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  1. Sheer number of tough games in a brutal conference. What is their focus going to be like from game to game? Cannot half ass games as they did a few times last season with this schedule this year
  2. Shrill is absolutely the right word. Talk like a human and stop shrieking like a gibbon overdosing on coffee. Jeesh it’s annoying.
  3. If he doesn’t hold he isn’t going to be a Bills punter
  4. No thanks on Berrios for me either. Not a sharp route runner. People see the splash plays but he’s not a great receiver and is not an adequate replacement for Beasley. Ogbah will be very expensive. Bills not likely to go big ticket.
  5. It won’t be even close to an overpay as the cap goes skyrocketing. Better get used to seeing much bigger annualized numbers on every position including ST.
  6. Fan since 1963 (was 9 years old). First Bills memory: Going to the Rockpile with my friend and his dad and sitting in what was then the 1st base reserve seats for baseball. Remember just the whole scene: green grass, blue Bills uniform tops and the craziness of extra points going into the 1st base box seats. Total chaos as fans fought for the balls. Fans yelling “yo, ho” in unison before Mack Yoho kicked off. Favorite memory: being at the 51-3 game and the pure joy of knowing we were going to the Super Bowl. LA couldn’t stop them in the first half and called timeout like a beleaguered basketball team. Favorite of all time: Thurman (honorable mentions: Fred Jackson, George Saimes, Tom Sestak, Bobby Chandler). Favorite now: Josh and Tre Bubba was my late cat’s name
  7. He was great at everything. Line calls, pass blocking, run blocking. People think of those teams as pass happy but they ran the ball great too. That was a helluva an offensive line
  8. To me it was Bruce and Thurman. But those teams had a LOT of really really good players besides the Hall of Famers. I’d take Kent Hull and Will Wolford and Jim Richter on our current team.
  9. After watching that Super Bowl it is painfully obvious that the Bills D line needs immediate help. The Bengals and Rams both had much better D lines than the Bills. An established edge rusher and someone to absorb space and anchor and push next to Oliver would really really help. I'd like to see them free up cap space to make that happen.
  10. I'm hoping they can keep him. The Bills need speed. I don't want to see them lose a speed player that they would also have to replace just to get even. That said, money is going to be tight and there may well be other, more significant, uses for it.
  11. I think this is a big upgrade. Hoping they decide once and for all if they are going to run gap or zone blocking schemes. Previously they gave lip service to maulers but their biggest success in the run game and pass game was with more agile players that could move. I get the sense Kromer will use the players to their best advantage. He’s been very successful as an O line coach and should help a 1st time O coordinator with his knowledge and planning in the run game.
  12. He’s also their backup right tackle. He fills 2 roles. I think I’d trust him more than Tommy Doyle if there is an injury to Brown
  13. Thurman was tremendous. His situational awareness was fantastic. Pass blocking, pass catching, what was needed for a first down. Everything. He was a team guy and a stud. Yes he had good teammates around him on those offenses but he made everybody look better too. One of my all time favorite Bills
  14. Need a better quality, twitchier, bendier D end. At least one. The guys they have are good solid players and in his prime Hughes and likely Addison too (though I am not as familiar with him from his Panthers days) fit the bill. They don't grow on trees. Hendrickson was a great pickup by the Bengals in free agency and the Rams added Miller. Those kinds of investments paid dividends. Did the Bengals not rush just 3 a lot and play 8 in coverage in the 2nd half? Mahomes looked more confused than pressured. His guys were not really open and the Chiefs, much like the Bills in the Super Bowl against the Giants, did not stay patient with a running game that was gashing the Bengals for 6-7 yards pretty much every time. Added: per Chris Trapasso: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/what-in-the-world-happened-to-patrick-mahomes-after-halftime-examining-chiefs-qbs-play-in-afc-title-game/
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