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  1. JuJu Smith- Schuster... He's 21 I believe still.
  2. Larry Centers was probably the best fullback we've ever had and he was only here for a year.
  3. I'd rather trade for Josh Jackson in GB. He played a ton and was good as a rookie and his role diminished last year as Pettine implemented more man coverage. I think Jackson can be a stud in Buffalo.
  4. Josh Jackson would be a low risk, high reward type of trade. He was a second round pick and was mocked here quite a bit. I could see him fitting in more with McD's defense over a Pettine type. This is exactly the type of player that this regime seemingly targets and does well with: players drafted high, may be in a wrong situation, and find a way to utilize their talent.
  5. I get he's not your favorite. Your reasons why he isn't your favorite, should kind of make you like him more for the Bills, specifically. -Run after catch ability. -Best player on his team-- coach wants the ball in his hand -Plays multiple positions-- Bills love players like this. -Deep threat that can make contested catches-- something we missed. He's not my favorite either.. I really like Jefferson's game, however, if we landed him.... it'd be a good get.
  6. Yeah, there are mysteriously men in black suits and ref hats that can run onto the field and tell the refs which rules they can bend to keep it a game.
  7. Shenault has smoothness and suddenness that allows him to win on the basic route tree paired with the unbelievable strength and home-run ability as a runner — he doesn't need to be snapping off post-corner-posts all day. Just hit him in stride — something that never happened in Colorado — and he's fully unlocked. ^^^ this...in today's NFL, especially with all the amazing combos and creativity of these coaches, you don't need the Stevie Johnson type routes from your big guys. That's why you have Cole Beasley.
  8. DK and Deebo last year had very limited route trees. DK had questions about his catching ability as well. The long story short of this: The NFL has coaching that these players don't get in college. All of your banter has that talks about him being all over the field as if it's a bad thing is sooo odd to me. Did you watch the Bills this year? This is how we run our offense. We use receivers in different ways. So do the Chiefs (MeCole Hardman also had a "limited tree") with Hill. Saints use Taysom Hill, 49ers use Samuel and the list goes on. This is the new NFL and I'm having a hard time figuring out why it's a weird thing that his coaches at Colorado tried getting the ball in their best players hands whenever possible. He also had a very poor QB with no other talent around him. He was the team. This, along with his production, along with him lining up all over the field... are ALL good things. I don't love this guy but some of your reasoning as to why you don't like him are just weird to me. You want Higgins that played about awful competition and had a top 3 QB in the country? I mean...... Or Jeudy or Ruggs that had the benefit of playing with each other? Shanault had no one the other team had to worry about.
  9. The only "good" thing is that he only played ~50% of defensive snaps. We relied on the nickel a ton this year. I think he will absolutely be missed on 3rd downs and special teams. McDermott will find someone more athletic to utilize in similar situations. Toward the end of the year we saw Tremaine take some of that "at the line" blitzing as well where he would "show and go." Maybe they see Milano moving into that role (just on 3rd downs. He is NOT only playing 50% of the snaps next year) and Joseph being the 1st and second down Milano? Who knows. It'll be interesting to see that.
  10. Ask the Falcons who pay their WR 22 Mill. and the cowboys that didn't make the play offs with this guy. We need to keep our core in place and it's going to be very expensive in 2-3 years bubba. He would be more cap hit that Smoke, Beas, Singletary and Knox combined (or at least in that area). Not to mention, we have a solid WR draft coming up.
  11. I just don't see Beane shelling out that kind of money for WR (nor do I want him to)
  12. I actually thought the entire game that SF and Buffalo have VERY similar offensive play calls and designs.
  13. I remember Budweiser and Doritos ALWAYS killing it for the commercials.. I miss those days. These weren't that good this year.
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