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  1. Having an outside /deep threat like Brown (although I'm with you on him not being a #1) takes pressure off of Andrews. Their WR corps right now is laughable and unless they make a play for Deebo, no one on the streets is going to change that, especially with Lamar as your QB. He was exposed in the Bills playoff game and hasn't been the same since.
  2. The Ravens are not Super Bowl contenders. This draft showed exactly what they think of Lamar Jackson. They traded away his only decent receiver and drafted 3 TE's. He can't throw outside the numbers and this year with no outside threat, that will be even more prominent. Their RB1 and RB2 are coming off ACLs as are both of their starting CBs. If they make the playoffs, Harbaugh should win COTY.
  3. It's not the Offense.. that defense will be PUTRID
  4. I sincerely don't understand the hate for DC and never have. That org is TRASH and he just went to the playoffs with his #1 WR being lost to murder charges. The next best receiver is Zay Jones and then a slot receiver that runs a 4.6 40. ALL while having a subpar defense and losing his coach halfway through the year..............
  5. Chiefs are NOT better than the Raiders or Broncos. They will be lucky to win 8-9 games next year.
  6. Why? They're the second best team in that division right now. -Charger -Raiders -Broncos -Chiefs
  7. Yes. Is he a "superstar"? No. He's been throw a helllll of a career. Between that organization, awful drafts, Henry Ruggs, Jon Gruden, lack of weapons, etc. and if you go look at his career... he's a star. I think this year we'll be able to see that. I mean they went to the playoffs with Zay Jones as their #1 receiver ...........
  8. I guess based on what happened this off-season, it's fair to speculate that anyone (except Josh) can be traded. This is just Whaley trying to stay relevant.
  9. In a league where owners make more money when they win , 75%+ of the players are black, and they are paid millions.... people really and TRULY believe an owner / GM won't hire a coach because of their skin color. It's an insane thought. "Yeah, this coach will help me win the most games and make the most money but ehhh he's a minority, I won't hire him." Let's not forget that 2 black GMs that were hired passed on minority candidates and hired white coaches (Chicago and Minnesota). What's the reasoning there? Chicago literally passed on Jim Caldwell for a guy that was never a head coach. If I'm a minority coach, this infuriates me. I would feel as though I'm being hired because I HAVE to be, not because I'm qualified to be.
  10. Anyone who doesn't fear for the Miami offense is naive. The coach WILL establish a run game. He will figure out how to get guys in space and allow Tua to throw 2-10 yard passes. He will use a lot of misdirection and "deception" with Hill.... This is the same guy that decided to use Deebo as an RB. He's a smart smart guy. I'm not saying they're better than the Bills but man, they're going to be a tough game twice a year.
  11. **was** a top 5-10 DE. That's like calling JJ Watt a top 5-10 DE in the NFL right now.
  12. I wanted either him or McKinnon..... love this signing.. love love it.
  13. I agree... That's a great signing for the Chargers.
  14. Amari Cooper, 4th to the Raiders Kevin White, 7th to the Bears DeVante Parker, 14th to the Dolphins Nelson Agholor, 20th to the Eagles Breshad Perriman, 26th to the Ravens Phillip Dorsett, 29th to the Colts Devin Smith, 37th to the Jets Dorial Green-Beckham, 40th to the Titans Tyler Lockett, 69th to the Seahawks Jaelen Strong, 70th to the Texans Chris Conley, 76th to the Chiefs Sammie Coates, 87th to the Steelers Ty Montgomery, 94th to the Packers Jamison Crowder, 105th to the Redskins Justin Hardy, 107th to the Falcons Vince Mayle, 123rd to the Browns DeAndre Smelter, 132nd to the 49ers Rashad Greene, 139th to the Jaguars Stefon Diggs, 146th to the Vikings He wasn't wrong. He is the best receiver in the class. I think 98% of people would say he's better than Cooper, the 2% being Cowboys fans.
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