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  1. Njoku is 95% amazing athlete, 5% professional football player. He excelled in college because of his athletic qualities. He doesn't run routes or block particularly well. Is there talent there? Yes. Will the coaching staff have to teach him how to play football? Yes.
  2. I hope the Redskins do not change the name this year. Do it next year or never do it. "Cancel culture", rule by mob and the corporate pandering to it has to be stopped. Otherwise, it's a slippery slope to tyranny to whatever voices are loudest at the time. Today you might agree with the loudest voice. Tomorrow you may not. Throughout history, appeasement never fixed anything. It only encouraged the loudest voices to want more.
  3. He and his campaign aren't disciplined enough to talk about that very positive accomplishment or that he's tried to end the US Afghan involvement. It's unfortunate because a HRC presidency isn't blank, and I doubt a Biden one would be either.
  4. Very dangerous situation for everyone involved. The couple were likely within their rights under Missouri law to discharge those firearms if they felt threatened by those protesters and those protesters came on to their property. Among states, the state has some of the stronger castle doctrine shooting in self defense laws. That being said, everyone involved is so criminally stupid and weird and they should be jailed and billed for the time the town had to spend sending the cops to sort it out. The couple, for an absurd lack of firearms training and situational awareness. For the protesters, not being aware you're not on a public street, and you don't get to break down gates and protest on private property, and putting people's lives in danger unnecessarily.
  5. The only way Joe Biden snatches defeat from the jaws of victory is a VP choice that puts the fear into moderates. Biden's fragile mental capacity will be put on display in the debates and America is ultimately choosing between Trump and that VP.
  6. The Jerry Hughes trade was a great example of excellent pro personnel evaluation by the Bills FO at the time. The Colts played Hughes out of position. Hasson Reddick in Arizona is the modern day "Colts era Jerry Hughes". By the time the Cardinals figure out it's not bad having Reddick being an above average pass rusher, they will try to play him at every position on the defense because "scheme."
  7. Lisa Bender and the City Council will be stopped by business and surprisingly, the churches. No insurance company that cares about money is going to insure a square foot of real estate in a city without law enforcement. No business is going to open itself to untold liability by operating in a city without law enforcement. You hope cooler, practical heads prevail there.
  8. Community policing or COPS was all the rage in LA post 1992. It's not that it hasn't been tried across the US and it's had success in places. It's just an awful lot of political will, work and money, and it takes years. If the people driving it leave, or are replaced by more Parker/Gates theorists, it can disappear as quickly as it arrives. Do the police need reform? Yes, nationwide. For at least 50 years now. Would I disbanded local law enforcement in a pandemic/civil unrest/election year? No. I'm not that rash. You're putting all your residents in a lot of unnecessary danger, and I wouldn't want to give these governors or this President an excuse to send in the troops.
  9. You've never heard of Bernhardt Klassen? How about William Pierce? The AB, Crips, Bloods, and a very long etc. may have the leadership locked up on the inside, but they operate on the outside.
  10. Easy ones like AN and WCOTC. And if we're not making it a left/right issue, why not throw the prison gangs in there too? ANTIFA is a half measure. My point is that I think the problem is a lot bigger and a lot more dangerous than them if the Trump administration was really concerned about the problem.
  11. If the President is going to declare ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist organization, I hope he doesn't stop there and he puts their right-wing counterparts in the basket too. Just remember, the ones you see on TV aren't the ones Americans need to worry about. They are the expendable pawns that will follow. It's the thinkers, the financiers, the organizers that don't go to the rallies, that don't go to the protests, that are the formidable adversary.
  12. Those with cooler heads will use them. Neither Mattis nor Trump are the type. I don't disagree with Mattis but whenever these retired generals who were let go by Presidents speak out, you can't help but hear the ax grinding in the background.
  13. He's losing the 2020 election to a possibly senile (generously...."very forgetful") Joe Biden, who isn't even campaigning. It's not because Biden is any good. He's not. Biden will likely pick a terrible VP that'll pander to the crisis of the moment and pitch a mediocre Obama years vision as an alternative. It's just that the voting public, weary of crisis after crisis this year, will want a break from the Trump spectacle that's increasingly showing its neither smart nor shrewd in *the* moment when it counts, and its just part of the political and leadership rot. And the Obama haze might sound good to some.
  14. He just wants them on record asking for it because unfortunately that's who he is. The LA riots only stopped when Bush federalized the guard. That was just one city, with the nation's second largest police department (at the time), replete with SWAT, air units, etc. Many of these cities do not have the capacity or capabilities of the LAPD or NYPD to control looting in multiple wack a mole flare ups across a city. For mayors of these cities, how many nights of looting is enough before the gloves come off?
  15. Right....as they didn't in Baltimore two years ago either...
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