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  1. I think that could be just reminiscing more than anything
  2. I’m still holding out hope that gabe has just been snakebit/unlucky so far and it’ll turn around. The opportunities have been there he just isn’t makin the plays often enough
  3. It’s mahomes’ least exciting season as a pro because he lost the real mvp to the dolphins lol moving tyreek has completely transformed two teams. Mahomes still has that offense moving but everything looks like much more of a struggle and the defensive playbook to defend the chiefs is a lot less limited I don’t think we can assume tua would’ve played well in the games he’s missed given the sample size so far. They have looked like a completely different team against the better defenses in the league. He was likely in for a rough one against the jets and he was playing pretty poorly in the bengals game before getting injured. This back half of the season has the make or break games for how the league ends up viewing tua. a bit of flukey scheduling got them a pretty long stretch of bottom feeder opponents in a row. mvp is tough because you have to isolate individual players in a very team centric game. If you swapped tua and mahomes’ supporting casts mahomes would shatter every record in the book. I don’t think tua is adding anywhere near the amount of value to his team than people assume he is when looking at just stats also idk if it’s because he’s lefty or what but he has more sure interceptions dropped than any qb I’ve ever seen
  4. Normally I’d agree but 75 yards and one of those tds came on a single play the first play of the game. So the final 59 minutes or so he mustered up 225 yards, 1 TD, 3 turnovers. It’s not just the niners game, this is a cumulative thing now. any time the dolphins have had a tough opponent tua is either injured or doesn’t play very well (outside of that one quarter against baltimore where Kyle Hamilton forgot how to play football) vs baltimore he was struggling for 3 quarters until Marcus peters and humphrey were in and out of the lineup then he just exploded vs buffalo he was mediocre at best against mostly backups vs Cincy he was having a pretty bad half before getting injured missed the jets game missed the Vikings vs SF he was bad I think he’s a good qb in a great system that’s much more prone to absolutely demolish bad teams and struggle against good defenses than the other good offenses in the league. He’s got plenty of chances to prove me wrong down the stretch though. tyreek had 177 receiving yards with bridgewater at qb vs the Vikings and 140 of his 170 receiving yards with bridgewater against the bengals so I’m not convinced it’s all tua why he is performing well. I think tyreek is elevating the play of his qbs honestly
  5. I think vons exploratory surgery was in Dallas…maybe they ran into eachother there? Or it was an old picture
  6. I like how there were only 6 playoff teams per conference for our entire playoff drought and once we got good they added a team and took away the 2 seed bye 😂.
  7. I’m going the other way with this and I think he most likely signs a cheap prove it deal with us or nothing at this point based on what the giants and cowboys have said he’s losing a lot of his bargaining position lately
  8. It would not in California…mistake of age is a valid defense there.
  9. Seems like the refs/nfl play the biggest role in creating shutdown corners 😂
  10. There’s a lot of acronyms there lol but War lost to injury is a pretty interesting one. Wins above replacement is basically how many more wins a player will get you compared to an average player. so we have lost more wins due to injured players than any team in the afc and any team but one in the nfl.
  11. Sounds like the demand isn’t there so he’s either going to get less than he was aiming for or nothing
  12. That’s true but there was really no threat of a potential playoff away game…the titans weren’t a great team. the narrative is already different as far as the bengals go…the bills part of it is debatable because you could say ‘well only the playoff games matter’ chiefs haven’t beaten the joe Burrow bengals once the bengals and bills missed plenty of opportunities and still came away with wins vs kc too…it’s not like they had to play a perfect game. chiefs would’ve gotten spanked by Tennessee with tannehill playing also they just haven’t looked as sharp against the better afc teams as in years past
  13. I would argue this isn’t completely true…division winner sure but they have never had a road playoff game in mahomes’ career and this is the first danger they’ve really been in of not being the obvious 1 seed with a bye they’re also now 0-3 against the bengals in the last couple years and 1-2 against us…psychologically that should be a pretty big deal for them
  14. Lol the yacht curse…I think everyone in that picture has suffered some kind of horrifying injury
  15. Hopefully we drove his price up and the cowboys give him a ridiculous contract
  16. Never in my life have I seen a penalty overturn a Tom Brady game winner.
  17. Pretty surprised New Orleans wasn’t using timeouts there
  18. We lost miller but got back tre white and Rousseau. Poyer,edmunds, and Milano have gotten healthy too. The bills defense is going to be considerably better down the stretch even without von not to mention I think op was saying at an overall team level we are ahead of the Brock purdy niners
  19. That’s a great bet…I really think they’re better than philly and philly is all anybody talks about
  20. I am almost positive cam Jordan just faked an injury on 4th down so the saints could get substitutions in when the bucs looked like they were going for it
  21. Looked like kamara ducked out of bounds early because he got hurt
  22. Did Jordan fake an injury there so the saints could make substitutions 😂 guess the league was bluffing about taking that seriously
  23. I believe he’s only made one Super Bowl when his team hasn’t had a first round bye….of course he won that 1 Super Bowl though lol
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