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  1. Man he’s bad at football and dirty in real life and dirty on the field lol dude hit the trifecta
  2. Deshaun Watson might be the worst qb in football
  3. I mean that thought experiment was to reinforce the idea that there are maybe one or two sure thing offensive minded head coaches in the league right now and the bills if they ever have to dump McD will not be getting one of them. realistically they’d be rolling the dice on a college coach unproven at the nfl level. 13 seconds was devastating but the best qb in the league with the fastest receivers in the league,Travis Kelce, and 3 timeouts getting into mid fg range to tie the game isn’t an instant coach firing situation imo. Heck the bills pretty much walked off against the lions like that last year. I’d still rank it below the seahawks passing from the 1 yard line against the pats in the superbowl and plays like the Minneapolis miracle as far as egregious ways to lose in the playoffs go
  4. I mean for wildcard purposes sure, but 0-2 in the division makes that next game against the ravens an absolute must win. Lose that one and they’ve gotta make up 4 games on baltimore the rest of the way to win the division
  5. Realistically what coaches are you talking about? Andy Reid sure I could see that…but who else? taylor seems like a bum getting pretty good results out of an insanely stacked offense then you’ve got guys like sirianni,mccarthy,shanahan,mcdaniel.
  6. Yeesh they’re gonna start 0-3 then after a couple winnable games to catch their breath they’ve got the chiefs twice in three games.
  7. Was just gonna say that…looked pretty similar to me but in the jets game josh watched the jets rally to a few underneath throws real quick and lost his patience with it. those kinds of plays were still being called he just went rogue.
  8. Singletary objectively would be the fourth best rb on this roster lol
  9. Zac Taylor is in the bottom half of coaches in the league imo he just has an absurd amount of talent at the skill positions because they got an early first rounder after the year burrow was out. their DC should be the head coach…he’s doing a lot more with less compared to what Taylor is doing could be some wishful thinking but I think their superbowl aspirations take a big hit when they inevitably lose Higgins
  10. Not saying they won’t turn it around but I gotta agree zac Taylor is horrible lol always seemed like they were winning in spite of his playcalling
  11. They didn’t look good obviously but to be fair they were on the field for 42 minutes and the jets offense turned it over 4 times. I mean how many really great defenses are there left on the schedule/we might see in the playoffs? NYJ again… Dallas? Philly maybe? Cincy hasn’t looked as good this year. Then you get to the AFC playoffs and who could we see in there…jets won’t be making it. Seems like a majority of the elite defenses are in the NFC I certainly didn’t mean josh always plays badly against great defenses lol we have torched NE quite a few times. If you have a bad day though things are more likely to snowball and week 1 is kind of a crapshoot to begin with.
  12. Not to make tooo many excuses for us cuz we clearly sucked lol but if we came in with a game plan tailored to Zach Wilson I doubt we would’ve lost that game…still woulda been ugly as sin though im sure. Cowboys got a full week to prepare for him as the starter
  13. Im honestly pretty thankful for tua…he’s a pretty good qb in a great system that will probably be a stat monster that they won’t really be able to move on from. if the dolphins had a great qb that could go through progressions and use the whole field more consistently they’d be a Super Bowl front runner every year
  14. Even with the 4 turnovers they had a lot go their way…that Wilson catch was ridiculous
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