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  1. If Lamar doesn’t run, this Ravens offense is worthless
  2. Hard to see a game write up without a mention of Milano and Poyer. Milano literally was all over the place making tackles, including a number for loss and Poyer had tough contested INT's that were game changing. They need to figure out the O line run blocking scheme sooner rather than later. They pretty much only move on the ground when Josh has the rock in his hand. Certainly seems the wide zone run plays work consistently better than anything between the tackles. If I see Moss on any 1 yard to go down get a ball with an up the middle run play I'll throw up. Total waste of a play. Spread them out and run it there if you must but with everyone drawn in and in power formations it is hopeless. Might need to find a temporary replacement for Gabe Davis to let his ankle heal. He is a shell of what we've seen he can be. With Crowder hurting (and totally ineffective today) and McKenzie concussed, they are going to have to re-jigger the receivers if both are out for any length of time and Davis remains ineffective. With the mediocre running attack and Davis hurting it seems like they are playing with a hand tied behind their back on offense. It was, nonetheless, a great win on the road against a team that is quite good I think. Looking forward to getting Oliver & Phillips back healthy. They are impact players. Tre might not be too far behind either. On to the Steelers. Be interesting to see if it's Trubisky or the rookie.
  3. Raheem we hardly knew ye. Another Bills legend gone too soon.
  4. Spare me from Matt Ryan trying to keep pace with Mahomes. I'm surprised so much of the country is seeing that one.
  5. Hoping Settle is good to go if Ed isn’t. He missed practice today as well and had the same calf injury in pre season. This is not the team to be down 2DTs against.
  6. Buffalo has great architecture, particularly from the early 1900’s. Go to the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin Martin House complex on Jewett Parkway. The tour is worth it. One of the great architects of America has his masterwork in Buffalo. There are 3 buildings on a 1 acre campus in the middle of the City. The guy that designed Central Park in NY did Delaware Park in Buffalo. The area behind the Art Museum on Elmwood is beautiful as is that whole surrounding area. William McKinley was assassinated in Buffalo and Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in at the Wilcox Mansion on Delaware Ave. Worth going in. The houses on Delaware were single family from the early 1900’s when Buffalo was the 5th largest city in the country and are amazing to even just look at. The wings are great everywhere in WNY pretty much. So is a lot of the architecture and history. Hope you have a blast!
  7. I’d go with really that bad after what I saw from him here. Tim Settle seems like a huge upgrade
  8. To be clear, I’m glad they re-signed McKenzie. I take exception with the idea they are going to: A) trade him and B) get anything of value for him if they did.
  9. There is a serious difference between "not testing free agency" and getting a fix on the market in advance of free agency and determining what is going to be a reasonable contract. It is agent malpractice not to do that. I cannot help you if you don't understand that. If you don't think agents determine a market in advance of free agency you are naive.
  10. Maybe because the other teams offered basically the same peanuts contract and he’d rather be here under those circumstances
  11. Most of those vets were marginal o line prospects he was going to cut EXCEPT for the early contract gut jobs with Watkins, Dareus et al. Totally different circumstance now and, hey, explain why all the teams in the league passed on McKenzie in the off season? And slots are a dime a dozen
  12. So the implication is that McKenzie’s agent didn’t attempt to figure out his market and just signed with the Bills for whatever they offered? For guaranteed money of only $1.25 million? Gee must have sold him way short seeing as how we have people thinking teams will trade high end picks for him now when they could have had him for peanuts in the off season (except for the “deceitful” agent that kept all these sparkling offers from him).
  13. They're gearing up for a Super Bowl run. You don't trade veterans, especially guys that are popular in the locker room, you acquire them. In addition, he's starting as your slot receiver, might be their best player in camp and has something they lack (speed). With Beasley gone, you have no idea what McKenzie will be like this year with increased playing time. No thanks to a mid round pick at best for that. ANY team that wanted McKenzie could have had him in the off season. He was a free agent. The league told you what they thought by passing.
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