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  1. Right they were down 19-3 against a clearly injured mahomes in the first half. If mahomes finished out that game the browns get absolutely blown out and the conversation is completely different right now.. Also yea Cleveland went 11-5 but they had a negative point differential. We get a little too hung up on who's roster is the best on paper in the offseason I think. That 8-8 Rex Ryan bills team was arguably one of the best rosters on paper that we've ever had and where did that get us lol I think theres a better chance that the browns have a decent season but miss the playoffs than them m
  2. I'm sure they said the same thing when we drafted wyatt teller a couple years ago and the dude is an animal
  3. Lol we keep drafting absolute physical freaks of nature. At least we'd win if there was some kind of fight to the death
  4. I dont think mac Jones will be a world beater but all he has to do is manage the game and the pats will still be pretty scary. Wilson has to carry the jets
  5. I'd be shocked if it's not a corner but what do I know lol
  6. We've filled a lot of those roles in FA gonna be tough for a rookie wr or a rookie rb to get on the field. Stud TE would be nice but is there anybody like that left?
  7. It does take a lot of pressure off the offense when you know you don't need 6 every possession. Josh really tries to pull plays out of his a** at times and people talk about it like it's a negative thing but can you blame him? I had no confidence in the defense getting a clutch stop at any point last year and we made it to the afc championship game lol
  8. Was there a corner available late round 2 that wasn't a reach? I honestly don't know much outside of the first two rounds lol
  9. OK if they go edge rusher in round 3 too then I will stop defending them 🤣
  10. Playing just fine against us last year isn't really high praise hence us doubling up on defensive linemen 🤣 I do hear ya though but let's at least try to generate some pressure and see if they hold up. Forcing kelce to stay in and block more would be huge I can't wait til that guy retires
  11. Theyre pretty stout at guard cuz they overpaid a bit for Thuney but who do they have at tackle...your oline is really only as good as your weakest guy.
  12. Its the most important unit on the football field. Could make a case for oline too if we didn't have such an athletic qb.
  13. Haha 'brainwashed' aka replicating the only formula to slow down mahomes 🤣
  14. Lol its such a foreign concept for us to have a late first round pick after being pretty bad for over a decade. If we end up on the low end of rousseaus potential and hes just a serviceable starter that's still a good result. Yea we'll all complain about the hall of fame guy or two that got picked late in this draft but im sure every team does that haha
  15. This is a thing people are saying? Lol everyone and their mother knew Maybin was too small to play linebacker let alone defensive end. Rousseau is an absolute freak of nature hes big and fast. Not sure what we were thinking with the Maybin pick maybe we thought we could bulk him up and it just didn't work out. I think rousseau will be phenomenal at best and average at worst which is exactly what you'd want with the 30th pick Maybin was a huge risk that early in the draft that had a super low floor
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