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  1. ...if you don't watch the Bills on TV because you think you'll be the bad luck. ...even at 13-2, you'll still be fearful of a late season collapse. ...you feel every game on the schedule is a trap game.
  2. Let me clarify - I don't think you'll see Brady have a Michael Strahan or Steve Young sort of entertainment career. He won't coach in the NFL either.
  3. He wants the statue in front of the stadium. He won't play for another NFL team. I see him taking the Joe Montana route in retirement.
  4. Excellent topic selection OP. I've never understood why any NFL coach would ever take their foot off the gas until maybe the two minute warning in any game. I don't think BB is an unethical sportsman for playing the entire game, and I've always admired that trait in him as coach. If the NFL was giving trophies and banners for being nice, Dick Jauron would be in the Hall of Fame. He's cutthroat and I don't think many, if any, NFL coaches are on his level.
  5. He's a promising coaching talent with a crap roster and has the best long term potential of the rookie coaches IMO. He is not a "process" guy who sticks to a script and that's worked well for BB. He also appears to make adjustments when necessary and not wait until halftime to do so.
  6. I think Pat Shurmur is the bigger problem in that franchise. He's a terrible coach...making terrible decisions, the biggest one giving Jones the David Carr "let's get sacked until your ribs collapse" experience. They ask Jones to make Eli Manning throws instead of giving him plays that will build confidence.
  7. IMO, Wentz is a one dimensional quarterback in that if you eliminate Zach Ertz as a target for him, that offense struggles mightily. He's poor at distributing the ball. Their Lions and Cowboys games are blueprints on how to do it.
  8. If everyone is losing their minds over Syria, just wait until Trump (or another President) finally pulls the plug on Afghanistan. At least in Syria, you have the Russians, a resilient Syrian government, battle-tested Kurds and a state (Turkey) that can be hurt via sanctions. In Afghanistan, there will be nobody to stop the inevitable Taliban offensive and obscenely bloody wave of reprisal killings.
  9. I think he got a raw deal from the NFL, absolutely. He hasn't helped himself, however. He needs to show NFL teams he's in shape and can still play and he's, to date, passed on opportunities with the AAF, CFL and XFL. That's absolutely on him.
  10. I think the refs are trying to do their job with both hands tied behind their back and blindfolded. There are so many rules, many of them overly complex by design, that no mortal can competently do the job 100% of the time in such a fast paced game. For some of these calls, guys sitting at a desk with an array of televisions and equipment have to look at in slow motion 10 times to come to a decision. The only way to a better officiated game is less rules so they can focus on getting what's important (in the opinion of the NFL) right.
  11. I think the Turks were coming across the border regardless. They gave us the heads up. Were we going to get into a shooting war with one country while occupying another one? No. The ISIS problem will solve itself if you let the Syrians do their job. I think the Turks are painting themselves into a corner. If they get into a shooting war with Syria (and Russia), I don't think anybody in NATO is coming to their defense and they aren't talking to the Saudis anymore either.
  12. Quinn. Atlanta is a dead stick. Kitchens might be first because the owner is all emotion and the expectations for their season were substantial. Marrone is a dark horse.
  13. What isn't a cliche in the modern NFL? The press conferences Windowless room Disinterested coach, win or lose Brightly colored sponsor background The NFL pre-game shows $5,000 in tailored suits and $1,000 in leather pants and heels for the ladies Shouting Pre-game reports from inside the empty stadium NFL Coach Attire Two front war on buttons and ironing Maybe met the washer last night, maybe not Clearance rack items on fanatics.com Could be coaching an NFL game or raking leaves after lunch
  14. Personally I'm not sure if 95% of Republicans truly approve of Trump - or 95% of Republicans loathe the current state of the Democratic party and/or the Clintons for the reasons you mentioned.
  15. Slower since the ankle injury. His speed pre-injury is what made him very effective as a coverage LB. Bills would have to see if that's a chronic issue.
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