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  1. Preseason W/L is essentially meaningless because teams play starters for different amounts of time. I’d be much more concerned with the starters looking bad in practice although there’s still plenty of time to turn it around.
  2. Well we don’t know mac is a franchise long term qb yet is the point I was making. You are not allowing me to give examples of the actual point I was going for 😁 I meant he could just as easily go the baker mayfield route as be the centerpiece of their franchise…one season is just not enough time to tell especially with the way he finished against tougher competition franchise qbs definitely don’t have their best year their first year but that’s not what I meant…I was talking about the one year wonders that end up being journeymen types
  3. I don’t really see it…I think he’ll be consistently good but he came into the league pretty close to his ceiling and faded pretty hard against better competition down the stretch. A qbs development isn’t always linear with improvements each year…a lot of guys have their best year their rookie year before defenses adjust to their tendencies then flame out
  4. He would join Matt Millen as one of the only two players to win a Super Bowl with three different teams.
  5. And on the other side of the coin mahomes supposedly looked terrible in practice his first year
  6. They were great down the stretch when Bates found his way into the starting lineup and have seemed to only improve since then…I genuinely didn’t know people were down on our offensive line lol
  7. AFC East schedule was a joke last year. Mac and the pats struggled down the stretch when they started seeing good teams and they will struggle next season too. the bills will likely win 11 or 12 because we were so snakebit in close games and we added von miller at a position of need. I think the pats are about to get exposed though the dolphins I can’t even really predict…they have an objectively better team than last year but I don’t ever see tua beating josh in a shootout so I don’t think they really pose much of a threat to us. Teams like the colts and titans have given us trouble in the past and they seem to be going in the opposite direction of that. I think tua will not be the thing holding them back though
  8. I don’t think kaep’s injuries get talked about enough. He had thumb and knee surgery and lost like 75 pounds in the offseason. I think 2017 kaep would’ve been much worse than 2016 kaep but we will never know
  9. I think one of the accusations is being investigated for possible extortion and that’s what they latched onto. That doesn’t make the other 22 accusations less credible though
  10. To be fair josh was equally as clutch last season and we all know how that ended lol
  11. Probably helps the nerves haha I get stressed just getting paired with random people on the golf course I can’t imagine playing on primetime television lol
  12. Yea honestly now that we’re out of the Tom Brady whooping our a** days I don’t think it’s him I hated lol it’s their fans first then belichick then the announcers always talking up Tom Brady 24/7 then Tom himself 😂
  13. Cameron smith smashed a golfer in the wrong fairway a few weeks ago lol their drives/irons go all over the place at times. Phil mickelson almost murdered me with a drive last golf tourney I was at haha
  14. I could be misremembering but I thought he was awful in the last one outside of the holeout They actually hit a lot of bad shots too because golf is pretty much impossible 😂but their recovery shots/short game is insanely good.
  15. I think bad golf is more entertaining than good golf 😂 and I’m a golfer myself
  16. Same this is the first miss I have from not having cable lol I can’t stream tnt
  17. Brady claims to be a single digit handicap too which is sad lol I give josh the benefit of the doubt because he usually tells people he’s not very good
  18. Supposedly Allen was pretty good at the pebble beach pro am according to the folks over at the golf Reddit
  19. Right I think it’s the opposite…he has better tangibles then people are saying and zero intangibles lol I think he could make all the throws he needs to physically but he just can’t read defenses/go through progressions at nfl speed Mostly because his defense went on an absolute rampage for like a 6 week stretch a few years ago. They were a huge outlier in takeaways
  20. The whole tuas accuracy being bad thing is overblown imo…the real issue is he is super slow with his reads. The right side of their oline is still real bad I think he’s still gonna have a tough time.
  21. I’m sure he’ll have good insight but man does the guy have 0 personality.
  22. Ravens could leapfrog them though and playing for a wildcard is gonna be tough with all those afc west teams. The best 7 teams don’t always make the playoffs…a lot of times you get at least one whack division winner lol lookin like it could be the AFC south winner this year
  23. I’ll try to find the article number…I am 100% certain you cannot do that anymore for a few years now. It was the same year the ravens intentionally got a bunch of offensive holds on a punt a few times in a row to run out the game clock belichick did it to the jets I believe also and giggled like a schoolgirl then someone did it to him and he looked so sad haha
  24. It’s also been said over and over again…you cannot do that due to a rule change. You are 100% incorrect. Can’t intentionally hold receivers anymore to manipulate the game clock. I believe it changed in 2017/2018…49ers did it to the saints to close out a half and the nfl was like ‘didn’t like that’ lol also the NBA is a different sport 😂
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