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  1. I'm going to guess that this divorce has nothing to do with football, but with Brady wanting to be more involved with the son he has with Bridget Moynahan. He probably wants to move to the Hamptons, or is there a lot, and after hanging out in NE for a long time and then moving to FL for him, she's had enough.
  2. The nascent OPEC/Russia/China/India bloc is going to be the big story in the coming years as they will most certainly take a deliberate shot at replacing the dollar as the reserve currency.
  3. Cardinals draft athletes, not football players, and spend years trying to make football players out of them. Kyler Murray case in point - exceptional athlete, not so exceptional football player. Andy Isabella is an athlete - quick and fast. However, he hasn't evolved as a wide receiver - running routes, catching the ball the ways you need to. You absolutely need to be a technician as a slot receiver, and he's not.
  4. Tip of the hat to OP for an original post. Was fun to read.
  5. The federal flood insurance program was broke back in 2010. It's now *super* broke. The reason is Congress doesn't allow FEMA to raise rates on repetitive loss properties or buy them out. It's not for a lack of trying - FEMA was set to jack the rates up to equal the risk in 2012, and Congress stepped in and stopped it. The problem is that owners of repetitive loss properties do not pay for the risk of having a property in a floodplain or flood-prone area. They keep receiving cheap flood insurance even if their house has been destroyed ten times by flooding. I'm not suggesting the government ban people from living in these areas, but it is fair for them to pay what the risk demands or have the government have the opportunity to buy the property.
  6. We have rare opportunities to agree, but on this one I agree with you. After Katrina and Sandy, the federal government should have stopped insuring residential property that is in 100-year floodplains and well-documented 100-year storm surge areas. If somebody wants to privately insure those, go for it. I know that is crippling to places like New Orleans and coastline, but how many times have the taxpayers rebuilt homes in these areas? How many people have died because they stayed in homes in these areas? I've always found the "it's climate change!" argument ironic because whenever there is money to be made, we all keep building homes in deserts, in floodplains, etc. and we never revise the rules to prohibit it.
  7. Jaguars-Eagles game Saw this in person in crap conditions, and it wasn't pleasant. I'm not a fan - go for family. Takeaway: The Eagles can run the football like a team from the 1980s consistently, and unless you've got a defense that can stop the run for all 4 quarters, they will eventually break your back with 60 running plays. They have a stonecutter mentality with the run game - they will eventually break through.
  8. She's not on the take like the majority of scientists in this field of study. She doesn't have research money or patents to protect. You know the origins of Covid-19 is a filthy dirty story because for something that has spontaneously killed 1 million people in the US, there's no desire to get to the bottom of it to prevent it from happening again absent a scientist here, journalist there, Rand Paul here.
  9. I read (perhaps a Taron Johnson quote) where they knew they had to disguise the defense better. In the first half, they didn't disguise the defense and that certainly made the difference. I don't know why they didn't disguise it - perhaps to not confuse the newer starters.
  10. You need *a lot* of technical expertise to do this. Divers or drones, likely departing from a submarine/ship significantly far away or a shoreline nearby but shielded from satellite coverage Likely at night If from shore, you know where the sat. coverage will be Need precise coordinates Familiar with Baltic Sea currents and weather Heavy explosives, have to strap it to the pipe because it's concrete. Explosives that can be remote detonated at a specific time The explosives themselves leave no traces. Or you give yourself ample time to stage the scene. The fact that nobody has sent a dive team or drone down there yet with released pictures and video is telling. I rule out Russia for four reasons: 1) Their ships and personnel are likely watched like a hawk, they would have been detected 2) the amount of expertise required and 3) those pipelines were valuable pieces of leverage. 4) it now forces them to pump gas through the Ukraine. Forcing the Russians to pump through Ukraine gives Ukraine leverage in resolving the conflict and securing an even more lucrative deal from the Russians to pump their gas.
  11. I still think Barkley buys you a good 1.5 months of the season. He won't be there for the playoffs. It's very risky. If you must trade for a RB, I think the Bills would be in a better position to take a flyer on Josh Jacobs or Cordarrelle Patterson. The Raiders didn't pick up the 5th year on JJ, and Patterson is a 31 year old player on a rebuilding Falcons team who turns out is a pretty decent RB. I'd want to add a value weapon to compliment what you have, not an all the eggs in the basket superstar.
  12. I've learned the inverse relationship between the amount of media coverage and the importance of the story exists, and has for sometime. I was blind to it. This is a big story. Quite big. Yet, major news media isn't covering it. You have to ask why that is. It's a big deal when *someone* puts trained divers or drones (with highly trained operators) at the bottom of the Baltic Sea and attaches enough explosives to blow holes in a reinforced concrete/steel pipe of natural gas between the Russians and Germans. That's no happenstance. You need a lot of explosives. That's not ISIS. That's not al-Qaeda. That's not some hillbilly with propane tanks. That's a government or exceptionally well-financed private company.
  13. I'd say most previous POTUS would have had that information in hand before making the decision. There were lots of better ways to address this problem than the way selected.
  14. Only in today's universe is she considered "far" right. Throw back to the 90s or even the early 00s, she's center-right. She's pro-Italy, pro-Italian. How dare she. Italy could be a prosperous country. They have some of the finest manufacturing and manufacturing minds in the world.
  15. A show chronicling the life of a player like Rhodes would be interesting. You're sort of in a purgatory between active NFL player and retired, have to do something else, NFL player. Is he mowing lawn and playing with the kids and a call comes in? Does he still work out twice a day in case he gets a call?
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