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  1. I wouldn't trade for him. A lot of these available guys are done. Inconvenient truth perhaps. Johnson, Olsen, Norman can give you a couple good games in the first month of the season, but that's going to be about it.
  2. Hollywood has made this movie many times before. IMO, nobody is going to top Hard Target, a 1993 John Woo tour de force that had JCvD *and* Wilford Brimley with Creole accents, Lance Henriksen in one of his few bad guy roles, Arnold Vosloo chewing the scenery and John Woo legitimately giving zero Fs before Hollywood said enough's enough. Doves flying, guns blazing, so many motorcycles.
  3. Matt Patricia isn't going to do anything productive in Detroit. They prize consistency and longevity over results. Matt Stafford isn't the problem there. Much like every one of their vehicles except the F-150, Ford is ruthlessly consistent at making a mediocre product, hiring mediocre FO and coaching talent to ultimately shape a mediocre product. I've never seen an organization so committed to being "ok".
  4. Agreed. I don't think this FO is going to pay him the guaranteed money he likely wants. I think guys who show up in contract years are the riskiest of all contracts.
  5. I still think he'll retire, despite his SB commercial. Same for Philip Rivers.
  6. I don't know. I think Trump got away with one, and I think the Republicans would like to keep Rudy's dealings in Ukraine out of the public eye. I don't think the DNC really cares about Biden but they do care about Obama's legacy, and that'd take a hit. It won't shock me to see this fade away. The problem for Joe Biden is his kid is a glorious screw up that will continue screwing up. Whether it's substance abuse, doing what he did in Ukraine, dating his deceased brother's wife, or knocking up random women, this guy is a PhD in self destruction.
  7. When it comes to Ukraine, I think D) All of the Above applies. Trump should have been censured for his conduct on the call. Joe Biden did some things there that will bury his campaign if he somehow gets the nomination. Hunter Biden is his adult screw-up son that will bury said nomination because he likely did everything that's alleged he did and the only reason he hasn't so far is because he's got a sympathetic press that isn't releasing the hounds. Yet. Joe Biden should be thankful the Democrats are incompetent and the Republicans just want Ukraine to go away. I really think he dodged a bullet.
  8. Eight years of any President....is enough.
  9. Bad Boys for Life shows you how terrible Michael Bay is as a director. BBFL is probably the best all-around film in the trilogy of these movies, likely because he wasn't directing it. The Rhythm Section would have been an interesting film if it were made several years ago. However, it's really just a female version of American Assassin, and all the cliffhangers in the movie were done before in Bourne movies.
  10. The knee is arthritic. It's a chronic injury that will never get better, and even if you can play through the pain of arthritis, you can't play through the instability the arthritis can/will cause to the knee. He's one bad hit from retirement already.
  11. The Democrats go out of their way to re-elect Donald Trump. I do sometimes think it's deliberate. It's not like they didn't know. There are smart people in that party. However, emotions cloud judgement and that's all this party has used since 2015.
  12. I'll make a bold statement - the press will prognosticate this one wrong too. I personally can't see people really voting for Bernie Sanders when it's time to go. It won't surprise me to see Klobuchar win it in Iowa because she's one of them.
  13. Least favorite: Marcel Dareus. High draft pick, all the potential in the world, but got fat and lazy on the Bills dime.
  14. Unpopular Opinion #1: The 35,000 seat NFL multi-purpose stadium is the NFL stadium of the future. Unpopular Opinion #2: The Rogers family is driving the "Bills aren't competitive in Buffalo" and "Buffalo needs a new stadium" narratives to the NFL. It is fighting for a Toronto team behind the scenes at the expense of the Bills. They, in conjunction with the NFL, want to force the Pegulas to sell. Absent that, they will attempt to land a franchise and squeeze out the Bills and take the territory. They know the Pegulas are stuck - there's no county money coming and unless Pegula is going to front a billion dollar stadium by himself, he'll be forced to renovate New Era which the NFL will say "oh well,that's still not a competitive stadium!" I think the Pegulas are in a precarious spot. I think they've got Toronto interests scheming, enough NFL owners willing to hear that scheming, and very few allies, especially on the municipal front. Now, you may think this is all billionaire warfare, but I believe, as a fan, the Bills remaining in Buffalo is in a fragile state.
  15. The NFL owners who have put their own money and coersion of local governments into financing stadiums won't stop shaking down the Pegulas. The way they see it, The Pegulas are billionaires who aren't pulling their weight.
  16. I dislike when athletes throw shade (Shady throwing shade) at an organization that tried to do right by him. The Bills stood by him through his legal theatrics and they didn't cut him despite signs of decline in his ability back in 2018. They went so far to cut him at a time he could latch on to another team. He's in Frank Gore territory. Your mind wants to continue playing the game of football but your legs submitted their resignation in Week 3 of the season.
  17. The big problem is that China's foodstock protection is like at a 17th Century level in the 21st Century. The West discovered that improperly processing raw meat and improperly storing it could get you sick hundreds of years ago. You've got a lot of people in that country improperly preparing and cooking wild animal and fish meat and then touching everything. That in addition to lax hygiene because of social norms, and traditions around Chinese New Year means you get these critters being created in China every now and again. As an aside, I remember in Morocco once, the market had numerous stands of dead, opened rabbits for sale - just hanging with a rope. Not refrigerated or anything. Just dangling there in the bacteria loving 75 degree breeze. They make a big deal about the masks. They'd be better off washing their hands often and you know, not eating bats raw.
  18. I like them all but if it were my money being spent, I'd be very concerned about Lawson and Phillips being productive after getting paid their big contracts. What incentive is as good as the big contract in the business of football?
  19. MLB is serious when they make the Astros forfeit the 2017 title. That sends the real message. You cheat, you lose everything. Otherwise, it's just three dudes who will never be in the MLB ever again.
  20. If I'm Tony Romo, I'll stay at CBS where he's paired with Jim Nantz and I get the better weekend games. ESPN likely pairs him with mediocre talent and Romo alone can't fix what ails their stale MNF presentation.
  21. It was a dumb strategy and it's just another piece of evidence that he's a big phony. If by chance he had ever made it to the finish line, it would have been exposed. I don't think he ever threatened to do real damage in the primary, so nobody cared.
  22. Betcha you'll no longer see Rosario Dawson hanging around.
  23. I wouldn't want the Bills to throw money at Clowney. He's going to disappear once he gets paid, and I'd prefer for the opposition to wrap that anchor around their necks.
  24. Does the hunger and drive go away once he receives the big contract? That's the big decision when a player has a career year in a contract year.
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