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  1. Is it April Fool's day? The "fool" part is apropos regardless of the date.
  2. I'm not sure it offers either an advantage but am curious what others think
  3. One generic for both of them for me. If I need to see Covid player info I'll know where to look
  4. Going to be very very hard without Milano, White and Brown if they all don't play. The CB situation may be ugly. (Any idea how they'd use Marlowe and Neal if White is out)? I have no idea how Tennessee's secondary is but the Bills using 4 wideouts puts a lot of pressure on the depth other team's have. I think they'll need to score well into the 30's to win. Tenn 31-27
  5. Bass tackling the kick off return guy with nothing but open field behind him
  6. I'm an oldster and remember him well. Fans did yell "yoooo" then "ho" when he kicked it as noted above. Yoho also played defensive end for a bit too.
  7. I think some of the increased scoring can be attributed to the visiting QB's being able to hear, audible, re-set plays; tackles being able to get off on the snap of the ball and not a count late: no momentum for home teams when their fans are raucously cheering good plays and scores. Teams like the Rams that have lots of pre snap motion and movement catch a major break in playing in Buffalo without our fans there. Better QB play equals more scoring. Scoring is up all over the place. Running more collegiate type sets and colleges developing QB's who are familiar with it when they hit the pros helps too.
  8. Better find a way to stop the run and control play action passing. It hasn't been good for a while now.
  9. Jets. Maybe Lions if they quit on their coach
  10. I realize it's a waste of energy thinking these things but I do think LA would have a tough time playing here with a full house. Goff and their O would really struggle making checks and audibles in this environment. Any kind of an edge could help in a game against as good an offense as they have. Hopefully at some point....
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