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  1. Logan Thomas and Alex Smith Zach Ertz and Carson Wentz Pressure release valves for their respective QBs. Whoever Indy has at TE will have an amazing year. I don't think the Bills missed on Thomas. I think Thomas found an ideal situation, and sometimes that just happens. We all back into good things at times.
  2. You need to continually provoke that emotional reaction and have a foe to unite against to convince people to part with their hard earned money to support the cause. Leaders have to get paid you know. Know any of these "movements" where the leaders aren't coincidentally exceptionally wealthy? No different from the abortion groups, BLM, the NRA, you name it. It's all about the money.
  3. HEAT. Every piece of dialogue in this movie pops. Runner-up: Die Hard
  4. Gotta retire sometime. For a guy like him though, the current state of affairs in college basketball probably gets less inspiring with each passing season. You essentially work to capture lightning in a bottle for one year before all your freshman and sophomore superstars declare for the NBA Draft. It's something - since 1990 only Duke and Florida have won back to back championships. Duke did it in 1991 and 1992. Florida did it in 2006 and 2007.
  5. I personally don't feel Fauci is covering up to protect his own ass specifically. He's 80, wealthy, and can retire before it gets really hot and escape any and all consequences of decisions he's made. Same goes for Francis Collins. These guys can retire and make money having their balls washed at industry conventions and being a talking head on news channels. He's ultimately protecting the clandestine world of virology research, the value of that research in dollars, and the hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for it. He's a true believer in the cause, and in his eye
  6. It'd make sense for all those millionaires with apparently cash to burn, to combine the three ideas into one, where you could have football in both the US and Canada.
  7. That's the real bomb IMO, and answers a lot of the mystery about SARS. It arrived and disappeared suddenly. No natural origin found to this day. It escaped from numerous labs in China, which triggered spot outbreaks. Once it stopped leaking from labs, poof, gone. Hasn't been seen since. The West was occupied with the Iraq War, so SARS was a B-headline. Wouldn't surprise me whatsoever the United States was funding that research too. Fauci is just the face of the US side. The ugly truth is that you have an entire virology industry doing whatever the
  8. He doesn't make the same mistake twice, especially in game planning. I really appreciate that as a fan.
  9. The story of COVID likely goes all the way back to SARS. That little critter got out and *kept* getting out of Chinese labs, until poof, it just disappears, never to be seen again. Still, as of 2021, no natural origin has been found. No one can explain why it just...vanished. The bigger question is why is the world so interested in manipulating the coronavirus, largely out of the public purview? To what end?
  10. People ask why it matters so much to find out if this lab was the cause of the pandemic. It's to prevent this worldwide League of Morons (it's not just these inept Chinese scientists) from doing it again.
  11. If China is going to make a move on Taiwan, it'll be in the coming months. I don't think it's a Democrat or Republican issue - it'll be a calculation that Biden and his team will blink. They weren't ready in the Clinton era, and there's no way they'd try it with Bush, Obama or Trump. Obama is a lot of things, but a peacenik isn't one of them.
  12. Conspiracy theories they said... When it comes to COVID, the so-called conspiracy theories have a tendency to be the truth simply being shouted down. My theory: This is 1) part of the push to "re-shore" the dangerous GOF research. Pegging it on China allows US-based virology academia to say to the White House, "see what happens when we don't do the work ourselves?" Besides COVID, don't be surprised new information comes to light about other mishaps at that lab and in others around the world. 2) to deflect blame from NIH, Fauci and Collins specifically,
  13. The headline of that article catches my attention. In 2020, the "news" uses words like "just crushed" and instead of the President, it zeros in on Donald Trump the person. It makes it nice and personal. It's red meat thrown to the hysteric masses on both sides. Donald Trump is the villain, and Dr. Fauci is the most trustworthy individual in the government. Now if Fox News runs the story, it swaps it around: The President disputes Fauci's theory on origin of the virus." If this pandemic hit lets say in 1989, the headline would more or less read like "President, NI
  14. Doug Pederson's system is largely Andy Reid's KC system. Foles is average in any other system but that one. Another case in point is Chad Henne. I don't think he pilots the Chiefs to a playoff win under any other coach.
  15. I said no for two reasons: 1. I think the injuries will start to accrue for PM this year. I don't think that foot is ever going to be 100%. He had a pretty severe case of turf toe that required a plate, and that's going to nag each and every season. That's not to say Josh Allen will zip through his career Tom Brady style, but I think PM will be more limited not only as a season goes on, but with each new year too. 2. Andy Reid's time on the sidelines is closer to the end than it is the beginning, and you really don't know if his system makes PM great or PM is ju
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