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  1. Yepp. Yesterday, he was the player we expected him to be when we drafted him in the first round. Side line to side line, filling hard, better in coverage. He was great.
  2. I love the combo on Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler.... I wish they would do NFL to be honest.
  3. Yeah, I guess fire him if all you hired him for was to beat OSU. I'd definitely fire a 73% winning coach... for sure.
  4. He's 47-17 in his time there.......... I dont think they previous 2 coaches had that many wins combined. Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if the Panthers went young with Kevin Stefanski from Minne or Saleh from 49ers
  5. Sorry for being ridiculous in hoping that we won more like this when Kyle was here =(
  6. Yeah man... he was solely the problem. I agree.
  7. Yeah, I do remember him mentioning that.... Bittersweet, envious, yeah I think those are good words. And I think that's important to note. For guys like Harry, and Jordan Phillips, and Jerry Hughes, Shaq, etc in his position group. But then teaming with guys like Lorax and their presence to exemplify leadership.
  8. Fair. I mean in terms of his personal life, yeah he'll be alright. I just wish he was able to experience this as a player, i guess.
  9. Right right, I get that. It's just that i would have liked for someone that has been such an integral part of and believed in the organization to have seen some more winning. Just so happens that after he retires, we do so.
  10. Out of all of his year here, we failed to win consistently and aside from the one play off appearance he didn't see much of it, period. The year after he leaves, we have this fantastic season and the best start in 20 years. I wish he would have been able to be apart of something like this. I'm sure he's happy for the organization but I can't help but wonder if he's a little bitter that in his 13 years here, we couldn't put this type of team on the field with him.
  11. We will need great safety play. We need to play gap sound and have Poyer/ Hyde essentially "shadowing" Lamar and playing down in the box, disguising coverages. I think having a safety in the box as an extra LB essentially while playing hook/hole would be huge. Now this is also where we benefit from the athleticism of Milano and Edumunds. I'm interested to see what McD / Frazier draw up for this. I think we can absolutely get away with Cover 1 given how athletic we are. The Chargers did this last year with Derwin James and Lamar couldn't break free.
  12. Yeah as soon as I saw that deal... the first thought that went through my head was ... "I've got some bad news for the Rams future" haha
  13. Yesterday was one of the worst defensive game plans against an option type team I've ever seen. The were continuously playing man with no spy. Routinely in 5 techs as opposed to being wide. A ton of nickel. It was odd to me to watch. The Chargers has Derwin James literally shadow Jackson. To beat the Ravens you NEED good safety play. I think we match up well with them due to the athletic ability of our linebackers. What they do really well is use their tight ends to seal edges when the lead for Lamar on the option plays. To beat the Ravens, 1.) good safety play 2.) Contain the edge.
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