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  1. BubbaT

    Bills host OG Quinton Spain from Titans

    Even if they bring him in I'd still like them to draft a right guard high in the draft day 2 (or 1 if it's Cody Ford on a trade down). I really want someone that can anchor AND move. I think Lindstrom is the guy and he seems to be moving up in all the mock drafts I see. I'd spend draft capital to go get him. The rest of the guys they've brought in on make good deals and while a damn sight better than they had before, might not be a long term answer. If they beat out a draftee, that's fine. Competition is a good thing. Having a cost controlled O line w/ reasonably high round picks through the life of Allen's 1st contract and not "just a guy" kind of players is also a good thing.
  2. Yes, that leaves rounds 2 and 3 for my OL's
  3. Now finish it off and draft a quality OT and an athletic quality OG in the first 3 rounds. It will give the Bills cost control thru the first contract with Josh and likely make the O line the strength of the team. (I like how Indy approached it w/ a 1st round center in 2016 and 1st round guard in 2018. They improved exponentially by doing so). They clearly will have MUCH better depth behind it too. A lot of the FA OL's were "compete for it" type signings. Maybe they could beat out the high end draftees too but you know the depth will be much much better. Frankly with a really good O line, it will be pick your poison with the Bills. Do you cheat safeties up to stop the run and get explosive plays behind you with the speed WR's or stay back and let Shady, Josh and Gore run consistently against light boxes? It might be a lot of fun watching this O if they can get the O Line to an elite level.
  4. BubbaT

    Time to think About Suh?

    A definite no for me. He takes way too many plays off. There is a reason he moves from team to team. He is the antithesis of the process.
  5. The bar for what becomes the highest paid changes every free agency period and by the time the cap gets re-set, it's not nearly as bad as you thought it would be. These teams are loaded with money. They have needs because they havent been very good, so they spend the money. I never care much if somebody gets "overpaid" if I think the player is a good player. You cant survive in a cash rich NFL as a bottom feeder all the time.
  6. Can he at least have 2 drafts before we anoint him?
  7. I agree with the other posters: not enough shown to commit a starting spot to. He'll need to earn it. Upgrades and competition at all the O line spots are desperately needed.
  8. BubbaT

    NFL QB Carousel..per Omar Kelly.

    I'm not sure it kills it since there may be 1 team left out of the revolving QB situation that needs to get into the mix for say the kid from Duke as sort of the last round 1 guy. I think, however, the more likely trade down partner is someone that falls in love with the talent that is falling as the QB's fill up the top 10. There may be 4-5-6 guys coming down that are really good and no one thought they had a chance for. Maybe a team LOVES one of them and thinks this is a chance we didnt anticipate having. Let's try to move up.
  9. BubbaT

    NFL QB Carousel..per Omar Kelly.

    I'm not sure Smith plays ever again much less next year. Rosen still may sit behind Colt McCoy who seems to have transfixed the "other Gruden" in DC.
  10. BubbaT

    Marquise Brown LisFranc surgery

    Thank you. I just couldnt remember. I know any foot injury for wideouts can be really problematic.
  11. BubbaT

    Marquise Brown LisFranc surgery

    Is that what Sammy had?
  12. BubbaT

    It's time to draft a TE

    Tell it to KC and Philly and the Browns for that matter (and the Pats for every year except this one).Even the Rams 2 TE's had 57 catches total. That's a decent amount of usage. Croom is all they have as a catching option out of the position. It is nowhere near good enough.
  13. BubbaT

    It's time to draft a TE

    Totally agree. It's a position that is integral to most modern NFL offenses. It's time for a good one and the draft seems loaded with them.
  14. BubbaT

    Share Your Super Bowl 53 Predictions

    As much as I hate the Patriots, I like them to win this game. I think the Pats interior O line matches up very well with the Rams 2 tackles. I do not see them getting any pressure on Brady. The Pats O line is really really good and they have an amazingly diverse offense. Game to game you never know who or what they are going feature. I don't see the rams figuring it out. On D, I like Gilmore vs any of the Ram receivers. I think they miss Cupp a lot. I see a surgical, methodical 31-20 Pats win.