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  1. Toronto has yet to see if he sticks around or not. Toronto legitimately did EVERYTHING they could do to keep him. I personally think he will stay in Toronto. In regards to AD and Boston, there are two things going on. One, his father hates Boston for how they treated Isiah Thomas. Second, his agent, like you said, is trying desperately to get him to Los Angeles. If I were the Lakers, I'd trade LeBron and actually commit to being a real basketball operation and do a real rebuild.
  2. A lot of people underestimate A) how terrible Juan Castillo was as a coach and B) how that terribleness impacted the offensive line and the coordination between units.
  3. Danny Ainge will trade himself right out of that job if he does a deal for Davis. There is absolutely no way Davis is staying in Boston past his contractual obligation according to his agent and Ainge will have to give up a king's ransom for him. I don't know why the Lakers desperately want him either. Touches are hard to come by on an LBJ team and he's never had to share the superstar spotlight with a forward. (FWIW, I don't consider Kevin Love in his Cavs years a superstar on AD's level.) The Lakers need shooters and the Pels aren't taking back any of that suicide squad they assembled last year.
  4. There are a lot of people who think Helen Mirren is the hottest woman in the world. I've been fascinated at the level of her following. I don't know if it's her body, her accent, the way she carries herself or her success or maybe she's the complete package of hotness. If you had just one date at your local Olive Garden or Applebees for you high rollers, do you pick Olivia Culpo or Helen Mirren? 😃
  5. Cory Booker and Kamala Harris won't make it to the second debate and it's likely Buttigieg doesn't either. The only reason Joe Biden has that lead is because his fellow candidates and Trump have yet to start firing the canons. I give credit to Elizabeth Warren. She's the only one of the Democrats out there proposing ideas. I may not like the ideas but her campaign is clearly more than "That Trump guy is bad, amirite?"
  6. Routinely. Certainly a female phenomenon, usually from women who have a low opinion of men generally. Attention is the most valuable commodity in the female ecosystem. Absolutely nothing comes close to the value and the feeling of attention. Keep in mind it has absolutely nothing to do with you as a person. You are no more or no less attractive when you knew the person. It's merely an attempt to cheaply capture that quick dopamine hit. When a woman is dumped or ends a relationship, nothing satiates the desire of self worth like getting fresh attention. The "hey what's up? LOL" email is simply the cheap, lazily placed bear trap in the woods for the investment of your time.
  7. I'm surprised coaches don't use old playbooks, especially after the defenses around the league have figured out "your" system. Could a modern defense stop a well-executed K-gun offense?
  8. I don't understand why average Americans vacation in places like the DR, Jamaica or Mexico. All you are doing is painting a big target on your utterly defenseless back in a crime-ridden, corrupt area. If David Ortiz, who is probably the most famous Dominican in the world today, and who happens to also be physically imposing, can get shot having a beer in his native country, your odds of not having something bad happen to you are really low in these places.
  9. The Eagles will regret this contract. He's a slightly above average quarterback. He injures often and he only throws the ball to Zach Ertz. That's why Ertz has like 500 catches per year with Wentz around. I guess they are paying for potential. Philadelphia loves him but IMO, the inconvenient truth is that Nick Foles is/was the better quarterback for Doug Pederson's offense.
  10. While not particularly germane to the US economy, I can speak from experience that in healthcare, times are booming. There simply isn't enough workers for demand in anything - doctor, nurse, PT therapist, etc. The catch is that you have to pass a drug test, can't have a felony on your record and you actually graduated from college/university, not lie about doing so. You wouldn't believe the number of people in America that fail at those three basic principles in being employable. The hot drug tests and the lying about the education are epidemic. I'd put neck tats, unkempt facial hair and pink/purple hair on this list too but I'm losing that battle to date.
  11. Breed pit bulls: Go to jail for a year or two. One of your pit bulls bites anyone but you: Go to jail for a year or two and be liable in civil court too. In my opinion, this is a dog breed that should not be bred for "pets" or owned by people as "pets." A big part of the problem is that dog owners are not held liable to a degree that makes them think twice about owning one. If you were bargaining two years of state prison and a civil claim that'd likely bankrupt you, most pit bull owners would think twice about owning one.
  12. He failed those poor kids on a level I really thought was unattainable by a LEO. His cowardice deserves jail time.
  13. Immigration and healthcare will be big issues, I agree. I think college debt is going to wiggle it's way in there because that affects students, families and a lot of downstream sales and revenue the corporations care about. That being said, the Democrats have no great, new ideas on either topic besides their "well, we hate his idea" idea. They will spend every day up until election night 2020 fighting themselves over impeachment, giving their candidates absolutely nothing in the way of a competitive platform. IMO, the DNC isn't serious about 2020. If they were, they would have put a heavyweight in as DNC Chair, not an Obama era middle manager.
  14. IMO, there's no "easy win" with cable if you want to pay less for the same level of service. I loathe the cable bill. You'll likely have to sacrifice or change your viewing preferences or persistently battle customer service for a better rate. DirecTV gets you with that low introductory offer but before you know it, you're paying what you used to pay for cable. I pay $182 per month for a combined cable/internet package from a Comcast competitor. 300 channels, Internet speed is 100Mbps download with a DVR. The package itself costs $139 but the taxes and fees take on another $40. The fees is where the increase has occurred for me - especially the broadcasting fees passed down to the consumer. I've tried to beat the pricing by keeping the internet service and adding streaming services. However, due to stubborn viewing preferences, Hulu alone doesn't cut it. You need Netflilx AND Hulu. I get very close to what I'm paying with more effort on my end so I've kept cable.
  15. John Butler. He needs to be recognized for his contributions to the team. Marv is there. John belongs there.
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