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  1. Such pleasant memories! It is a joy to re-watch those and remember just how many ridiculous throws he made (and great catches were made as well). Thanks for posting it.
  2. Time for some end of training camp trades for future picks. I would not be at all surprised if the Bills fielded calls as cut down day approached.
  3. Yes. They're playing 17 games instead of 16. Even with diminished production I think they get there. Barring injuries to key players of course
  4. They should have stuck Indy in there somewhere too. I like their team and expect Wentz to enjoy Frank Reich's coaching and the Indy weapons and O line a LOT more than he did Philly's .
  5. Listening to Josh is like listening to McDermott. You certainly know what the talking points have been pre news conference
  6. Really enjoyed that! Rousseau and Brown are ginormous human beings. It's great to see how happy the coaching and GM staff is and the thrill the players feel when the moment happens. The Bills video staff does an awesome job with these. Especially liked the Eric Washington/Rousseau interview
  7. Indy. A sneaky very hard game. Interested to see what Wentz does after reuniting with Reich. A very solid legit playoff team that the Bills play at home. It's also the start of a very difficult portion of the season. A win at home before hitting the Saints (on a very short week), Patriots and Bucs is likely to be needed.
  8. Improve the interior of the offensive line so the running backs don't meet the D tackles 1 yard from where they get the ball and the run game might look a lot better
  9. Feliciano is an average guard and center (and is paid like one). Since they couldn't run between the tackles with Morse, Feliciano and Boettger pretty much at all and since they got their lunch eaten by good D tackles all season (Are Chris Jones and Frank Clark done chasing Josh yet) upgrades with better athletes (ie higher draft picks...look at the new OT's this year) seemed logical. It is doubtful drafted interior O linemen would start in 2021 but if you get them in and on the roster, 2022 is possible. Morse and Feliciano might be feisty and experienced but both are both candidates to be re
  10. OK. I'll hold you to it. Morse won't be on the roster (cap casualty) and they have no developmental one on the roster that I can see nor the resources after the Allen/Edmunds contracts to sign a good one in FA
  11. Ok, it's 2022. Who is our center? Thought they might draft a developmental one.
  12. With 17 regular season games this year, injuries are not likely to diminish any. Depth all over will be critical. I suspect that is what this draft is mainly about for the Bills
  13. Who are you going to replace Morse, Star, Hughes and Feliciano with next year? Raw rookies or this year's draft choices that have been coached for a year? They are going to pay Allen and Edmunds. They'll need cheaper labor for cap purposes. The Bills linemen on both sides of the ball just were not good enough to get them to the top of the mountain. I think giving up draft capital would be a huge mistake long term and 1 rookie player is not likely to make much of a difference this year. Hard no for me on giving up much of anything to move up.
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