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  1. I was an early purchaser of your #2 theory, actually. I think both the 2009 swine flu outbreak and this outbreak were the results of Chinese screwups in their labs. In both instances, the US government seemed to have a heads up about something awry in China well before the outbreak came into focus for the rest of the world.
  2. I enjoy a good conspiracy theory. Please share with the class.
  3. The government is going to have to balance deaths from the virus vs. deaths from the rioting/looting/fires that are going to break out if you lock down the country for weeks on end with no money and nothing to do. Battling the virus is bad enough - imagine trying to do it with Baltimore, Los Angeles and Philadelphia all on fire and out of control too. There aren't enough police, national guard and military to handle that crisis on top of the health crisis. You add on top all the nutbag militas and groups out there itching for an opportunity too and you have quite a powder keg of problems. Trump isn't 100% wrong about not wanting to do a lock down for months. You'll have cities on fire in weeks, not months if things continue.
  4. As someone who has had the chronic version of GBS for twenty years, what he did in coming back and playing at a Pro Bowl level is nothing short of a superhuman feat of will, mental toughness and an unbelievable level of physical conditioning. This disease spends every minute of every day robbing you of your muscular strength and it's the ocean and you are the sand castle on the beach.
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies both on point and off. 🙂 Decided to go with Stihl - a pro saw MS261. I managed to shop at a Husqvarna store before the governor shut the state down to make a more educated decision.
  6. Draft pick: Lottery ticket scratch off Diggs: Wheelbarrow of dollars Your choice as General Manager.
  7. You will get criticized for your position but IMO, it has some merit. An endless quarantine will massacre the entire economy and in short order, you're not going to have order. You have lots of families with now with zero money coming in and you have millions of people sitting around doing absolutely nothing, with nowhere to go, day after day. That's not going to last long. I'd give it another week, tops. You have millions of square feet of lightly guarded, fully stocked, all but vacated, retail in a country filled with heavily armed, bored, very panicked citizenry. The more the governors keep taking away stuff, the more the risk for unrest will grow. Just like the healthcare system isn't built to handle a pandemic, the law enforcement apparatus isn't built to handle widespread, heavily armed unrest that can break out at any time of the day...because nobody has anything to do or anywhere to go. The government needs to give people a purpose other than "just stay at home."
  8. I have a big project that includes a fair number of trees to cut down. For years, I've managed to get by with renting Stihl chainsaws (usually a 250) from a local dealer for a tree here and there but I think I'm at the point where it's time to purchase. Anyone that cuts firewood or trees on the regular have a recommendation? I don't want a cheap saw but I don't know if a pro saw is worth the investment over a high end "homeowner" saw. I've been looking at Stihl, Husqvarna and Echos, at least 50cc. Most of the trees I'm cutting are tops 10 to 12" wide. They aren't really big trees, but a fair amount of them. I appreciate any advice on the saws.
  9. Trump isn't handling the virus issue well and IMO, that's what's giving the Dems and the media any ammunition they have on the subject. This is a topic where his instincts, usually good, can't carry him over his lack of intelligence, usually quite poor. I think 3/4 of his problem is he doesn't want this virus to affect *his* rallies and *his* re-election campaign, and he needs to accept it will and get past it. I think once he does, he will lead more effectively. What you see is an elderly gentleman who's mad at the world because he wants to cut his lawn, and the meteorologist on the tv said it wasn't going to rain today and it's raining goddammit, and he's besides himself.
  10. You don't want your place of business to be identified as the "ground zero" of *any* outbreak. You don't make any money if your gym used to be in the building that's since been demolished by FEMA. I kid, but that's something the Chinese would likely do.
  11. The problem I see with Manning is that he wants everyone to like him and that's part of his lucrative image. He won't say anything remotely candid on air. You will not get Tony Romo. Why bother trade for Al Michaels? Just burn it to the ground and find new, fresh talent.
  12. He'll be a good RT. He'll be a perennial Pro Bowl Guard. I don't know why the Bills fight it. It's ok to be a great guard. It's ok to draft a great guard in the second round.
  13. Whether he likes it or not (and he will absolutely positively hate it), Trump is going to have to restrict travel if he wants to escape a scenario where he's facing down large-scale virus outbreaks in all 50 states. It's manageable now. It's not going to be.
  14. Who'd Biden want as his VP? Who'd Sanders want? Biden wouldn't be dumb enough to want O'Rourke would he?
  15. Amari Cooper is one of the most mentally soft players in the entire league. The Bills would be fools for wasting the free "air minutes" in making the phone call to the agent.
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