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  1. They make enough money they could self insure this risk and just purchase excess liability coverage, if possible, thru specialty markets
  2. We got us a Williams issue at the top of the draft! Can the Bills take all of them?
  3. BubbaT

    R.I.P. Turk Schonert

    That's for sure. I lost my best friend of 50+ years not too long ago. It's shocking and makes you realize nothing is guaranteed you. I feel for Turk's family and friends. That is very young.
  4. My timing was off by a few days. I should have just trusted the process..........
  5. BubbaT

    Dave DeGugielmo O Line Available

    Go get him!
  6. Thank you. I appreciate the insight. Normally the Bills are in the position of getting a new head coach and whole new staff and diving head first into doing so. I had forgotten the timeline for smaller numbers of staff hirings. I also had figured they might have someone in mind for each of those coaching positions after they jettisoned the incumbent coach which would make for a quicker hire. I have no idea how the Bills jobs are viewed. My previously expressed concern about Buffalo was not about the area but more the Beane/McDermott pairing and whether year 3 of a coaches's tenure after coming off 6-10 and with huge deficiencies in all 3 areas where coaches need to be hired would be a detriment to finding an outstanding person.
  7. BubbaT

    Walt Coleman retires

    Wonder if the Pats will have a retirement ceremony for him
  8. I was more curious what others thought more than paralyzed with fear they wouldn't get any one. And re: receivers coach, I just forgot to be honest.
  9. Is anybody else surprised that it is taking this long to hire these 2 positions? With all the staffs being put together I would have thought the Bills would be diving in to obtain coaches before many were scooped up. I wonder 1) If the Bills jobs are not viewed as attractive at all or 2) if they are waiting for people still in the playoffs
  10. BubbaT

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    The top 4 scoring teams in the NFL made the final four. The Bills have a long, long, long (did I say long) way to go to that level much less average. I think it is a 3-4 year build from the time they got Allen. More competitive soon but in the real hunt: NO
  11. Reports tonight that Kugler will NOT be going to TB with Ariens. No idea where he is headed but for those that are hoping it's here there is new life apparently
  12. It was the worst running game I've ever seen if you eliminate Allen's runs. I thought that was what was inherently unfair to Allen in all the evaluations by outsiders: he had to do EVERYTHING for them to succeed on offense. I think anything that will take pressure off Allen whether it is better running for, you know, real running backs, a tight end that can be productive, a better line, better receivers will make this offense much much better. Then one can fairly evaluate Allen.
  13. BubbaT

    Barbarian's Mock 2

    After watching Pierschbacher get his lunch eaten big time in the game against Clemson, I'd say a big NO even with the 149th pick. Address G and C in free agency or find a T that can move inside. Christian Wilkins from Clemson made himself some money with that game against Pierschbacher
  14. I liked the coach and player interviews. I'm impressed with him and hope the performance matches the person. The highlight videos look fantastic but it's a big jump up from CFL to NFL. Truly a no risk move by the Bills. He could be EXACTLY what this team needs and he is still very young. A very encouraging first off season move in my opinion.
  15. https://www.cfl.ca/2018/10/21/oleary-perspective-helped-duke-re-route-harrowing-path/ I'm hoping he finds his happy zone here in Buffalo. He could help a lot I think if he is as committed as this piece suggests