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  1. Mahomes and his wrs were out of sync pretty much all season weren’t they lol I think this chiefs wrs season is pretty strong evidence that maybe offseason camps is too much football to use the bills as an example, someone like Gabe Davis played on the team for years and was still consistently on the wrong page. Idk how much an unofficial throw the ball around type get together could’ve possibly helped 😂 then you’ve got your Stefon Diggs types that are closer to hitting a mental wall if they’re overworked and it can be a negative thing. I do think josh did extra work with Kincaid last offseason
  2. Last year even some of his big games were horribly inefficient imo. When you’re getting 16 targets against the giants, you’d expect more than 100 receiving yards and 0 tds I’d think. that stretch of Jax-Tampa where stuff went really sideways for the offense was too many Diggs targets with too little return imo. A lot of his damage against Jax was with the game pretty much over already I really don’t understand why they did this for this reason lol like they got a good deal for diggs but there’s a nonzero chance it blows up on them
  3. I agree with that this and for that reason can’t imagine things will go better for him in Houston after the honeymoon period is over I think you could make the case hes the third best receiver there right now
  4. Bills even with their struggles probably win 14+ games playing a last place afc south schedule last year without Diggs lol
  5. Looking backwards to what diggs used to be makes it a bad trade, if you extrapolate diggs’ 2023 finish to this season it’s a good trade…his value would’ve tanked. Nobody would’ve taken him on and we would’ve been tied up with a mentally checked out 30+ year old wr A lot of the review depends on how diggs plays this season and even if he has a bounce back year with Houston we’ll never know for sure if that would’ve happened here.
  6. Oh yea I don’t mean he’s gonna have public outbursts, it seems like his fire is gone and he’s just goin through the motions when someone else is featured in the offensive gameplan. He just seemed less willing to fight through jams/make contested catches whenever I’d be watching him…could be anecdotal/wishful thinking now that he’s gone for sure though 😂
  7. I think each pass that someone not named diggs catches cuts into diggs’ personal motivation a small percentage lol it’s gonna happen pretty quickly in Houston In public statements though he’ll be a good teammate to try to disprove the diva label but over time that will fall by the wayside too
  8. I don’t think diggs is the same when he’s not the main dude though which seems to be the issue imo…I’m really interested to see what happens in Houston where he likely isn’t the first option putting him on a team with other great offensive weapons seems to take away from diggs somehow 😂. Just my opinion though
  9. I think the ‘dareus was so good until he lost his motivation’ is exactly what happened to diggs honestly. The guy likes being a star but just doesn’t like playing the game anymore it seems like. When other players start becoming the focal point of the offense it likely doesn’t sit well with him. Felt like his effort level dropped right when Kincaid started makin a name for himself
  10. This kind of stuff always makes me chuckle when I read it. Chiefs defense stepping up in the playoffs is as responsible for their superbowl wins as their offense is. Where is this supposed superstar receiver we just traded whenever we play the chiefs in the playoffs? oh yea….locked down by the chiefs secondary lol
  11. So funny the way this board works…for months last season diggs was washed up,old, dead weight.. now that we trade him we let go of an apparent superstar lol Houston is betting the change of scenery will help him but I’m not entirely sure.
  12. It’s kind of an ironic ending that a massive wide open diggs drop caused ‘the process’ to fail last year lol diggs wasn’t right for months…not sure if it’s his motivations and maybe new scenery will help him out but he just wasn’t nearly the same player the latter half of last year
  13. He ain’t gonna be any worse than diggs was the second half of last year to be fair 😂. This could be anything between ‘Texans fleeced us’ to ‘we fleeced the Texans’ depending on what diggs has left in the tank lol
  14. That’s what I’m thinking…the tyreek hill trade has warped everyone’s compensation ideas a bit. Diggs isn’t even remotely close to the player tyreek is at this stage in their careers
  15. I’m assuming that second is getting used in a trade up package this year but you never know I really don’t think it’s that off value wise assuming we’re getting at least a second…the tyreek hill trade just distorted everyone’s expectations. If diggs was 5 years younger it’s a travesty
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