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  1. They caught us a couple weeks too late imo. Our defense is night and day when edmunds and Milano play and Dane Jackson isn’t forced into a huge role in the secondary. I don’t think the psychological motivation of needing to win the game trumps the individual matchups on the field. Heck we need to win the game just as badly as them anyway The NE defense has been great against pocket passers but their linebackers are slow bruisers who are great at stopping the opposing running back but seem to have trouble accounting for qbs that can scramble. Maybe it’s wishful thinking idk and I give our resident pats fan free rein to make fun of me if I’m wrong 😂, but I objectively(I think lol) don’t see this game being close. There’s a lot of tangible reasons why we have struggled the last few weeks and a lot of those problems will not exist tonight if we were missing edmunds or Milano I’d expect the game to be close
  2. I’m a bit confused by it…elam healthy and an expanding role for tre should remove a big weak link from the secondary and edmunds returning will remove our other big defensive weak link at LB. We’ve had to gameplan around 2-3 players that were really struggling on the defensive side for most of the season and we will not have to tonight. the injury report was a big win this week even without Dawkins no von but we’re getting Rousseau back and josh was full practice on the injury report so I’m assuming his elbow is getting better. I feel like this is an unbiased take that the bills are gonna win this one pretty comfortably but you never know maybe there’s some bias in there 😂
  3. they’re still far behind where they started the season…hardman who knows the offense is on IR and juju has been banged up and Toney is hurt. There’s a reason there wasn’t a bidding war for Toney and that is it
  4. True but when you’re missing 5 offensive linemen, you’ve just gotta find any way to make one more play to win the game. Blaming one particular player/unit is a meaningless exercise imo. Both sides could’ve made that extra play I wouldn’t say they’re pretenders but it does feel like they built a mostly one read college offense for tua to get the ball out quick that’s gonna work exponentially better against bottom of the barrel nfl defenses and struggle against good ones. They lost armstead too so they’re pretty close to reverting to their 2021 offensive line on paper tyreek and waddle are gonna be a handful for anyone still though
  5. Patriots have been getting absolutely roasted by dual threat qbs since late last year. I would not touch this line personally. Chicago and baltimore demolished them. Their defensive stats are buoyed by getting Zach Wilson X 2 and Sam ehlinger in a three game stretch not saying they won’t win but there’s too great of a chance the pats get blown out for me to take them with the points. on the defensive side, our coverage has been pretty tight positioning wise but top tier wr1s have been making plays on us…the pats don’t have a guy like that. also we might see more of tre white and less of Dane Jackson who has had a rough stretch edmunds and josh Allen were full participants…this should be a fairly comfortable one + score win imo and one of the easier matchups we’ve had all year based on the players we have available. Of course any given Sunday and all that
  6. The dropped pick six by Milano was at least as bad as any opportunity the offense missed imo. Assigning blame to one unit/play is trivial.
  7. It’s hard to tell…tua has usually been hurt when they’ve played the stiffer competition the last few years…or the opposing team has been ravaged by the injury bug (baltimore,Buffalo) tua looked pretty mediocre against cincy in the half that he played and buffalo. I think their offense is a bit gimmicky and it’s structured well to blow out bad teams but not do much against good ones. We’re definitely gonna find out a lot in the next three games…they might be the real deal we just don’t know yet. looks like their gamble on terron armstead went sideways also as he will now be out for awhile. We’ll have to see how that offensive line holds up our offense was the problem because we lost 5 offensive linemen by halftime lol the pressure was immediate all second half. Dawkins and saffold finished the game but the other 3 spots on the offensive line were absolutely decimated by injuries/heat stroke
  8. Gb and NYJ have good pass defenses and then he hurt his elbow and throws from certain arm angles hurt. His mechanics get a little wonky on certain throws now. I don’t think a mystery concussion would cause that
  9. Haha I reply more to discuss somethin with a bunch of people…I don’t really read into the history of different posters 😂
  10. It’s the last of our division road games though…this is pretty tin foil hat-y but the schedules almost seem like they were created to keep the afc east close for as long as they could lol bills had a tough start with all the road afc east games in a row too. Miami got a bunch of layups in a row midseason then a really tough stretch late.
  11. They just snuck by three of those teams in a row…one of which we absolutely destroyed(Steelers) so I don’t think it’s that simple. their offense hasn’t looked anywhere near as good against the afc playoff field even with tua playing (outside of the final quarter of the ravens game after the ravens lost a few dbs) tua was pretty deer in headlights-y against us and the half he played in cincy. The browns win was impressive but I don’t really put any stock in their performance against the Kyle Allen led Texans. Also…we barely hung on against the browns? Lol that was a very comfortable win imo
  12. Miamis got @SF @LAC @BUF in a row comin up and I’m not even sure GB is a good matchup for them. Really anything could happen at this point
  13. Looked like the lions made it a point to hit everyone late all game to me
  14. I think Bernard and Dodson get lumped together because they have similar first names and they are both playing poorly lol dodson played every snap against Cleveland
  15. Idk what has gotten into them recently then though because they were consistently dropping dimes into tight coverage the last few weeks lol there is also a lot more to offense than qb play as I assumed a pats fan would know 😂 we also had the biggest defensive liability I’ve ever seen in my life at LB when one of edmunds/Milano is out that we recently plugged up by signing Klein who played pretty well this week. I think the pats are catching us a week or two too late
  16. Yea I’m genuinely not sure that’s just an educated guess haha. I’m with you though. I can’t believe I have to review the definition of a catch again lol Vikings are the luckiest team in the world I just don’t understand it
  17. That hunter Henry catch was interesting…I think they probably ruled the ball hit the ground with his hand underneath which is fine, but then when he rolled over the ball bobbled a bit which puts him in ‘the ground helped secure the catch’ territory i think this is a classic candidate for ‘fans don’t know all the nuances of the ruling and it was a stupid rule called correctly’
  18. Should be an interesting game…I don’t doubt belichicks ability to minimize diggs’ impact this season but they’ve got a mostly new crew of linebackers who seem to have struggled against qbs that can run it does seem to me that with his elbow injury they are making a more concerted effort to not run josh as much though so I’m expecting a close one. Really gotta win this one for tiebreaker considerations with Miami if we want to take the division I think pats,dolphins, and bills will likely all make the playoffs though. Cincy overtook the jets as expected
  19. To be fair, Cleveland and Detroit are two of the best offenses in the league. We actually held Detroit under their average yardage/ point totals believe it or not lol. Cleveland was about 20 yards over their average but a big chunk of that was garbage time if we had klein instead of Bernard/Dodson for the jets game there’s no way they would’ve cracked double digits. Those two guys are just not nfl caliber yet. Kleins pretty average but Dodson has been awful so it’s a huge upgrade if edmunds is still out especially because he’s a solid run defender and the pats like to run
  20. It’s pretty wild how bad our second/third string linebackers were that Klein could come in essentially off the street and take all Bernard/Dodson’s snaps lol i cant believe people were calling for us to leave the nickel and put both those guys on the field at the same time when edmunds or Milano were hurt. im definitely more willing than most to give Frazier some benefit of the doubt depending on how the rest of the season goes big negative for beane thinking the depth at lb would be ok but a bit of a positive for picking up Klein to somewhat remedy the situation
  21. That could conceivably be the case this season come playoff time also. We’ve had a ton of injuries but only one ‘season ender’ I have even heard talk of hyde returning for the playoffs so who knows
  22. You can attempt a fg again if the snap is bad since it wasn’t 4th down. Odds are higher that that will happen than a kickoff return td. I don’t believe it was ‘panic’ at all. I’m actually not 100% sure on this but I’m pretty sure the holder can throw the ball away
  23. This seems to really have picked up in the last few weeks and my guess is it’s because people see Detroit and Cleveland as bottom feeders that aren’t good at anything. they are both just about top 5 teams in total offense though (Detroit was 6 before we played them and is now 7,Cleveland is 4). considering the injuries and the uncharacteristically impressive tight window throws Goff/brissett were making I really don’t think the defense has been that bad. they have made some absolutely massive plays this year at key moments
  24. That’s right you haven’t…because I don’t think anyone has ever played 3 away games in an 11 day span in nfl history
  25. I think the big problem we have had is Bernard/Dodson are just not nfl caliber players yet and one of Milano/edmunds has been injured pretty much every week of the season. That’s just way too big of a weak link to overcome on the defensive side when there’s 3 or 4 other high impact defensive starters injured also. Idk much about the lions injury situation but I doubt they’ve been missing their two starting guards all year crazy that Klein stepped in virtually off the street and took all the snaps from Bernard and Dodson.
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