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  1. Powell + Tucker Carlson. Not sure which one would be more embarrassed by the comparison.
  2. Is what still appropriate?
  3. Those who refuse to call Trump out for trying to overthrow the government are not good men.
  4. If even one cop gets murdered by a Trump supporter, it's bad or no?
  5. When did Family values get redefined to attempting to kill a VP? or to toverthrowing a government?
  6. Trump supporters, much like their God, love to project. They live in bizarro world. Their stupidity is a far greater threat to America than Covid.
  7. https://www.newsweek.com/georgia-lawyer-who-kicked-pelosis-door-during-riots-denied-release-over-social-media-posts-1563538 Lots of dangerous scum energized by the great lie of Republicans.
  8. 11 days later because America's nightmare is over. I don't come here as often because the scum has left. Fantasy fiction? He tried to overthrow the election, incited a riot that led to multiple deaths, and your take is that nothing much happened. As long as there are people who think like you, scum will keep popping up doing stupid and evil things. Stupid never learns.
  9. When you support a racist, criminal and traitor, you are the same. Simple stuff. I have never cared what an idiot thinks of me.
  10. Curious as to how you know when people died and how you know when Trump knew. Could you explain to everyone why Trump refused to call in the National Guard?
  11. Who is primarily responsible for the polarization of Twitter? Captain Orange. Now, you're concerned about polarization. Nice timing. The man who told us that the media is the enemy of the people. Inciting to riot. No big deal. Congratulating murderers and calling them great people. So what? Some of you are stupid. Some of you are evil. Some are both.
  12. Don't act stupid. He told the asswipe criminals that stormed the Capitol and caused multiple deaths that he loved them. It's on video. Maybe you need to watch it. Presumably you have seen it, but are not fluent in English.
  13. The President tells murderers that he loves them and you're concerned about Twitter.
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