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  1. I guess if they want to go anywhere from 0-5 to 2-3 that's just a ducky idea. Plus in the fyi department, coastal erosion is moving wayyyy faster recently.
  2. I don't know if it is just me but in looking at this tape I was struck by how much bigger physically Milano was last year than the year before. It is fun to watch him isolated like that and see the range, speed and aggressiveness he brings. I like what I've seen of Joseph too. The athleticism just jumps off the screen.
  3. Totally agree. I'm also excited to see what Oliver can add to this core group with White, Edmunds, Milano and Harrison. Jordan Phillips is also only 26 years old and I thought he added a lot of positives last year.
  4. On They needed Morse desperately since he was a veteran center (which they wanted) and one of only 2 available. That, to me, was a necessary big ticket contract. Brown and Beasley also got good size dollars. I'd have been happier if we had drafted guys in the past to fill those spots that were just as good but I get they want to surround Allen to win now AND to better evaluate what they have with him. They couldnt wait for that evaluation and to not get him help would have been mismanagement. Vet wideouts on a team with a roster this shallow on offense makes sense to me. The contracts are not lengthy. Our drafting has not been good so to compete they have had to get into the free agent market with both feet The rest of the free agents signings are mid level make good deals or 1 year deals they can get out from under in a short period of time. Clowney wants to be paid like the pass rusher he is not. He has had injuries. Houston doesnt want to pay him either. The Bills, per Spotrac, have a cap hit for 3 DE's Hughes, Murphy and Lawson of $22.3M. The calculated value for Clowney, per Spotrac, is $16.6 M per year for 6 years. To me the risk to reward is not there. I get that a lot of people on this board like big flashy names but those contracts are an albatross in the long run. Draft your own stars and pay them for what they do for you. If they get hurt, the cap concerns are minimal. Sure you need to fill in a roster with free agents from time to time but be judicious with it and base it on need, position and what else is out there. The Bills were in the unique and unfortunate situation last year of having nearly $50M in dead money. Their roster would have been much more complete and intact if they had had that money to work with. Their free agent signings this year are making up for the pathetic roster they had to play with while in "cap jail". A sure fire way to get back there is to overspend on the wrong player. Clowney, in my opinion (it's just mine, it doesnt have to be yours) is the wrong guy to give that kind of money to.
  5. I dont want to pay the man for what he did in Houston. I believe you're better served paying players for what they've done for you. I just don't think paying Clowney big bucks is a smart use of cap dollars.
  6. Clowney is a good but not great pass rusher. He's better than Lawson in that regard but has the benefit of playing opposite JJ Watt who draws a lot of attention. Under no circumstances would I give up a pick in the first 2 days for him. His salary will be high and might limit you in the future as well. I'd pass on him. DE might be priority #1 next year in the draft.
  7. I'd give your right nut to add Campbell too.
  8. Hope Butch teaches him the fake block on the line of scrimmage at the goal line play, roll unimpeded into the end zone, stand up and have the QB (Kelly) throw you a td pass. It worked even when the other team looked for it.
  9. Yes and I wouldnt hire any one of you as Bills GM either.
  10. Greg Gabriel is a legend in his own mind. He seems red necky, reactionary and not much of a deep thinker on any level. Glad the Bills didnt hire him as GM after Chicago fired him.
  11. Totally agree on Metcalf. The hype machine is through the roof. I just don't see it with him. I'd like to see them trade back in to Round 2 & acquire another round 3 with a move down. I'm hoping they go big guy still and find one of the few remaining OT's (Risner maybe, Little). I expect a CB or S to go here though. They brought enough in for visits that fit in this range. WR might be a round 3 or 4, though if an OT doesnt work, AJ Brown would make me happy as a consolation prize. They kept their ammunition. Now it's time to use it before it expires.
  12. Lots of good players left all at need spots (except OT's) = trade back for an extra 3rd. Use the 4's and 5's to come up higher in either the 2nd or 3rd.
  13. No. Just no. Cookie Gilchrist was part of championship teams. He may have been a handful for Ralph Wilson but he was by far the best running back in the league. Remember too Gilchrist's stats were from an era when they played 14 games not 16.
  14. 4 because I'm just feeling it: Tillery, Sternberger, Tranquil, Love
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