  10. Played college QB for 3 years. Then coached high school for 6
  11. HAHA he really went with "first of all" and tried to play on technicalities. So if we're doing that, instead of talking about Feliciano and much worse he is than Morse. You also used the term usually. So usually, yes, the term "let walk" can and will be for not resigning someone. but the term "let walk" can apply to cutting, as well. Why not? If you cut someone, you are quite literally letting them go or some may say "letting walk."
  12. I've already tried this with him man. He just told me we had great running games and that even though Arizona didn't have their starting 2 IDL, we'd have to go back and see how Morse performed against back ups, etc. Then I tell him Seattle had a bad defense (second most points allowed) and was asked to prove my homework. He's combatting everyone's argument without coming out and saying what he thinks we should do and why. The thing is... I like Feliciano a LOT.. He's just simply not better at center than Morse and we are better off keeping Morse than Feliciano.
  13. I'm confused with your stance on this situation. You tell me X and then say this. So we should let Morse walk and keep a guy that wasn't as good as him and had bad snaps for a guy that has given up 2 sacks in 2 years? What is your stance on Morse and Feleciano or are you just going to combat everyone's stance without doing "homework" or whatever you said.
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