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  1. They really are. Their defense is going to be verrry good. Gibson is a very talented RB and Fitz can Fitz himself to 8 wins alone.
  2. Bottom line, the coaches brought him in and followed a "process" of development to turn him in to the budding superstar he is becoming. It doesn't matter how the process WOULD look but how it DOES look. Also, who is to say if we had Rosen, we wouldn't have brought him along in the same way? I think you're missing the entire point. THIS staff did their due diligence on Josh, did draft him, and followed correct development for THIS particular player.
  3. That doesn't mean anything. There are plenty of people who I think are better than Bills players. Based on play alone, those 3 CB's are not better than Tre White. Alexander and Ramsey are slightly better in that they are more aggressive and athletic. In terms of true CB play, Tre is on par with them.
  4. I'm not sure Xavien Howard, Marlon Humphrey, Gilmore, etc are better than him.
  5. Tre continues to get no respect. He isn't flashy, he doesn't make big hits, he doesn't talk on social media... he just goes out and performs. The great thing is, that's the culture that's been built within the organization and I absolutely love it.
  6. I've been racking my brain on "Neslon" for a about 5 minutes. Why can't I figure out who that is? ...... Also, I have a hard time believing Myles Garrett won't be in the top 10. My top 10 in no particular order (that I think they'll put in there) : Rodgers, Mahomes, Donald, Allen, Garrett, Diggs, Adams, Brady, Henry, I'm stuck on 10 between Watt, Matthieu, Kelce
  7. To be fair, we need players of his skillset. He's more of a "bulldozer" and we need better run blocking. I think if he can improve upon his pass blocking, there's zero chance he doesnt start unless Lamp is just that much better. I'm higher on Lamp than a lot of folks though. Exactly. we're not in a bad position, competition wise, on the OL
  8. If he's traded or cut that means Lamp outplayed him. I'd be ok with that
  9. If you watch a lot of Diggs routes, they were definitely timed in routes, comebacks, hitches, etc. He's just soooo good at the top of his routes. I think when Josh says "get open, i'll find you" it's more of when a play breaks down, be creative, get open. He also did that NUMEROUS times, obviously.
  10. Every time I watch Josh Allen highlights I come away thinking "Jeeeeez Cole Beasley is reallllly friggin good" And after watching this, it was no different but my additional thought was, "wow, he had to run out of pressure a LOT" It didn't seem that way during live action, really.
  11. Something I've thought about: Let's say his TFL and Sacks from his freshman year drop from 19 and 15.5 respectively to 15 and 12.5 (or something in that area) last year IF he played and didn't sit out. Even given the drop in numbers from Freshman year to Sophomore year, he would have been in the conversation for a top 10 pick, i'd assume... right? I don't think the guy actually likes Wade. I think he'd doing this in the 1% chance he does make the roster he can say "I've been on him from the beginning.... told you so!"
  12. Ummmmm.... Kamara is 41, Humphrey is 44, the list goes on. Might be the dumbest comment I ever did see.
  13. I really hope we don't cut D. Johnson. Love what he does on special teams and he is actually a pretty solid player. He played at a small school and has still been learning the NFL game/speed. He plays with a high motor and it seems like this staff likes him a lot. My hope is that: One, both, or all three (the rookies and D Johnson) outperform Addison in camp. D Johnson can be on this roster for a while longer while Addison has 1 year left.
  14. So, Clyde Edwards- Helaire? Pretty much the same size and Patterson is a little faster than him. If you can play you can play. In any case, I don't think he was drafted because he played in the MAC and had a dominant offensive line. The other RB had numbers that were just as good
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