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  1. I'd prioritize size if I'm drafting a RB. I'm talking Jerome Bettis/Jamal Lewis/Derrick Henry bulldozer size - in the minimum 240 to 250 lbs. range. I'd want the Bills to have a RB that the defense fears to tackle, especially on short yardage situations.
  2. Great season. No ifs ands or buts. Was amazing to experience it again. Look forward to doing it again.
  3. "News" died on 9/11. Similar to the downfall of ESPN, cable news is now just a menagerie of echo chambers of talking heads "personalities" spewing opinion. Americans tunes into the echo chamber that validates their personal beliefs and opinions.
  4. As for your sewer system, I'd video it first to see if you're ok or not. I'll add a preventative maintenance tip - have your water tested. If you do not soften your water, and your water happens to be acidic, the acid in your water is doing a slow, incremental job corroding your copper pipes if you have them. At some point, pinhole leaks can develop, usually on the horizontal pipes, and the soldered joints can get weak. Once you start with those leaks, the paranoia of a more catastrophic failure grows. You know those failures only occur when the house
  5. The Color of Money was an excellent movie sequel. For most people who enjoyed that film, they probably didn't realize it was even a sequel. I swear pool as a game exploded in popularity by 300% because of that movie. Goldeneye would also be in my Top 10 great sequels because in the early 90s, the Bond franchise was dead and forgotten. Before Sunset was probably "better" than Before Sunrise because it has such a deep feeling of finality. Since I crapped on Die Hard 5, I'd say Die Hard 3 (Die Hard with a Vengeance) is not only the best sequel in that f
  6. Die Hard 5: No redeeming qualities whatsoever and the start of Bruce Willis's lazy "I'm here for the paycheck" acting.
  7. Urban Meyer is going to pull a Bobby Petrino on Jacksonville if they are foolish enough to hire him. I don't know what Chicago sees in keeping Nagy/Pace.
  8. I voted for "none."Perhaps a wild take but i don't get the impression he's a guy who has a burning passion to be an NFL head coach. He's been part of extremely successful programs prior to Buffalo and could have been in the interview circuit a lot sooner than 2021. Plus, when push comes to shove, the Pegulas will find a wheelbarrow and fill it with cash if necessary. I don't see Bieniemy leaving KC. He's Andy Reid's heir apparent there and KC is a model franchise for stability.
  9. Pederson's decisions in this game were fireable offenses.
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