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  1. I think BB and TB despise each other, and have for a long time. They stayed together for the reasons any miserable couple does, for mutually selfish reasons. I don't think the Patriots are really trying this year, especially after a couple of their better players decided to pass on playing in 2020. You add in no fan revenue, and the team probably cares more about managing the expenses, not getting an outbreak of virus, getting the games done and just getting out of there. For that franchise, winning a wild card game just to get the doors blown off by the Chiefs or Ravens in the divisional isn't worth it.
  2. That is a problem in Pennsylvania. The state has gotten out of the non-correctional facility inpatient psychiatric care business for the most part. There's nowhere near enough beds and treatment professionals, nor the insurance coverage to pay for the treatment and the lifetime use of medications. The big component too, is that even if you receive treatment, get the medication and have all the insurance in the world to pay for it, you still have to want to take the medication and attend the therapy. Usually when people have a significant event, it's because they stopped doing those two things. That being said, until the toxicology comes back on this guy, I'm not 100% certain this was a manic depressive episode as being claimed. MD is not generally associated with running around with a knife, completely out of control.
  3. On a practical level, if a social worker responds to that scene, he or she is likely stabbed to death. I don't know of any social worker who's going to make a career of entering situations like that unarmed.
  4. I recall a small arthouse film that started off with finding something at Clavius...
  5. They gave Edmunds play calling duties and he's obviously having difficulty. The over pursuit to me, is too much thinking in executing the play, too much try hard and not enough instinct in predicting and reacting to what he's seeing. I'd give the play calling responsibility to someone else and see if that helps. Injury aside, 98% of it is in his head.
  6. This feels like when Jerry Rice signed with the Broncos. You want it to be successful and be a great story, but getting old sucks for everyone.
  7. Run up the score or die trying. When BB hears a coach speak of "character" wins, he spots an easy mark.
  8. Glad to see some creative blitz today. A healthy John Brown appears to be a key to keeping the offense humming along like it was.
  9. Neither. The core Democrats and all Republicans fear a Harris presidency. Nobody really wants it - she polled at 2% even among Democrats. It will be four years of aggressive behind the scenes keep away. There will be a cold war in that White House from Day #1 between the Biden and Harris camps.
  10. Interesting. I'd enjoy watching that. Hopefully the advice also included "after halftime, even with a big lead, keep them running, keep them shooting."
  11. The Eagles won that game but that team has a lot of flashing red lights signaling it's rebuild and reload time. That team is stuck in a vortex of Super Bowl nostalgia, filled with old, slow and often injured fan favorites.
  12. Kyle Rudolph, TE, Vikings Not a blockbuster, but it'd shore up that position. Without a running game, the Bills need that TE position to be a realistic threat for the opposing defense. Relying on the receivers to do it all is one dimensional.
  13. He was a big phony. Ego and an uncomfortable amount of hubris, even as losses piled up. I bet if you asked him what went wrong in Buffalo today, there'd still be no self reflection from him on what he could have done better. He never gets head coaching opportunities because he never evolved as a person. Same ol Gregg. Rex Ryan is in this boat too, mind you.
  14. Hot take today but perhaps not tomorrow (next year): He's a player that needs to be actively chasing a contract to reach the greatness level.
  15. I think John Brown being on the field (and 100%) means a lot to Allen's confidence. I don't think there are any defenses that can contain the Bills speed adequately with Brown/Diggs and Beasley on the field. Lack of any danger from the running game allows the opposing defense to key in on the Bills passing game. If I were the Bills, I'd be spending time figuring out how to gin up real running yards, even if it means pulling dusty Chan Gailey plays off the bookshelf. (Not a bad idea.)
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