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  1. He didn't have much time against Miami either...he bought a lot of time with his legs rolling all over the pocket to the point where he was unsettled in the pocket even in the rare situations where he got time. Difference between week 1 and week 2 was josh made all the plays in the red zone and we won by 100 🤣 Lol yea I think we get in the habit of comparing our team to an ideal perfect team...every team is going to have holes even the great ones and especially in a cap reduced year
  2. No disrespect to Mr Cosell but we did see all those things at numerous times throughout last season in a lot of the same situations we've been in these first two weeks. If he's getting consistently pressured with 4 he gets those happy feet and never really sets when he throws. So yea I think you're on to something with sample size
  3. its certainly better than it was but new york city is much further away from pre pandemic levels than anywhere else. I live in the suburbs about 50 miles north
  4. Pretty weak at linebacker though and they don't have anywhere near the skill at DB that pit or Mia have...Josh can find a hole in that front 4 and step through and make them pay with his legs...Daniel Jones ran all over them
  5. Tough to judge that cuz the Steelers offense melted down so hard in the first half against Cleveland and it completely changed the complexion of the game...steelers backups nearly beat the browns in the regular season
  6. People were calling for mitch in the game day thread 🤣 it is wild in there To be fair it's tough to compare current defenses with old ones because playing defense is basically illegal now lol you get flagged for everything
  7. lol true....they are on the next level of broke now though 😁
  8. I would say that proves the exact opposite of what youre saying....hes not far ahead of everyone else in average time to throw and hes probably the least blitzed qb in the league. Theres two deep safeties and 7 guys in coverage all game long. Not to mention hes mobile so hes taking time to avoid rushers and trying to find a receiver...just because the TT shows whatever doesnt mean he had a clean pocket that long
  9. I think a lot of that has to do with what the giants were able to do to them...daniel jones had just about 100 yards rushing. They have given up 400+ yards/game which is 25th in the league.
  10. I dont think anyone would argue that but if they passed a little less and rushed the ball 20 more times for an average of 3ypc or less against that steelers front 7...how balanced really is that? We'd all be screaming STOP RUNNING THE BALL at the TV. I can see what we were going for week 1 by trying to create as many mismatches as possible cuz their secondary only has two very good dbs but that pass rush gave Josh a case of the happy feet.
  11. NYC is pretty much broke after covid...Tons of people moved away and they are begging people to come back.
  12. Flores put a nice defensive game plan together finally...it took him like 5 tries. He was stubbornly running a scheme that josh allen excels against up until last Sunday. Of course our front 7 absolutely annihilated them the game Flores finally got his defense right lol Tua was getting sacked 10+ times without a doubt. I thought brissett actually showed some flashes considering we were in the backfield all game long
  13. Yea it seems like one of those too good to be true bets to me lol logically what you did makes sense though and you got in before the line move so you're ahead of the game. Yea the defense is the gamechanger...last years bills I'd take wsh +9.5 because I don't think we'd give their qb who's last name I can't spell properly much trouble 🤣 and we'd probably win by less than 7 in some kind of shootout. This years offense is not firing on all cylinders yet but a 13-3 win and the bills cover lol
  14. Na I think daboll kind of outsmarted himself week 1 trying to create mismatches with the steelers dbs rather than running the football into the brick wall front 7 of the pit defense and Josh never got comfortable. Hes got both eyes on the offensive line cuz he has no confidence in those guys and he's had happy feet the last couple games...happened last season at times too. Last years form included games like that...TEN absolutely embarrassed us he was horrible that game. He doesn't think he has time to set his feet cuz he's getting hit/evading pressure all game long when teams aren't even blitzing. Better qbs have had far worse games under those circumstances than the last two josh has had
  15. Coaches are so freaking stubborn...I love when they talk about belichick tailoring game plans to the individual opponent as some earth shattering concept during the broadcast lol most coaches just try to force what they like to do down the other teams throat. I think he took the hint finally half time at the Miami game that going through progressions with 3 deep routes when your offensive line is struggling probably isn't the best way to go lol
  16. I still cannot believe Flores finally cooked up a decent defensive game plan and still got absolutely blown out against us...so weird to not see them blitzing and playing man all game lol Get to 4-1 with a win over kc then we'll talk lol AFC west and North are getting very competitive though so for the second time in a long time looks like we are the ones in an unfairly easy division 🤣 nothing against NE though they will still be a tough out
  17. Agreed...and none of this is new. He has always struggled even with well blocked routine throws in games where teams have been dropping 7 into coverage and getting home with a 4 man rush. People are acting like this is something new since he signed his contract. I dont mean it as an excuse since it's something he can improve on himself but in games where we're a little more stout up front I think you'll see the same offense as last year or a better one I dont think so...he has improved over last season in games where his oline can't block 4 guys...we just had two such games in a row to start the season rather than tucked somewhere in the middle so we're all panicking 🤣 seems like daboll at least adjusted the playcalling halfway through the dolphins game to compensate...the man is as stubborn as an ox
  18. Whenever hes reasonably covered I don't think I've ever seen him not push off lol I guess you get some special privileges playing with Brady they had a nice pushoff victory week 1 🤣
  19. Kind of a semantics thing but I'd say thats more being worried about the team than mac jones himself. He looks like he is the type of QB they need to be competitive with the defense they have but its impossible to say at this point if hes the 'i can put the team on my back and win' guy. i think cam was a tougher matchup for us last year than mac is going to be this year but overall mac is already a better qb than cam is if that makes any sense lol
  20. i guess it hasnt fully sunk in that we could have a good defense lol its very easy to cover 9.5 when youre giving up 10 points or less. not to mention daniel jones absolutely burned that defense running the football.
  21. Dline maybe but theyre iffy at every linebacker position and average in the secondary which is very different than the PIT or MIA defensive situation. Should be roastable over the middle....I hope? Lol
  22. Haha I didn't really make it clear enough 🤣 I agree with a lot of what you said but I dont think it has anything to do with his contract/him trying to hard. He just historically hasn't been good at the looks the defenses the first two weeks have been able to throw at us personell wise but really nobody is. Miamis defense is really not a great matchup for us but Brian Flores has put together laughable game plans up until Sunday that played right into Josh's strengths. We really could be seeing a better josh allen than last year he normally absolutely melts down in games like that like the chiefs game and the titans game last season
  23. Easy to say until you see what a JAG wouldve done that game lol coverage was tight...rush was coming quick even when we kept extra blockers in. 2019 Allen throws 3+ picks that game...Peterman throws 12 picks that game 🤣 I love how they sold the 'bringing in fitzpatrick as the closer at qb' as not being based on their low confidence in Tua loll I don't think Flores is a good coach...he did a lot with minimal talent but he hasn't done much more with a good amount of talent.
  24. I think 2020 josh looked much worse against a tough 4 man rush and the rest of the d in coverage and were already seeing a better josh than last year...people just don't realize it because they only care about stats and a qb is never allowed to miss an open receiver even though that consistently happens league wide especially early in the season lol the amount of teams that can pull that off personnel wise are slim and we just happened to face two of them in a row
  25. I agree with a lot of that but he has always done those things in the situations he has found himself in this season and he has been smarter with the football...that's literally my point 🤣 our pass blocking was solid for a lot of last season and it will likely be solid for a lot of this season but he hasn't had those games yet. We got absolutely spanked in games where we got whooped by 4 man rushes last season and this season we could be a blocked punt away from 2-0 against two solid teams because he's managed the games pretty well rather than melting down trying to carry the team. it's unknowable at this point but he could easily be ahead of last season and as a complete football team we could be considerably ahead of last season
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