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  1. Seemed like he and Josh just didn’t gel either…they were always reading those option routes differently
  2. On the flip side of that coin the chiefs had this level of wr and won the Super Bowl 😂 i feel like Kincaid has to be factored in even if you’re talking about wr specifically and the dolphins/jets don’t have a guy like that
  3. Paying a good not great qb the amount of money he’s looking for is kind of the kiss of death though in the medium/long term. Short term though yea it helps if he stays
  4. If you replaced Diggs for mvs in our playoff loss we probably win 😂. The dude made a couple big contested catches. in all seriousness though idk why people are talking like we’ve gotta replace prime Diggs to upgrade what we had last year. Diggs was playing like a decent wr2 down the stretch. Could be he was mentally checked out and a change of scenery will help but I’m not so sure. He’s never had burner speed and seemed to get pretty unreliable with contested catches
  5. What was he at wide open post routes in the middle of the end zone though lol. Probably higher than that
  6. Dude stepped up huge in the playoffs…had some big catches against us too
  7. The last couple years have been pretty equal in qb help imo…back in the tyreek and Kelce days the chiefs offensive talent far outclassed ours. I don’t think ‘Andy Reid has coached up schlubs while the bills have had more talent’ has ever been accurate
  8. It’s his first change of scenery he had full autonomy over (3rd total). Can’t say I know the future but I don’t think I’d be happy getting traded to the bears either so this could go better haha
  9. Oh yea the last few drives the chiefs locked down hard I wouldn’t argue that…that first half though the running game was killing them. We absolutely dominated top and were running on them at will
  10. I’d be surprised if claypool doesn’t make the team personally but idk if that’s a majority opinion lol
  11. Kincaid gets a bunch of defensive attention and he doesn’t factor in here just because of the technicality that he’s officially a tight end I guess. makes it look a little better imo. i dont think they’re trembling a whole lot less than the second half of last year with how diggs was playing but I understand the point
  12. I mean the running game hurt the chiefs pretty bad in that playoff game. If we weren’t controlling the clock as well the chiefs would’ve scored like 30 more points just dunking on aj klein all game lol
  13. Oh yea and even for the people down on tua he’s objectively way better than fields/kenny Pickett
  14. I mean he’s financially motivated to at least appear to not be an idiot for one year so he will fix himself short term imo…can he still play is the question
  15. Yea but he joined Miami midseason…that offense is not an easy transition where you can just step in cold and go off. He undoubtedly would’ve been better with a full offseason there but how much better is the interesting question
  16. I think you do short term when there’s a ton of money at stake. I could see him workin hard to hit one last pretty big contract then he can phone it in Heck that’s probably what he was disgruntled about in the first place. If your teams passing game is garbage that’s costing you money in the future. I’m sure a bunch of teams were interested in him on a deal like this but he’s got a legitimate path to wr2 in Buffalo and josh Allen and chose us
  17. His last two seasons were uprooted by midseason trades where he was dumped into a new offensive system and the years before that he went for 800+ yards back to back. Don’t think he’s really old enough to just call it quits and likely has to prove he can still play. idk if he’ll return to form but seeing as there’s essentially zero risk this is a great signing. I think he kind of has to have a lot to prove…he’s gotta have a big year to get a modest payday from someone then he can coast if he wants to lol hes not like OBJ who has been rakin in pretty big contracts for years
  18. I mean he played for pit and Chicago back to back which is pretty much wr hell lol then got traded to Miami midseason. Not sure how high the expectations for him should’ve been in a partial season under a new offensive system. if he gets his head out of his a** and has a full offseason with a team that can actually throw the ball he could be dangerous. If not, cut him. Great signing imo
  19. It’s all a scheduling mirage with Miami…they always have like a 6 week run in the middle of a season that’s an absolute joke I just don’t understand it. They build an artificial lead then come crashing down when they hit a tough part of the schedule. feels like they should be better because they lost a bunch of games to close out the season but I think 10-11 wins for them was exactly right
  20. It wasn’t really an ‘epic collapse’ imo. They just had a prolonged layup game period on the schedule then a tough stretch and fell on their face in the tough stretch same as the year before. Won one game they could’ve lost against Dallas and blew one game against a bad team against tennessee. If you reshuffled their schedule you’d probably get the same exact result with them never looking like they’re running away with it im on the other side of the defense thing but im sure im in the minority haha. I think if we had one of Bernard/milano in place of aj klein that chiefs game is a comfortable win I do think investing in a bunch of pretty good dlinemen is stupid though with the way they have been officiating the playoffs. The amount of uncalled OL holding is out of control so unless you have a beast that’s fighting through that it just isn’t worth it. Seems like we’re adding bigger body receivers to fight through that grabby chiefs secondary/add more run blocking support this year
  21. I actually really like adding chase claypool for cheap. he might turn it around with a change of scenery and if he doesn’t just cut him. Hard to be too upset with him getting frustrated playing for pit and then Chicago back to back lol that’s like a wr death sentence
  22. Seems like the pats wanted him too if that’s worth anything
  23. Idk that I agree with the first point lol. Seems like josh tries to laser throws into super tight coverage pretty often if he expects his guy to come down with it. A physical receiver that can come down with jump balls would be a huge asset for him to me it feels like when josh loses faith in a receiver’s ability to catch the ball he starts maybe looking elsewhere even if they have a step
  24. Oh yea I agree that was just more a joke about how most think tua is not much better than average and he’s about to get a big payday anyway
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