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  1. Good thing Trump sent all the requested ventilators to NY.
  2. If he's still missing receivers, he's never going to amount to a franchise-type guy.
  3. No more excuses for Josh. It's all laid out for him in his 3rd season. Play like a top-tier QB or bye-bye.
  4. Which side of the aisle has been consistently wrong and stupid about the coronavirus? It's funny how you always type out personal attacks when they disagree with you. Were you one of the fools who agreed that there's nothing to be worried about because it's contained? Were you one of the morons who agreed with Trump when he said there were a couple cases in America, but by the end of the week there will be none?. You spout your endless nonsense even when you are 100% wrong. https://www.mediamatters.org/coronavirus-covid-19/rush-limbaugh-were-shutting-down-our-country-because-cold-virus At a campaign rally on Feb. 28 in North Charleston, S.C., Trump accused the Democrats of using the coronavirus as "their new hoax." Larry Kudlow urged Americans to "stay at work," claiming the coronavirus "looks relatively contained." Trump told Americans to go to work even if they have it. Kellyanne Conway said the coronavirus "is being contained." "It is being contained," Conway said when asked about a lack of available tests. "Do you not think it's being contained in this country?" Comparing the coronavirus to the seasonal flu, Trump claimed, "We have it so well under control." Hey, it's contained. Everything's fine Nothing to see here. La La La. Moron. South Korea and Singapore are doing a far better job than Trump. Trump put Pence the Stupid in charge. The same idiot who wanted to pray the Gay away. Trump shut down the agency that would have been leading the effort, now. Another brilliant move by the orange man. You can keep insulting people, but everyone who isn't brain-dead knows that Trump and his people have been spouting lies about the most dangerous medical issue since AIDS. You are easily the biggest idiot in this community. Granted, some of your cheerleaders are probably just as dumb. Now, you can go back to posting idiocy from people on Twitter, because that's you. No original thoughts, ever. Just blindly following an agenda. When the facts get in the way you do the same as your Master. You point to the sky and say look over there. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm going to check if it's no different than catching a cold and anyway, by now, Trump said cases of infection would be down to zero. Yeah, it's all a hoax, the virus is gone and it never was worse than the common cold. Guess you were right, after all.
  5. 1. He withheld funds to Ukraine after Congress approved it. That he released the funds after getting caught is irrelevant. 2. He is using his office for financial gain. Numerous abuses of the Emoluments Clause is just part of the evidence. 3. He refuses to hold open press conferences, a hallmark trait of dictatorships, preferring to have his own government media outlet. 4. He has openly invited foreign adversaries to help him win by illegal means. 5. He refused to testify or give all the written answers for Mueller. 6. He blocked witnesses in the impeachment trial. Innocent men want exculpatory witnesses. There are lots more, but what's the difference. You want him as your dictator.
  6. 6 pages in. Everyone is afraid of the question on whether you would support Trump refusing to leave if he loses. If the answer is Yes, you are fine with a dictatorship. Odd that none of you has the balls to answer. Maybe you're all waiting for the loser in the basement to retweet in big fonts. That will show everybody.
  7. You were pointing out the failures of government, I brought up a different problem of government. Are you pretending to not understand. That would be more complimentary than the other possibility.
  8. Wow! You must really be angry at all of the bills that came from the House that McConnell refuses to address. Trump isn't the President? Even DR knows that he is. He won't even let you be one of his villagers if you keep this up.
  9. I am with you, but in addition, stop stripping the voting rolls, stop closing polling places, eliminate gerrymandering, make Election Day a national holiday so that anyone can vote when it's not a burden.
  10. I will B word and moan but I will have no choice but to accept it Will you accept him refusing to leave if he loses, or will you also claim it was a fix? I asked this a while ago. You at least brought up a different scenario, but did not answer. Why are you afraid to answer?
  11. DR loves his villagers carrying the flames, sort of how Trump liked them in Charlottesville. At least he pretends to be smart. Offer up your home to the government. Do your part.
  12. I cited the border wall in my original post? Untrue. It's belief that he should be allowed to do anything he wants, despite the laws. That is the seed of dictatorship. Because I have never posted that here it is not my belief? I searched and could not find a post from you stating you are anti-rape. Must I conclude that you are pro-rape from this?
  13. The Dems were angry but accepted it. I thought you knew Trump was in the White House, when he's not making the taxpayers pay to have guests at his clubs. I overestimated once again when I assumed people would know that refusing to turn over ownership of the White House is different than people complaining about not winning. Must continue to remind myself what I am dealing with, here.
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