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  1. Pittsburgh 16 Bills 10 Not a good matchup Bills O vs Steelers D. I see sacks and fumbles. The weakness of the O line vs Steelers pressure and Allen's indecision too much. Steelers no great shakes on offense but self destruction and short fields due to punting and turnovers could be deadly.
  2. I don't think the Bills, at this stage of their development, are ready for a team like the Ravens (hope I'm wrong). They ARE much farther along than I thought they'd be but in my opinion not ready for THE league heavyweight. The Ravens (unlike the Cowboys) have the Bills level of team chemistry and culture but more talent and experience in higher level games. The Ravens strength, a power running game, is our weakness (stopping the run). 33-16 Ravens.
  3. I thought he played a very "Brady like" game today (and no I'm not saying he's Tom Brady). Poised, accurate, no mistakes, made a ton of 3rd down conversions with accurate throws at key times. Nothing particularly deep down the field but just picked them to death in a very calm, veteran like professional manner. There were a couple of touch throws and some power throws that were extremely accurate and aren't made by every QB. It was a joy to watch. His growth as a QB has been great to see.
  4. I really liked how Shaq played today. Especially early in the game when they were getting gashed, i thought he made a few solid tackles, helped force 3rd and more than 1 or 2 and helped get the Bills stabilized when it wasn't going well
  5. Dawkins with a TOTAL whiff on that block. Dont know if he got even a hand on him.
  6. On the 3rd down throw to Brown, Dawkins totally whiffed on his block. Allen had Beasley wide open checked up just beyond the first down line but if he had turned and looked there he'd have been sacked. LOTS of free runners coming at Josh today. Lots of inaccurate Josh today too without that kind of pressure. I get no sense of what this team's offense is besides a grab bag of willy nilly. The 3rd receivers are all like component parts but not good enough since they can't be combined. Smurfs like McKenzie and Roberts should not be out there together (I'm not thrilled seeing Roberts as a receiver at all).
  7. I'd be more excited if they'd use Foster like a normal receiver and not just have him run go routes all the time. kind of a useless one trick pony doing that
  8. "I'm smarter than Eddie Lacey" That's what they told me after taking the test anyway.
  9. No. Just no. He's just a name now not a player for us or any other team. Jeesh.
  10. That's one of the reasons patience will be a virtue with this team and organization. Improvement isn't going to be linear. They may well need more drafts and definitely need for a breakout star and dynamic performer or 2 on both sides of the ball. They have a bunch of good solid players but no real stars. The mid level free agents they've supplemented (and basically constructed the gist of this lineup and roster with) should ultimately be replaced by their draftees. They need to draft well and supplement with an occasional free agent (perhaps a high priced one or 2) rather than having so much of the roster be acquistions from other teams. I honestly think they are making progress this year but are not in the top group of teams yet. For their development stage, 2 years removed from a total gut job, they are overperforming. If the QB could be a star (and it's certainly not a given he will be) it could be an era of unbridled optimism. Especially if they draft well.
  11. I wish the Bills D would force more turnovers and perhaps score one of these games. You'd think they'd stumble into a score somewhere in 8 games. I didn't record the game but it seemed like in the 2nd half Oliver was in on more likely pass downs and Taylor and Star (with Phillips at times) were in for likely run downs. The added beef seemed to help. I liked Taylor's play on the screen pass. As many problems as Cleveland is having I still think they are dangerous and will be playing for their season next week. Hoping we can make their lives miserable.
  12. I had almost completely forgotten that Rob Ryan had been hired as the Inside Linebackers coach of the Redskins. (I didn't even know there were separate coaches for the different linebacker positions). Hard to imagine a team hiring him after stellar stints with New Orleans and Buffalo. Anyway, just a minor side show to tomorrow's major event.
  13. Bills 16-14 if Keenum plays. Dont sleep on this Redskins D line and front 7. If Haskins starts, 17-0 Bills. This Bills O is just not dynamic or explosive and having to grind it against the Skins front 7 will be a slog. From what I read from DC sports reporters, Haskins has had problems learning the Redskins offense much less the opponents defenses. He looks totally lost albeit with a good arm and accuracy. It should be much easier for the Bills if Haskins is the QB.
  14. Hate the all reds and the all blues. Give me blue on white every game.
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