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  1. Doomed. I can just about guarantee that if we get down to #3 during the regular season it won't matter if it's Dungy/Jackson or anyone else
  2. Beasley, Dawkins, Hyde, Poyer, Alexander, Hughes, Ford
  3. It was an interesting list. Obviously impossible to quantify. I go back to the early 60's with the team and what jumped out at me was that George Saimes was too low. In my opinion, he was the best safety in the history of the franchise. He may have been one of the greatest tacklers in NFL history. Those Bills defenses with Sestak, McDole, Dunaway, Day, Stratton, Jacobs, Saimes, Byrd and Edgerton et al were outstanding. Saimes is on the Bills Wall of fame for a reason. There is no way he should be in the 40's in the rankings. Just my 2 cents
  4. This👆 Also, after practing against the same guys over and over from OTA's through camp, a player can "game' the system by knowing his teammate's strengths and weaknesses and adjusting his plan accordingly. It helps to face different people to see if what works vs player A after 10 weeks works against another player you arent familiar with.
  5. He either is out for the season or for 8 weeks so he isnt coming back any too soon. Plus groin injuries are just nasty to recover from especially for an athlete depending on his running/conditioning. I would not be surprised if he was waived at the 9 week mark
  6. I think they keep JaQuan Johnson and don't expose him to waivers. While not a high pick I think they like him enough that they see him as a future contributor, a good ST candidate and someone they'd hate to lose on waivers. He is one of "their guys".
  7. Veni Vidi Vici And I noticed McKenzie a lot more than Ray Ray. Singletary was slippery and game (distance needed) saavy. Tyrell Dodson and Jaquan Johnson were all over the place making tackles
  8. And absolutely none of that has any effect on the 2019 season. None of it.
  9. Yep the Bills have only existed for the past 19 years. No history at all prior to that. No experiences somewhat similar to how it looks going in to camp. You told me you grizzled vet you.
  10. I like when national publications/prognosticators/"experts" disregard us. The narrative is Buffalo is always mediocre and the QB isn't very good. I see more positives here than I have in quite a while (which might be damning with faint praise) but I like when expectations from the national press are kept low. Sneaking up on other fan bases and their teams is a fun way to go.
  11. Training camp cant get here soon enough
  12. I don't miss the holdouts. Hoping Q Williams holds out till game 2 of the regular season
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