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  1. Bizarre for sure, that's why the Bills official story doesn't add up. The best explanation I've heard is that he got fired/pushed out when Sean told him he was taking over the play calling. "Taking a year off" was the legal compromise since the Bills couldn't exactly fire a Black DC with a consistent top 5 D. They'd get roasted. I don't make the rules, that's life in 2023. 13 seconds has also been discussed to death. The Special Teams coordinator was quietly let go and LBs coach quietly "retired." Sean clearly identified who was to blame with these moves. Anyone who wants to blame Leslie should blame Sean too because it's his scheme and he was standing right there. Could have changed anything he wanted.
  2. Sean clearly felt 13 seconds was the final straw for the Special Teams Coordinator (who failed to squibb) and LBs Coach (out of position) because they secretly left/retired and we didn't know about it until 3 months later. But apparently, that's not enough evidence for most that Sean didn't think Leslie was at fault. Otherwise, if you still feel strongly that 13 seconds should have been the final straw for Leslie, you must include Sean. It's Sean's system, he heard the call, was standing right there, saw the scheme, and chose not to change it, which he had every right and chance to do. Same with the Bengals cover zero scheme everyone brings up when the biggest issue with the team that day was clearly the O. If you told Bills fans ahead of the game that the the Bills D kept the Bengals O to 27, we'd all assume we won that game. Instead, 10 points.
  3. I respect this take a lot and agree with the personnel note. But also think it has more to do with the times and public perception. You simply can't fire a black DC with a perpetually top 10 defense in 2023. I don't make the rules. Like it or not. The Bills would have been crucified for it. So they took the strategic approach and forced him out with the "taking a year off" approach. I believe there were 5 open DC jobs this year. He would have easily landed one of them.
  4. Yep, this is exactly what happened. It's 2023 and you cannot fire a black DC with a consistent top 10 defense. So the Bills forced him out with a stealth move instead. Whether Sean intentionally waited until there were no available DC jobs left or it just took the legal department and PR machine too long to get their ducks in a row is unclear. But it was horribly handled and Leslie deserved better.
  5. The big story everyone is missing is that Sean waited until there were no DC jobs left to fire him. That's really messed up.
  6. Eli Manning will be a first ballot HOFer but I'm not sure he deserves to be in at all... CAREER WINS 117-117 Career wins = .500 Jim Plunket, the only QB in NFL History with 2x Super Bowl wins whose not in the HOF, was also exactly a .500 QB. For comparison, Cam Newton was .528, Andy Dalton .519, Jake Plummer .507 COMPLETION % 60.3% completion percentage in the passing era 5% lower than his peers Tied for 59th all time PRO BOWLS ONLY 4 Pro Bowls in 16 years ALL PRO SEASONS ZERO NFC OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK - IN 16 YEARS ONLY 4x INTERCEPTIONS LEAD THE LEAGUE 3x - 2007, 2010, 2013 #9 most interceptions in League History PLAYOFFS ONLY made playoffs 6x in 16 years. WINNING SEASONS ONLY 7 winning seasons in 16 years. REASON HE’S GETTING IN DESPITE THE EVIDENCE AGAINST. 1: Longevity during the Passing era of football. #10 on Passing Yards All time - 57,023 #10 on Passing TDs all time - 366 #10 on Passing Completions all time - 4,895 (For reference, Matt Ryan and Phillip Rivers are both higher on list) 2: Beating Tom Brady in SB 2x.
  7. But... But... But if we trade our 2nd rounder, we won't be able to pick another average rotational DE.
  8. I've seen far more pernickety posts.
  9. Dan Marino got rid of the ball lighting fast and lasted 17 years. Brady's quick release would have helped him the same way as long as the offense was set up for that style of play.
  10. If only Beane actually had the the final say on draft day. Sean will get his DL / LB / DE first.
  11. Considering Frazier got fired, I'd say more like outgoing.
  12. You left out the part that the LB coach quietly retired. Maybe that had something to do with the middle of the field being wide open? Just a guess. Given that Leslie is running Sean's D, and Sean is standing right there watching the whole thing and could have easily changed the call, my guess is that Leslie wasn't fired because Sean knew he wasn't as much to blame as the fans think. Hmmm...you'd think a defensive head coach wouldn't allow that to happen? Insist on a different approach? Or maybe that's just his scheme...
  13. I still don't understand how someone thinks they should have fired Frazier after 13 seconds when the Special Teams coordinator failed to get the right call in to squibb kick the ball? He was quietly let go and the LB coach quietly retired. This isn't speculation, these are facts. Funny how people overlook the obvious when they have their minds made up. This place is going to go bonkers if Sean's D ranks below Leslie at the end of the season.
  14. Fair enough. And don't worry. Sean will make sure we go D in round one. If he blows another 13 seconds or fails to make it to the AFCCG again, he could easily get canned, and he wants to make sure that he has a top 5 D so he lands a DC job for the next gig.
  15. I also find it interesting that WGR hosts will quote the podcasters or even bring them on as guests. Like, really, guys? Shouldn't you be the Bills expert discussing interesting facts and insights? Better be careful or one of them might take your job.
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