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  1. Really enjoyed that read! That WAS one helluva defense and Sestak and McDole were all timers on an outstanding line.
  2. Me too! it was definitely a different era and it is hard to describe to people who weren't there what it was like going to WMS for a game. It was just a grittier place compared to Orchard Park. Attending the Saturday night games was an "interesting" experience too (as was the scrum for the football from the extra points that went into what was the baseball first base field box seats).
  3. I had wondered if the Vincent Taylor signing to the practice squad might indicate they are interested in him as a possible Star replacement if not in 2020 then in 2021
  4. What the hell is wrong with red, white and blue?
  5. I would argue the Bills secondary is the strength of the defense and has been for 2+ years but who am I to argue with Mike Lombardi
  6. It's interesting but the numbers skew, in my opinion, since the Bills started the Jets game with like 17 passes in a row. I think those numbers will change as the season goes on and the weather gets worse in the Northeast and Midwest. That said, the Bills clearly, in my opinion, now have a contemporary NFL passing and running scheme. I used to be able to just about call every play by down and distance the last 20 years. Not now (except maybe jet sweeps which were just a touch too prevlent last week).
  7. I'd hate it if any of those numbskulls liked us. I mean how easy is it to glorify the Patriots? Not much of a hot take there. Save the sound bite and when the Bills make the playoffs, send it back to him and tell him he's just another idiot with a bad opinion and no credibility. It is much better for the Bills to have the football world sleep on them. Whether they beat the Patriots or not, there is a legitimate chance to go 7-1 or 6-2 at the half way point. They havent played their best football yet and they are still 3-0
  8. I'm thrilled they won 2 road games as well. It's a great start and I totally agree with your points. That said, the Bills were outscored 78-23 in their first two games last year. They went to Minnesota, a playoff team in 2017 who was 1-0-1 coming in and totally outplayed them. It's the NFL. They are one lack of focus and effort or bad luck from a bad loss. 2-1 with New England coming in and a tough road game in Tennessee does not look nearly as good as 3-0 and could change in a major way the perceptions we have of the 2-0 start.
  9. Myles Garrett, young, outstanding pass rusher with room to get better. More pressure off the edge can't be a bad thing. (or Michael Thomas). Bruce Smith in his prime if I can take an ex Bills legend.
  10. He may be better at right guard but they are sure as hell not taking Feliciano out. Personally I'd like to see if he can play left guard. Spain is on a 1 year contract and seems to be good as a run blocker but shakey on pass protection. I just don't think they want to waste Ford's rookie year making him a backup who plays sparingly. Nsekhe is also 34 years old, seems to have a lingering knee issue and may need to come out from time to time. That said, I liked a lot of what the line did but felt they looked lost in the 3rd quarter when the Giants blitzed them from all over the place.
  11. Liked everything but the 3rd quarter where the line kept giving up free rushers, Knox dropped a pass and Allen wasn't sharp. The false start penalties drove me nuts. Hate to see Singletary get hurt. 2-0 on the road!!
  12. I will easily get over it but will still be pissed that it took them way too long to get past their narratives about the Bills and Allen. None of these dopes ever want to give up their early season/last season narratives. I suspect this weekend's support has more to do with the Giants suckatude vs Dallas and their season last year/no OBJ etc rather than the Bills. For the 1st time in I don't know how long, I have hopes for the Bills and feel they have the talent to compete. I have no idea if it will bear out which is why this year to me is so fascinating. Having national figures hop on the Bills bandwagon in game 2 makes me want to feel that the contrarian opinon is the right one. Those guys are rarely right and reinforce each other's views of what is media sexy rather than what is really going on.
  13. I hate when these dopes start picking the Bills. Seems like the kiss of death.
  14. I thought Green Bay (and definitely Chicago too) played great defense last night. There didn't appear to be a lot open and GB looked really well prepared for EVERYTHING the Bears showed them. Robinson made some nice catches on contested throws from Trubisky to make his numbers look slightly better. They needed to throw contested passes because there didn't appear to be much of anything available and he was under duress the whole game. If Josh plays sucky and looks confused/baffled/on the run all the time, I'll be unhappy but will realize it is game 1 of a 16 game season. was on the road in a tough place to play and will hope for better vs the Gmen. I'm not going to read doom and gloom in to 1 game. If it continues throughout the year, that's a different story.
  15. I wonder about Nsekhe's knee condition and if that doesnt factor in some to him not being the current starter at RT. Wonder if we'll hear at some point he needs a clean up type surgery. Pure speculation but he went from a given at RT every day to sporadic since the Carolina scrimmages.
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