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  1. I like them all but if it were my money being spent, I'd be very concerned about Lawson and Phillips being productive after getting paid their big contracts. What incentive is as good as the big contract in the business of football?
  2. MLB is serious when they make the Astros forfeit the 2017 title. That sends the real message. You cheat, you lose everything. Otherwise, it's just three dudes who will never be in the MLB ever again.
  3. If I'm Tony Romo, I'll stay at CBS where he's paired with Jim Nantz and I get the better weekend games. ESPN likely pairs him with mediocre talent and Romo alone can't fix what ails their stale MNF presentation.
  4. It was a dumb strategy and it's just another piece of evidence that he's a big phony. If by chance he had ever made it to the finish line, it would have been exposed. I don't think he ever threatened to do real damage in the primary, so nobody cared.
  5. Betcha you'll no longer see Rosario Dawson hanging around.
  6. I wouldn't want the Bills to throw money at Clowney. He's going to disappear once he gets paid, and I'd prefer for the opposition to wrap that anchor around their necks.
  7. Does the hunger and drive go away once he receives the big contract? That's the big decision when a player has a career year in a contract year.
  8. He was a 2000s coach using 1990s run-heavy football schemes and he really never evolved. His offense was predictable. Our "Frank Gore up the middle" plays would have put a smile on his face.
  9. Understood. Thought if it was a missile, we'd have seen it and Trump would have been at his press conference yesterday claiming the Iranians shot it down with a missile.
  10. Sure. Wouldn't with all our gadgetry in Iraq, we'd see one of those missiles launch? Since the US/Iraqis had a three hour warning prior to the missile attack, I'd imagine we'd have a lot of assets looking at Iranian airspace at the time. Do you buy one of the more reliable aircraft engines exploding like that?
  11. I think the Iranians accidentally shot that plane down with an AA gun, not a missile. In the context of shooting missiles into Iraq, somebody heard a plane, got nervous, shot and happened to hit the wings of a fully-fueled 737. That's likely why the plane was on fire as it crashed. There were some crash site images that showed perforations in the fuselage. You'll know something is up if the Ukrainians can't get access to the debris or the black boxes.
  12. Joseph, IMO, is an excellent athlete that has to learn the game of football to be successful in the NFL. The coaching and his ability to pick the game up are the keys there. Milano and Edmunds are the opposite - they have the high football IQ and pair it with elite athleticism. A lot of great linebacking is in the head.
  13. After reading the thread, this is a complicated problem to solve. My advice would be for you (and only you) to take her out for a cup of coffee, doughnut or whatever, and give her a half hour of your time. During this sit down, explain to her that you and your colleagues (call them by their names) are quite busy and need all the time they can get to do their work but that she's more than welcome to stop by once a week to see how things are going. With this approach, you personalize a soft landing. She feels like a part of the "team" but you're also setting a boundary and an expectation. It may not work, but at that point, you were the best diplomat you could possibly be and you also didn't leave it in the hands of your coworkers to solve on their own. Sometimes people are lonely and they need to feel a part of something.
  14. Hope everybody chills out at this point. IMO, the Iranians shot down that airliner by accident. What's odd is it took off from their own airport. I'm not an FAA investigator but engine failure doesn't result in the entire aircraft being in flames.
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