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  1. I wouldn't beat ya self up about it, think they were sold out even before the link went live. I'm in a Whatsapp group for UK Bills fans and someone at Tottenham Stadium messed up and realeased a link last week for it. I'm just hopin Season Ticket holders get first crack at general sales.
  2. I like the player and the pick to counter what’s going on in the division with boundary CBs. Both the Dolphins/Jets, who are looking to challenge the Bills, have excellent boundary CBs. With Kincaid, I’m hoping the Bills/Dorsey can attack the middle of the field. Doesn’t matter that Gardner or Ramsey have locked down Diggs. Don’t love giving up a pick, I think the Bills really needed all their picks.
  3. I think Josh could slide more, no issue with that. My confusion with what McD has said, is it seems to come from this idea that Josh is injuring himself when he runs. His injury last season came within the pocket. Why hasn't he said, we could do a better job protecting Josh? It's like he doesn't want to be critical of the fact they've done an awful job proctecting him.
  4. This is hilarious. None of those receivers are better than what the Jets already have. He should be telling them to get a better OL.
  5. No argument from me, I would have no problem giving up our very low 1st round pick for Jeudy's skill. What are the chances there is a player with that upside sitting there at 27 this year? I'd say pretty slim. The Bills would get him for 2 years, and if he preforms would set up giving him a long term contract right when Diggs the Bills could get out of the Diggs contract and he's 32. And we could still get Jeudy AND draft another WR in the upcoming drafts. This wouldn't limit the Bills.
  6. Why wouldn't we? 2025 is when Diggs would come off the books and is also when Jeudy would be do for a big extension. You pick up his 5th year option and then sign him to the deal that doesn't start until 2025. EDIT: And are we sure Hopkins, or Diggs for that matter, want to split reps?
  7. I mean would be great in a Buffalo uniform but I imagine he wants one last BIG pay day, hence asking for a trade.
  8. Really? I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. Yea it’s laughable to suggest Tua “beat us” last year in Miami. The Dolphins beat the Bills.
  10. 2023 AFC East offseason about to feel a lot like 2022 AFC West offseason. Lots of teams chasing the top team in the division but in the end, did it matter? Beane needs to handle his business.
  11. Not to mention missing Edmunds, Oliver and other parts of the rotating DL. Like you say, flip that around and the Bills offense didn’t having missing games from Allen or Diggs, their 2 best players on offense. Davis missed 1 game. If Diggs/Davis go down for a long stretch what does that offense look like?
  12. Yea, it’s the inconsistency for me. Thought the refs set out their stalls fairly early in the game by not calling things like this. Which I’m fine with, just don’t come back to it later in the game. And if you look at the penalties called through the game. There wasn’t a PI called on the defense. There wasn’t a holding call on either OL. The penalties were procedure penalties, Offside, false start, delay of game etc. Just thought based on how they were calling the game to that point, it was odd to call that defensive holding there
  13. To be fair, it was occuring throughout the night, the below was on the third KC possession, CB is tugging the jersey. This was on 3rd down. I only remember the play because JSS was also hooked and turned on his route and I thought, well if they aren’t calling that tonight they aren’t calling anything. Pretty clear Valdez-Scatling is getting the jersey pulled here.
  14. Yea I thought the same. At that point in the game, to determine the outcome, just felt wrong. Thought there was a worse missed hold on Smith-Schuster earlier in the game, when they didn't call that... no reason to call the one to end the game.
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