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  1. Best Ball Skills? Clements Best Tackler? Winfield (And best overall CB IMO) Most recognized/ordained by NFL talking heads? Gilmore (And White was cementing too as a "shutdown corner") Which would you most want to return a kick off for you? McGee (also excellent man-on-man) (One of the best kick returns of all time, and it added up to nothing as time expired in the half lol) - I didn't see Byrd or Edgerson play..
  2. Oh he wont be on the board for awhile....
  3. 1st: Bills 3 - pats 6 2nd: Bills 7 - pats 3 3rd: Bills 10 - pats 7 4th: Bills 6 - pats 7 Final: Bills 26 - pats 23 Nail-Biter due to the cold. Many dropped passes..
  4. You're busting on him for taking extra time to be clear, helpful and patient?
  5. 42 - 17 Bills LOL - I swear I didn't see yours before posting!
  6. And if you think that's tough, the next week is even worse!
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