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  1. Thanks for more confirmation. You can return to regurgitating other's tweets and blogs and impressing the slow. I'll check back in at some point after you and yours stamp your feet and yell asshat, douchebag, and of course pedophile.
  2. I gave Rhino a couple days to answer, but he can't or won't, so I will just post what appears to be his primary source or a place that coincidentally matches his posts here almost perfectly. I thought maybe it was his Twitter account, but if it was, he would have claimed it, so he is likely merely a follower. It's @GalacticRedPill. The truth about Rhino is that he is not a researcher, at all. He is a follower of an aggregator on Twitter. How impressive! Rhino is likely one of those lonely souls whose identity and self-worth comes primarily from being a self-proclaimed mogul in a Buffalo Bills political chat room. A lofty perch. He likes you all to view him as doing important work as an investigative journalist of some sort. He isn't a stupid man, but when you push him a little he is unable to defend himself in rational discussion. He turns into an immature teenager who posts endless insults and memes. This still puts him a rung over twits who accuse me of being a pedophile and then thinking themselves clever. I have no idea how all the Trump stuff will play out, but if the latest BuzzFeed story turns out to be true, he will not come out of this smelling like a rose.
  3. Is this the list I requested that Rhino couldn't come up with? Atkinson is the anti-vaxxer. You guys are anti-vaxxers? I thought that those loons were Liberals. She is clearly a deep thinker. Never heard of Carter so I had to look her up. She seems to be most famous for always using unnamed sources (I thought you guys don't accapt that as verifiable) and appearing on Hannitty. She has appeared on a few Fox opinion shows but I can't find one instance of an appearance on a straight news show. Strassel is legit. I just disagree with her views (obviously), especially on Pruitt. Thanks for posting some names. You have more guts than Rhino.
  4. Great analysis, Swill Merchant. So, is Rhino galactic or a follower? Might make no sense to you, but he knows what it means. Awaiting his response. What say you, Rhino?
  5. Your questions can all be answered by a red pill from galactic. Another mystery cleared up by a giant intellect. Galactic knows all. If you don't get it, ask Rhino. He understands.
  6. Curious as to how you know that his ties to Russia start and end with with real estate. Have you seen all of the notes from Mueller, SDNY, and Virginia? If not, you, like the rest of us, don't have a clue what's in the respective investigations.
  7. True or false: That's the way the entire planet is set up in virtually every single industry, not just in media. This is proof of what exactly, in regards to Trump? If these corporations are thriving under Trump, as I assume you believe, why would they want to get rid of him?
  8. I have to go out for a while. It's been fun exposing you. Will continue later. Sincerely, Me
  9. It's sad to watch someone crumble under such minimal pressure. Nah, it's not all that sad. He is good at pasting memes, though.
  10. Uh-oh. We are getting closer. "Real investigative journalism is done by small independents and former reporters whom work on their own these days". Finally, a hint. Name some. At least than we can examine these independents and former reporters. Thanks for at least bringing us a little closer to what I'm trying to find out. Please follow through. I appreciate it.
  11. One source. I don't think you can do it. By now, even your supporters must be wondering why you can't name one reliable source. I realize that at this point that multiple sources would be too much to ask for, but one? Of course, you could continue to scream Asshat and post memes. You are melting down.
  12. Anyone else notice that he still hasn't listed a single source. What is he afraid of?
  13. Another non-answer. What are you afraid of? Is it possible you are incapable of answering? I promise Rhino won't call you an Asshat.
  14. t's fun watching you unravel. Keep on Asshatting.