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  1. College shouldn't be free. I'd rather reimburse two years of completed college at 100%, and you have to have a B average. First-time college students only, and you get one crack at it. Two years covers community college, most trade schools, and gets a bachelor's degree student 50% off. There's practical steps to improving the student debt situation but opening the floodgates without any benchmarks for the student to hit is just sealing the doom of the schools themselves.
  2. Haven't watched an ESPN show since they canned Sports Reporters, the last show that had any intelligent discussion about sports. ESPN programming is stale and the on-air personalities are neither likable nor all that talented. It is the Sears of cable TV, doomed to end sooner rather than later in a cost cutting move.
  3. I'd add Keith Jackson. Most will remember his as an Eagle, but he also went to the Pro Bowl as a Dolphin and a Packer. He was a dominant TE in college at Oklahoma and in the NFL.
  4. Game tape catches up to everyone. Around week 4, things change. I'm not saying he isn't going to be good, great. Just that it's a persistent game of measure-countermeasure, and in weeks 1-2, teams have blind spots to new coaches, new QBs, and new situations. It's why the Eagles and Saints fell back to Earth in Week 2.
  5. I think it's rust and the offense getting re-acclimated to playing in a stadium with fans. It's getting there. I think the well-oiled machine we saw late last year will arrive. You know who I'm happy hasn't fallen back into bad habits? The coaching staff. I was happy the score yesterday was 35-0 and not 28-17 because the team took the pedal off the gas.
  6. I think it's risk of rust vs. injury in regards to preseason and I do think there's some adjustment to playing in full stadiums versus last season playing in the equivalent of a football library.
  7. 63% before the vaccines have been released to PCPs, and before two have received FDA approval for adults, and before approvals for kids of all ages. The rate should be celebrated, not criticized. That's the BS politics the CDC swears it's not playing. I don't know what the political machine wants. You aren't getting 100%, you aren't getting 90%. You may get 80% if you're lucky, but you'll probably have to settle for 70-75%.
  8. Philadelphia doesn't either and Philadelphia has enjoyed it's covid restrictions. Article today in the Philly Inquirer had quotes from physicians that they are not concerned about outdoor gatherings as much as they are the indoor gatherings. I'd like to post this in the main thread but it'd be promptly deleted by the Ministry.
  9. If California allows Newsom to retain his office after all his Covid shennanies, I can't feel sorry for them when he rolls out more of the same. You had your shot. All a victory for him does is say yes, please give us more.
  10. I think Feliciano is an above average, smart, instinctive lineman. I was happy the Bills re-signed him. I am, however, not a fan of his weight loss. He is not 325lbs. He was 325-330 with the Raiders and the Bills last year. He did it without team approval or supervision, and he's too light. He's probably below 300lbs. I'm all for men living healthy lifestyles and shedding weight but when you are an OL in the NFL going up against 300lb+ giants, you can't just go get lean.
  11. Both sacks and 5/6 recorded QB pressures occur in first half.
  12. Let's hope next week is a rebound. Still no defensive pressure. Offensive strategy was lacking the screens, motion and gadgetry that gets players open. The motion and misdirection is the secret sauce.
  13. I "third" this. I received the same treatment from the same moderator. I broke no forum rules. Zero. I lodged a complaint with Scott. First time in 11 years of being on this board I felt I had to do that against a fellow fan. Silence. I can only assume it's acceptable for moderators to treat others that way. I am a solid contributor to this message board. I use one handle only. I don't make fun of other fans. I've always followed the etiquette here. This board tolerates making fun of the guy who dresses up as Peter Pan, routinely hosts threads on whether you'd have sex with a particular woman in the news with the "Would ya?" posts who are often charged with child sexual assault, routinely hosted numerous threads of drunk, angry rants before, during and after games, and finds posts shaming people over sincerely held beliefs about their health acceptable. However, you incorrectly name a player in your post, you get a penalty point. Right. It's a farce. The PPP has sharp elbows, but to be honest, a discussion about Afghanistan is far above the bar of whether you'd have sex with the teacher who got arrested for having sex with her students.
  14. I'm confident the OSHA regulation will be thrown out by the courts. I don't think .gov has got a leg to stand on from several perspectives. I don't think anyone wants a POTUS weaponizing OSHA and workplace safety through emergency orders. That's why it hasn't been used as such.
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