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  1. I still think we’d have a decent shot at it even if we lose…only team id really worry about is baltimore. Baltimore has had a fairly easy schedule so far though and we’re gotten through a majority of our tough games after Sunday with really just GB and KC to go.
  2. It wouldn’t be a huge deal…our schedule is very front loaded and 3 of the first 4 games were on the road. We could still fairly easily go 11-2 down the stretch. injuries are less of an excuse against baltimore though because they have a bunch of em too
  3. I mean that’s true…but the guys that replaced them sucked worse and the guys that replaced the guys that sucked worse sucked a lot worse lol not to mention they couldn’t give saffold or Dawkins a breather down the stretch because there were no healthy players left we would’ve obliterated Miami if we had even half the injuries which still would’ve been a ton of injuries by normal standards theres this narrative that Miami had injuries too but looking at the snap count it’s just not even remotely close to the mess we had.
  4. It is pretty wild…everyone says injuries are no excuse but we were missing tons of offensive linemen and virtually our whole defensive backfield and still almost pulled that road game out against a pretty good team.
  5. Mcdermotts done a nice job against Lamar the last two meetings…our offense just couldn’t get going in that regular season ravens game a few years ago
  6. Cover 2 is super effective when the offense is missing 5 offensive linemen by halftime
  7. We couldn’t substitute as much as we normally would’ve because of the injuries. Losing kumerow early was huge. Had two less defensive linemen to rotate in as well and on the offensive line dawkins and saffold were gassed but we had nobody left on the bench
  8. It’s pretty crazy that they put the roof on relatively recently so they were melting both teams for years
  9. I’ve had two pretty minor ones. First one I was scrambling for a loose ball on the floor face down in basketball and someone kneed me in the back of the head and smashed my head into the floor. I was very woozy with hazy vision. I felt better a couple hours later. second one I caught an edge snowboarding and fell backwards and smashed my head on ice with no helmet. I was really nauseous and had a pretty serious headache but wasn’t as woozy as that first one. Both were mostly better the next day. My hair grew in gray in the spot where I smashed it on the ice for months after
  10. Absolutely…they will 100% have to overhaul the protocols after this at the very least
  11. It was a flukey loss which I’m sure they would agree with…it being against the dolphins is what made it suck extra hard
  12. Yep it was some combination of bad medical advice, weak protocols, and intentionally getting an important player back on the field and it’s hard to tell how big of a factor each of those pieces was with what is publicly available. At the end of the day the dolphins coaches could’ve chosen to hold him out…there’s no way a doctor could say tua absolutely did not have a concussion from the 10 minute test they do
  13. I feel like I remember hearing he had a back injury coming into the bills game but I’ll see if I can find any info on it.
  14. It probably isn’t an automatic no go if there is some kind of reasonable alternate explanation…which they thought they had
  15. My guess with absolutely zero medical training but several documented concussions lol is that he probably had a back injury and a concussion. the team doctor probably suggested the loss of motor function could’ve happened from the back injury if he passed all the other concussion tests and the independent neurologist said it was possible. It’s the team doctors call ultimately. I bet they waited til halftime to test him so he got some of his wits back. If he got that test right away no way he would’ve passed Yup a loophole that was exploited either accidentally or knowingly
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