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  1. Washington Generals. There is a fine tradition with the name the Washington Generals and the Redskins recently have lost about as much as the Generals did to the Trotters
  2. Spencer Long. Veteran. Multi positional. Not much of a cap hit. Replaceable by other off season signings and it seems like vet lineman are always in demand
  3. Tre. Seems like a really good guy, funny, good teammate, hard worker, great player. Could be a long term captain on this team. The Goalie Academy by itself is reason eough for him to be my selection.
  4. One of my favorite QBs to watch of all time. I always feel like something is going to happen, good or bad when he is playing. Not saying he's taking a team as QB1 to a title but just speaking as someone who likes watching him play and the entertainment value of it. I know when he is "on" he can take apart just about anyone. He also can throw 5 INT's or the one killer int at any time. I'm entertained.
  5. Puff piece or not, I always like when they peel back the curtains a little and show you what is going on
  6. In reading the article, it certainly seems like the players are not likely to be on board with this proposal. I don't think, if baseball is to re-open, it will be based on this current proposal. Perhaps it is just a starting point. With major market teams in hard hit big cities like NYC and Chicago, I have a hard time envisioning a re-opening with fans involved as soon as July.
  7. I can't imagine them keeping 8 receivers, including Roberts, on the 53
  8. Spencer Long. He's position versatile at both center and guard and has been a starter in the league. The Bills have enough depth to replace him at either position more cheaply. Only a 700K cap hit for the year. He's better than both guys they got draft picks for last year and somebody always seems to need O linemen.
  9. Not about comebacks. Cerebral, not a huge arm, definite contrast in skills to the QB ahead of him, team guy. Could not care less if he becomes a head coach (though I've heard it speculated in interviews by those that know him that it is a path he may well pursue at some level)
  10. I didn't follow Iowa. How was the rest of their D line? Did he draw the brunt of the other team's attention? Will Epenesa, as he learns and develops here, be helped by the fact there are quality linemen around him? This is the deepest Bills D line I can ever remember. Solid NFL pros all over the place. Epenesa certainly looks the part and his attitude seems right. I like the fit here.
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