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  1. I’m sure he’ll have good insight but man does the guy have 0 personality.
  2. Ravens could leapfrog them though and playing for a wildcard is gonna be tough with all those afc west teams. The best 7 teams don’t always make the playoffs…a lot of times you get at least one whack division winner lol lookin like it could be the AFC south winner this year
  3. I’ll try to find the article number…I am 100% certain you cannot do that anymore for a few years now. It was the same year the ravens intentionally got a bunch of offensive holds on a punt a few times in a row to run out the game clock belichick did it to the jets I believe also and giggled like a schoolgirl then someone did it to him and he looked so sad haha
  4. It’s also been said over and over again…you cannot do that due to a rule change. You are 100% incorrect. Can’t intentionally hold receivers anymore to manipulate the game clock. I believe it changed in 2017/2018…49ers did it to the saints to close out a half and the nfl was like ‘didn’t like that’ lol also the NBA is a different sport 😂
  5. I’m still surprised by this ‘coaching scared’ critique…especially when tyreek hill took a simple drag route like 70 yards to the house several minutes earlier in the game 😂 how aggressive can you really be with Levi Wallace and Dane Jackson starting at cb. Looked like back to back blown assignments to me the last two plays of the game. We wanted mahomes running around holding the ball a long time but someone was late picking up the RB on that first play
  6. I’ve been saying this since it happened various places on the internet and I’ve been taking a lot of flak haha. I do not feel any better knowing i may have been right though 😂
  7. Didn’t everyone say the same about their previous previous coach Adam gase 😂 we as fans have no way to know how much credit goes to Shanahan and how much goes to McDaniel for the 49ers offensive success heck for all we know Flores was a defensive mastermind and they could completely fall apart on that side of the ball
  8. The list of examples of guys refusing to mentor someone are all future/current HOFers so I’m not sure that really compares lol
  9. I don’t think it would’ve come down to those 13 seconds if we had one more great pass rusher/another serviceable cb though. Throw Elam and von miller into that defense and we probably have a repeat of our regular season matchup with the chiefs. season was pretty much over when tre white went down unfortunately…can’t believe how well Dane Jackson held up and josh Allen had as good a playoffs as anyone…it just wasn’t enough
  10. I think they’re a bit blinded by him ‘leading’ them to the playoffs his rookie season and they think he’s only gonna get better from here. That’s really not how qbs necessarily develop…we’ve seen tons of guys have one pretty good year then fall off a cliff. They’re also choosing to ignore the afc east had an absolute joke of a schedule last year. Their 10 wins were: NYJ x2 HOU LAC CAR CLE (missing Chubb,hunt, a couple olinemen and baker w/ torn labrum) ATL TEN (missing AJ Brown,Julio, and Derrick Henry) BUF (infamous wind game) JAX That season looks completely different if they played TEN at a time when they were a little closer to full strength or us any other week on our schedule. I think they were more of an 8-9 team that got some good fortune
  11. I don’t think anyone is trying to minimize the pats dynasty here…it’s something incredible that no one will likely ever repeat. But if we’re projecting what these teams are gonna do in the future, the pats not forcing a punt for 9 consecutive quarters last season and making minimal defensive changes in the offseason is a lot more relevant than superbowls the patriots won years ago with a qb that’s now on another team.
  12. I think Miami needs a full rebuild to challenge us honestly…josh torches them pretty much every time and they didnt do much on the defensive side. Now they’ve got a ton of resources tied up in a receiver too. They might have gone from losing in a blowout to losing in a shootout but they’re still gonna lose lol the tyreek hill trade still makes no sense to me if they’re trying to compete for the division title
  13. Did a good amount in the offseason on the offensive line and when bates mace his way into the starting lineup down the stretch they started playing great. We were one corner away from being the superbowl champs imo and we’ve gotta start getting prepared for edmunds’ exit as well.
  14. Why are punters and kickers valued so little in the draft I just don’t understand it
  15. I missed the draft and don’t really follow much college football…regardless I’m shocked that a tall fast corner is supposedly not a wow pick lol
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