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  1. Clete Blakeman, who annoyed the ever loving ***** out of me for all the flags in the Bills-Broncos game last year, will get to do it again Monday night.
  2. Alternate brown and yellow unis would be lit! A bucking buffalo logo and helmet decal to go with it.
  3. Yes! How can you f...ing ask such a f...ing stupid question
  4. "How'd he do?" : "Gotta review the tape. I'm sure there were a few plays he'd like back. Room for improvement". "How did Cody Ford play?" : He's a great teammate. We haven't given up on Cody Ford. He'll work to get better every day".
  5. All that and I still wasn't too excited with the passing attack much today. Thought they ran the ball very well though. We'll find out about the D next week. Wish Milano was healthy.
  6. After last week, I was just happy not to see Cody Ford at guard. Every highlight from the WFT game he was basically getting obliterated by Payne. That may have been the worst pass protection by a Bills guard in I don't know how long (sometime during the dark 20 years....insert the name of your least favorite guard).
  7. Do we have a tackle named Dion Williams? Does this affect the credibility of this report? Anyway, the O line, in my opinion, is the weakest group on this team. They do "okay" but nothing more than that. I'm hoping for an upgrade next offseason in both draft and FA.
  8. I agree. Seems more active, moving better, even showing some pass rush or at least pocket movement.
  9. Only if you are Hank Bullough If it is the play I think it is, it looked to me like Diggs was supposed to rub/pick the lb Davis. Davis avoided him, and Allen's pass, while right to Singletary, didn't lead him so that he could turn it up field and try to outrun Davis to the sticks. I wasn't thrilled with the play call or the result but some credit to Davis for reading it right.
  10. I hadn't noticed it. Will definitely look for it there in the future. Thank you
  11. I know this isn't critical to anything but I'm always curious. It seemed like last year there was info on this given out mid week all the time. I haven't seen it this year.
  12. Underdogs 13-4 vs the number in early NFL action this year. Too many people like the Bills and bettors are pounding them this week like they did last week. I like the Fins 24-21 as a contrarian play. It's 2021 not 2020
  13. I looked all over to see if these were covered elsewhere but didn't see them. If they are, please delete it.
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