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  1. dpberr

    RIP Opportunity

    Always thought that movie concept would be incredible in a "24" format.
  2. dpberr

    Happy 50th birthday Jennifer Aniston

    My theory is that she's fairly self absorbed and comfortable and likes her life exactly as it is and refuses to budge on any of it, namely kids and living anywhere else but California. I think she made men feel emasculated in a relationship. Can't imagine equally self absorbed actor husbands being down with that for long. I surmize Donovan and Pitt wanted children as they ended up getting married into relationships with kids shortly after ending things with her and Justin Theroux has a well publicized hatred of southern California, espeically Los Angeles. I'm sure she's not an ice queen as Pitt and she seem to talk a lot years after the split. Brad Pitt seems to like the same kind of women whether it's Paltrow, Aniston or Jolie. Those three women don't strike me as the kind who like to compromise on much of anything and that's why they all have failed marriages and temporary boyfriends. Dudes just get sick of being led around by the nose being told what they are going to do or what the won't do.
  3. dpberr

    Happy 50th birthday Jennifer Aniston

    I always felt bad for her, even at the height of her fame. She always struck me as somebody who was missing something in her life, despite the appearance of amazing wealth and success. For all her beauty and wealth, no man could stand to be married to her for very long.
  4. If I'm Pittsburgh, I'd exclusively work with Detroit on a trade.
  5. dpberr

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    I hope this is an approach to firm up the guard position. As a center, one of the skill sets is to snap the ball consistently. He does not do this.
  6. If it's not 5 billion dollars, I doubt he signs it.
  7. I recall in the 1970s scientists were warning of global "cooling" and a forthcoming ice age apocalypse because the earth was rapidly cooling. They also warned about global overpopulation. Milk is good for you. In the 80s and 90s, you werent' suppossed to eat eggs or avocados so food manufacturers ushered in an era of low fat snack food. Now global warming is the issue. Birth rates are plummeting and we now may not haven enough people to sustain economies in countries like Japan. Eat all the eggs and avocoados you want. They are healthy. It's the Snackwells and all the sugar you shouldn't eat. Milk is bad for you now. My point here is that not only is all this quite confusing but there seems to be an orbit of science proclamations. It just depends on the point in time you're living.
  8. I don't know where she's going to get money to sustain her operation. Hell, I don't know where any of these early announcers besides Bloomberg are going to get money to keep going for a solid year. It's Trump 24/7. He leaves zero tv time for anyone else. IMO, the donors that matter are holding the dry powder for Biden.
  9. dpberr

    What do you want to see this offseason: DRAFT

    I'd really like for the Bills to draft a blue chip pass catching TE.
  10. Other than satisfying one's ego and adding some lines to the LinkedIn, I'm not sure why she's even bothering. She will be one of the first to pack it in.
  11. The Bills need a real deal Center this year, preferrably in free agency. That'd be at the top of my shopping list. Given that the OL will have a new coach, you want somebody who has real game experience in properly executing line calls. No more half measures Walter.
  12. dpberr

    What’s your most Controversial opinion?

    "Anyone who is opposed to medicare for all is an idiot. That might be too strong. Anyone opposed to medicare for all has likely done no research on the subject and just buys the spin of higher taxes without thinking more about it." You're welcome to voice an unpopular opinion in this very entertaining thread. I'm glad you did. I'd only offer that something "big" would have to give to pull off Medicare for all. There simply aren't enough future taxpayers in the United States to support that program, Social Security, the future federal government bailout of state pension systems, the federal debt and even if it's whittled down significantly, the expanse of the federal government. The problem is that the US needs to grow taxpayers at such a significant rate to pull that off and it's not. It's like somebody bringing in a dozen doughnuts for an office party of 30. I think ultimatley it'll come down to some almost too difficult to imagine choices. We can do Medicare for all but no more social security or the government doesn't ride to the rescue of the countless states with massively underfunded pensions and when they go broke, people lose everything they thought they had in them.
  13. I'm not worried about her or her "plan" whatsoever. On a future Rob Lowe-narrated look back on the 2010s on CNN, she'll be a nice 3 minute section of the show. (FWIW, I really like those shows.)
  14. Insofar as choice, I'd agree we don't. VW has a nice mid-size pickup you'll never see on a street here. However, I feel the tariffs help keep these companies in business and that generates jobs, advances in automotive research and development and a source of American automotive technology for the military. There isn't a country in the world that does not tariff something to protect its automotive industries. The concept that there is free trade in the automotive industry is a myth, largely because the sale of automobiles is just the retail face of a much larger defense contractor, that if needed, will build all the tanks and vehicles a war may need. That's why the government ultimately protects them. Sure, the jobs are nice but it's really about that if the US finds itself in a war, it needs American resources available to build stuff, and lots of it. A USA without American car plants can't build armor. Can you imagine needing 100 battle tanks in six months and you have to rely on Elon Musk to do that or the benevolance of of a foreign entitty to build them for you? An interesting example - The M1 Abrams tank contract was awarded to Chrysler Defense...who beat out General Motors.
  15. You could argue that the tariff on light trucks, instituted way back in the LBJ days, has been amazingly successful for the United States over the long run. Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge still have a monopoly on the pickup truck market despite Toyota and Nissan taking their shots.