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  1. dpberr

    When, If Ever, Does it Stop?

    When does it stop? Unpopular opinion: When there's moral hazard to being recreationally outraged. Right now, the media puts a face to the "bad guy" but often those outraged remain nameless, free to take the shots whenever, wherever they like without any consequence to themsevles personally. It's fun to be outraged. You're always in the pole position and you can easily use the "See, they are really bad guys. How dare you question my outrage!" card when somebody tries to punch back.
  2. dpberr

    DE, Brian Burns Should Be the Pick

    A Florida State pass rusher in the 1st Round? I'm sure you're a great person but I'd fire you immediately as GM. 😃 Outside of Peter Boulware who flourished in a compltely different position, no pass rusher drafted in the 1st round out of FSU has ever been a success. I don't know why that is but there's a long history of FSU failure of edge pass rushers.
  3. dpberr

    Hottest GoT woman: S8E1

    There is something about Gwendoline Christie that I just can't get enough of. I haven't watched a single episode of GOT or the Star Wars movie she was in but she's interesting, intriguing.
  4. Yes. Somebody should have stepped in and stopped that disaster. I don't think Hellboy was mentioned once in *our* sequels we'd like to see list. You know, the authoritative list Hollywood should be constantly F5ing. 😁
  5. Who clamored for a Hellboy redo? Was it a favor to somebody? The del Toro Hellboy movies were well done with pretty good actors and they weren't big hits.
  6. I have my doubts on Bernie's real, legitimate interest in being President, especially at his age. I think he realizes he's got a lucrative business plan concept in running for President with other people's money and then doing lots of speeches where people pay him money to talk. Ditto for Warren, O'Rourke, Harris. None of the candidates have that deeply rooted obsession with the Presidency that the Clintons had nor the "let's change the world" idealism that Obama had. That being said, Trump is 100% no different. I think he fully expected to lose to the Clinton machine, turn around and make lots of money writing books, doing rallies and "Statler and Waldorf"-ing President Hillary Clinton for four years.
  7. The Seahawks will quickly learn the pain of the Packers. Spending all that money on one position means you'll be forced to surround him with a sometimes good, often mediocre team of players and it makes the margin for error with draft picks absurdly small.
  8. dpberr

    Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

    This building survived hundreds of years of French upheaval, revolutions and riots but couldn't survive Pierre and his ill placed welding torch.
  9. However absolutely improbable, the White House and Congress have to agree to stop the inquiries about the 2016 election and move on to other topics. I can't imagine every President going forward having to deal with retaliatory Special Counsels, AG investigations, etc and that's the path we are all on. We will get bogged down in an endless loop of investigation where Congress transforms from the hard work of legislation which they all absolutely hate doing to a full time partisan board of inquiry which many seem to enjoy.
  10. dpberr

    Putting Pets to Sleep

    Thank you all for your thoughts. It felt good to read them. It was very difficult to do. She was a 16 year old cat who was in a lot of pain from a likely kidney tumor. I felt some peace as she passed because she didn't want to lay down because of pain, and had stopped eating and drinking. She was pretty dehydrated. We learned a lot about ourselves and our thoughts about death from our other cat who passed away at 16 from cancer. In hindsight, we extended his life probably a little longer than we should have. We pulled out all the stops in a desperate attempt to stave off the inevitable. This time around, we didn't want to extend life simply to extend it or to make ourselves feel better if it meant she'd just experience more pain. I think we all do the best we can in the moment.
  11. dpberr

    Putting Pets to Sleep

    I get to practice what I preach tonight and it's going to be terrible.
  12. dpberr

    Is Kelvin Benjamin's career over?

    It's only his fault if it is the end of the road. All he had to do was exert maximum effort for one season to get a new contract and couldn't find the motivation to do that. He may have hated Buffalo but all he had to do was give it his all while he was here and then he'd likely be able to pick where he'd want to play. I don't know if he's dim, lazy, surrounded by poor advisors, or all three.
  13. I'll make two: #1: One of the network shows will unveil some sort of "betting" analytics or data running in a ticker at the bottom of the screen because that's the next frontier for the networks - real time programming for the legalized sportsbooks. #2. If Kyler Murray is selected #1 overall by the Cardinals, it will be poorly received by Cardinals fans in attendance at a Roger Goddell is "walking to the stage" level.
  14. dpberr

    Johnny football splits with wife

    I think he's been surrounded by toxic people his entire life, family included. His life is a cautionary tale about giving your kids too easy of a life growing up. If they are handed everything, never experience failure, and never have to answer for their actions, they end up just like this guy. I think he's finally starting to get it but wow, it comes at a steep price.
  15. The Cardinals seem to be really into Kliff Kingsbury and I think that's the risky gamble. They are letting him decide the only #1 draft pick they've ever had in franchise history without coaching a game yet. He could be a terrible coach. They have no idea. Wouldn't be the first time the NFL ate a decently successful college coach for lunch. Oh, and he happens to want a quarterback who is an exceptionally risky pick at #1 too. It's either going to look like the shrewdest front office of the last 20 years or the worst. There's no middle ground.