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  1. He might complete one of them. Barkley in. Complete passes coming.
  2. Didn't see game. Is it true that Oliver's been near invisible or is this a reporter looking to create a narrative?
  3. Everyone with the opposite agenda would tell us that Allen was trying to help the confidence of the defense.
  4. In first pre-season game, Darnold looked like what I hope Allen becomes. Mayfield and Darnold are looking like Season 2 will go as hoped. Maybe there will be 3 worthwhile QBs from that class, but I still doubt it. Maybe Buffalo can be that rarest of situation where a team carries a QB.
  5. If Allen is a long-term solution, 10-6. If not, 6-10. Although the Bills performed quite nicely with Barkley in his start. All of the other personnel is secondary in importance.
  6. Season prediction: Allen fails to improve much. Management weighs searching for another QB.
  7. Of course, but as a Bills fan, I can still appreciate the greats on other teams. A lot of fans can't or won't do this. Not directed at you. I don't know you. People who constantly rip Brady and Belichick would be their biggest boosters if they were Bills, so I don't take them seriously.
  8. Fans in all sports usually look at results as a credit or indictment of their team, disregarding the other team.
  9. BB came up with the D that stopped the best Buffalo offense ever.
  10. No, but he's the one who beat Buffalo in a Super Bowl, before Brady. What did Parcells win without Belichick? Face it. Brady is the best QB ever and Bellichick is the greatest tactician ever.
  11. Brady wasn't in NY where Bill got two more rings.
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