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  1. Butler was fired. He's pissed. After Bobby's dad got him the job, he lucked into coaching healthy Poyer, Hyde and Milano in their prime. It's like winning the coaching lottery. Now Bobby's the rising star. And Butler is out.
  2. Cumulative effect. If you're feeling worse about this year's loss it's because we keep losing over and over when it matters. It's insult to injury. Because honestly, there was nothing worse than losing :13.
  3. We lost 13 seconds because of Sean's boneheaded decisions. We lost last year because Sean's hand-selected OC scored 10 points. We lost this year because Sean's D couldn't stop chiefs. Hopefully, he's learned at every step and this team can finally reach its potential.
  4. And Cam Newton was washed up at 30. We have maybe 3-4 years left of Josh being the duel-threat Josh he is today.
  5. Sean's D gave up 3-game winning drives that ended up in losses and almost lost to the Giants as well. His aggressiveness backfired at times. In 2022, Leslie Frazier’s top ranked D went 13-3 missing the following players... Micah Hyde - 15 games Tre White - 11 games Von Miller - 8 Games Christian Benford - 7 games Damar Hamlin - 5 games Jordan Phillips - 4 games Jordan Poyer - 4 Games Gregory Rousseau - 3 Games Tremain Edmunds - 2 Games Ed Oliver - 2 Games Daquan Jones - 1 Game (Bengals Playoff!) Boogie Basham - 1 Game Dane Jackson - 1 Game
  6. The answer to this poll depends entirely on how many more years Sean is allowed to waist Josh's prime.
  7. Trying to be objective here. He also had Poyer and Hyde in their prime when they were fully healthy and available. Then inherited Milano and Tremain Edmunds in their prime. So is he one of our best coaches, or luckiest?
  8. Bon Jovi moving the team to Toronto would have been a shot through the heart.
  9. Gibbs is not in the GOAT conversation but maybe he should be. Only coach in NFL history to win three SBs with three different starting QBs.
  10. Bill had the luxury of coaching by far the greatest QB (BRADY) and arguably the greatest defensive player of all time (LT) With Brady (who never asked to be highest paid QB) on the team, free agents took less money to play for NE. And the AFC East sucked almost the entire time. And on top of that, he was a widely known cheater. Of course he's a first ballot HOFer, and yes he's in the conversation for greatest coach of all time, but no other coach benefitted so much from one player. And his 83-104 (.449) record shows it.
  11. What an absolute horrible signing. That money could have been a #2WR.
  12. No breading. Extra crispy. Small to medium. Never Ranch. Flavor-wise, Bar Bill mild is king.
  13. About 7 years ago, a toy company called OYO made a lego-like mini-figure of LeSean McCoy. My son loves this toy and it has gone missing. I have looked on eBay etc with no luck. Does anyone happen to have one and be willing to sell it to me? This is not meant to be a Christmas gift, so not a huge rush. Thanks!
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