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  1. Tinkering around with safeties coaches suggests Frazier is back for next season. No matter what happens this offseason this will be the most disappointing news for Bills fans. It's disappointing that the Bills define a successful season as feasting on a largely mediocre league and getting punched in the face by the 1-2 decent teams come playoffs.
  2. I'm surprised. Thought he'd wait another year for San Diego or perhaps Seattle. I'd be wary of working for ownership that made their money by selling goods for as cheap as possible and ruthlessly managing corporate overhead. Just like the Fords try to apply car manufacturing principles to football or the Haslems applying learned lessons from running truck stops, you'll see Wal-Mart folks try Wal-Mart strategies on their football team. With that crew, as long as the season meets profit targets, record may be irrelevant.
  3. The writing through the first three episodes has been excellent. The flashback scenes are well done and add a lot of color for a few minutes of screen time.
  4. No doubt the page is monitored for public sentiment by corporate. It's free business intelligence. Personnel: Rex Ryan, Doug Whaley, game announcers, great players fans like, ones they don't. Situations like the Matt Ariaza case, Damar Hamlin Sentiment topics: Who goes on the Wall of Fame, who shouldn't, tailgating, fan behavior (standing all game or not), new stadium, red helmets I think there's less interest in game tactics/strategy, as they feel they pay professionals a lot of money for that.
  5. The Chiefs play their rookies. I bet there is quite a variance between the Bills/Chiefs rookie class snap counts.
  6. When his contract expires. I wouldn't extend it or sign him to a new deal. This would be the year, though, to develop a future starting center. IMO, if he wants to play with his history of concussions, that's his decision.
  7. I expect OBD to work that season as if every single one of their jobs in that building come 2024 depends on a Super Bowl appearance. The collegial, "aw shucks, we'll get the gang to work harder" is no longer satisfactory. Time to show the baby.
  8. Saffold must be a flag football ringer, or once again, have an amazing agent out there making calls. AFC: "We must find a way to get Roger on that field, *****!"
  9. The Bills are in the upper echelon of the AFC and the league. Teams that can annually make the playoffs are in the top 1/3. The Eagles haven't been tested this year. They had about as opportunistic a regular seasons schedule and outcome in the playoffs as any team could get. There's a scenario where they get routed in the Super Bowl by the more game tested Chiefs.
  10. It is coaching. The people with blinders on are the executives at OBD.
  11. I don't understand his healthy scratch every game or the on again off again Brandin Bryant saga.
  12. I'd get to drafting a center. No FA linemen over age 30. No more Roger Saffold. Strong man, but has the foot quickness of a 70-year old man. IMO, the biggest area of improvement for the Bills offensive line is conditioning and more importantly, improving agility and balance. I watch teams like the Eagles and Ravens who have stout lines, and their linemen do not appear as gassed with the huffing/puffing. They are active with the hands, have quick feet, and good balance.
  13. You are correct. I don't think the Ukrainians have a clue how to operate or maintain such sophisticated machinery. This is like your life long Ford mechanic being asked to work in a Volvo dealership for a month on their own. I have a feeling we're sending legit old M1 Abrams, but even those, are sophisticated pieces of machinery. What this move suggests to me is many more US and NATO soldiers in Ukraine. The tanks themselves are not the dangerous escalation. It's the increased opportunity of western "advisors" being killed by the Russians.
  14. Surprised at this move by Carolina. Steve Wilks performed COTY miracles there. That team was running through walls for that man.
  15. "Cinci Fail" is my pick. That lifeless, dazed showing in a home playoff game before an adoring crowd was inexcusable, and an organizational failure.
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