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  1. I've been watching it. I appreciate the unique storytelling techniques and I've enjoyed the show's complexity. I thought Episode 6 where Sister Knight "re-lived" her grandfather's life with the pills was very clever.
  2. She's just trying to raise money to cover campaign debt at this point.
  3. If the Bills play three linebackers, they will lose. This isn't the game for Alexander.
  4. IMO, regardless of how the season plays out, he won't get fired until the Giants and Redskins make decisions about their head coaching vacancies. The last thing JJ wants is seeing Garrett coach against the Cowboys in the division. You may say "so what?" to that but Garrett walks out the door with over a decade (been in a coaching capacity of some sort since 2007) of corporate knowledge about the Cowboys. A guy with that longevity, as they say, "knows where the bodies are buried." Plus, it'd just likely piss off JJ. The Cowboys season isn't over. They can win that division.
  5. He's a bright coach but he needs to evolve. The Patriots punched him in the face in the Super Bowl and he didn't have a counter.
  6. The Chargers successfully neutralized Jackson and the Ravens last year. They used seven defensive backs (who could tackle) and no linebackers. If I were the Bills, I'd dare convention and try it. The Ravens smoke the conventional 4-3-4 configuration. Have to take the slower linebackers off the chess board.
  7. If we assume that the media reports are real that there are two seasons left in TWD, my theory is that CRM is three communities in an uneasy alliance and Alexandria/Hilltop will spend those seasons figuring out which side they are on. It's likely Maggie and Rick are at one or both. I'd think they'd want to make that Michonne good bye extra sappy or Judith goes with her, maybe.
  8. Virgil isn't in the books. My theory: He's the deus ex machina to three plots: 1. Reintroduction of modern weaponry that will neutralize the horde; 2. Provides the entry to the next chapter as said weaponry will be owned by CRM; 3. Likely provides some tantalizing clue that Rick was there - and that will be the exit for the Michonne character.
  9. Bland and says absolutely nothing of substance. Doesn't she pick every game 23-21? A Chernobyl level of boring. Her off air persona is probably the complete opposite of what you see on-air. It's all flats, pony tails and Peleton.
  10. IMO, the state of the NFL economy is more fragile than the NFL would like to admit. In cities where the NFL failed during the years of growing and peak NFL, there's no hope for success in the stable to declining NFL. LA couldn't keep teams during the boom years of Los Angeles, when the demographics and economy were vastly superior to today, and that's telling to me. They have serious market issues in LA, Jacksonville and Nashville for starters. They have billions riding on the assumption that Las Vegas will be a football town. The NFL approaches market planning like its 1989 and with an air of hubris that the NFL can never decline in popularity.
  11. Ronin is my top choice because it has several exciting, excellent choreographed chase scenes, not just one. Criminally under-marketed movie at the time. It legitimately is one of the best movies of the 90s.
  12. How long have you been brewing coffee with it?
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