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  1. Who do you think the Republican nominee will be?
  2. Possible Scenarios: Trump wins the nomination. Republicans get drubbed. DeSantis gets the nomination, almost impossible unless Trump is convicted and jailed. The most unlikely, but funniest: DeSantis gets the nomination and Trump forms the Trump Party, leaving the Republican Party in rubble.
  3. They know he stole classified documents. To disagree with that is to say there is no such thing as reality. No matter what crimes Trump commits, the comment from his fans is Hillary Clinton or Hunter Biden. It's never Trump didn't do it.
  4. Alleged? His attorney said he did it. He said he did it. Allegedly, today is a day.
  5. Maybe the plan is to declare him insane in order to avoid prosecution. Nah. He's just out of his mind. That's not a big deal. The big deal is how many morons live among us.
  6. Is Trump in full dementia? He thinks he hosted Mark Zuckerberg in the White Hous LAST WEEK!
  7. It's great when Trump's attorney disagrees with Trump, but even better when multiple Trump statements conflict with other statements he's made. Best of all is watching his cult members backing Trump's statements and then being forced to abandon their positions when Trump switches explanations.
  8. On the day an ex-President of the United States is about to face charges of espionage, his supporters can only deflect into their usual talking points about other things. Being in a cult is about always maneuvering their beliefs to fit their pre-conception of reality. On one of the most serious and disgusting days in American history, the only consolation is that Trump will never hold office again and will hopefully spend the rest of his life behind bars.
  9. Trump supporters would stand by him if he put a bullet in the head of one of their children. Why won't Trump reveal what's in the warrant?
  10. I dare any Trump supporter to admit that they would have defended a member of a BLM mob invading the Capitol that was killed in an attempt to murder members of Congress and a VP.
  11. Just to be clear, in a mob of people trying to kill members of Congress, a few died trying is someone's fault other than their own? Change Trump supporters to BLM invading the Capitol and your reaction would be it's their fault. If you disagree with this, either you're lying to us or yourself. Stand your ground, right? If BLM or any other mob invaded the Capitol and died as a result, I'd be just fine with that.
  12. Yet to see hear anyone dispute anything under oath. Some who would be in the position to, have refused to testify. Can you direct me to the driver's report? If he wants to say it under oath, why hasn't he? Not sure what you're referring to with your second point, but we have police reports of armed Trump supportets who refused to go through the metal detectors from the cops or are they lying? Who disputed Trump requested that people be allowed in to his speech? Did they do it under oath? Why not? Actually, there are reports on both sidesof agents as to whether Trump wanted to go to the Capitol. Which agents have said he didn't? Why haven't they volunteered to testify? Who has the committee stopped from testifying? If these people exist why don't they hold a press conference and challenge the committee? Talk about bull####. No one has stepped forward to go under oath to contradict the lady's testimony? Why hasn't Trump volunteered to speak to the committee? If he's innocent, what does he have to hide. When someone goes under oath and contradicts the lady, then you can at least attempt to dispute her allegations, but we both know that no one will. Pathetic that the best your side has done is Flynn taking the 5th when questioned if he thinks there should be a peaceful transfer of power. Remember what Trump said about people who take the fifth? “You see the mob takes the Fifth,” he said. “If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” . . .
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